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Very Appreciative
Posted by on
Rating: 4/51
ANACONDA, MONTANTA -- I am very appreciative of Omega Shepherds.. I started dealing with them 2 months ago trying to find a German shepherd suitable for my family. Leah responded to my email within hours and was very helpful. Unfortunately for me is wasn't ment for me to purchase a puppy. I had financial situations come up every time I turned around. I kept in touch with her as much as I could. She had a wide variety of options for me and pretty much did everything she could to help me out!! "Thanks Leah your awesome" I give a A to Omega Shepherds and highly recommend them!! I'll give another post once I am able go purchase my puppy!!!!
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sabletaz on 09/15/2012:
I would recommend you go and look into GSD rescue associations. They could find you the perfect dog for you and your family and you would be saving a life in the process. It's a win-win situation. Good Luck!
trmn8r on 09/16/2012:
I would caution you to be very careful about getting into owning a GS without figuring out how to budget both the purchase AND care of the dog.

A good breeder will see this as a warning as well. You definitely do not want to get into a situation where you can't afford to give the dog proper care or lose it. Good luck!

BTW, I would research any breeder you consider very carefully. There are some complaints about this one - look them over and come to your own conclusion.
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Heart Broken over Omega German Shepherds
Posted by on
CLANCY, MONTANTA -- Please stay away from these people. I learned the hard way and I am still suffering the loss of my best friend. Omega Shepherds sold 2 puppies to me from different litters --- one has hip dysplasia despite the supplements and wonderful care we provided ....the other had mega-esophagus and died. They told me basically too bad and did not offer another puppy or refund. We are still grieving the loss -- why do these people care so much about money and so little about the dogs and people's lives they are hurting? Not that money can take the pain away but we spent $2,500 on each of these dogs!

I guess that $5,000 is being enjoyed by Leah and Julie - don't let them take your money and leave you in tears.
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momsey on 11/10/2010:
I'm really sorry you lost your dog. This is why irresponsible breeders are still in business - because people still buy animals from them!
Mrs. V on 11/10/2010:
I am so sorry for the loss of your furbabies.

Please, if you wish to buy a puppy/kitty from a breader, always contact the local ASPCA and Vets Offices to ask if they have had any problems with animals from that breeder.
Alain on 11/10/2010:
As a pet lover, extremely sorry to hear about your loss.
Ytropious on 11/10/2010:
Man this is like the only breeding company that gets constant complaints. WHY are they still in business? I know any dog can have health problems so maybe they are using that to their advantage?
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2 Sick Omega Shepherd Puppies
Posted by on
CLANCY, MONTANTA -- I purchased an Omega Shepherd from [snip]. When she was just under 1 year old she started limping on rear and found out she had Hip Displasia in both rear hips. We paid 10K for double titanium hip replacement and called [snip] for a replacement puppy (because of the 1 year warranty) and they promptly sent another female puppy. Out of the same male, Luke. I should have known but they acted like this had never happened to them in the past. As the puppy has grown she is showing deformation on her front end.

Her front feet point east/west, and she won't bear much weight on her front end. Come to find out, she has deformed elbows and shoulders. Now I have a fortune into 2 sick puppies.
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Skye on 08/17/2009:
You are buying puppy mill dogs that have been overbred. It's very sad for the dogs and your family. Hip dysplasia is very common in German Shepherds, but from what you described they do sound like puppy mill dogs.
BokiBean on 08/17/2009:
There are tons of complaints about Omega Shepherds online. They go back for years..I'm surprised Omega can still find customers.
Skye on 08/17/2009:
There are also many German Shepherd rescues. If you still want to buy a German Shepherd, than purchase them from the Monks of upstate NY.

Our German Shepherds were all rescues. I would always choose a rescue over buying a dog. For every dog that is bought, these puppy mills stay in business. The real losers are the innocent animals :(
PepperElf on 08/17/2009:
I just hope you're keeping the dogs alive despite the cost

I'd hate to see them destroyed for being not good enough
Anonymous on 08/17/2009:
My son adopted a rescue dog from a busted puppy mill operation. He has now spent about $3,000 on her multiple problems in the past 3 years. He can, thankfully, afford the bill, but many people can't, especially in this economy :(
BokiBean on 08/17/2009:
These Omega dogs are not inexpensive either. I just wish more people did a check for complaints before they bought, as they are largely an online business.

Shepherds are great dogs..whether they have hip displaysia or not, but the cost is extreme to keep them comfortable and thriving.
PepperElf on 08/17/2009:
like buying from an established breeder with a good reputation?
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Hip Dysplasia
Posted by on
CLANCY, MONTANTA -- I bought my beautiful dog from Omega Shepherds 18 months ago. He is incredibly sweet and very much a part of our family. Because we love him so much it was a terrible blow to find out that he has hip dysplasia. He is already showing signs of pain at times and the vet said it will only get worse as the problem is already significant. I did everything I could to prevent this by following vet guidelines to the tee. It's hard to know for sure whether his dysplasia is due to environmental or genetic factors but I was assured by Omega Shepherds that their dogs never had that issue and my dog most likely wouldn't either. Now I'm seeing more and more complaints by others that they too have dogs with this problem coming from these breeders. I feel strongly that prospective buyers should know that it is a possibility. I'm heartbroken for my dog and frustrated that his work with search and rescue may be limited.

