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OnStar Broken Promises
Posted by Jhrbanker on 09/04/2012
WARREN, MICHIGAN -- I purchased a new car on 4/17/12, and OnStar was unable to activate the system. After several calls, I was told that my complementary 3 mos subscription would be extended by 3 mos. After several more attempts & failures to activiate OnStar, I was given another 3 mos (total 9 now). I was continuiously told that Level 1 support would call me, but never did. Finally, on 7/19 (after over 3 mos) I received a call from OnStar stating that they were still working on my issue. Meanwhile, I now start getting phone calls & letters advising me that my subscription is about to expire. IT DOESN'T EVEN WORK YET! Finally today (9/4/12), I receive a letter from OnStar advising me that the issue has been resolved, and OnStar now works.

I called OnStar expecting to get 9 mos of complimentary service, and they tell me they have no record of the extensions I was promised. I spoke to a Supervisor (Chris) who advised me there was nothing he could do. Nothing he could do after it took them 4 1/2 mos to get it working. I have no further use for OnStar.

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Posted by jonthethird on 2012-09-05:
what does OnStar offer that a good smart phone doesnt? Open the doors if you lock yourself out?
Posted by PattyKAZ on 2012-11-10:
Thanks for your comment. I'm not going to get Onstar once my free period runs out in December if they don't honor their promises to previous customers.
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Onstar Promises Not to Keep Credit Card on File, but Illegally Charge After Cancellation.
Posted by Joseyda on 05/25/2012
Onstar would be in jail for theft if they were an smaller organization. While at my dealer, after purchasing a new GMC, the salesman said he was required to call onstar. During the call, they said they wanted to know if I needed additional minutes for the telephone feature. It seemed reasonable so I said yes. They then asked for a credit card number. I told them that I was unwilling to give them my cc number because I did not want to extend their service past the free trial and was afraid that once they had my cc number, they would do this(I had the same bad experience with Dish Network.)The representative said that they absolutely would not do this or keep the card on file, and the salesman witnessed this. Three months later, I called ONSTAR to make sure the service was cancelled, and told them I do not intend to ever use this service again, and do not want to even have the capability of "pinging" my vehicle for consumer research, etcetera. They said the service was officially over. After 3 months, when checking my debit card balance, I noticed they were still charging me almost $30 a month for something I never wanted and cancelled. But they obviously kept my cc number on file and illegally charged more than $100 to me. Yes they are crooks and dishonest slime, and I believe they still can listen to conversations, turn off your ignition and keep record of how fast you drive and where you go and how often, so they can sell the info, even after you discontinue the service. I wish I could tear this junk out of my car!
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2012-05-25:
This is another pitfall with subscription services. Once they have a source of revenue from you they will NEVER relinquish it. They will use it at will whenever they feel justified in collecting money. You can bet the service agreement specifies you agreed they could do this. Anything the OnStar representative (or your salesman) tells you verbally doesn't count for squat.

Your ONLY guaranteed way to absolutely stop their pilfering is to cancel that card.
Posted by Don on 2013-11-22:
Same experience. Dealer's/salespersons are pressured to make sure the new car buyer contact OnStar within a certain time period. I just discovered OnStar has charged me for the past five months for a service I did not request or need. Really sad since I have traded four straight years for a new Silverado and may change to a Ford or Dodge to get away from the OnStar BS.
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Good thing I look at my bank statements...
Posted by Anna.westfall on 01/09/2012
I received a free 3 month trial of Onstar with my used car purchase. I went ahead and activated it, then cancelled it shortly before the free trial was up because I really didn't think I needed it. A few weeks later I got my bank statement and saw a $16.38 charge made by Onstar on 12/9. My free trial wasn't up until 12/20, and I had cancelled it on 12/19. The explanation the billing department gave me was that this was billing forward from 12/21 through some date in January. NOT cool. Of course they are going to remove the charge, but I have to wait 7-10 business days for a refund check. Thank goodness I noticed, and thank goodnes I called. Who knows how many people either don't notice or just let it slide, thinking it must be their mistake? I'm also thankful I don't live paycheck-to-paycheck anymore, or Onstar would have REALLY heard me.....
I DO NOT trust them!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-01-09:
You called them, and they agreed there was an error that they are going to correct. It is impossible to know if this routine. Personally, I watch my accounts carefully too - everyone should, since mistakes (and worse) happen.
Posted by Kristi on 2012-05-04:
This exact same happened to me. I cancelled my service in March 2012 way before the trial period over and they charged my account. They told me it would take at least 30 days to get a refund and that since their was an error in their system they couldn't actually term my service until Sept 2012! Then they keep you the phone forever and transfer you from department to department and there doesn't seemt to be anywone that knows how to correct the problems. They just want to use the computer system as an excuse. I will never use onstar again. They also had the nerve to ask for my checking account number and routing number to make the refund.
Posted by Kristi on 2012-05-22:
They charged my account again! After promising to close the account and issue a refund, I found another charge to my account on 5/20/12 after speaking with them back in April. They then told me yesterday they deleted the credit card and sent me an email saying this so I would know it had been done. I called today just to make sure and believe it or not--the credit card had NOT been deleted according to customer service. However, they did say they could expedite the refund so that I received it in 25 days instead of 30 days if acceptable to me. Definitely not acceptable. I am still not sure if they have truly removed my credit card and closed this account. Buyer be ware with onstar, if you cancel your account you still need to watch your bank statements as they will charge you even after they tell you they will not!
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Posted by ~Frustrated~ on 01/10/2009
I purchased a certified used 2007 Chevy Tahoe on December 23rd. One of the great features, so I thought, was the OnStar feature. Today is January 10th and I have yet to take advantage of a single feature of OnStar. I spent a good 2 hours and many calls to OnStar, from both the system and my cell phone, but have yet to have working service. A week after activating my service I was notified by OnStar that I need to contact their Tech Support in order to do an upgrade on my vehicle. After several tries and many minutes of listening to the beep while trying to connect to OnStar, I finally manage to get Tech Support and am informed that my system has been upgraded but I need to call back from the vehicle and have them verify my location. Even after the upgrade, this was a failure. I was told 3 more times to disconnect and call back again.

