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We need a ban on Teenage Sex in Ohio!
Posted by Mjholly on 03/06/2006
HAMILTON -- I am writing to the Ohio state legislators to pass a law which would make it a class A or B felony for teens under 18 to have sex with each other. I am sick and tired of young teenage girls getting pregnant and having babies at their young ages. They should be in school studying, not having and rearing children. Sadly, in many parts of Ohio, including Hamilton where I live, there are many teen mothers as young as 13 having babies. This makes me so angry when teens have babies. Many teen mother neglect, abuse, and even kill their babies. I would like the Ohio state legislature to raise the legal age of consent to 16 and make it a felony for teens under 18 to have sex with each other. I also would like you to make sex education class mandatory in all Ohio middle schools and high schools.

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Posted by mjholly on 2006-03-06:
Im my letter, I meant raise Ohio's age of consent to 18, not 16. My mistake!
Posted by Brenda Leah on 2006-03-06:
Many ADULT mothers neglect, abuse and kill their babies also! You imply that all teen mothers are bad which just isn't true. I went to an alternative high school which was where the teen mothers went also. They LOVED their babies to death! They were in that school so they could provide a good life for their baby.

Here's a newsflash. A law isn't going to stop them from having sex. If anything more information on birth control should be available and it should be easy to obtain.
Posted by tander on 2006-03-06:
I agree a law isn't going to stop teenage sex, birth control should be more accessible they should hand out condoms in school, and they should educate more about sex in school, and also they should be able to make doctor appts without a parents consent for birth control.
Posted by miketech on 2006-03-06:
So you wanna throw abunch of teenagers in jail? Here's my idea. Add birth control to the water. If they want to get preggers they drink bottled water.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-03-06:
MJ...how old were you went you started having sex?
Posted by spiderman2 on 2006-03-06:
Apparently, they let Mike Holly back out.
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-03-07:
Make it a felony to have sex uder the age of 18? Are you for real? What if they make it a felony to never had sex by age 40? That should make you nervous. Don't worry though, a day or to in jail will get you the credentials for a pardon.
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-07:
In any laws like this.. it is always the guys who are punished. I mean, you are hardly likely to convict the poor innocent pregnant teenage girl.
Posted by Juile on 2006-03-07:
Teenage girls need more education so they can intelligently sort through all the lies that teenage boys will tell them in order to get what they want. I got on the job training so to speak and learned the hard way.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-03-07:
What they really need is BOTH parents at home to educate them...not one or the other,not daycare, not the school system, but the parentS...being a single parent doesn't give anyone the excuse of not being able to raise their kids with some kind of values.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-08:
Mj, if it wasn't for two of your cousins having sex before eighteen you wouldn't even be here, pal!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-03-09:
Posted by clevershark on 2006-11-07:
Yes, I can see how throwing these people in jail is going to make them more innocent and less pregnant. Keep up the good work!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-11-07:
Jesus Christ. For the sake of humanity, I hope your genetic line ends with you.
Posted by fenriq on 2006-11-07:
Oh yeah, make laws against sex, that'll stop those durned kids from having sex.
Posted by Rattrap007 on 2006-12-11:
DebtorBasher (03/06/2006)
MJ...how old were you went you started having sex?

That would imply he's HAD sex man...
Posted by NightInTunisia on 2007-05-01:

Dear mjholly,

It would seem that you need to get laid. Badly.
Posted by mjholly on 2008-10-30:
I think adults who commit statutory rape with underage teens need to shot. That would solve the problem.
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We need a three strikes law!
Posted by Mjholly on 09/28/2005
California has a three strikes law in which a person convicted of a felony for a third time gets a life sentence. i am suggesting that you pass a three strikes law in Ohio. Violent crime has gone up in many Ohio cities and towns. They include murder, child molestation, and rape. If you pass a three strikes law, maybe it will help reduce Ohio's crime rate.
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2005-09-28:
3 strikes and you're out in California...sounds racial to me.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-09-28:
Did you hear about the guy that got the "b!tch" for stealing a pizza for his "third strike?" I wish this site had a "three strike statute" so we could get rid of Mj for life!
Posted by tander on 2005-09-28:
I don't understand why this person is writing about this on my 3 cents, does this person think it's going to be read by someone who cares.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2005-09-28:
its Mike Holly, he thinks everyone cares what he thinks, but really we don't. If there were a three strikes law for being a jerk, he would be out of here.
Posted by hotelworker on 2005-09-29:
This is a crappy law... Go out and buy the current October 2005 edition of the Reader's Digest. You will see several stories of this law being wrong. A man stole dvds from a store.. his first 2 crimes were burglary.. he is now spending 50 years to life in prison. His crimes were not violent. Read the law and see that most 3 strike offenders are not wiolent.
Posted by UnIcOrN_LoVeR on 2005-09-29:
Too bad there is no "three strike and you're out" law for writing stupid complaints on my3cents. You'd be a lifer for sure.
Posted by mjholly on 2005-10-04:
Listen, you fools! I support the three strikes law. If we don't have the law, crime will go up. America has the highest crime rate off all industrialized nations. We need tougher laws to reduce our crime rate.
Posted by Dr. Jeecheroo on 2005-11-14:
"America has the highest crime rate out of any industrialized nation". SORRY, WRONG! Have you been to Russia?
Posted by Dr. Jeecheroo on 2005-11-14:
BTW, convicted of a felony the third time and you get a life sentence? So that means you can get away with committing two felonies beforehand, correct? I'm sure that will DEFENATELY reduce crime in Ohio.
Posted by mjholly on 2006-04-01:
I was recently the victim of crime. Someone stole my identity on the Internet, I hurt me financially and emotionally and I was upset. Fortunately, I had my account restored and I will press charges against the jack*ss who stole my identity. As a victim of crime, I am pressing for tougher laws on crime.
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