Please, if you decide to buy a dog through Omega Shepherds, know that despite their reassurances, the dog might develop hip dysplasia. As there seems to be no real way to know for sure that any GSD won't have this issue, why not get one through a rescue program. My next dog will come from there. Good luck.
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Anonymous on 02/09/2009:
This is a known problem with Shephards. I can remember my grandfather having to have one of his euthanized for severe dysplasia, and that was at least 30 years ago.
Starlord on 02/09/2009:
SGM, please don't cast aspersions on what may be a great breeder without doing a heck of a lot of research. I sympathize with you on your loss of your GSD, but as a responsible animal owner, you should be aware that ALL large breeds of dogs are susceptible to dysplasia. If someone you love comes down with arthritis, are you going to sue their parents or claim they were genetically inferior? Of course not. Dysplasia is an arthritis-like condition that any dog larger than, say, a Queensland Heeler is just susceptible to by virtue of being a large dog. We had a Rottie/Boxer mix that we dearly loved. One hundred twenty-five pounds of pure love. She got to the point that when she moved, she would yelp with pain. Standing up, she would try to scratch, and couldn't even lift her hind leg to reach her ear. We had to have her put down, as it was so painful watching her in agony. There is a poem, or dramatic recitation, that you should try to locate. It has something to do with a dog's prayer, and ends with the dog being grateful that you show enough love to ease their agony at the end.
madconsumer on 02/09/2009:
it is a little to late now, but any time a sheppard is purchased, seeing hte both parents will give you clues to this condintion. this should have been something you researched out frst. as I understand it, this is worse when the dogs are inbred.
BokiBean on 02/09/2009:
Starlord, SGM is not alone and Omega supposedly guarantees its animals 100% (its all over their site). There are many complaints online for these guys (several of them here at m3c, including some answers back from Omega).

Also, check out the link at:

Then compare it to the Omega webpage:

Same people, same phone number... just a slight name change here or there. Back in my day we would have called this a con...dunno what they call it now. ;)

BTW, I had a chocolate lab that had hip dysplasia, and she was one of the best dogs I've ever had.
Anonymous on 02/09/2009:
I know that it is important for some people to have an expensive, pure breed dog, but it is always best to adopt a dog from a rescue or the local humane society. I wish your pup all the best.
Starlord on 02/09/2009:
Boki, Chocolate Labs are among the most beautiful dogs in the world. All I meant by my post was that people should not automatically assume the breeder is suppar when a large dog develops dysplasia. While it is true that occurs at a higher rate when they inbreed lines, having dysplaysia does not automatically mean that the dog is a product of inbreeding. Dysplaysia is just as likely to strike non-products of inbreeding as not. If Omega is a puppy mill, I would agree that they need to be shut down. The dog I mentioned earlier was a rescue from the Animal Control of inal County, after we saw her picture in the paper, as pet of the week. If she had not been adopted by the end of the week she would have been put down. Too many good dogs, and cats, for that matter are put down because no one wants an older dog or cat, and some people are so snooty, they have to have a purebred. I have found mutts are healthier and happier than purebreds, andolder dogs are just as capable of giving and receiving love as a puppsy.
old fart on 02/09/2009:
Labrador retrievers, at least the one I knew was smarter than most people I know...
BokiBean on 02/09/2009:
financial, I'm with you. Too many pets (mutt and purebred alike) in shelters every day to justify buying an enormously expensive dog like this. I'm sad these people had to learn this the heartbreaking way.

Starlord, you're good people! I have a Pet of the Week right now (my beautiful 15 year old tabby) and she is a wonderful, wonderful pet. Pound pups and kittys are the best in the world.

Both my purebred dogs are from rescue organizations and the giant blonde dandylion mutt is straight from the local pound. My problem is that I can't go into pounds without getting upset and wanting to adopt everyone.

lol@old fart, she wasn't the smartest lab in town but she was so sweet and gentle that everybody fell in love with her.
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Do Not Buy From These People!
Posted by on
CLANCY, MONTANTA -- on 08/02/05 I contacted Omega Shepherds about purchasing a dog from them. I was told they did have one available and went to look at the dog. We were informed the price was $4500 and was worth it because of the dogs pedigree and training. We were told the dog was good with people and kids, was house broken, and had basic obedience training. We left without the dog that day. We called leah and julie Andersen on 08/03/05 and told them we would like to purchase the dog, however we only had $3000. They agreed to take the $3000 and take payments on the remaining balance. We signed a contract to that effect and met them in Helena at valley farms to complete the transaction. The next day the dog barked at my oldest son and kept him from coming upstairs. The day after that he did the same thing to my youngest child. We called leah and she said "we must have done something to the dog" We informed her that we had not and asked for a refund. She said she would take the dog back, but would not refund our money. We contacted a dog trainer to help us and did get the dogs to leave the children alone, but the dog continued to have problems with people around town. This whole time the dog had "accidents" on our carpet 4 times a day every day. This dog would not stop jumping on people and would not come when called. We once again complained to omega Shepherds and were told it was our fault. We had only had the dog for a week and every behavior this 6 month old dog had was our fault. We came to find out that the only "obedience" training this dog had was heel and sit. Other than that it knew nothing. We were lied to about the dogs demeanor, training, and social level. Nothing they told us was true. We have since had to give up and give the dog back to them for the safety of our family. We were threatened that if we told anyone anything by Julie Andersen that she had a friend who was a lawyer and a judge that had one of her dogs and they would sue us. Every phone call we made we were told we were stupid and treating the dog badly.
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thor250 on 09/07/2005:
$3k for a dog? Go to an animal shelter, they have very docile animals and you will pay about $100-this includes everything. That is where I got my 2 dogs and my cat and they are very lovable, I have never had any problems. I wouldn't give them up for a million.
AZJEM on 09/07/2005:
You didn't say in your post but I am assuming they will replace the dog with another one. At 6 months old a dog has developed it's temperament, it's likes and dislikes. Some bad habits can be broken but the dog is either lovable or not. It looks like you can probably afford to have a lawyer look at your purchase contract to see if there are any loopholes in the agreement. I can understand you wanting a dog with a sweet disposition when you have kids. Good Luck.
KateM on 09/13/2005:
The next time your going to take on such a responibility maybe you better be more prepared. Didn't you take your kids with you to meet the dog? Didn't you interact with the dog to see his personality and training? It doesn't take long to realize that a dog isn't trained. To me this all seems like ignorance on your part. The saddest part of all of this is that you taught your kids to be irrisponisble too. Having pets is a big responsibility one that you need to be committed to and I'm so tired of hearing stupid lazy fat asses pawn off the poor animals to the shelter because they were to stupid and ignorant to realize they shouldt have a pet. Here's hoping you don't get any more animals!
Amy123 on 09/26/2005:
Hey, don't be so hard on these people. I know first hand that Omega Shepherds can scam even the smartest people. They misrepresent their dogs quite often. Right now they are trying to resell this dog as "good in the house" and "trained"! They are very careful on how they do this and what they put in writing.

