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Omega Shepherds
160 Elk Trl
Clancy, MT 59634
406-443-0477 (ph)
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Irresponsible breeding
By -

I am a trainer/breeder of gsd's/writer and expert in dog psychology and dog behavior. 27 years experience and counting. I run a small training and kenneling facility in Kalispell, MT. I am very, very familiar with gsd's, being my own breed of choice. I have recently had the (mis)fortune to work with 2 dogs from Omega kennels. I cannot say there is anything "physically" wrong with these dogs, and they are, by any standards, beautiful in markings, pigmentation and conformation.

HOWEVER, I would seriously caution anyone from buying one of these dogs. In my opinion, Omega Shepherds is guilty of cross over and in breeding, producing dogs who are so high strung, hyperactive, stressed and tense as that only a VERY small portion of the population could even remotely begin to control or train them. I've seen many examples of irresponsible breeding in my days, and Omega Shepherds would be listed up with the top 10.

German Shepherds are NOT supposed to be that high strung. Too much focus on conformation and looks to the detriment of the breed overall. Anyone reading this, please! DO NOT purchase one of these dogs. It's really sad to see what some people have done to such a magnificent breed.

Heart Broken over Omega German Shepherds
By -

CLANCY, MONTANTA -- Please stay away from these people. I learned the hard way and I am still suffering the loss of my best friend. Omega Shepherds sold 2 puppies to me from different litters one has hip dysplasia despite the supplements and wonderful care we provided ....the other had mega-esophagus and died. They told me basically too bad and did not offer another puppy or refund.

We are still grieving the loss -- why do these people care so much about money and so little about the dogs and people's lives they are hurting? Not that money can take the pain away but we spent $2,500 on each of these dogs! I guess that $5,000 is being enjoyed by ** and ** - don't let them take your money and leave you in tears.

2 Sick Omega Shepherd Puppies
By -

CLANCY, MONTANTA -- I purchased an Omega Shepherd from **. When she was just under 1 year old she started limping on rear and found out she had Hip Dysplasia in both rear hips. We paid 10K for double titanium hip replacement and called ** for a replacement puppy (because of the 1 year warranty) and they promptly sent another female puppy. Out of the same male, **. I should have known but they acted like this had never happened to them in the past. As the puppy has grown she is showing deformation on her front end.

Her front feet point east/west, and she won't bear much weight on her front end. Come to find out, she has deformed elbows and shoulders. Now I have a fortune into 2 sick puppies.

Hip Dysplasia
By -

CLANCY, MONTANTA -- I bought my beautiful dog from Omega Shepherds 18 months ago. He is incredibly sweet and very much a part of our family. Because we love him so much it was a terrible blow to find out that he has hip dysplasia. He is already showing signs of pain at times and the vet said it will only get worse as the problem is already significant. I did everything I could to prevent this by following vet guidelines to the tee. It's hard to know for sure whether his dysplasia is due to environmental or genetic factors but I was assured by Omega Shepherds that their dogs never had that issue and my dog most likely wouldn't either.

Now I'm seeing more and more complaints by others that they too have dogs with this problem coming from these breeders. I feel strongly that prospective buyers should know that it is a possibility. I'm heartbroken for my dog and frustrated that his work with search and rescue may be limited. Please, if you decide to buy a dog through Omega Shepherds, know that despite their reassurances, the dog might develop hip dysplasia. As there seems to be no real way to know for sure that any GSD won't have this issue, why not get one through a rescue program. My next dog will come from there. Good luck.

Omega is in it for the money and the 100% satisfaction is a scam!!!
By -

Do not believe the good posts you see about Omega Shepherds. It is them posting lies trying to salvage their name.
First off, the 100% satisfaction contract is a scam. They do not ensure the dogs ears will go up, if the dogs ears do not go up the contract is void!!! What kind of 100% satisfaction is that? They also require you to keep the dog on NUvet and Nujoiunt by Nulabs. A supplement company. That is because Omega make 1/2 of the money you send to Nulabs. If you do not keep them on it which will be an additional $130 a month... the contract is void! Supplements are bad and a healthy puppy should and does not need them!!!

Secondly, they lied about the parents of a puppy I was going to buy. The pictures of the father was not the same dog they showed me. The dog they showed me did not look like a german shepherd. He looked like some kind of medium size mix breed. I could not believe they had a dog like him in their breeding stock!!! He was only about 50 lbs full size, almost all black, he had long curly tufts of hair behind his ears!!! The mother was spastic and out of control. She had a bad personality. She whined out of control, and jumped up and down on the kennel door and ran in circles around the kennel trying to get to the breeder.

Even though her supposed puppies were only 5 weeks old she did not even recognize them at all. It was very weird!!! You could tell by the condition of the kennels and the behavior of the 20 dogs on site that they were not well cared for and hardly let out. It was very sad. They were all either whimpering and crying or barking. They seem nice on the phone but act weird in person. Like they can't get their story straight and the niceness was only a show on the phone. Once you but the puppy they are nasty and ignore your calls!

