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How to Waste Your Money and Time
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Rating: 1/51

SAN RAMON, CALIFORNIA -- Before we begin, I just want to let you know, I don't usually waste my time on the internet writing reviews. However, I would like to warn others about this huge scam before anyone else get deceive into flushing their hard earned money.

Background: When I purchase my home a few years ago, my real estate agent assigned the protection of my home to Old Republic Home Warranty. Being a new and clueless home owner, I had no idea that I was being played in this mess. Living in the hottest city in United States where temperature easily raises over 110 degrees, I have spent countless days in the heat, all thanks to Old Republic. Much like many other companies, the number one priority of Old Republic is to gain money from you any way possible, rather than to help and guide you in your needs. Allow me to explain.

Customer Service: Your wait time easily ranges from 45 minutes to 3 hours. Unless, of course, if you are calling to renew a plan. Then, the wait time magically cuts down to a phenomenal speed faster than light itself. The other option you have for faster service is to wake up at 5 in the morning and give them a call. Did I also mention, that 9 out of 10 times, your calls will be redirected back and forth?

Also, the call system is a big flaw. Just recently, I called Old Republic from my primary cell phone, and the approximate wait time kept increasing. However, when I called the same number from a different phone, a woman answers the call in less than a minute. To sum it up, the customer service is basically a bunch of specialists trained to avoid customers in need.

Service Timeliness: About a few weeks ago, my AC broke and I had to deal with 95 degrees temperate every night. How about now you ask? Still dealing with the heat. You see, Old Republic is the master of delaying your request until you get frustrated to the point where you pay for yourself and they smile at you with your yearly payments. Speaking from my experience, when my AC broke, I was connected to a "service provider" that consist of a person with a van who uses his cell phone for his job and doesn't have an office where I can go report my needs.

My point is, Old Republic dug up these cheap and so called "technicians" that has no experience. Matter of fact, on my day of the appointment, I was told that his van broke and he wouldn't be able to come and that him and his buddy are the only ones working for the "company". And when they did send me a professional service provider, I was told that I needed to pay an extra $400 dollars for my AC. Thought that you have your AC covered with Old Republic? Think again! Additional hidden fees will be thrown at you! The sad thing is, not only does Old Republic abandon you in your times of needs, but they use that moment to gain more out of you.

Repair Service: The first time we called for AC and Old Republic handled it for us, being the new homeowner that we were, my family was very pleased and full of joy. We praised the company for saving us from the heat. Little did we know, our AC was hardly fixed. It was basically, "patched up" to be broken again. And sure enough, a few months later, another $75 flew out of our pockets. This continued until finally, the AC completely gave up.

As I am writing this review, I am suffering in the heat of Phoenix, where I am faced with either giving my scammers an additional "fee" or paying thousands to completely replace my AC. To further home owners, please avoid Old Republic Home Warranty, or you will be in the same shoes as I am. It has been weeks now, and Old Republic have done nothing in my favor. However, I will keep it posted on their course of action. For now, Old Republic is a zero star for me, and I won't be renewing anytime soon.

Stay Clear Of This Company!
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Basically ORHP feels it's ok to charge service fees when no service was provided. I've been a customer of three different home warranty companies, and while they are all difficult to do business with, ORHP is hands down the worst and by a far margin. So the long story… I woke on a Saturday morning and was greeted by a broken water heater. I called ORHP who said they would submit a priority request and should hear from someone within a few hours. Sunday rolls around with no contact from anyone.

I call the service provider they gave the job to who tells me they can't do anything on the weekend as they don't have access to any parts (are they working out of their garage?). He continues to tell me that someone will call on Monday morning between 7am and 9am. 10:00am Monday morning arrives with no call from anyone. I call the service provider again who tells me no one is available until 4:00pm that day. Apparently the definition of priority is lost on these folks.

