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Excellent Corporate Response
Posted by 3bettins on 05/19/2011
I had been saving up my reward points to purchase a nice camera for myself. When I finally had enough points, the camera was out of stock, available by special order online only. I kept checking every couple of days and at last, it was in stock! I placed the order and waited for it to get to me! When it arrived it was a Friday afternoon and my daughter and I spent Saturday trying to figure out how to operate it. Finally, we gave up because something appeared to be wrong with it.
We called Office Depot customer service and got someone in India who could only offer to return it and when it had been returned ship a new one out to us. We were leaving on Wednesday on a long awaited vacation to Turkey and really wanted to take the camera with us- that wouldn't help us at all. We called Canon and they agreed that the camera was defective but they could only offer the same arrangements as the store- mail it in and get another mailed back. No good! We went into an Office Depot store to see if there was something they could do, but they didn't have anything comparable in the store.

Monday morning we called the Executive Relations number that Office Depot has in the US. We spoke to Kam Shirley and she is the reason that this is a compliment and not a complaint! It took her two days to finagle a resolution for us but she never gave up! Late Tuesday evening I was on my way to the Office depot store where the manager was waiting for me. Ms. Shirley had arranged for me to return the $700 camera to him, have him give me CASH for the camera that I paid for with reward points so that I could go to a competitor that carried the camera locally!

That wonderful service to me and my daughter so that we would have a camera for our vacation has made me an enthusiastic customer for life! Love Office Depot and Ms. Shirley is an incredible asset for them.

Thank you again!

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Posted by Alain on 2011-05-19:
I couldn't find the special executive relations number you mentioned, only the e-mail address relations@officedepot.com was listed. What is the number you called to get Ms. Shirley? Glad to hear you received great service from Office Depot in resolving this problem!
Posted by ChuhBaca on 2011-05-19:
WOW! That's how you EARN a loyal customer; by turning a complaint into a compliment! When you treat people like people with unique circumstances instead of a situation for which you have predetermined responses, you get happy customers. Great Review and Kam deserves kudos for knowing what customer service truly is.
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No 100% customer satisfaction
Posted by Gz9c0b on 04/29/2011
DAYTON -- I purchased two 'office depot' brand print cartridges for my Lexmark printer. Good price at the time so I kept them till I needed a new cartridge in the printer. Neither worked. The printer said 'not a recognizable' cartridge. By this time I no longer had the receipt. They took one back but not the second cause I did not have the original packing material. Two days later I returned with the packing material; now they said the cartridge was no longer in their 'system' and could not take it back. They reminded me of their 14 day return policy and I reminded them of the words on the cartridge package which reads, '100% Satisfaction Guaranteed'. I said it should read, '100% guaranteed sometimes'. My point is that the cartridges were defective, no doubt about it. That is probably why they no longer carry the part. I don't understand why if the part is defective, that they always put it back on the consumer to make it such a pain to get satisfaction. I will never do business with Office Depot again.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-05-02:
Without a receipt there is little you can do. However, it would have been a better decision for Office Depot just to take back the cartridges and instead of losing a customer.
Posted by HonestForSure on 2011-05-21:
Ridiculous management decision as ODP always gets credit for their "own" brand.
Posted by Casey Ahlbum @ Office Depot on 2011-07-11:
Sorry to read about your poor experience with an Office Depot brand Ink/Toner product. Please feel free to contact me at casey.ahlbum@officedepot.com and I'll be happy to help solve this problem for you. We need our customers a lot more than you need us and I want to make sure this matter is addressed to your satisfaction.


