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Oh My Gauze Is A Dysfunctional Company
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SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- It's been over a year since I asked Oh My Gauze to take me off their mailing list but I'm still getting catalogs. This company seems to have a lot of trouble functioning. They make a lot of decisions that I found to be strange. When you report something that is amiss to them, they act like they might fix it but do not do so. One example, they had only 48 states (yes really) in the United States on their delivery info. I personally found the fabric of the clothes not to be breathable and soft. Many of the color choices and designs were clunky, although that seems to be getting somewhat better. They have their own sizing scheme which is confusing. Their latest catalog omits a lot of standard information. There's some missing connections there.

When I first heard of this company I was excited that I might have found a source of breathable, natural fiber clothing in larger sizes. After trying to deal with them, I was confused and displeased by the experience. I asked to be taken off their mailing list. They can't even do that. Over a year later, I continue to receive their catalogs. You'd probably want to avoid Oh My Gauze. I wish I had done so.
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Slimjim on 08/09/2006:
Were the two states omitted Alaska and Hawaii? Shipping costs are more to these two and may have been left off by design. Some will term it, "ship to continental US".
Anonymous on 08/09/2006:
Learn to knit.
Anonymous on 08/09/2006:
emt_c ~~ Okay, maybe it's wrong but that really cracked me up.
henrys on 08/13/2006:
nothing better to do w/ your time huh?
Anonymous on 08/23/2006:
Slim, you and google make a good team.
gauze darn on 06/11/2013:
I'm sorry that you're upset about the mailing list fiasco. Such a real problem...oh my! It does seem that possibly you may need to be on another mailing list... "Zoloft Daily"
pwrm on 06/15/2013:
I just bought a sleaveless white "Oh My Gauze" top and love it. Went online to find out if it comes in other colors, as the store I bought it at, only had white.

Then I found this review. I can't believe someone would take the time to complain about something so lame. Seriously.
Elizabeth Garcia on 10/01/2013:
Awesome clothes. Wash and dry perfectly. Love them.
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