Have you read about another couple who bought their dog from Omega Shepherds? The dogs legs are turned out and it can't run for more than a few minutes without being completely exausted. It has serious problems. Have they gotten their money back? No, Omega says it is the buyers fault!!! How could that be true, THIS DOG WAS BORN LIKE THIS!

Omega Shepherds will not stand behind their dogs!

Also there are reasons to pay $3000+ for a good German Shepherd. A well bred German Shepherd and one that is not carefully bred are like night and day. Sloppy bred German Shepherds can have hip problems, behavior problems and are basically worthless. So if you are going to buy a German Shepherd, find an excellent breeder and get EVERYTHING they claim in writing....and don't buy from Omega Shepherds in Clancy, Montana.
888spo on 11/11/2005:
Dear Persons
My wife and I purchased our German Shepherd (Zorro) from Omega in January of 2001. I can only state our personal rxperience with Omega Shepherds. We found Omega Shepherds ( Julie and Leah Anderson) to be very helpful and very informative on the numerous phone calls my wife and I made to them. We decided to do business with Omega on advice of several agencies such as search and rescue, police, therapy, and various other agencies who actually use the dogs and know a good quality dog. We felt we could get an objective opinion from people who actually use the dogs as opposed to selling them. The name Omega Shepherds kept appearing at the top or near the top of the list of reputable breeders, so naturally we decided on getting our puppy from Omega. Right from the start we were very impressed with both Julie and Leah, they obviously really care about the dogs. Our puppy (Zorro) was fabulous from the start! Even on the drive back to Calgary, Alberta- he was so composed and well adjusted. He has proven to be a great addition to our family, friendly, obedient, smart, alert, great drive. He is wonderful with children, he'll actually stop playing with dogs to go play with kids! In obedience training he won best in class and impressed all. He has been super healthy, hips are perfect, teeth, eyes, ears, body, everything is perfect. Being in business ourselves with multiple locations, we realize anything can happen on any given day. Sometimes as a business we fall short despite our best efforts. While I respect everyones opinion, I find it hard to believe that Omega Shephers would sell a sub standard or problem dog to anyone-it would tarnish their reputation. However, I do believe that some people and households are not made for owning pets. As great as our dog(Zorro) is, I'm sure if he came to the wrong household (Grabby loud kids, or whatever) he might have been a problem dog as well. Our feeling is that it is the responsibility of the parents to make sure the kids treat the dog in the house with repect. Too many people let the kids have their fun with the dog or pets in the household, often at the pets expense. I'm not saying that the people who had bad experiences with Omega are bad people or have terrible kids, it simply was not the right fit. As for the poor dog with his legs turned out, it's absolutely hog wash. I cannot accept that the same people (Omega) who were so great with us in every way would ignore a faulty dog like that. Of course it's possible that the new owners of that particular dog ran it to the ground. I've seen plenty of people that do not have the first clue of how to raise a puppy properly and let them develop physically. In that situation a dog can become crippled quite quickly, it's not Omega's fault. As a business owner myself, I know we would do anything to make a customer happy especially if we are at fault! Anyway if your in the market for a German Shepherd, do your home work and ask a ton of questions to the people who actually use the dogs (Not the breeders because every breeder will tell you they have the best dogs!)In our opinion Omega Shepherd's is among the best, that's our 3 cents!

