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Ole Carolina Bacon

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Ole Carolina Bacon Awful Awful Awful.
Posted by RAVENMADD on 05/15/2009
That bacon was about 15 oz of fat and 1 oz of meat. I will never subject my family to such crap again. I just wonder if the ceo of that company eats his own product or are we the jokers that pay for his deli thick cut. I wouldn't eat this bacon again if they offered it free.
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Posted by bargod on 2009-05-15:
Good info. Next time just a quick glance at the package with tell you wether it's good or not. It's pretty hard not to notice all fat and no meat. Also the price is a pretty good indicator.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-15:
Great review. I once tried a package of kielbasa of the same brand, and it was disgusting. The flavor was 'off'.

Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-15:
Life is too short for prepackaged grocery store meats. I say find yourself a local meat market for your pork and beef. You'll pay a bit more but it's well worth it and healthier.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-15:
You know, maybe that wasn't the brand.

Posted by DigitalCommando on 2009-05-15:
Has anybody come across a brand of bacon that ISN'T like this? They seem to magically slice the pieces so that the sliver of red shows for each piece through the package and everything you don't see is Abe Vigoda's liposuction.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-15:
LOL That's disgusting DC, but totally accurate. Good answer Crabby!
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-15:
hahahaha@Abe Vigoda's lipo! *urp*
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2009-05-15:
I hope I didn't cause a reduction in bacon sales with my comment. The last thing I need right now is Abe at my doorstep whining about a decline in his royalty checks.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-15:
I had to look up whether he was still living. IT'S ALIIIIIVE! But either way, you don't want him haunting you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-15:
It might be good if you had one of those lame 'wake n bacon' contraptions.....
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-15:
DC...thank you for that visual. I will never eat bacon again.
Posted by azspots on 2009-05-15:
I annoy the meat department of our grocery store. I will pick through the bacon packages until I find one more red than fat. Sometimes they don't exist and they get to keep the fat farm in a package
Posted by RAVENMADD on 2009-05-15:
when i looked in that helpful little window so they have houdinis packaging that stuff... from the back it looked like a score... haha on me
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-15:
That can happen too, you think you've gotten a good package of bacon and somehow they managed to get the only lean in the package right in the window..the rest is whale blubber.
Posted by Kitzer on 2012-04-25:
This bacon is total crap!! I've NEVER seen so much fat in a pound of bacon in my life!!
I couldn't see it through the little peep-hole in that back, but I sure saw it when I opened the package!!
I'll only buy Hormel from now on!!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-04-25:
Hormel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAGGGGGGGG!!!!
Hormel has windpipe in their Dinty Moore!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 2012-04-25:
Mmmm windpipe!
Posted by bill, calif on 2013-07-20:
Worst bacon I have ever purchased.
Posted by Welsh on 2013-10-05:
I'm cooking it now. Worst bacon ever. It's pure fat.
Posted by darlene gary on 2014-01-05:
I agree. This stuff should have been melted down into lard. Very little meat at all!!
Posted by baconator on 2014-01-26:
worst bacon ever, has a chemical taste and mostly fat as others have said. NEVER EAT THIS PRODUCT!
Posted by De on 2014-04-07:
Terrible Bacon. That's why it's in a box so u can't see what you are getting. It's moderately priced... middle of the road . I'm considering just frying up the box it came in.... I think I'd be better off. I am writing the CO . Probably won't matter buy I'm sick of getting ripped off. I need a pig.
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Ole Carolina Bacon (TSD sales & Distribution)
Posted by Sweetjoanne on 01/28/2011
SPRINGDALE, ARKANSAS -- I read a complaint on this site about this product and I disagree 100%. I bought some because it was a full 16 oz,; because it was less expensive and looking through the flaps could see how lean it was. I bought two packages, cooked one today and plan on going back to get more for the freezer. I would suggest the buyer look through the tabs on the back to determine how lean or fat it is, I am sure they are not all the same.

The flavor was excellent, the way I remember bacon used to be. It is made over in Arkansas where there are a great number of hog farms. I bought mine at Pyramid Grocery and I guarantee you, later today am going for more. JoA
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Posted by MDSasquatch on 2011-01-28:
mmmmmmmmmmmm Bacon!
Posted by PepperElf on 2011-01-28:
it's BACON!
Posted by fast327 on 2011-01-28:
Beats chicken any day!
Posted by PepperElf on 2011-01-28:
fast - that just doesn't sound right. *grin*
Posted by fast327 on 2011-01-28:
Just a thought: If a pig eats bacon, is it considered cannibalism?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-28:
Good review..but I'm curious, why call it Ole Carolina if it's from pigs from Arkansas, Ole Arkan'sow' would be more appropriate!