Finally another tech decides they need to do another check on my system. While I am put on hold, and the check is performed, various lights start flashing in my dashboard and I start hearing strange noises. Suddenly my vehicle loses all power and goes completely dead. The tech then comes back on the line to tell me she has fixed my issue. When I tell her what has happened, she instructs me to get someone to give me a jump and then attempt to contact her to make sure I can connect to OnStar. My husband gives me a jump, but now I have several service lights on in my vehicle. I call back to speak with another representative explaining that the previous tech messed up something in my vehicle and she continues to tell me that she wants to make sure I can connect to OnStar. I spoke to about 5 different tech support people and they were all women with the same accent, I am assuming from India or something.

None of them really had a clue what they were doing either. I finally hang up on them before losing my cool and call the dealer. I will now have to take time off work to take my vehicle in so that they can fix whatever problems OnStar has caused.

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Posted by OldWolf on 04/16/2010
What a bunch of slimeballs. It's bad enough that they keep cutting back on services, but their handling of credit cards borders on identity theft.

They have a clause in the fine print of their contract: if they ever get their scummy fingers on your credit card, they can charge it any time they like. It doesn't matter if you specifically tell them that you don't want them to charge you, they'll do it anyway.

That means that you can't leave your credit card on file. So, if you're driving down the highway & want to use their hotel-reservation service you have to pull over & pull out your card.

But they've recently sunk to a new level of depravity. Now if you call in to buy more minutes, they insist that they must keep the card on file. If you don't remember to call them later on & tell them to remove it: BANG! they'll charge your card whenever they feel like it.

If you don't renew your OnStar subscription on time, your minutes disappear (at a DOLLAR A MINUTE) But they won't bill you, so if you don't remember to call in on the right date - you're sunk. The only way out of that hole is ... you guessed it ... leave your card on file.

My next car will *not* be a GM product specifically because of OnStar. I hear that BMW has a similar service that is nowhere near as Machiavellian in their handling of credit cards.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-04-16:
I've had Onstar for five years and never have had a problem with them knowing my credit card number. They saved my life during a medical emergency in 2007. I would not call them "slime balls!"
Posted by MDSasquatch on 2010-04-16:
I agree with SloMo 100%; I too was involved in a pretty bad accident; 1 push of the button and the emergency crews were there fast. I have used them to get directions, lots of times, had them find places to eat, etc. I have no desire to stop the service and I will only buy cars that come with OnStar.

They have my credit card on file, but so what; lots of companies do. Unauthorized charges are the banks problem, not mine; even though I have yet to have any.

As a side note, if you have Verizon Wireless, you can have the phone in your car added to your plan at $9.99 a month and the rates are exactly the same as any other cell phone. The only difference is that their "new every two" will not get you a new car...I tried.
Posted by OldWolf on 2010-04-17:
Hey, I like the good parts of their overpriced service (even though there are fewer services every year.)

Many companies offer the *option* of 'automatic payments' which work just fine for a lot of people. But many of us prefer to keep control of our own money.

