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Old El Paso
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Minneapolis, MN 55440
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Stale taco shell's make Mom look bad at the end of the day
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MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- When your husband and kids come home at the end of the day, one thing they look forward to is "What's for dinner?". It's my job to make that a wonderful end to the day. Last night was the last night that I'm including store bought taco/ tostada shells in my "Tacos/ Tostada" themed dinners. I buy them because they are convenient. Frying corn tortillas doesn't take too much extra time but it is kind of messy. Besides I'm also doing homework while I'm cooking. But I cannot have another one of my kids or my husband bite into another stale rubbery tostada shell again. I will fry for now on. Unfortunately, 97% of the time the taco/ tostada shells are stale. What a waste of money. And since I had to break out the fry pan and the oil anyway. In the end it was a waist of time too!

Resolution Update 01/17/2010:


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