I've always wanted to go on the Atkins diet just so I could eat bacon for breakfast, lunch and dinner and not feel guilty about it.
Posted by fast327 on 2011-01-28:
Just, it works for me. I have been on the Atkins diet for a year now. My cholesterol is 127. Go figure! Have managed to lose 15 lbs.
Posted by Skye on 2011-01-28:
Protein helps a lot of people lose weight and maintain their weight loss.
Posted by Nohandle on 2011-01-28:
You guys watch the Atkins diet. I speak from experience. I'm a meat lover so it was just up my alley. I wasn't overweight by any stretch but golly it sounded great to me. Lose 5 pounds or 10 in no time. It works but try waking up one morning and a foot is swollen up, seriously swollen. I thought I had broken my foot. Nope..gout.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-01-28:
NH..good to know
Posted by Skye on 2011-01-28:
Excellent point NH, gout. Atkins is all about the meat. For some, it can be quite dangerous, just as you stated.

I don't diet, but I do watch what I eat and use portion control. For some reason, the word diet always makes me think of deprivation.
Posted by Nohandle on 2011-01-28:
Seriously, there is nothing wrong with the Atkins diet. Within a short period of time you can stick out your tongue, turn sideways and look like a zipper. Just don't overdo it for a long period of time. Gout at one time was the "rich man's disease" or the "old folks" disease. Not entirely true and trust me, it hurts. lol
Posted by Skye on 2011-01-28:
The only thing I think about when I hear someone says they've gone on Atkins, is when they go into ketosis. They have the weirdest smelling breath. Not repulsive, just quite odd.

And totally true about gout not being an older persons's disease. My friends husband was only 28 when he got gout. He wasn't rich, but well off. He also got it in his foot.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-28:
I think the best way to eat is as Skye said--everything in moderation and portion control. Everyone knows when they're eating too much of something--i.e., a carton of ice cream, lol. If you gain a few pounds, just cut out some of the useless carbs you eat and you'll lose. I think that was the theory behind the South Beach Diet. Nothing wrong with whole grains!
Posted by Skye on 2011-01-28:
Those little pint containers of Ben and Jerry's have 1050 calories in them, yikes, if you eat the whole thing in one sitting, which is easy to do.

The rule I follow is, if you want to say weigh 120 lbs, then you stick to 1200 calories a day. For men of course, they get to eat more, which all use ladies know has never been fair, lol. We all know when we overindulge, and tend to bulge. I exercise every day, but I still have to watch, because that's just how it is. Lets face it, food is good stuff!

Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-28:
If I exercise every day then I can eat more and not gain. So, that's what I do, in addition to not eating junk every day. Once a week I will treat myself to something I love. Fruit and vegi's are good and have few calories, so I try to eat lots of those when I'm hungry.
Posted by Skye on 2011-01-28:
Same here. I just ate a cucumber to tide me over till hubby comes home for dinner later. I fed the kids whole wheat English Muffin pizza's. Then I'll make some sausage and peppers for Mr. Skye when he gets home.

I usually also have a snack at night, a Weight Watcher treat, or some fat free sugar free pudding, with fat free whipped cream.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-28:
Mr. Sing gets home at 7 pm, so dinner is pretty much my snack, lol. But, when we eat early, I try to drink tea or lots of water. If my starving for something though, I keep that light too (like you). Well, Skye, we can now teach a class together!
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2011-01-28:
I smell bacon...
Posted by Skye on 2011-01-28:
Bacon bacon bacon! It's not bacon, it's......
Posted by Starlord on 2011-01-29:
Bacon - the candy bar of meat.
Posted by Alain on 2011-01-29:
Bacon is something I love, but I have to keep the portions small and just take the time to enjoy it a little bit at a time.
Posted by olie on 2011-01-29:
While there are indeed "better bacons", there is no such thing as "bad" bacon.
Posted by Starlord on 2011-01-30:
The only purpose a pig has in life is to taste good.
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Posted by Worstbaconever on 03/26/2011
This is the worst quality bacon I have ever had. Very disappointed and will NEVER buy this brand again!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-26:
"Why" was the bacon the worst quality ever? Rubbery, fatty, etc...? Please come back and leave a little more detail for the rest of us to form an opinion about the product ourselves. Thanks!
Posted by Skye on 2011-03-26:
What was it about this brand of bacon, that left you disappointed?