Casey J. Ahlbum
Sr. Customer Relations Manager
Executive Customer Relations
Office Depot, Inc.
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They've Lost a Customer
Posted by Shadycast on 04/11/2011
If I make a purchase and I discover the product is junk I want a full refund. Not a trade for the same piece of junk. If Office Depot can’t refund my money for a product that I've decided is less than expected then I’ll shop elsewhere. I’ve bought all my main computer and related purchases from Office Depot for years. “But never again.” You’ve lost a customer.
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Posted by Buddy01 on 2011-04-11:
What did you buy and when? What happened? Did you have a receipt?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-11:
Did this hunk of junk happen to be a put it together yourself office chair?
Posted by bcd on 2011-04-11:
How long after purchase did you request the refund?
Posted by Ytropious on 2011-04-11:
Sounds like the OP bought a specific electronics item. Like a video game, DVD, or computer disk. Those can't be returned for a full refund because once they are opened, you could have copied them. No place gives full refunds on open disks like that. I suspect that is what the OP is complaining about.
Posted by shadycast on 2011-04-11:
The new policy is: no refunds on any office furniture, or electronic devices. That includes, computers, monitors,etc.You can only exchange it for the same product. Otherwise, you're out of luck. No refunds, unless the package is unopened. So---how many people open a product after they buy it? Then when you find out it's junk----no refund from Office Depot. They even put a huge RED sticker on your purchase stating this.I took a monitor back which I had purchased a couple of hours earlier--(menu buttons wouldn't work) I was told no refunds---I had to exchange it for the exact monitor....I'll not buy anything else at their store.
Posted by Inat on 2011-04-11:
office depot sucks. I stopped shooping there several months ago when I couldnt even shop for paper or ink without being hounded every two minutes by a sales person who when told "no, thanks" follows three steps behind me the entire time.
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Delivery & Customer service is worthless
Posted by Jim_Johnson on 03/25/2011
I recently ordered a desk from Office Depot and have since found that their delivery service and customer service are both worthless. The delivery date was supposed to be March 23rd and it is now pushed back to the 31st because someone forgot to load it on the truck today. Their delivery vendor only solution was to schedule it 7 days out. The customer service agent I contacted at the Office Depot started the conversation off with “it’s only an estimate” and “it wasn’t in stock” so they could not deliver it – then just kept repeating himself. Too bad the warehouse already told me that it was in-stock and just wasn’t loaded. The supervisor was not much either – she did finally open a complaint after a prolonged conversation but offered me no help at all in resolving this.

DO NOT ORDER furniture that is delivered by truck and not by UPS or FedEx – the delivery vendor (Excel Direct) is worthless and does not care about its customer’s delivery.

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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2011-03-25:
It would be helpful if you would disclose where this happened.
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Complaint (sort of)
Posted by Mama D on 03/04/2011
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I have office supply delivered to our office and the person that does deliver needs to learn how to smile and might consider taking English classes. He doesn't seem to understand me which is so annoying because everything I ask or say is yes yes yes when in fact he didn't really comprehend what I said to begin with! Office Depot works just fine for our office supplies but the delivery person is something else.
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Posted by MRM on 2011-03-04:
I could careless if the person smile or greets, as long as, I have the item in my grubby hands.
Posted by momsey on 2011-03-04:
What do you need to ask the delivery person? He doesn't know what's in the order, he just knows where he has to deliver it to, so I can't imagine what you need to ask him. He probably doesn't understand English very well, and that's why he has a job as a delivery person making peanuts.
Posted by Ytropious on 2011-03-04:
That's probably why he's not smiling. He doesn't speak the language well. If he spoke English would the not smiling thing bother you less? Not everyone is as bubbly as you OP, we all need to make a living.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-03-04:
+10 pepper, Aside from name or sign here the UPS & FedEx folks don't say much.
Posted by unhappy999 on 2011-03-04:
How much do you say to him? I would think you could lead him in the office and point to where you want the delivery to go. I don't care if delivery people smile or make small talk as long as they don't do any damage and put the delivery where I want it. This type of complaint/concern is something that you might want to call the store about if it really bothers you.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-03-04:
You say that this is a "complaint (sort of)." Has the language barrier caused specific issues related to the items you are expecting? While it would be great to have people that speak your language fluently and are perky, those would seem to be icing on the delivery cake.
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Stinky employee and poor system for shipping
Posted by Poor setup/stinky employees on 10/28/2010
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I went to Harding Road, Nashville, TN location. First of all, finding the small sign that said shipping starts here was a chore. The young woman who came to my aid in a few moments was so smelly that I was sick to my stomach. It seemed to be dirty hair/scalp smell. I was not given any options except a computer screen popped around to me and said "fill in your information". I tried and kept messing up and I told the smelly girl, "You'll have to help me. I keep messing up." This was a long typing process. What do they do when someone is not a good typer? It was not a good process. She then turned the computer around and filled in the info without responding and said "these are your options". The prices of course were 25% higher than the post office prices. This was just a bad experience. Not only should they give you the option of doing it yourself or them filling it out, the prices shouldn't be higher when you're doing all the work. And tell me this, how did I smell her across the counter and the other employees, three others, not smell her and report it to the manager? I won't be shipping from there ever again.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-28:
Most people do not intentionally walk around being "smelly." And what exactly is "dirty hair/scalp smell" anyway??

