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BARBOURSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA -- 7/2009 - BEWARE!! If you are going to shop at Old Navy beware of the return policy that applies when the purchase has been made with a check. I recently shopped in Old Navy and needed to return some of the clothing that was purchased with a check. When the purchase was made, my check was processed as an electronic transaction and of course my original check was given back to me - pretty much the same as a debit purchase and since it was an electronic purchase, my account was checked for the funds plus the purchase cleared my bank quicker.

When I made the return I was not given cash back or even crediting the money back to my account would have been suitable - THE NEW POLICY IS THAT IF YOU WRITE A CHECK AND MAKE A RETURN, YOU HAVE TO WAIT TO RECEIVE A CHECK BACK FROM THE OLD NAVY CORP. OFFICE. The clerk was quick to point out the policy was on the bottom of the receipt - little late to change my mind if I find out the policy after my purchase has been made!!

A 10 day hold would have been understandable, but to process my check as an electronic transaction and then make me wait on a return check from the company!!??!! My shopping days at Old Navy are over and it is a shame because I shopped there often and especially at Christmas and back to school time.

By the way, last year Old Navy took clothing vouchers and this does not apply to me, but I felt horrible for a lady who had shopped in the store for 2 HOURS and watched her be rejected at the register, being told we do not accept those anymore - I felt sorry for her. By the way, I looked at the message the clerk had told the lady existed at the front entrance and it was tiny and not well displayed. Clothing vouchers or not, treating a customer with respect and dignity count!!

What Happened to Old Navy?
By -

I'm not much of a mall shopper but back some years ago I would stop by Old Navy and check out some of their clothes. In general they were a bit too young for me, but I liked that they were reasonably priced and seemed to be kind of a good value. I'd pick up one or two things if they looked at least practical. I also thought the ads back then with Morgan Fairchild were humorous.

But lately, I've noticed that the quality at least on the men's side has plummeted to sub-Wal Mart Status. I would check out the shirts and if I tried one on, I'd notice that they were poorly fitted and simply not well designed. If there was a shirt pocket, it would almost go down to my belt line.

The last thing I was truly horrified by in Old Navy was a faux Navy peacoat. It was not just that it was not that precise of a knockoff, but it wasn't even made from wool, or as far as I remember, even cotton. Envision a navy colored Snuggy transformed into a jacket and you will pretty much get the idea. It's sad that even K-Mart seems to have better quality clothes now than Old Navy. I can get all cotton Henleys there and at least decent Fruit of the Loom underwear when I want.

I don't know who they are hiring as buyers, but they need to up the quality. The clothes now look like they would last one or two washes before mutating into Salvation Army material. It's a pity. Now it seems the quality at the GAP, Old Navy's parent company has lower its quality bar to what Old Navy used to be and Old Navy will sell anything that even vaguely resembles clothing.

"Easy" Exchange
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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Email sent to Old Navy customer service: I placed an order online, and I received it via UPS on March 30th. Three of the items did not fit. I called Old Navy and placed an exchange over the phone. The representative said the new items would be charged to my card and that I could return the items that did not fit to the store. I returned the three items to Old Navy on March 31st. As of today, April 7th, I am still waiting for my refund in the mail. Also, today I called to check the status of the items being mailed in exchange, and two separate representatives informed me that they had no record of an exchange.

They "apologized for the inconvenience" but had no other suggestions on how to remedy the situation. My question is, is there a way to find out who I called to place the exchange with? I had the girl read the order back to me several times. If I would've known I needed a confirmation number, I would've insisted I get one. However, it seems to me she should have known to give me one. Usually Old Navy is really great to their customers. I just feel like this is pretty ridiculous. I have placed several orders on, and so far have been very pleased with the results. After this, I will be a lot more hesitant to use the website... Wow.

Strong chemical smell in stores and on clothing
By -

I have just started noticed a really strong chemical smell in the Old Navy Stores. I actually had to leave the store, it was so strong. It was really making my eyes burn. My 8-year-old daughter even commented on it. We have been in 2 different old Navy stores in 2 different states and the smell is the same. I ordered some clothes online from Gap and Old Navy and the very exact smell is on the clothing. Does anyone have a clue as to what this could be? I really like shopping at Old Navy and Gap but if this smell continues, will be forced to not shop there any longer.

Unfair and Discriminatory...
By -

I'm short. And I've had two children. I'm not massively overweight, but sometimes normal shirts don't fit me and I have to choose plus size. On the flip side I'm in petite size for pants... I'm just over 5'1". So I have to buy a lot online. Normally, that wouldn't be a problem. However, Old Navy offers coupons and discounts IN STORE. Doesn't do me any good. And they don't work online. So... because I'm short, I don't get discounts? I also have to risk buying something that doesn't fit, get it, try it on, and if it doesn't, send it back... because they won't accept them in store of course. What a pain!

On top of that, shipping. I can't just go to the store and grab a pair of jeans. No, I have spend an additional $7.50 to get them. So no discounts PLUS shipping. Discrimination anyone? Old Navy needs to add an online code for petite, tall, and plus sizes... and FREE shipping. Until something is fixed, I won't be shopping Old Navy, nor will over 400 mothers in my mother's group who had no clue about this situation until I went through it recently. Now they're appalled. Nice work Old Navy...