Posted by GenuineNerd on 2011-03-26:
Was Old Carolina a "bargain brand" that contained more fat and less meat than other bacon?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-03-26:
What they all said, not enough info.
Posted by Mary of sacramento,ca on 2012-08-11:
Terrible bacon is right.MISLABLED.it says hickory smoked and i cooked some up like i always do to crumble into my potato salad and YUCK...my potato salad tasted like maple syrup.Why in the world dont you put "MAPLE FLAVORED HICKORY SMOKED BACON" on the label...very false advertising if you ask me. I WILL NEVER EVER BUY THIS BRAND EVER AGAIN. i have two daughters that use this brand and they also were very very unsatisfied with this brand.If we were having pancakes or scrambled eggs then it would be alright BUT not with potato salad or even corn muffins for that matter..had to throw all my potato salad out.And it was on sale.bought 2..threw both out...out some money now...better label it right..not in tiny letters for the ingredients maple syrup, and artivicial maple flavoring..it is maple flavored hickory smoked bacon......VERY TERRIBLE PRODUCT...NEVER AGAIN WILL I PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT!!! count on it...
Posted by Arthur M Mac Donald on 2012-11-11:
75% fat 25% meat....No Good and sucks the big one, will NEVER buy it again,you have stolen our money!
Posted by Brenda on 2013-09-18:
Totally agree with the Maple flavor complaint. I don't want my BLT sandwich to taste of maple syrup. My house smelled of maple syrup for a week. I use bacon in my different chowders and cannot use Old Carolina because of the excessive maple flavoring they use.
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What you see is NOT what you get...
Posted by Anationof2 on 03/10/2013
SPRINGFIELD ?, ARIZONA -- I was shocked and appalled when I opened the package of "Ole Carolina Brand Bacon". It was almost ALL fat! It wasn't cut properly so there were no defined strips. The fat that was there was stringy and absolutely disgusting to look at. I was floored! When I was at the grocery store, I looked at the "representative slice", as I always do. It looked meaty so I went ahead and bought it. I've never felt so cheated. What a total misrepresentation of the product. I hope something is done about this because it is so wrong to deceive the consumer.
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Posted by Alain on 2013-03-10:
This is one of the many brands owned by the massive Tyson Foods group of Springdale, AR. You could call them at [479] 290-4000, but I'm not sure they'd really care. The bacon I get comes in a clear package, but that's local produce from a butcher and that's hard to find these days. Maybe your best bet would be to check to see if the bacon is produced by Tyson and use a product made by someone else.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-03-10:
There was a similar complaint recently, about a brand I do not remember, in which the "representative slice" was plastered on a chumk of fat. That is a deceitful practice.
Posted by Jeff on 2013-03-11:
Take it back to the store and get a refund....maybe if enough people return their scam bacon, and take enough of a loss, they will stop doing that
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Would Have Gotten Better Bacon If I'd Just Bit The Pig In The Butt
Posted by OLDSPICE on 05/19/2010
My husband constantly buys your bacon. I constantly end up cursing the whole time I am cooking it. What lousy piece of product you people are trying to pawn off as bacon. Nothing but plain fat. I have gotten better bacon in the large package marked as bacon ends and pieces that I purchase for seasoning. I have informed my husband that whenever he buys it again it will just be thrown out because I am not wasting any more of my time trying to make bacon out of plain pig fat. I am sure that the higher ups in your company don't even eat this stuff. Why should they, they make the big bucks and can afford to buy decent products from other more reputable companies.

And the way you package it! It seems like there is always a piece or two that actually have a few lean spots on it are tangled up so as to represent the package as being full of decent bacon. You people are a JOKE! No more of my money will go into your pockets> LOUSY! LOUSY! LOUSY!!!!! Enough said.
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Posted by skelly39 on 2010-05-19:
HAHAHA. I'm giving you a VH for your byline.
Posted by MDSasquatch on 2010-05-19:
If you are going to bite a pig in the butt and expect to get bacon, you are going to be in for another disappointment; bacon is actually the belly of a pig.

By its very nature, bacon is very fatty; if you like the taste but don't like all the fat, then try center cut bacon, it is a little more expensive and you may need to add some oil when cooking, but it sure does taste good!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-05-19:

I'm fairly certain that Ole Carolina brand is pretty inexpensive, which might explain why it's mostly fat. Kunzler is my favorite brand, I just wait until it's on sale, then buy it.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-05-19:
Safeway here has Gourmet smoked bacon in slices almost 1/4 inch thick for $4.99 per pound.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-05-19:
Bacon is Bacon (FAT).
Posted by FlShopper on 2010-05-20:
The fat is what makes it taste so good! When you cook it up nice and crisp and you get that crunchy pork fat...it's heaven! Plus you get all that bacon grease to use for other dishes.