And...FYI, not everyone that smells is a result of poor hygiene...there are medical conditions and even certain medications that may cause a person to smell.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-10-28:
They charge shipping and "handling" You had the option of doing it yourself but (although you seem to be doing a good job of it here)"I tried and kept messing up". The person helping you seems to have done you well despite the smell as you call it.
I apologize in advance, but
you seem to be blaming the cs person's smell for your own incompentance.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-10-28:
What are you even talking about OP? You were in the store ordering something on the computer, huh? Self serve shipping kiosk? If you have issues typing then why did you choose this service? At least she helped you but what's wrong with silently typing in your information then giving you the options? WHAT in the world is wrong with that? It sounds like you were upset at shipping costs. That's life, most places pay for their own boxes and the person packing your item, there is going to be a markup there.

I don't know why you have to fixate on her "smell". As someone said above, sometimes people can't help it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-28:
I think its highly rude to put someone down like that. You don't know this person or why they had a odor coming of them. That has nothing to do with this complaint.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-10-28:
I am impressed....none moved to "other". Has common sense returned?
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They do not care after the sale
Posted by Becker0109 on 08/26/2010
Most just DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU AFTER the sale. I have gotten the "run around" from them for almost a month. The following are the phone numbers I have been given or transferred to after I recontacted the selling store because the product broke while under the warranty. The selling stores telephone number is 1-909-463-1262. Here are the numbers I have either contacted as stated in the written material or telephone numbers I have been given or transferred to: 1. 1-800-949-9974, 2. 1-866-540-0013, 3. 1-800 go-depot. etc!!! Here are various email addresses for Office Depot:customerrelations@officedepot.com
customerservice@officedepot. comj
acd. customerrequests@officedepot.com
customer. relations@officedepot.com

Yet, there is one person who clearly went above and aboard. Her name is Jenna who helped me, and even remembered my previous call. She informed me that she sent the "gift card" for approval and said to call her back if it is not received within a certain date. Jenna's telephone is 1-800-949-974, which is an Office depot customer care number, a host of numbers that Office Depot has. She put my mind to ease and spoke to me as if I mattered. I would have asked her to marry me but my wife, my awesome, beautiful wife, would not care for me to ask that question!!!!

Jenna breathed "life" back into my confidence in Office Depot.

Now, on to solve other problems......
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-26:
So the problem was resolved and youre getting a gift card. So why are you writing a complaint?
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Deals Too Good to be True - Office Depot Cancels Order without Good Explanation
Posted by Consumer-raleigh on 07/04/2010
RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I bought 2 small cases of paper (5 reams per case) with a coupon code online and had selected to pick it up in store. The paper was on sale and so the coupon code made it a very good deal. When I went to pick up the order in store, I was told that the manager had cancelled the order. I received no email (and still haven't days later) saying the order was cancelled. I was offered to buy it at the sale price, which wouldn't really make it worth buying as other office supply stores had comparable or better deals. I was also struck by the way the situation was handled when I went to the store. The man behind the counter at the Orders/Pickup area looked at the order and then called somebody (presumably a manager) and then walked to the middle of the store without explanation. He was looking at someone in the back of the store, nodding as if getting instructions (he was wearing a bluetooth headset) and then walked back over to me to tell me my order was cancelled because I couldn't use the coupon code. I left the store without pursuing it further as I didn't detect that there was much effort at customer satisfaction at this store.