I call ORHP, to see about getting another service provider after looking up some reviews on the current one they selected (they were not good - kind of like the reviews on ORHP). They give me some song and dance about how they can't guarantee that another provider will be available (hmmm – seems they dropped the “Priority” posturing). I remind them that I've been waiting since Saturday Morning for service, and hang up the phone.

About 10 minutes later I get a call from the service provider stating they will be at my home between 11:00am - 1:00pm. They showed up some time after 3:00. I tell the two guys that show up what's going on. One guy bends down and fiddles with the ignition switches. It starts up after a few attempts. Without any addition investigating, testing, or even a suggestion that the 10+ year old water heater may be on its last legs, he concludes it's fixed (Voila! Magic touch). So they were at the house maybe 5 minutes. The guy gives me his number in case there is an issue after he leaves.

Well, that didn't take long. 10 minutes after he leaves the water heater shuts off. I call him and he then tells me he's heading to another job and will have to reschedule for Tuesday. Now I have been pretty calm and understanding through this point, but this is starting to get quite irritating. I call ORHP again to tell them what's going on. They again basically say there is nothing they can do. (Well, that's not exactly true…)

I tell them they can either get a competent service provider to fix my water heater, or they can cancel the contract. They then give me an option to accept cash (which I knew basically means you'll be getting a fraction of the cost to fix the issue). I tell them I call them back. I hang up the phone, make three phone calls and find two other service providers that can get to my house that day. I call ORHP back and tell them I'll take the cash.

Now at this point I already knew this was going to cost me more money. However considering the ineptness of ORHP and the people they contract with, I was willing cut my losses. Oh, but the story doesn't end there! A couple of weeks later I get a bill for the service call from the ORHP. I called ORHP to discuss, and they were adamant that the fee be paid since someone showed up at my house.

So basically as I see it, according to ORHP, a service provider can just knock on your door and say “Hi”, and then be paid, because that is what fundamentally happened. The service provider they sent out took no time or effort to diagnose the problem, and left with the existing issue in place as it was when he arrived. So no need to just take my word for it, read the hundreds of other bad reviews – I certainly wish I had. It was worth cancelling my contract (paying an additional $50 administrative fee) to be rid of this company. It's just not worth my time or effort.

Denied Again
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Every call for service has been denied, it is a part time job to get a contractor to come out and state that the item is not covered due to... always something different. Always incorrect. Always impossible to get them to cover the repair.

Example, my hot water heater is set at maximum temp. In all showers in the house except one the temp is so hot it will burn your skin off, but one shower is so cold I can not use it. Old Republic said not covered, it is warm enough. I measured the temperature, it is 30 degrees lower than the other hot showers in the house. I called the faucet Manufacturer and they said the valve is broken. The Manufacturer of the faucet, Kohler, even sent me a free valve to replace the broken one.

I called Old Republic, they sent out a contractor to investigate. The finding was that since Kohler sent the part to me, installation was not covered. I told them to supply the part themselves if they want, but they said the warranty coverage was lost when Kohler sent the part free of charge because it is a manufacturer warranty issue. I told them "the manufacturer warranty expires when the house is sold, Kohler was just being nice." They did not care. No coverage. Other claims were also denied for similar stupid reasons. Don't waste your time with this worthless home warranty from Old Republic.

Liars and Scam Artists! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!
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Rating: 1/51

SAN RAMON, CALIFORNIA -- Between the date I closed on my house, and the date I actually moved in, a week later, my controller board for the touch screen on my range top failed. I filed a claim with Old Republic. After the technician came out, they denied my claim, telling me that the technician filed a report saying this could not have failed during the time I had the warranty, it had to have been pre-existing.

I spoke to the technician. He told me he absolutely did not tell them that, not to mention the fact that it would be impossible for him to be able to tell exactly when a computer board failed. So Old Republic FLAT OUT LIED TO me in order to get out of paying on a claim. I'm sure the reason my claim was denied was that a new controller board will cost about $750 and they don't want to pay it.