But...I agree with MDS about buying center cut bacon if you don't want so much fat. I think the brand I buy is Hormel. Not as much fat as some of the other brands, and it's delicious!
Posted by beanbagbritches on 2010-05-24:
Bacon is fatty, as others have pointed out. If you want a "bacon" with much less fat, try turkey bacon. It is better for you & yet fulfills your need for breakfast meat. I love it!
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Moldy Bacon
Posted by Moldybacon on 03/14/2010
I was gonna make BLT's and went to Aldi's in Waukesha WI. Bought the makings, came home, went to cook bacon and package full of black mold throughout the entire slab of slices. Product code 74700 10003.
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Posted by Skye on 2010-03-14:
Did you attempt to return it?? They cannot make good on what they are not aware of.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-03-14:
Just a thought---could the black spots have been cracked pepper?? If it truly was mold, I agree, you need to return it so they can make it right. The sooner they find out about faulty refrigeration, the less people might end up ill.
Posted by Skye on 2010-03-14:
Great answer as always Raven!
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-03-14:
awwwwww *blush*
Posted by Starlord on 2010-03-14:
I agree with raven. It is hard to find bacon now that is not heavily dosed with black pepper. I personally do not use black pepper, preferring cayenne pepper on the recommendation of Justin Wilson. Usually, mold on meats is not black mold, but blue-green. I agree with the guy on the commercial, bacon is the candy bar of meats.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-03-14:
LOL Star! I dont eat pork, haven't since watching a documentary at least 20 years ago. Yes, my brain knows all animals are slaughtered, however, that dang show messed with my head.

That said, my friends who eat pork rave about bacon in such a way to make it sound just as good, or BETTER, than sex. *giggle*
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-03-14:
I believe the complaint here was about smoked bacon not cured. I don't pretend to be an authority on bacon but do know some go into a restaurant and order country cured ham/bacon. They expect that rotten smell, at least I think it smells rotten. If I go to my grocers and pick up a package of smoked bacon I don't expect a spot of anything on it.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-03-14:
Nohandle, smoked bacon can contain pepper. At least from the google search I just did. I think all bacon smells icky, so I would be of no help to the poor OP. Hopefully, the offending item was returned to the store for a refund.
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-03-14:
The OP was complaining about mold not pepper. I wasn't there and didn't see it so my guess is as good as anyone elses as to what it looked like.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-03-14:
good point, nohandle. *goes back to screwing around on facebook*
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-03-14:
I just looked in my freezer. There's a center slice of Hardwood Smoked Ham. Granted, ham not bacon but there's not a speck of black anywhere. I do know further down in the meat section there's the cured country bacon and ham. I expect black there due to the processing but not on that packaged bacon we buy for breakfast and BLT sandwiches.
Posted by clutzycook on 2010-03-14:
Aldi's has the double guarantee. Just return it to the store, they'll replace the product and give you your money back.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-14:
Clutzy that is quite a guarantee for a store to stand behind. I think its great. The OP should take the product back.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-03-15:
A pig only has one purpose in life. To taste good. I am sorry that you feel you cannot eat pork due to some silly documentary, which I am certain, like Michael Moore's films, have an agenda. Probably put out by one of those PETA freaks.
Posted by localgod on 2010-03-15:
"PRODUCT CODE 74700 10003" Product codes (or UPC's as they're known) generally have 12 digits. Regardless, the product information you gave us did suffice.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-03-15:
Star, I understand, truly. I KNOW it is silly not to eat something based on a show I saw more than 20 years ago. Tell that to my tummy, please. It feels all icky just SMELLING some pork product.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-03-15:
personally i like eating pork too
but i do remember being turned off roast beef for a good year... had a sammich at the corning museum of glass way back when i was a kid. it was pretty gross, so it was over a year before i could eat roast beast again without remembering the icky sammich
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-15:
Meat that tastes the best is kosher pork chops!
Posted by clutzycook on 2010-03-15:
LMAO, Faxx!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-15:
There are kosher pork chops. Maybe not kosher in the true sense of the word, I dont know.

Personally after the comments he has posted today this is an attempt on his part to be as offensive as he can.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-03-15:
raven, ya ain't tried my bbq
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-03-15:
LOL!!! Kosher pork chops are on the same level as oven bbq!!! Ain't gonna happen!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-15:
See what kind of things you can find on Google? lol
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