Francesc and Donna Rizzuto.
BewareOmega on 03/26/2006:
People will believe what they want ... until they experience the other side of the Andersen family. The side that DOES NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR DOGS!!!! Read my review and the others. Plus there is the obvious --- check the OFA site or the SV site ... her dogs or not x-ray'd in any way shape or form --- she has no idea what she is breeding!
BewareOmega on 04/16/2006:
true stories told by owners of GSD's from Omega Shepherds!
GS on 08/18/2006:
I have read all the posts concerning Omega Shepherds and Julie and Leah Andersen. I have purchased 4 dogs (all from different litters)from this kennel and have had a very positive experience. All of my shepherds from Omega are sweet natured, smart and totally delightful. As to the comment about Julie Andersen not knowing what she is doing...well prehaps it is you who do not know anything about dogs.You sound as though you do not really have the financial means to afford good dogs if you had to haggle the price. Quality os expensive and you may have done better going to the pound.
YvonneSziklai on 08/25/2006:
Our beautiful puppies have also been victims of Omega Shepherds. We have two Omega puppies, both with SEVERE spinal problems, we are faced with putting down a 9 month old puppy. The defects are congenital and inherited. These two puppies are from two different litters. They both also have a lot of other issues-I have had shepherds all my life AND we work with an extremely respected professional trainer who works exclusively with shepherds-we have been to numerous vets including specialists who have all confirmed their diagnosis.
Unfortunately-Julie and Leah ARE NOT standing behind these dogs.
The shameful part is that these two little babies are suffering over Julie and Leah's greed. Our boy is on hard core narcotics right now to help ease the pain. Absolutely disgusting.
If you got a good dog from Omega-count yourself VERY LUCKY.
I am finding MANY others who have had similar experiences. I would love to hear from any of you-I am going to do something about this. My email is
omega on 10/20/2006:
Omega Shepherds responsds to "fugitive"
When Shannon (re: fugitive ) came to look at the dogs she brought her 2 young boys with her. They all spent hours at our place the first evening and again a lot of the time over the next several days getting to know Xander. Over the several days she spent getting to know him she had worked him in obedience and had also seen me work him. Everyone seemed to get along great and they decided to take him home. She did not want to drive up our long drive way again so we agreed to meet her in town right before a meeting we had.
She called me in a panic the next day because Xander was chasing her boys around. I explained to her that most pups will chase boys around in play when they run! Well, over our conversation it became clear to me that she had NO real dog experience and I suggested she bring Xander back and we would replace him with a young 8 week old puppy that was not so big and her boys and the pup could get used to each other from little on. NO, she did not want to bring him back. Later that day or the next day she took him to a behaviorist and had him evaluated. Right after she got home from the behaviorist she called me and apologized for causing me so much worry about Xander and her family and that the behaviorist told her that there was absolutely nothing wrong with Xander. She just needed to learn to handle a dog. I got a 5 page letter from the behaviorist – who had spent a lot of time around Xander and the family . I would be happy to send that to anyone that is interested in knowing the whole story but here are a few things the behaviorist had to say – the following paragraph is excerpts from behaviorists letter.
“While I was gone my husband received a frantic call from Shannon that she had gotten a 5 or 6 month old puppy from Julie Andersen and that he was barking and growling at her children and was aggressive. He called to tell me that he told Shannon to bring the puppy over so that he could do a temperament evaluation on him. He called me again after Shannon and her family left and told me that the puppy was very mellow and calm, a nice dog, it was a people issue, not a dog issue. When I got home Shannon came over twice so that I could continue to work with them. I did some basic obedience with Xander to see what he already knew. I had him heel, sit, down, stay and come for he. He did very well for a puppy his age. It was obvious that he been given basic training for these commands. He was calm and well mannered at all times and very easy to work with. Shannon's 2 boys were running around the yard and that didn't get any reaction from Xander. There was no barking, growling, jumping or any other reaction to them running around. At another time I had my 8 year old daughter – take Xander and make him heal, sit, down, stay and come. The entire time Xander was calm and willing to please. At no time did he mouth my daughter or refuse to comply with any of the commands she gave him. ” end quotes from behaviorist.

Everything seemed to be going well after she called me that night apologizing . 2 weeks later I got a call that I had to take the dog back because her son was allergic to him and he was in the hospital with a stage 5 allergy! I said OK, bring him back, not a problem. She brought him back with both of her sons in the vehicle next to Xander. I found that strange for a stage 5 allergy, especially since her son was “in the hospital”. She let him jump out of the vehicle which was way to high for a young dog to jump and I noticed right away that he was limping a little on his front leg and asked her why he was limping. I told her he shouldn't be jumping in and out of a vehicle that high at this age. At that point she refused to leave him and shoved him back in her vehicle next to her boys and left.
She called me several days later and told me I had to come get this dog because her husband left her and she couldn't afford the feed the dog.
At this point I had had enough and was getting very worried about Xander. My mom and I left our place at 9:30 PM for an hour drive to go pick him up. We met in the McDonalds parking lot – where her HUSBAND (who had left her) drove her and her 2 boys (including the “stage 5” allergy son) along with Xander loose in the vehicle.
From my point of view and that of the behaviorist – there was nothing wrong with the dog and how can a breeder stand behind their dogs more than agreeing to take him back. I am only sorry that I was not aware of how little knowledge they had of dogs period, much less a 5 month old PUPPY. I am sorry Xander had to go through this experience, but he has since been placed in a loving wonderful home and is their “star”.
omega on 10/20/2006:
Omega Shepherds responds to YvonneSziklai : I do not know how Yvonne can say we are not standing behind our dogs. I have talked to Yvonne and the vets she gave us the names of many times. According to the vet the last time I talked to him the female has an overly arched back which probably won't ever cause her any problems or pain. However, we told Yvonne if she wanted to send her back we would replace her with another pup. She said she did not want to do this – she was her “baby”. IS THAT NOT STANDING BEHIND OUR DOGS! Second – the male : Yvonne called me several weeks ago crying and stated that the dog was at the vet in extreme pain and the vet recommended putting him to sleep because there was nothing they could do and the condition would never get better. We were so upset to hear this – and it is never an easy decision to put a dog to sleep and never one we take lightly – however, we do not agree with “keeping a dog alive” for our needs if they are in pain with no hope of getting better. This dog cannot be living a good life on “drugs” - we do not agree with this and we told her if she had him put to sleep, which she said she felt would be best to do at that time – we would then refund his purchase price if we received a statement of euthanasia from the vet within a week. She didn't contact us again and I was waiting for a euthanasia statement from the vet. Again – how did we NOT stand behind BOTH of these dogs. It is very unfortunate that she got 2 puppies – from different litters that both developed a spinal problem and there was of course no way to know either of these pups would have a problem when she picked them up at our ranch at about 6 weeks old.
I wish as a breeder I could know I could breed two dogs and they would never have a pup with problems. But the fact is, when dealing with animals, you can always breed two healthy adults and get a pup with a health problem. Genetics, Environment, Diet, what causes this specific pup to get a problem while the rest are fine – I wish I knew all the answers. I am sorry to hear she feels we don't stand behind our dogs - but as a breeder – I don't see how I can stand behind our dogs more than we have tried with Yvonne.
loFi on 02/25/2007:
THEY WON'T SUE U.... leah, julie, renee, their nutty husband/father clint knight aka I channel enoch... are a bunch of fakes... 100%

