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Office Max
3605 Warrensville Center Road
Shaker Heights, OH 44122-8070
216-921-6900 (ph)
216-491-4040 (fax)
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Imagine calling the number listed inside a $100 virtual new PC transfer and set-up via internet product, 1-877-629-2875 and being told "Office Max listed the incorrect phone #". Then finding an alternative number listed on their site of 1 866 951 4485 in which you hold for 40 minutes to be told leave a message in the mailbox... then have it tell you goodbye before you complete your name. To further frustrate me, I was told by customer service there was nothing they could do because the package was opened. Even though you had to open it and insert the disk prior to contacting the support line per instructions inside and outside the package (how convenient).

After pleading my case, the representative finally owned up to having knowledge of the issue as they have received numerous complaints on the product. In addition to advising they too have been unsuccessful in reaching the provider. When asks why they continue to sell the product ** respond "it's a corporate issue". I'm in Wyoming at the customer support center. It's certainly not ** fault. Office Max is so irresponsible and reckless that it continues to selling services they know do not work. However, I can't help but wonder "where in the heck was the support?"

After 20 additional minutes on the phone with ** she finally gave me to the Supervisor who is the only person that can log your concerns on a request that's pointless since they can't reach the provider either. Long story short, do not purchase any support products from them. Lastly, does it not make sense to pull the product and cease doing business with Expert Technology Control Center Support?? Again, do not buy any of their products or warranties! Consider this a fair warning.

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As someone who works at OfficeMax as an associate I can tell you they are a horrible company. I was told that since I have a very high knowledge of computers and technology in general, I'd be on the sales floor to assist people and help them figure out what would best meet their needs. Well it's been quite a long time that I've worked there and I have never left the register as promised. The people I work with don't answer when you need help or need an item to be pulled so I am left to tell the customer I can't help them until someone answers. I was declined the position of tech specialist because I lacked experience.

So instead of hiring myself or someone with comparable technology knowledge, they hire a woman who previously worked at a pet store and has no knowledge at all of any technology. It's pathetic. Would you rather have someone who is younger but knows what he's talking about when it comes to selling a product? Or a woman who knows absolutely nothing about tech and will call for help literally every time a customer approaches her. The company hates their employees. We get a whopping 5% discount. Big deal. Customers come in every day with coupons that save more than we can save for working there.

They also will sell you a "MaxAssurance" on anything electronic. We are told to sell them at all costs. If I don't meet the quota I am brought in and disciplined. Something about being disciplined by a 45-year-old deadbeat high school dropout manager annoys me. It is not my fault a customer doesn't want a crappy service in the first place. All in all stay away from Office Max and never, ever work there. They're a horrible company who hates they're employees and customers alike.

Return Policy Not Honored
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I ordered a computer cabinet online from OfficeMax on 2/16. The cabinet came in two colors and I decided to exchange it for the other one. On 2/24, I called my local store to confirm that it was in stock as their policy states: "Products that are purchased online may be returned to an OfficeMax store location for a credit refund. Products may be exchanged if the originally purchased product is in stock at that store location."

My local store refused to accept an exchange saying they do not deal with online purchases. This was after my stating their policy and asking them to look at for themselves. (I took names before I left). A call to CS (**) said that stores have discretion at returning/exchanging online purchases. ** supervisor said that the policy contains the word 'may' (I have a Master's degree and I know the context of how the word is used in their policy and it is NOT as a contingent).

A second 31-minute call to CS, **, resulted in her trying to call a second store to see if they would exchange it for me. The store would not because it is a 'clearance' piece (Lodged a formal complaint through her and requested follow up. Also began return process for the piece). The piece I ordered was not listed as clearance either at my store as I viewed the piece on 2/16 at the store before purchasing online.

The website does NOT have it listed in their clearance section or on clearance at the product page itself. The piece is not considered 'Max choice' furniture, has not been opened, is not beyond 30 days of purchase. Their website policy has nothing on it about clearance merchandise or stores being able to have discretion about purchasing. BUYER BEWARE that OfficeMax does NOT stand behind their own stated return policy.

Product Not Shipped
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MAILORDER, PENNSYLVANIA -- I ordered printer cartridges online. When I did not receive them, I called and found out that they were back ordered for over one month. I had never been informed of this and am now running out of ink. I consider this a shabby and unethical practice and would never order from them again.

