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Worst Company I Have Ever Used to 'Save' Money
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They scam you into thinking you have a credit, but this is actually just a credit to THEIR fees if you rebook with them. Don't let them fool you, it is NOT toward your plane ticket.

I also got hung up on twice, finally connecting someone after the third time. They were 'briefly' transferring me, and two hours later they answered my waiting call saying the same thing as the person before. They were not consistent on what they said, and will continually switch around words to clear them from giving you anything they previously promised.

Customer service is no help, and is either the money you 'SAVE'. Anyone I care about I will tell not to use Orbitz because they are so money hungry, even the people I don't care about I will still tell them to avoid Orbitz at all costs.

My Refund Money Has Been Back for More Than Two Years!!!
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I've have been going through an awful experience for more than two years with Orbitz's customer service and refund department. I bought a ticket from LA to Germany, Japan, and Malaysia two years ago to relocate my self from the States to Malaysia. However, I had to cancel my trip from Japan onward due to the Fukushima Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011. Before canceling it, I made sure that Korean Airline assured 100% refund. Therefore I cancelled the trip and booked a new ticket from Germany directly to Malaysia, believing that I would get the full refund within a week or two.

When I asked for my refund, I explained to them I had closed all my bank accounts and they won't be able to refund money back to my account. However they insisted that it's possible to refund to the used credit/debit card account and that is their refund policy. So I believed what they said, thinking they've been dealing with lots of international customers and they must have experienced with similar cases. I've received a few emails from the refund department about my refund schedule, which made me relieved. Back then I didn't know how long this would go on after these emails...

After a few months, I called my bank to made sure money was back in my account. However they told me that it was impossible for Orbitz to make a refund to my closed account. I called all my banks that I used in the States to whom Orbitz may make a refund just to make sure I didn't call up a bank from which my card wasn't issued. But all the banks said it was impossible unless I used a credit card. But I used my debit card.

So I called Orbitz customer service to explained what I was informed from the banks. Orbitz customer service personnel insisted that that shouldn't be right. So I called back to all my banks and asked the same question again for the sake of Orbitz customer service. But the answers were all same: it's is impossible. Again I called back to Orbitz customer service and got a manager of the refund department this time. She told me that she would investigate my case and notify me the result by email.

In a week, I received an email, which informed me that I needed to call Orbitz refund department during their business hours. This time I was already away from the States and it caused so much inconvenience to me with the time difference and bad connection through Skype. Because of that, my correspondences with Orbitz had to be prolonged by unacceptable period of time. With the time difference and my intense work load, it took awhile for me to call them back during their business hours. But I'd never thought it'd be still taking a long time to complete the refund process from then.

A few months after I finally found time to call during American business hours. What happened was I had to start from the beginning. Even though I provided my incident number, they didn't track back my records of correspondences. This didn't happened only this time but every single time I called them. So each phone conversation took so much time and so far those phone calls are just for nothing!!!

At the last phone correspondence with Orbitz a few months back, the customer service was exactly the same.They had no records of the past correspondences with me even with my incident number. I really wonder what the incident number for if they don't use it. They told me that they had to prove that my account received any refund from them. They directly called Citibank customer service to investigate the history of my account. It'd been long time already since I closed my account and the process took awhile. We were first on the conference call with the two parties and me.

However, when the process was taking long a customer service personnel from Orbitz suddenly disappeared from our conversation! At least he could have said something to let us know and confirmed with the way forward before hanging up. Really terrible manner...

At the end of the phone correspondence with Citibank customer service personnel, he told me he had to do further investigation as its a closed account. So they would notify me via email and letter, and also Orbitz via email of their investigation's result. I found Citibank customer service very helpful and constructive unlike Orbitz customer service.

In a few weeks, the letter from Citibank arrived. It clearly states that there is no refund credited back from Orbitz in my closed account. So I emailed at Orbitz's refund department directly with a scan of the official letter from Citibank to ask for a check with the full refund to my current address.

After all of time and efforts I put into the correspondences with Orbitz, their reply was this: "We refunded you back to the credit card used in making the reservation. That is Orbitz policy. You will need to call Customer Service at 888-656-4546 or 001-312-416-0018. They will be able to assist you with a failed credit application."

I really can't understand what they are doing. I don't see any logic behind their customer service/refund department because their policy is totally illegal if stealing my money is their policy!!! When Orbitz, Citibank, and I were on the conference call, we together made sure that my account number and Citibank's transaction number that Orbitz has.

This is still going on after two years with the document that proves I haven't received my refund!!! I will never ever use their service! and I do recommend not use Orbitz. I don't mind having some problems but I believe any problems can be solved with time and efforts from both sides. However with Orbitz, now I can only see they are intentionally trying not to make refund. Please advice me if anyone knows the best and fastest way to solve refund problem with them.