they used to run a wannabe cult-like site under the name the omega foundation, playing off of a larger organization with tha same name... their old url was ....their web presence as this entity has been obliterated due to a few well-placed posts on various sites and newsgroups....

the SAME people that breed these dogs(and I know they are not treated well... they believe in hitting their dogs to obtain submission)... these same people also sell QUARTERHORSES... bet these poor animals aren't of top notch shape either... Omega Shepherds and Andersen Quarterhorse Ranch in Clancy, Montana are 1 and the same... and the same people try to scam nieve 'new agers' into buying their lame "courses"

Renee, and Clint... don't know bout leah, but she claims ta be "psychic"... I would instead use tha word psychotic... anyway CLiNT claims to channel the "enoch entity"... u know, Enoch from tha bible? fallen angel come down to earth... this family is 1 big scam....

Would anyone seriously buy an animal from them, hearing how they go for tha cash grab and then ignore peeps? I have amassed quite a dossier on these people....

even if they DO know some judge that bought a functional dog from them... tell me, WHAT judge would want his NAME and TiTLE associated with these crazies...... I say to anyone who has had probs with Omega Shepherds, Andersen Quarterhorse Ranch, and not least of all the "omega foundation"... go ahead and SUE them for all u can... they are prob lying about even knowing a judge.. these people are reclusive and tend to rely on 'big words' with no bite to keep people that figure them out at bay...

SPREAD THE WORD... these people should not be able to exist and derive an income from their abusive methods.


check this letter I found on a newsgroup:

Foundation please post Them as you WILL be helping others in the
process. Ask yourself, would you want you Daughter to go and live on
their Ranch?**

Thankyou for reading this,

While looking for a job that incorporated aspects of New Age living, I
came across a group called The Omega Foundation. They are actively
advertising jobs on their website -

Not one to jump the gun, I did some research into the 'company??' and
found what may be some troubling info. As a lightworker, I feel part
of my duty is to nurture peace and love and help humankind see the
bigger picture in things.
I cannot ignore what may or may not be a problem so here goes. At the
very least, this information may be add weight to that gut reaction
that something is wrong with this picture.

1. By typing "Omega Foundation, Complaint" into Google my first hit
was a complaint about the group misleading and then switching job
offer terms, trying to have the young woman leave her state and live
with them for a one month period - I will add that complaint in its
entirety at the end of this post.

2. The group's website itself has the feel of a front. Unlike pretty
much all sights that claim to promote self awareness, spiritual
healing etc. The Omega Foundations site, beyond allowing access to
small snibbets of information and unverifiable references of support,
keeps a good deal of its information in a members only Pay area. This
method does not allow one to read and decide for themselves in an
unbiased manner.

3. The complaint referred to an Aleisha who is the Director of the
group. Another woman, Renee Andersen, also has a spot on their
website where she is seeking people for employment.
- in Google, if you type '"Renee Andersen", The Omega Foundation' you
will get a LOT of hits. The bulk of them are the same one or two
articles that she repeatedly posts on various new age sights to lure
people to her own site.
- what is SCARY though, is that there are also quite a few hits on
Intentional Community Websites where she is repeatedly asking for
SINGLE WOMEN WITH NO DEPENDANTS to come and live with them. The Omega
Foundation does not want any men, perhaps with the exception of Clint
Knight(really Andersen).

4. The Enoch Entity: Renee Andersen on the groups website states that
the Enoch Entity is channeled through her friend "Clint Knight".
- I found a site that lets you verify land ownership in Montana.
Pick Jefferson County as that is where Clancy, MT is. Under Landowner
I typed in ANDERSEN - there was no Renee or Aleshia, BUT there *WAS* a
CLINT MARC ANDERSEN - I clicked on his name and it showed the address
as 160 Elk Trail, Clancy Montana - just like the address in the young
womans complaint(she made a typo and said 150 elk trail).
- THEY are LYING to potential clients and members right from the

5. Aleshia Andersen: again, a thorough internet search with Google
turned up that The Omega Foundation runs a horse ranch, and german
shepherd breeding business. They run a completely separate website
and neither alludes to the other - you would think that 2 reputable
business's would be able to merge and that would help as a selling
point to clients - unless one of them was unethical.
Have a look at this Link - does "Julie Andersen" not look exactly like
Aleshia? Aleshis's photo can be found at under 'Meet
the Director'. Julie's is here

6. Ethic's: The Omega Foundation appears to be more interested in
selling their ideas than actually being compassionate and nurturing.
- Just type in "Renee Andersen" into your usenet search and see where
and who they were trying to sell their "cure-all" products to.

