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Great Service & Great Food

OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- I recently ordered from Omaha Steaks for the first time. I've sent their products as gifts before, but never ordered for myself. Went online with the special offer and code they had mailed me. Within minutes had the order placed (The American Celebration package), entered the code for my discount ($20 off), and all was good. Within minutes I received email confirmation of my order, and the next day (Saturday) it had shipped. They sent me an email to let me know the tracking info (sent UPS). In that email was a link that took me directly to the UPS tracking site, with my tracking code already entered. Very nice.

The package arrived exactly when it was supposed to. The entire order was neatly packaged, including the free items (additional food and a six-piece cutlery set). As I unloaded the food into our downstairs freezer, I realized that the box it was shipped in was really just a nice, styrofoam cooler, which I can keep to cool things later! (Nice size for a picnic.) Nothing but some plastic to dispose of.

Included in the package were some catalogs, a recipe book with cooking instructions, and even a little "Conversations Starter" thing. The Convo thing was a bunch of small cards with questions on them, like "Where were you when John Lennon was shot?" You use them when you invite your friends over to eat the food you had just ordered!

Tonight I grilled a some of the Steak Burgers and Gourmet Franks (HUGE FRANKS!), and I have to say that they were simply delicious. I followed their cooking guidelines, and they came out perfect. I am looking forward to eating the Filet Mignon and Top Sirloins. The stuffed Sole with Scallops & Crab meat don't appeal to me or my wife, so someone we know is going to get a nice surprise!

All in all, there is enough food for 15 meals (one meal each for me and my wife). When I factor in the discount and the shipping charges, that's about $4.50 per meal. Considering the quality of the food, that's pretty darn inexpensive. (Of course, we need to add the other food to flesh out the entire meal; this is just for the main course.) I will definitely order from Omaha Steaks again. Looks like they have breakfast foods as well, so I may start experimenting with a little bit of everything. Not one bleep in my entire experience with this company.

Last day for TOTALLY free Shipping

If you've never tried Omaha Steaks, this might be the perfect opportunity for you to do so, or to order that great gift for a certain someone. Today is the LAST day of their TOTALLY free shipping. I ordered my father-in-law some filet mignon today. I found their website a bit wacky, so I just called them up and ordered by phone. Seems there's no tax, or else it's included as the price they quoted me was the price that was on the website - there was no add ons. Check 'em out at Consider this a specialty item, it arrives frozen to your door or anyone else's who'd like to get a great gift in the mail - far better than sending your wife to your local butcher.

Since this is likely out of your price-range, so I can understand your frustration at not being able to afford quality beef. Stick to your homeless shelter meals. You may have to MENTION the FREE delivery over the phone to get it, not sure - but most savvy consumers always ask about promotions and discounts when they do business.

What are they made of?
By -

MICHIGAN -- I very frequently make purchases from Omaha Steak Co. Nothing like tossing a steak(s) on the barbie. I purchase by 'package', e.g. Filet Mignon, Top Sirloin, Pork Chops, Stuffed Sole, and Potatoes au Gratin. Depending on what's being offered at the particular time, I'm shipped at no additional charge the Gourmet Steak Burgers and/or the Gourmet Franks. Of course, each shipment contains the 6-pc. useless cutlery set and a cutting board.

I question what kind of meat is used to make the franks and burgers. IMHO, both are tasteless. The casing on the franks turns tough after being cooked. I prefer Eckrich or Oscar Mayer when I want a hot dog. Although attractive prior to cooking, the burgers seem to be overly ground meat of some sort and have a mushy consistency. If purchased individually, I think these two items are overpriced. GFS offers a 5 # box of Sirloin Patties for only $13.99. Now, that's a burger!

Omaha Steaks, I think you should add more spices/herbs to your franks and not grind the meat so finely when making your burgers. Perhaps add more thought to these two items rather than spending money on the cutlery sets (which go right into the dumpster when I receive them) and the cutting boards. I have a collection of eight of them right now. But I guess I can always use another small cutting board.

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