The bottom line is this appliance worked on the day I purchased my house, which is the date the contract began. I moved in a week later. At that time, the appliance didn't work anymore. They need to honor their contract! When I called back to point this out, then they said, "Well you couldn't have used it very much between 12/19 and 12/26, and we only cover normal wear and tear, so you didn't use it enough to be considered wear and tear, therefore we are denying the claim."

First, they claim the technician said something that he couldn't have. Then they say they are denying my claim because I didn't use it enough to be considered wear and tear. They obviously will do and say anything to avoid paying out on a claim.

What a waste of time and money this home warranty company is. There are many other home warranty companies out there. Do NOT give these liars your hard earned money or think that they are going to protect you in any way!!! SCAM ARTISTS AND LIARS! I went with this company at the recommendation of my real estate agent. I don't know why any agent would recommend this company to anyone. Don't listen to your agent, find another home warranty company.

We Called Old Republic to Come Out and Fix a Broken Ice Maker
By -

SAAN RAMON, CALIFORNIA -- We called old republic to come out and fix a broken ice maker. They reported that ice makers are not covered. We have a leaking sink in our bathroom, and two toilets that run intermittently. Fortunately, they said these are covered. They sent a nice plumber out, but the plumber said he had never seen this type of sink before and that he would have to call to see if he could get parts. He looked at the first toilet and reported that it was in good shape and did not need to be fixed. He went out to the truck to call about parts for the sink.

He came back in after an hour and said that old republic would not cover the sink because he felt the leak was in the sink and not in the pipes. He could not see the leak because of the position of the pipe coming into sink from the wall. He even asked if I had a small retractable mirror so he could angle the mirror up to see what the problem was.

I stated that I did not have a mirror like that. But he was able to make the diagnosis despite not being able to see the actual problem. He then proceeded to replace a seal on the toilet that he had just stated did not need to be fixed. I feel he did this because I was becoming agitated that nothing seemed to getting done. He then said I needed to pay a $55 dollar service fee which I refused to pay.

Good to know what $450 buys you from old republic… Absolutely nothing. In speaking to old republic they never offered to send someone else out to get a second opinion. All they kept saying is it is not covered. And that I owed $55 dollars which I told them I refused to pay. And the plumber left before looking at the second toilet. Old republic said I would have to pay another $55 dollars if they sent another plumber out to look at the second toilet. What a joke.

Home Warranty on Air Conditioner Repair
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SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA -- When I purchased my home in May 2007, I was given a home warranty from Old Republic Home Warranty. A few months later the air conditioner stopped cooling. I called for service. Old Republic sent a service person out who told me that someone stole all my freon. The tech put 13 pounds of freon in the unit and said I would not have any more trouble. A few days later the unit was still not working.

I called Old Republic again who sent the same tech out. He added more freon to the unit and said I would have no more trouble. The deductible was $50, which I paid. Approximately a week later the unit was still not working. This time the technician said he could not fix the unit and that I would have to call someone else. Old Republic sent a second company out, who found a leak in one of the coupling joints. He repaired the joint and added more freon to the unit. The tech also said if this did not fix the problem the unit would have to be replaced. About 4 months later in July 2008 the unit stopped working again.

Old Republic sent another service tech to my home. The only tool he brought was a flashlight. He said there was nothing wrong with the unit except the unit was not large enough for my house. He offered to sell me a new unit. The compressor never came on while he was there and he never looked at the unit. He was there less than 5 minutes and charged me the $75.00 deductible. I then called the same service tech that Old Republic sent out earlier, the one who repaired the coupling. He told me the compressor was gone. He called Old Republic who said they would not pay because I had called him instead of them calling him.

Old Republic did order a compressor, which had to be shipped to Shreveport and took several days to arrive. In July, with 100 degree temperature for nearly 2 weeks, I had no AC. I complained about the length of time to repair the unit. I said I no longer wanted to do business with this company. The compressor was installed and paid approximately $800, plus my out of pocket costs for lodging and meals. This company has the worst response time to complaints.