7. Cheryl Knight: First off, is Knight her real last name?? We know it
is not in the case of CLINT MARC ANDERSEN. Cheryl Knight also claims
to channel the Enoch Entity? So what, they just pass the ability to
channel the same spirit back and forth like a Basketball?
Did Jane Roberts ever get bored and say to her husband, 'I'm tired
tonight why don't YOU just Channel SETH for me this evening'??? I
think not.

8. The group, via the Dog/Horse site
even use their Teen daughter as a recruiting angle for younger women -
check out the add on the "Teen Page". Scary.

Essentially, what I am trying to say to anyone reading this is that
RESEARCH PAYS OFF. Ethics are an important characteristic in
individuals that want to heal others. I would CERTAINLY NOT wish to
undergo hypnotherapy services, as an example, from people that operate
a business in such a manner and I would definitely NOT wish to work
for and promote such an agenda.

breed147 on 07/31/2007:
I regret that I didn't know about this post before purchasing my puppy from Omega Shepherds. My puppy (from Omega) has a lot of health problems. The biggest issues is that my puppy suffers from severe bilateral hip dyplasia and has spine problems (overly arched back). Both of these problems are CONGENITAL. IF you have gotten a healthy puppy from Omega, you are very lucky. I'm reading and have gotten in touch with A LOT of other owners (they purchased their dogs from Omega)whose dogs that were not so lucky-their dogs have similar health issues as my puppy. It's obvious that Omega Shepherds (Julie and Leah Andersen in Clancy, Montana) DO NOT screen their dogs before breeding, and therefore, do not produce quality dogs. Please do your research and buy from a reputable breeder. It's very difficult to see my puppy suffer and it's from poor breeding.
MTJoe on 11/17/2007:
Before you decide to plunk down a few grand on a dog, horse, etc. from the folks at Omega Shepherds, I suggest you first go to and type into the Wayback Machine. If they are willing to bilk $100 a year from people to talk to what they refer to as the "Enoch Entity", they can easily justify bilking even more money from the sale of defective animals to the general public.
wyoguy35 on 01/26/2008:
thank you for helping me, I was in contact with these people today, really impressed with the website they have, things she had to say, really nice to hear from past buyers, I will be moving on from these rip-off artist!
enlightned on 04/01/2008:
I was ready to think LoFi's post was a bunch of whoha until I did my own research. There is NO question but the "Omega Foundation" is what is running this operation. Search the web for the players name and as MTJoe says use the Wayback Machine. That produced this link which shows the Omega Fdn hiring for the ranch, GSDs and horses Why the big deal about the relationship? All the players seem have at least two different names they use which right off the bat raises the odor level. A question to be asked are they using the foundation as a tax dodge for their other industries. And take my word this breeding operation is an industry. Note how all the dogs are in "training" for schutzhund and yet not one title can be verified beyond a BH(house manners) on two of their original dogs long since dead. Note they never give you complete kennel names of their dogs or DOBs so it makes it very difficult for the average buyer to research things like title status, OFA or SV hip status of how often these poor things are bred. Most good breeders do NOT maintain their own stud dogs because for the price of a stud fee you can choose the best in the world. When you see multiple resident males bred repeatedly to the same females this speaks to an operation that is in it for the money only. Funny how they are all "the most outstanding son" of VA XYZ and yet they end up in the backwater of MT with no titles and no certifications. If they were "the most outstanding son" they would be out there Schutzhund titled and competing in trials and shows and probably still in Germany. Do not be fooled by pretty pictures which may or may not come from the website owner. Do not be fooled by big or pretty websites and sweet words. A picture can be lifted from anyplace on the web and in the GSD world often is. Pretty website a good breeder does not make. Educate yourself, ask questions and question every claim. A picture of a dog w/ someone in a police uniform does not make a police dog. The dog MAY be owned as a pet by that policeman or it may have been a paid PR shot. A dog sold to someone w/ an 8 month old blind baby DOES NOT make a guide dog (by the way "Seeing eye" is a trademarked name they are using illegaly. That is a pet pure and simple. This is the kind of vetting you need to give this kind of operator. Unfortunately they are rampart in the dog world.
MT GSD Rescue on 11/30/2013:
MT GSD/Belgian Malinios Rescue will no longer take in any dogs that are from Omega Shepherds. All the dogs we have received, have had major health issues, thyroid, hips, pannus, double ears on one side, yup, that is right folks, I have photos to prove it...Do your homework and really check these people out. I feel bad for the GSD breed...and these people that call themselves breeders, supposedly bettering the breed....
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Please Never Ever Buy An Omega Shepherd
Posted by on
CLANCY, MT -- Dear readers,

Hopefully it is not too late and you haven't already given [snip] (owner/operators) any money. We had a horrible experience with this breeder and she took all of our money.

Wit Julie's request we sent her our money to hod us a puppy. So naturally we did and we asked for photos and updates of the litter as they were born. Those never came. We called and sent letters with no replies. Finally when our arranged pick up date came she returned our phone call and said that she had sold all the puppies.

We thought that she had us confused with another couple... not so. She said that another buyer offered to pay a higher price and she sold the puppies. We had been planning this addition to our family for over four months and then she told us that she was expecting another litter in five weeks and she promised us the pick of the litter.

We decided not to move forward with this breeder right there on the spot and we asked for our money back. She said that she would not give us any of our money back and that she would give us a credit for another dog. We pleaded for our money back and she told us there was no way she would give us our money.