My thoughts are that if an order processes online with a coupon code, it should be honored. If you spend your time going into a store to have a manager arbitrarily cancel an order, I don't feel like it is worthwhile to have a business relationship with that store, and possibly that company, anymore. Being a manager of a company, I buy a lot of office supplies and obviously get excited to get a good deal on something now and then. Getting excited about a deal makes me want to shop at the same store again and again to see what other deals I might run into, while also buying things at normal price. I really do wonder what a company, or store manager, is thinking in creating such a rift with a customer as to just cancel an order and not even bother to try to smooth out the reason why. I will never shop at that store again as there are way to many other office supply stores that have policies that are more geared to my liking.

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Posted by raven2010 on 2010-07-04:
That happened to me several times with Office Depot. It seems whenever they have the really good deals, stock runs out SUPER fast.

Now, when I place orders on those deals, I automatically ASSUME they will get cancelled. That way, I am pleasantly surprised if the item(s) shows up.
Posted by MaggieMcT on 2010-07-04:
I would have insisted on being told WHY I couldn't use the coupon code.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-07-04:
usually, on those great deals, there is a disclaimer saying you cannot apply additional credits, coupons, reward points, etc.
Posted by MaggieMcT on 2010-07-04:
Yes, but if you're ordering online, it wouldn't take an invalid coupon. (I'm talking in general, I've never ordered online from Office Depot).
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-07-04:
It can, and, will, maggie. office depot, IMHO, is KNOWN for inept web sophistication. many times, i have ordered, combined coupon.offers, only to get an email telling me I cannot do so.

this is, of course, not including offers that have a zillion disclaimers.
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Office Depot - Full of Lies and Giving Run Arounds
Posted by Pipeda on 06/24/2010
There was a sale on calculators so I made an order online, they confirmed my order and said the items were in stock. However, my order was put on "hold verbal authorization" and I was told I would be getting a phone call the next day. When I didn't receive one, I tried chatting with their online CSR, he said I would be getting a call the day after. So I waited another two days before calling them and was told that the problem was with my Visa and I should call them. I call Visa and they say everything is fine, in fact they call office depot for me and then passes me off to another office depot CSR. The guy can't fix the problem and says I will be getting a call in 4 hours from their solutions team. - Didn't get the call again. I call again the next day and switch the credit card. The new CSR finally fesses up and says the calculators are out of stock and won't backorder them for me. I go online and voila, the same calculators are in stock and ready to ship at the higher price. IF THEY DIDN'T WANT TO SELL THE CALCULATORS FOR CHEAP, WHY HAVE THE SALE AT ALL??? Wasted countless hours of my time, when all they had to say was "we don't want to sell the calculators at that price to you, we're a bunch of liars".
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Posted by Fufu487 on 2010-06-26:
I REALLY don't think this has anything to do with the item you purchased. Or the price of said item. Maybe just a security glitch??
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Coupon Scam
Posted by Jhntknsn on 05/18/2010
Office Depot has conned me two or three times now when I receive these amazing coupons offering 30% off for a purchase over $100. The coupon has a fine print which is very hard to read and understand with numbers and dates and codes. I couldn't figure it out. But each time I've gone in with this coupon, I spend 30 minutes picking out the right item, wait in line, get to the register and find out the coupon does not apply. So I spend the $100 and walk out to my car, disgusted with myself.
Well, I was just conned out of $200 on an external hard drive (when the coupon didn't apply) and finally drove back and returned the item. I then went to Walmart and bought the same thing for $150.
Is it legal to advertise a big sale but not let the coupon apply to
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Posted by bcd on 2010-05-18:
Office Depot discount coupons usually exclude IT related products (as noted on the coupons). Yes, that is legal.
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