In February 2009 Old Republic did not draft a premium from my checking account but in March 2009, they drafted more than 2 months of policy premiums from my account causing my checking account to be in the negative. My bank has told me that I have no right to dispute the withdrawal on my checking account and that Old Republic could sue me for not paying the premiums. I am working very hard to have Old Republic forbidden from doing business in Louisiana. I hope this posting will keep someone else from falling prey to this business.

Old Republic Will Rip You Off Then Drop You
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Rating: 1/51

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- We bought a new house and our realtor recommended Old Republic. We ended up having to call them for 3 things that went wrong with our house. All 3 times we had to call multiple times because they took so long getting people out. Then once the service provider came out they would just assess the situation and then we had to wait at least 3, usually more like 7 days for or to send their parts for the repair folks to use.

When your AC is out in the summer and it's over 100 and you have a pregnant wife, waiting 2 weeks to get your AC fixed because they want to save 50 cents on a part is pretty poor customer service. They also once sent a service guy who showed up with a hole in the crotch of his pants, who also tried to rip us off at the service call, then tried to double bill us months later. We had to prove to OR that we paid him, which we did.

Our reward: they sent us a letter saying that due to high costs or other circumstances we couldn't renew our policy. Translation: they would rather take your money and not have to do anything. Terrible service, terrible company. I WOULD AVOID OLD REPUBLIC HOME WARRANTY.

Old Republic Denies Service to Product They Previously Covered & Repaired
By -

SAN RAMON, CALIFORNIA -- It is disappointing how Old Republic Home Warranty appears to look for any opportunity to not honor legitimate claims, contrary to the image that they try to convey on their website. In my case, we have paid premiums for about 15 years since I purchased my house in Los Angeles. Recently, the Springs broke on our garage doors and Old Republic rejected the claim - saying that the door were "commercial".

At no point in the past did Old Republic ever mention that our residential garage doors were “commercial” doors. This is even more astounding when they have provided service to the garage openers on at least 3 occasions, including changing one of the opener motors. But now, all of a sudden when the springs break, do they determine that these doors are not covered!

This appears to be disingenuous at best. When I asked them to provide a written response as to how they justify denying this claim – with the history of prior service noted above – they sent a form letter inviting me to complain to them by phone (which I had already done in detail through their website) or to the California Department of Insurance - which I did.

Old Republic never addressed my specific complaint in their form letter – regarding how they accepted premiums for years and serviced these same garage doors - without ever noting that they were “commercial”. Then Old Republic had the audacity to bill me for the “service” call in which they improperly determined that they would not cover the repair – and for which I had to pay the service person $550 directly. They just have no shame!

Don't Use Old Republic Home Warranty
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PALM HARBOR, FLORIDA -- It looks to me like Old Republic is a boiler room operation that sells policies with no intention of ever paying a claim. In the past 14 days, my A/C unit has failed and been filled with freon 3 times. I have had 4 contractors look at the unit. Two told me the unit is leaking severely and will not hold freon for more than a few days but the 2 sent by Old Republic just add freon and won't inspect the air handler because it's in the attic.

One outside contractor submitted a diagnosis that identified leaks in the evap coil in the air handler in the attic and the compressor outside. He also confirmed that the drip pan is rusted and about to fall through. The contractor I called the weekend before filled the unit and said that there were a number of leaks. Old Republic's two contractors, Air Doctor and Shades Heating and A/C would not look at the air handler and simply adjusted the freon.

I have attempted to resolve the problem with old Republic having called over 12 times and being give a polite response and assurances that it would be fixed but a fix is not in site because the contractors OR is dealing with have not bothered to inspect the unit. One of Old Republic's supervisory employees has promised to call me back with a status by 4:30 EST today. If he does he will be the first of their employees to place a promised call back. I am pursuing help from The State Office of Insurance Regulation.

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