This just happened 01/01/2009. I will be sure to let you know if I ever get my money back and if so what it took. PLEASE DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS CROOK. She sold our puppy and then took our money!!!!!!!!! Please read other reviews and buy a puppy from a reputable breeder.......
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/03/2009:
Did you have a signed contract?
Anonymous on 01/03/2009:
My question is the same. Never pay for something up front without a signed contract by both buyer and seller. If you don't have this, it just becomes your word against theirs.

There should be somewhere you can lodge a complaint against this breeder though, through the state, maybe? Someone on here will know if there is such a place.

Sorry this happened to you, I hope it works out.
omega on 01/16/2009:
Omega Shepherds Responds :
I don't understand what this man is saying because we are STILL HOLDING this female for them. They put a deposit of $500 down on her and the day before they were going to come pick her up he called and said that his wifes mom and dad were killed in car accident back east and they couldn't get the puppy and had to go back east. About a week later he called and said his wife was in some care center because of so much grief from losing her parents and they didn't want the puppy and wanted their deposit back. Deposits are non-refundable (unless WE are unable to provide a puppy of the sex/character/etc. From the litter the deposit was for ..... Then we would refund a deposit because we cannot uphold our end of the deal – deposits are not refundable because you “just change your mind” – after all what purpose is a deposit – it's to commit to buying a pup.) But we told him if they didn't want this female right now they could get a pup in the future and the deposit would be applied then (nothing was said about reserving a pup from any other specific litter- just a pup when they were in a position to get one). He did not really say then if they wanted to get this female or not – which is why we are still holding her. About a week later a friend of his called to see what was going on (I guess he told his friend the same thing – that we had sold all the puppies – and his friend said he knew nothing about anything happening to her parents). We told him – NO, we still have the female that his friend wanted. It is January 16, 2009 – does this man still want to get the puppy his deposit is holding – or just complain and make up stories. We will, once again, try to make contact with this man to see if he wants his pup that we are STILL HOLDING. In addition, we are not an auction ! We don't sell pups to the “highest bidder”. Each pup has a price – and that is the price they go for. If someone puts a deposit down to reserve a pup we would NEVER sell that pup to someone else even if they did offer us more money.
Anonymous on 01/16/2009:
The fact that you, a supposed reputable breeder, would come on a consumer complaint site and accuse the poster of making up a story about his wife's parents passing away - "and his friend said he knew nothing about anything happening to her parents" - tells me that the poster is right about you.

Give them back their deposit.
Anonymous on 01/16/2009:
Omega - It's pretty decent to be willing to hold a deposit for another pup from a subsequent litter. In my experience, most breeders take a deposit for a specific pup. If the buyer, for any reason, does not buy the pup..the deposit is forfeit. That's fair, because the breeder may have been able to sell the pup during the period the pup was held under deposit. I'm leaning toward the breeder on this one and they are still willing to work with the consumer. The complaint doesn't cite any quality issues with your dogs, so I believe the consumer should be willing to accept a pup from you, despite any previous misunderstandings or circumstances.
Anonymous on 01/16/2009:
JC-Perhaps the OP did make up the story. I've had students lie to me about a 'death in the family' in order to duck an exam. Even if the story is true (about the parents dying) Omega is under no legal obligation to return the deposit. They may do so if they wanted to, but they don't have to...and that is their legal right. Omega is going above what is expected by extending the deposit to another pup of the OPs choosing.
Anonymous on 01/16/2009:
Could be, could also be that Omega is making up the story he/she posted about the OP..The OP never mentioned anything about a death in the family.

Anonymous on 01/16/2009:
This is very confusing. Omega's response doesn't match the complaint at hand. I agree with you justcuz about the breeder's reply -- Big red flag saying avoid this breeder at all costs.

Good review neverbyomegashepherds. Perhaps this warning will prevent somebody else from making the mistake of doing business with this breeder. (VH).
Anonymous on 01/16/2009:
I understand and agree with that possibility. But I also considered, if the deaths were the real trigger for this issue, the OP would not have left out something with such strong emotional value to his side of the case. However, I'm leaning toward Omega because they are still willing to work with the OP. In my experience, it Omega were the villain, they would simply keep the deposit. I guess we'll just have to disagree.
BokiBean on 02/09/2009:
Omega has 100% guarantee on their site yet there are tons of complaints online about their customers who are unhappy (I just looked at one that came complete with pictures of a young dog with an absolutely horrible, horrible gait).

Personally, I don't for a minute believe that these people had a "friend" who called and ratted them out. It reaks of baloney.
KeepingFaith on 02/18/2009:
I have an Omega Shepherd who has been a member of our family for almost 9 years. She is a fabulous dog and we are crazy about her. She is beautiful, incredibly smart, and the most sweet tempered dog I've ever known.

I had a very good experience working with Julie to get her. I reserved her, and when the time came for her to come home, we had no problems, even though she had to be shipped several states away. We are already thinking ahead to get another dog from this breeder.

I obviously have no idea what happened with the complaint at hand, but I wanted to share a positive consumer experience with Omega Shepherds. In my case, it went very well and I have no complaints.

BokiBean on 02/18/2009:
That's cool. Did they channel Enoch for you?
A&W2009 on 07/29/2009:
OMEGA SHEPHERDS ARE LIARS AND CHEATS! Do NOT purchase a puppy from these crooks!
PepperElf on 07/29/2009:
the breeder sounds like a ... well just think of female-dog breeding terms.

get your money back
and then heck.... you can even write about it in the local paper... as a classified even.

it's not like it's slander cos it's true >:)
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Wonderful Dog From Omega Shepherds
Posted by on
After reading the other reviews on this site, I had to write in to balance this out. I had Googled Omega Shepherds so that I could contact them to buy another German Shepherd puppy from them and found these reviews. Our experience couldn't be more different.