My males ears did not go up, he is not a standard german shepherd. People always think he is a mix breed. His coat and color is not like good quality german shepherds should be. They also breed dogs with bad personalities. They are either fearful or too friendly. They act like a crazy out of control like they are nervous. Or they are mean and do not bond with their owner. I have had a breeder and several people tell me this. One breeder told me they saw 2 females from Omega and they were squirrel like in personality. And the breeding did not take.

My shepherd whom I love to death looks and acts more like some kind of mix breed. Not standard at all!!! Beware, they are in it for the money!!!!

Please Never Ever Buy An Omega Shepherd
By -

CLANCY, MT -- Hopefully it is not too late and you haven't already given ** (owner/operators) any money. We had a horrible experience with this breeder and she took all of our money. With **'s request we sent her our money to hod us a puppy. So naturally we did and we asked for photos and updates of the litter as they were born. Those never came. We called and sent letters with no replies. Finally when our arranged pick up date came she returned our phone call and said that she had sold all the puppies.

We thought that she had us confused with another couple... not so. She said that another buyer offered to pay a higher price and she sold the puppies. We had been planning this addition to our family for over four months and then she told us that she was expecting another litter in five weeks and she promised us the pick of the litter.

We decided not to move forward with this breeder right there on the spot and we asked for our money back. She said that she would not give us any of our money back and that she would give us a credit for another dog. We pleaded for our money back and she told us there was no way she would give us our money. This just happened 01/01/2009. I will be sure to let you know if I ever get my money back and if so what it took. PLEASE DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS CROOK. She sold our puppy and then took our money! Please read other reviews and buy a puppy from a reputable breeder...

Another Buyer Cheated by Omega Shepards
By -

WASHINGTON -- After reading these reviews I've learned I wasn't the only person stung by Omega Sheperds and their unethical business practices. When we picked up our German Shepherd pup from the airport at 4 months, his ears were flat. Having owned and bred German Shepherds for years, I immediately called and let her know the puppy's ears weren't up and I was very concerned I had received a faulty dog. However, I was assured the dog's ears would come up and was given the sales pitch about the quality about her dogs.

Well, not surprisingly, at one year the dog's ears were still flat. I was told "that's tough luck." Even though you can be quite certain she knew the dog's ears would never stand up when she shipped the puppy to me. In summary, as you've seen in many other consumer reviews, Omega lies and DOES NOT stand behind their dogs. Please do the German Shepherd breed a service and don't send them your business.

Do Not Buy From These People!
By -

CLANCY, MONTANTA -- On 08/02/05 I contacted Omega Shepherds about purchasing a dog from them. I was told they did have one available and went to look at the dog. We were informed the price was $4500 and was worth it because of the dogs pedigree and training. We were told the dog was good with people and kids, was house broken, and had basic obedience training. We left without the dog that day. We called ** and ** on 08/03/05 and told them we would like to purchase the dog, however we only had $3000. They agreed to take the $3000 and take payments on the remaining balance.

We signed a contract to that effect and met them in Helena at Valley Farms to complete the transaction. The next day the dog barked at my oldest son and kept him from coming upstairs. The day after that he did the same thing to my youngest child. We called ** and she said "we must have done something to the dog." We informed her that we had not and asked for a refund. She said she would take the dog back, but would not refund our money. We contacted a dog trainer to help us and did get the dogs to leave the children alone, but the dog continued to have problems with people around town. This whole time the dog had "accidents" on our carpet 4 times a day everyday.

This dog would not stop jumping on people and would not come when called. We once again complained to Omega Shepherds and were told it was our fault. We had only had the dog for a week and every behavior this 6 month old dog had was our fault. We came to find out that the only "obedience" training this dog had was heel and sit. Other than that it knew nothing. We were lied to about the dogs demeanor, training, and social level. Nothing they told us was true.

We have since had to give up and give the dog back to them for the safety of our family. We were threatened that if we told anyone anything by ** that she had a friend who was a lawyer and a judge that had one of her dogs and they would sue us. Every phone call we made we were told we were stupid and treating the dog badly.

Wonderful Dog From Omega Shepherds
By -

After reading the other reviews on this site, I had to write in to balance this out. I had googled Omega Shepherds so that I could contact them to buy another German Shepherd puppy from them and found these reviews. Our experience couldn't be more different.

We bought Panzer almost two years ago. I had lost my first GSD after 11 years and wanted another one who would be as wonderful. I found him. Not only was Panzer absolutely one of the most beautiful dogs that you've ever seen, he demeanor was exactly as ** told us it would be. We wanted a loving, laid-back dog that could also be forceful if absolutely needed. We got exactly that.

Panzer has been gentle with my young son and could combine that with barking at strangers that approach the house. My family jokes that he can be the laziest dog in the world - he eats his food lying down. But when he and Boris go outside, Panzer is constantly patrolling the yard and hunting squirrels. The two of them together have even figured out how to catch them.

We are stopped in the street when walking him because people are just drawn to his gorgeous coat. I've had more than one breeder compliment me at the vet clinic. Panzer's innate confidence and independence is awesome. My family and I could not be more happy about the dog that we received - sight unseen until we picked him up at the airport. It will be hard to see if Panzer's qualities can be matched, but now that we're adding to our canine family, going back to Omega Shepherds is the only place we would consider looking.

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