Restocking Fee
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BLASDELL, NEW YORK -- I purchased a $9.99 Penguin USB Flash Drive at Office Max. When I opened it the penguin's head was hanging off. Brought it back to Office Max and was charged $1.99 for a restocking fee. Do they restock a defective item?

You Better Buy Our Warranty Plan Or Else!!! Buyer Beware.
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I purchased this item (True Innovations executive chair #9852) for $229.99 At OfficeMax store #762 Bradley IL 60915 03/03/2011 and one of the leather arm rest is coming apart. When I contacted OfficeMax and talked to the manager he told me that he could not help me because I did not buy their extend warranty.

You would think that when you spend your hard earned money at OfficeMax that they would at least try to seem like they are concerned a little bit - it is only been 120 days??? Not the manager at OfficeMax, not today when I called 07/24/2011. Wow I'm 53 years old and I'm still learning. I want to thank the manager of OfficeMax for this very important lesson!!! To my fellow buyer here beware!!!

Bad experience - Lost a customer
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Any notary knows how important it is to order your renewal Notary stamp in enough time before expiration. Well the Office Max in Canton Ohio has messed up on my order somehow because ...after checking on the status of my special order stamp.... I find out it was never ordered. Could it be the Office Max employee that I worked with initially who acted like he didn't know what he was doing ? Isn't it customary and professional to acknowledge that you have another customer in line waiting ...waiting...waiting....even though you are assisting someone else? This employee acted like he it was extremely FAR from being a people person. Not sure what bright manager hired him ????
.... or did the company (who Office Max outsourced my order)screw up my order. Basically it doesn't matter because Office Max is who is the responsible party. I will never order anything from them nor do I plan to ever set foot in their store (other than to pick up this long.... awaited stamp that I so desperately need NOW !!!!). I plan to go to Office Depot or Staples for all future needs, I would advise you to do the same !!

Poor/Sloppy Service
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WILLIAMSVILLE, NEW YORK -- I do personalized calendars per special order and bring them in to be bound with a hole punched for hanging. On 12/6/10 the clerk bound 3 calendars then proceeded to mangle the calendars with a hole punch. None of the holes lined up and some pages had two holes. Some of the holes were so near the edge, she put tape on the page to hold it together.

These calendars are beautifully done with keepsake photographs and personalized dates. They cost me about $25 per calendar to produce, excluding the hours of labor.

As a result of this sloppy job my professional work looks amateurish. It's hard to believe an office supply service center cannot punch a clean hole!

Office Max protection plan-It really was that easy!
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LAKEWOOD, COLORADO -- Almost a year ago, my wife purchased an Epson printer/scanner/copier. It basically died a few months ago, and I really needed a printer last night. Well, I was resigned to buying a cheapo somewhere but my wife said "No, I paid $90 + the cost of a protection plan for this one".

I was skeptical because I know how these protection plans can be; chances are, I would probably still have to buy a cheapo while waiting for repair/return to manufacturer...whaTVer.

Took the printer in with the original receipt and protection plan document (which I understand I didn't even need if it was registered online within 90 days of original purchase). Guess what? Not only did I get a new printer, I got credit towards whatever printer I wanted of equal or greater value. So instead of getting the same one, I found one I liked better, paid the $10 difference, and hooked it up the same night! Very impressed by this plan and the people at Office Max!

Order cancellation after receiving order confirmation
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Over the weekend, I purchased an external hard drives which I thought it was a pre-black Friday bargain. I even ordered some additional things in order to receive free shipping. After several days, I have received an order cancellation notice even though I received an order confirmation notice when I placed the order online. Apparently, had made an error which resulted in the lower pricing; therefore, I was informed that the entire order has been cancelled. They also claim that they have the disclaimer somewhere during the purchase to cover situations like this.

My problems is that OfficeMax waited several days before they cancelled and I did miss out on several deals from and I was surprised that such a "reputable" retailer take such action to fix their mistake by simply cancelling the order without offering any other offers. Many online retailers in the past have honored the orders if the fault is at their end. I guess I will think twice before any good offers show up on website. More likely, I will not even bother to visit the site anymore and let others know as well.

I strongly feel that should honor all purchases made before they discovered their mistake.

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