Ridiculous Return Policy at Old Navy
By -

I had purchased a pair of shorts and a T-shirt at OLD NAVY for my son for his birthday. I have the Old Navy credit card and had a $20 rewards voucher and used these to complete the purchase. Turns out, I needed a bigger size and tried to exchange them at OLD NAVY. They did not have the exact same style short, but I settled for another style for the exact same price. I took everything to the sales clerk and she told me I owed $16.00. I told her no, I was just attempting to exchange the shorts for the correct size. She told me because I used an OLD NAVY rewards voucher, I "lost out". I couldn't believe it!

I have shopped at OLD NAVY for YEARS, even had the OLD NAVY credit card and enough purchases to get their bonus vouchers often, and they were not letting me exchange the wrong pair of shorts for the correct size!! I told her to forget it and went home with the wrong size short. So, not only did I have a product that did not fit, I just wasted time trying to exchange them. I was angry enough to write to Old Navy customer Service about this. I got a reply that said they were sorry, but that was their policy. RIDICULOUS! When a customer cannot return a pair of shorts with all the tags on to get another size, SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THE POLICY!

Ridiculous Exchange Policy
By -

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I received a shirt from Old Navy as a gift. I love the shirt, but needed a bigger size. The gift-giver did not include a gift receipt, and I was told by the store that even though the tag was still on it, I could not exchange it for the next size up. I was told they would send me a gift card in the mail for the lowest selling price, even though I had NO DESIRE for a refund of any kind. I just wanted another size in the same exact article of clothing.

I can understand having this policy for RETURNING an item, but it is unfathomable to me that they will not allow a simple exchange for the same exact item in a different size. There is no profit/merchandise loss for them in a situation like this, and it is not showing customers that they value them and their happiness in any way.

Old Navy Harmful Children's Product
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Rating: 1/51

VENICE, FLORIDA -- I purchased a girl's tank top from Old Navy that was covered in defective sequence. The sharp edges on the defective sequence resulted in cuts and scratches to the interior of both of my daughters arms (from underarm right down to her wrists). I contacted Old Navy to advise them of the defective product and to request that they initiate a product recall and remove the item from their shelves in order to prevent other children from suffering the same.

After more than a month and despite me sending the item to their risk management department for assessment (the sharp edges are visible to the naked eye), and showing them photos of the damage that was done, they concluded that the product "meets with their industry standards" and declined to recall the item or remove it from their shelves.

Instead, they offered us a $50 gift card for "the inconvenience". I'm pretty sure any item of clothing that causes cutting and scratches does not meet with any standard. I am disgusted by their lack of concern for their most vulnerable of consumers. I am even more disgusted by the fact that they are not willing to take any proactive measures (ie remove the item from their shelves) in order to prevent someone else from being hurt. Shame on you Old Navy!!

Misleading Bait and Switch Tactics With Regard to Their Credit Card Promotions
By -

Back in May, I went to a store in Fort Worth, TX and was told by the cashier that my order of less than $20 would be half off if I signed up for an Old Navy Visa card. I thought that sounded like a good deal so I said go ahead. Hadn't heard or thought about it since. Fast forward to tonight, I get a call from a collection agency telling me I owe over $110 as a result of this card. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, the half of my order that was being "saved" on the purchase, around $9, was put on the card and had been accruing interest ever since, to the tune of over $110. I had never actually seen any bills or past due notifications because I was never aware anything was on there.

Concerned about the repercussions on my credit rating, I had little choice but to pay $80 in order to put my account back in "good standing". So an innocent trip to Old Navy for some sunglasses turns into me wasting an hour of my time and having to fork over $80 to a collection agency and I don't even know if that's the end of it. Do I have any recourse? Is Old Navy willing to recognize that these practices may not be the most upfront and honest?

I seriously had no idea that any charges were being put on the card and never actually laid hands on the physical card nor was I aware any such charge even existed. Old Navy and all its partner stores will be losing business as a result of these types of bait-and-switch tactics, I'm sure.

All the Customer's Fault
By -

QUEENS, NEW YORK -- From what I've seen of the Old Navy in my area, the service is really good. When employees are there, they make themselves available to the customer and do all they can to provide them with the right service, and at the same time, said employee is working laboriously to clean up or working on a task beneficial to the customer experience.

What troubles me is that once the employee walks away from the customer that had just been assisted, this same customer turns around and makes a mess. And almost immediately this customer complains to the manager that the store is a mess and that no one helped them. And some of them are selected for a special discounted survey meant solely for the customer to state their honest opinions on the service they received. But it isn't used for that.

It's used to make unfounded complaints and to make the store, the managers, and the employees look incompetent, rude, reckless and lazy. Such false information has the potential to lower the morale store wide, and the employees begin to display nothing more than disdain. Unfortunately, this behavior forces these employees to lash out at the customer, and not perform up to the fullest of their potentials. In short, is it that the customer expects to gain from this?

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