If you don't mind them charging your card behind your back: more power to you. But I *do* have a problem with that, especially when they deliberately arrange things so as to ensure they lose my dollar-a-minute phone service if I don't dance to their tune. Even more so now that they added the nonsense about having to wait until the next day to tell them to delete the record. There is no honest reason for that whatsoever. The operator keys the credit card number into the computer and immediately gets a confirmation. They're done. The whole bit is a transparent scam ... they're hoping you'll forget to call them & so they can go back to charging any time they feel like.

If you want to get right down to it, it's monopoly behavior. I can't get another company to service that equipment so I'm stuck with whatever draconian rules they want to impose.

But we do agree on one count - I wouldn't necessarily call them "slimeballs" ... but the word I prefer would be deleted by the moderator.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-04-17:
out of curiosity isn't there a difference between "card on file" and "automatic payment"?

and "behind your back"... were these charges for things you didn't order or use
or were they automatic charges for things you were using?

there's a big difference in charging your card for say nonsense item
and running an automatic charge for something you're actually using
Posted by OldWolf on 2010-04-19:
> "out of curiosity isn't there a difference between "card on file" and "automatic payment"?

Not according to OnStar. I'm always suspicious when someone tries that hard to sign me up for something I don't want in the first place. (And it's probably coincidence that they choose the most expensive option when they charge you automatically.)

Even ignoring their shenanigans, I never use automatic payments unless I set it up myself through my own bank. With automatic payment, *THEY* are in control of *YOUR* money.

I got laid off once - called my creditor to cancel the automatic payment. Four days later the money disappeared out of my checking account right on schedule. That was the last time I signed up for any automatic payment plan.

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They Had My New Bank Card Number. I Never Gave It to Them!
Posted by Bsalkowicz on 03/27/2014
UNKNOWN -- I was debating about cancelling Onstar since I have a hearing problem and the one time I did use it, I couldn't understand a word! I was lucky to have someone that could hear them and even they had problems. So, I was issued a new bank card with a new number and expiration date...figured - well, at least now they can't take $ out of my account since they don't have my new card info.....WHAT THE - they had that new card info!!! I just got a new car and went on line to cancel - but NOOOO - you had to call for "security reasons" It's all bullcrap! Calling was a total joke. First woman I talked to just stopped talking or hung up - so I had to call back - the 2nd one was nice enough.
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Posted by Lorne on 02/17/2014
VANCOUVER B.C. -- I have a 2012 Cadillac SRX and activated the OnStar. I have had NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS with them - dropped calls, mis-directions, poor processing of information, delay, choke, many apologies but no results. They failed twice in Seattle (could not even get me to the airport - ended up in a warehouse district miles away), crashed in Houston (with a new rented vehicle), went through 4 collapses of communication in Portland... I am cancelling my service and I would NEVER recommend them.
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Macy's Worry No More Plan Is Fraud.
Posted by Nayyerbashir on 02/10/2014
QUEENS, NY, NEW YORK -- I bought a leather couch from Macy's and bought the worry no more plan (extended protection plan). After three years the couch started peeling. I called Worry no more plan company. They send the inspector who spend not more than five minutes and said oh's it's peeling and cracking and took some pictures. Worry no more company send me e-mail and denied my claim stating it's not peeling it's fading. I submitted the claim 2nd time inspector came took pictures again and said oh it's peeling and warranty company denied again said it's peeling and cracking but they can't fix it. I complained to Macy's that they sold to me this warranty and Macy's did not do any thing. Macy's just collected insurance money and they don't want to fix the couch. I spend almost $3500.00 and in three years this couch is peeling and cracking and Macy's' refused to fix or change. They don't want to do any thing. This Warranty is completely fraud. Just getting money from the customers and don't provide any services to customers. Macy's sucks and the Worry no more plan sucks more.

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On Star Family Link Is Horrible
Posted by Wtb1a on 01/27/2014
Don't get on star family link if you want to keep track of a loved one using the car. You can only find the cars location once every 13 minutes! The car can easily be 15 miles away each time you are able to check.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2014-01-29:
I think that's reasonable. If you are so overbearing/controlling that you need updates even more constant than that, just get one of those GPS trackers that you can monitor via the internet.
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Posted by Jakeech on 11/16/2013
My husband has been on the phone for 40 minutes with Onstar roadside assistance trying to get through to someone about getting our van unlocked. The key or the satalite would not unlock the van. My husband has talked to several different people repeating the same information over and over. Then, they still got the address wrong of where our van was located. Ugh! What poor customer service and very frustrating!

You pay for this service for 6 years without incident and then have such aggravation speaking with a company that is suppose to be helpful. I hope I don't have to deal with them again. Seriously considering cancelling the service!
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