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Cut Off Notice
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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- I received a cut off notice for being just two days late on the CURRENT BILL (No past due is included). I contacted OGE and they tell me it is a "friendly reminder". I don't call sending a cut off notice that says "CUT OFF NOTICE" in ALL CAPS "friendly" when the lettering is so large that it takes up 1/4 of the page!!! That is rather obnoxious, and quite rude. My vision is not impaired, I can see just fine.

And why doesn't the utility company do this to EVERYONE who has service with them? I personally know people who have not paid in two months and they don't get these obnoxious notices. Why me? Why am I singled out? Discrimination? Hmmm. I'm not looking for any legal action. SOMEONE needs to tell these people their business practices are bad, and if they are going to do me this way, then it needs to be for everyone.

Incorrect Billing

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- The 'gentleman' I spoke to on the phone refused to let me speak to a supervisor. As a result, I will be forwarding this matter, along with copies of the bills, to Brad Edwards, the Oklahoman, and the state attorney general. Yesterday I received a bill for service from 12-27-02 to 1-24-03, saying I had a credit of $19.31. Today I received a bill saying nope, I owe you $2.90. However, in looking at the two bills, the numbers simply do not add up. For one, the customer charge is not reduced, although there is not a full month of service from 1-24-03 to 1-31-03.

Secondly, the delivery fee, which your site claims is based on the amount of gas delivered, seems rather high. If the charge on the previous bill is $11.13 for 6.2 Mcf delivered, then how is the charge on the final bill $4.95 for only 1.7 Mcf delivered? 1.7 is approximately a third of 6.2, yet $4.95 is far more than a third of $11.13. The numbers just don't add up, I don't believe I owe $2.90, and I believe an audit would show that I am in fact the one who is owed money here.

However, since your representative said he did not understand the matter, and refused to let me speak to someone who might understand it, it appears you do not wish to resolve this, leaving me with the option of involving the third parties listed above. Furthermore, this will be posted to relevant internet sites. The resolution I seek is a simple credit of $2.90 on the account, and the account closed. Once again, I believe an audit would result in that amount being removed anyway, and a payment owed to me. However, if you are willing to meet halfway on this, I am as well.

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