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One trip two different airports
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I booked travel from Denver to Dallas International Airport which you scheduled on Frontier, on July 22 with a return trip to Denver on July 24. I was not aware there were two Airports in Dallas and when I reported to the Dallas International Airport on July 24th was advised I was at the wrong airport. There is no transportation between the airports and we had checked in our rental car, so there was no time to get to Love field. After looking at the tickets it did show Love Field. I guess my mistake, but why when I originally scheduled Dallas International did you then have me go to Love Field on the return trip. It's hard enough to find one's way around Dallas without changing arrival and departure locations. It was lucky I had a daughter in Colorado who got us scheduled on another flight out of Dallas Int. that night. This was the first and last time I will book a flight with One Travel. My booking number was 8072537. You will notice that the return flight to Denver was not used. Thanks for nothing. In addition to changing airports it also requires locating the location to return the rental car.
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MRM on 09/26/2011:
I have enountered the same problem as well that there were two Dallas airports.
Anonymous on 09/26/2011:
Speculating...a IATA city area string search was used - typically saves you money but YOU NEED TO KNOW YOUR AIRPORTS. Example, if you are trying to get a low fare from New York to Los Angeles you can search NYC to QLA - this now searches EWR,LGA,JFK - LAX,LBG,ONT,etc and puts together the cheapest pairs. Works for DC and London, UK (WAS, LON)and other cities.
Ben There on 09/26/2011:
It is pretty common with flight searches on airline and travel websites to show flights to all airports in a city - especially if you use the city instead of an airport code.

I just did a search one One Time for flights into Dallas, and they definitely spell out the airport names in the results. Next time you are flying into a big city, be sure to read the airport name and double check the airport codes to make sure they are the same (DAL vs. DFW).

Other cities with multiple airports include Houston, Chicago, NYC and Washington DC. Other cities like LA, San Francisco and Miami can be reached by several airports, but they tend to not show up in the same search with a city name (like LAX vs. Burbank, San Francisco vs. Oakland, Miami vs. Fort Lauderdale).
saj80 on 09/26/2011:
I've had this problem in Dallas, too. Booked a trip via American Express travel, and at the time, Frontier flew into DFW. However, when they switched to Love Field, the rental car company agreed to transfer my car rental to Love, but the hotel refused to let me out of my reservation, so I had to travel between the two airports for flights and hotel accommodations, and it is not a short drive.
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this company is a fraud!
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MICHIGAN -- I purchased an airline ticket through One travel for my mother. I was quoted and charged 682.12 to my credit card. On the day of travel my mother was told she must purchase new tickets and the tickets I purchased were not valid due to an incorrect phone number. She had to purchase tickets at 2 different airports. She was charged over 1,000.00 for these tickets. This was very upsetting for my mother, traveling alone for the first time since my father passed away. She was almost late for one of her flights because she did not know where to purchase the new tickets in O'hare airport. The reason I bought these tickets for her in the first place was so she did not have to worry. I have called, e-mailed, faxed and mailed all the info to One travel and they refuse to re-imburse my mother for the additional money she had to spend for the tickets. They are also very rude on the phone and completely ignore me. I do not recommend this travel agency to anyone unless they want to pay for tickets 2 times.
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socal1 on 02/22/2005:
An incorrect phone number? I've flown hundreds of times and have never been asked at the airport to verify my phone number. Nor can I think of any reason a phone number would cause tickets to be cancelled. I would contact the airline and verify the reason that the tickets you bought weren't honored.

It could turn out that the airline made a mistake, in which you should seek a refund from them on the $1000. If One Travel is at fault then they should refund any additional fare paid.
ejack053824 on 02/22/2005:
Verify phone number??? I think someone seriously bullshyted you there.
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