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Toothbrushes Getting Smaller
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Here's one in the category of "Has anyone else noticed this?" For years I have bought my toothbrushes at large department stores, usually WalMarts. They have large displays of toothbrushes, a good variety of all types and sizes. Over time I have noticed that the smaller the toothbrush, the less its life expectancy. Never mind, I prefer larger toothbrushes anyway. I have also noticed that the sparser the bristles, the shorter the life expectancy. Never mind, I prefer the fuller bristled large headed brushes, almost always an Oral B.

For about the last couple of years I have noticed that the usually ample supply of straight shaped, fuller bristled, large headed brushes have disappeared. Completely disappeared! I have asked at WalMart and been told that they are "not available". I have checked a variety of smaller drug stores, again being told they can't get larger headed (adult sized) toothbrushes. So, I contacted Oral B. They told me that they did indeed have larger sized brushes available, suggesting an "Indicator 60". No, none of their brushes are straight shaped. In spite of Oral B's claim, I have been unable to get a larger brush anywhere.

Here are a few thoughts. Small brushes wear out faster than large brushes. A Win for the manufacturer and the retailer if we can be weaned onto smaller brushes. Sparser bristles wear out faster than fuller brush heads. A Win for the manufacturer and the retailer if we can be weaned onto sparser headed brushes. I am starting to get the drift. Is there a conspiracy here? Are we consumers being quietly bilked?

Next time you are at a large display of toothbrushes, check it out. They are all small headed, poorly shaped brushes. A flat handle is easier to control so why are handles almost all rounded these days? They have coloured bristles angled back and forth, odd shaped heads rarely with parallel sides, all small, all sparsely bristled. Check the web. Look for an adult sized, full bristled brush with a straight, flat handle and parallel sided heads of the sort that were everywhere to be found just two or three years ago. Good luck. I'm still looking.

Oral-B Satin Floss - Shredding!

Ordinarily, I have good oral hygiene, brushing after each meal or snack, and visiting my dentist twice a year. However, upon my latest visit, I was once again chastised by my "high and mighty" hygienist for not flossing regularly! I know I should make it part of my daily dental routine, but hey, we're all busy, right? Some days I barely have time to E-trade or read the Wall Street Journal, much less spend 3 minutes to floss!

The hygienist gave me a healthy dose of criticism along with a small sample of Crest Glide cool mint deep clean floss. This is a good product, one that I highly recommend. (I might buy stock in Crest!) However, the sample was small, and ran out in a few days of diligent flossing. My haberdashery didn't stock the Crest Glide, so I substituted with Oral-B Satin floss. The container was ergonomically designed, pleasing to the grip. And hey, with a well known and respected name brand of Oral-B, how could you go wrong?

Well, it's like this. The stuff shreds on my teeth! The Crest brand is a good product, retains its tensile integrity throughout the molars, incisors and everyone in between - for the entire flossing session. The Oral-B is a failure by comparison. About the time I finish the lower jaw, the stuff starts to shred. Now, that might not seem like much of a problem, but when it starts coming apart and leaving strands in your teeth, it's not much fun. You end up having to pick the strands out, or use MORE floss to get the other stuff out!! So a job that should take just a couple of minutes, ends up taking much longer, and how many E-trades have I missed???

I just can't recommend the Oral-B Satin Floss. In my learned opinion, it's an inferior product. Stay away from this stuff, and the next time your hygienist gives you grief about your gums, remind her who's paying the bill, and threaten to strangle her with floss!

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