We bought Panzer almost two years ago. I had lost my first GSD after 11 years and wanted another one who would be as wonderful. I found him. Not only was Panzer absolutely one of the most beautiful dogs that you've ever seen, he demeanor was exactly as Julie told us it would be. We wanted a loving, laid-back dog that could also be forceful if absolutely needed. We got exactly that. Panzer has been gentle with my young son and could combine that with barking at strangers that approach the house. My family jokes that he can be the laziest dog in the world - he eats his food lying down. But when he and Boris go outside, Panzer is constantly patrolling the yard and hunting squirrels. The two of them together have even figured out how to catch them.

We are stopped in the street when walking him because people are just drawn to his gorgeous coat. I've had more than one breeder compliment me at the vet clinic. Panzer's innate confidence and independence is awesome.

My family and I could not be more happy about the dog that we received - sight unseen until we picked him up at the airport. It will be hard to see if Panzer's qualities can be matched, but now that we're adding to our canine family, going back to Omega Shepherds is the only place we would consider looking.
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User Replies:
CrystalSword on 01/17/2008:
Sounds like you have a wonderful dog. We picked ours out the day they were and sister, and they have been wonderfuk as well. They are in training as service dogs (Hearing Assist dogs) and they have a ways to go with training but people are impressed when we have them out in public. Well behaved, quiet, they do their job of alerting us to what we need to know...and they are both under 6 pounds! Chihuahuas work out great for hearing dogs and they are soooo beyond friendly, they love everyone. Good luck with your new pup.
KeepingFaith on 02/18/2009:
I have a great Omega Shepherd who's been part of the family for almost a decade. I didn't buy the dog for the purpose of having perfect conformation. I wanted a solid, smart, GSD that would do well with my children. We have never had a complaint, and we think we have the best dog we could ever have hoped for.
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Another Buyer Cheated by Omega Shepards
Posted by on
WASHINGTON -- After reading these reviews I've learned I wasn't the only person stung by Omega Shepards and their unethical business practices. When we picked up our German Shepherd pup from the airport at 4 months, his ears were flat. Having owned and bred German Shepherds for years, I immediately called and let her know the puppy's ears weren't up and I was very concerned I had received a faulty dog. However, I was assured the dog's ears would come up and was given the sales pitch about the quality about her dogs. Well, not surprisingly, at one year the dog's ears were still flat. I was told "that's tough luck." Even though you can be quite certain she knew the dog's ears would never stand up when she shipped the puppy to me. In summary, as you've seen in many other consumer reviews, Omega lies and DOES NOT stand behind their dogs. Please do the German Shepherd breed a service and don't send them your business.
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User Replies:
CobraCat77 on 06/18/2006:
How about do a favor to the thousands of dogs put down each day and not buy pure breds at all?
Doc J on 06/18/2006:
You make a good point CC77. But, the poster states he/she is a breed-specific enthusiast. The dog may have been purchased for breeding, or for no other purpose than the poster enjoys quality Alsatians. I've had show quality Shepards, Rotties, and now rescue Greyhounds (my house is like a kennel). I know that failure for this breed's ears to stand, in addition to poor genetics, may be caused by poor handling of a pup's head (breaking the underlying support tissues). The best reason to avoid shoddy kennels...their mistreatment of their breeding stock. Good post.
tander on 06/18/2006:
Stay away from back yard breeders too. I learned the hard way after buying a boxer puppy from a pet shop, he's cost me a lot of money, but he's better with me than stuck in a petshop!
Anonymous on 06/18/2006:
I just looked at their website. They look like a german shepherd rescue, masked as a breeder. I would call you local animal shelter and see if they can assist your complaint. Properly trained German Shepherd dogs are my favorite, but also pomeranians.
Anonymous on 06/19/2006:
When it comes to pure breds, I like German Rye a lot.
Caithness on 10/02/2008:
I have an issue with the above statement:

"When we picked up our German Shepherd pup from the airport at 4 months, his ears were flat. Having owned and bred German Shepherds for years, I immediately called and let her know the puppy's ears weren't up and I was very concerned I had received a faulty dog."

Any person who has been around German Shepherds "for years" know that as the puppy goes through puppyhood and teething, the ears go up, come down, go up, come down, etc. At six months of age, my puppy's ears had gone up and come down at least four times before finally standing erect. I am sorry that your Shepherd's ears did not stand up; however, just because a puppy's ears are up or down doesn't mean they will stay that way through puppyhood.

I also looked at their website after finding someone online trying to sell a three year old female they purchased from this breeder for $1200 stating they bought her as a puppy for $2000. First of all, I think anyone who buys a puppy from this breeder for $2000 is out of their mind.

At first glance, their breeding dogs look impressive until you realize that the information provided for each dog is that of its sire or dam NOT of the dog itself.

"So and so is the DAUGHTER of 3x ScH-3, etc." It doesn't say ANYTHING about ANY of their dogs actually HAVING titles or training for any particular skill. There was one dog whose information says, "in training for Schutzhund." Well heck, I could train my dog sit and stay and say it's "in training" for obedience competitions and never actually compete.

I see no OFA ratings on any of the dogs, and, for the most part, it looks like a mom and pop breeding program with older dogs.

I have read other complaints about this breeder on other websites as well, and all I can say is "get everything in writing." If you are concerned about your puppy's ears standing, have it in writing, a clause about the puppy's ears. Concerned about hips? Have it in writing. MAKE the breeder put it IN writing, and both of you retain copies of SIGNED agreements.
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