I Have a $1855 Credit That I Cannot Use in My Only Holiday Because of Their Issue!
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Rating: 1/51

MANKATO, MINNESOTA -- I just hung up from Orbitz and I am very dissatisfied, very pissed as I am writing. They are not helpful, not understandable, and screwup company!!! Here's my case: I have booked for an international flight on June 2012 that costed me 1855$, then a week after I was accepted for a summer job, so I had to stay in the United States to work. So I called Orbitz to cancel my ticket, they canceled it and told me there is no way to refund it, I can only use my credit within a year, and I can only use it with American Airline; I told them OK as long as I could use the credit later which is in the timeline of June 2012 to June 2013.

The agent told me that my 30$ rebooking fees will be waived. Christmas came and my family spent the time in the US which there is no point for me to use my credit at that time to go home. Finally, I have decided to use it in March 7th which is my spring break holiday and the only holiday that I have until the expiration of my credit it as I am a full-time student and work in the summer.

I called them today which is Feb 21st to book for March 7th and to return before school starts at March 15th and the agent basically told me, "the other agent that waived your 30$ rebooking fees did not give us reasonable information to waive it so we did not waive it," I said "OK! Whatever, let me just book my flight and use my credits." So he went searching for a flight and get back telling me that there is no American Airline flying in the Spring Break so I basically cannot use it!!

They are telling you to use your credit whenever while you are not sure if they will find the Airlines that "they want you to use", they will not extend the expiration of your credit, they will not refund your ticket?! What a rip off!! It is 1855 dollars have just went out of my wallet for nothing with this screwup company! They will not understand any issues that happen to their customers.

I will not use Orbitz whatever happens, I will not deal with them anyway possible, and I do not want anyone to be in my situation. It is easy for them to charge your card but they would not give you a cent back whatever issue that might occur, and expect surprise fees as you go into any process with them.

Anyone who have credit with them, use it manually through the Airline itself because if Orbitz do it for you, THEY WILL CHARGE YOU A REBOOKING FEES and 275$ FOR WHATEVER REASON THEY SAID its for. Use your credit, and never deal with them again because I assure you, you will have headaches if you change your mind on a flight! Ripoff company, money all matter to them, screwed a lot of customers.

Orbitz Leaves My Family Stranded Abroad. Class Action Lawsuit Pending
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I booked two airline tickets through the online travel agency, The first ticket was for my wife for a return flight from Los Angeles to Shenyang, China at a price of $961.80 for which I received a flight confirmation and it checks correct. The second ticket is for my elderly mother-in-law, whom I will call Ella Mary Lou for reference purpose. This is for a return flight from Shenyang, China to Los Angeles at a price of $1,030.20 for which I also received a flight confirmation which is correct to how I entered it. The name on the ticket has to match exactly with the passport.

Please note that I am disabled (I am in need of a heart transplant) and I am unable to work. I try to survive on $986.00 monthly disability allowance. My wife is also my caregiver for which she receives an approximate allowance of $612.00 monthly. A little more than a year ago, my 74-year old mother-in-law was granted a Visa to visit the US and since then, my wife and I have tried to put money aside to buy her an air ticket. With only six months left on her Visa, we had to borrowed $1,200 from a friend to add to what we had saved so we could buy the tickets.

It was necessary for my wife to fly over to Shenyang so she could assist her mother during the journey back to Los Angeles as she is unable to travel alone. This included an arrangement for a friend of my wife who is a private nurse for elderly patients in a nursing home to take care of me while she is away, but of course with an agreed equivalent payment to that which my wife already receives. Please bear in mind that my disability allowance alone does not cover my $1,000 a month rent and we have to combine both of our income to pay our rent, utility bills, and if there's any left, some food.

My wife picked up her e-ticket at LAX and flew to Shenyang without any problems on Monday, September 8, 2014. She took advantage of her visit to spend a couple of weeks with her only son before returning on Friday, October 3, 2014 with her mother.

On the return, they went to check-in at Shenyang. Again, there was no problem with my wife's ticket and she submitted her luggage which included both her clothes and that of her mother in the same suitcase. However, when they tried to check my mother-in-law in, Air China refused to allow her to board the plane because of a discrepancy on the e-ticket submitted by The name I used to book the ticket was Ella Mary Lou. The name in her passport and Visa is Ella Mary Lou, but the name in the computer at the Air China desk was Ella Lou. Part of her name Mary was not in their computer on the e-ticket.

I received a phone call from China one hour prior to the flight departure. Air China told me that it was a simple fix but it had to be done by the "third party" which is the travel agency who made the booking, I had to call them and ask them to resubmit the ticket with the correct name of Ella Mary Lou. Once they resubmit, it would show up within minutes on their computers at Air China and they could then let my mother-in-law board the flight.

With an hour left, I called and an automated message told me that "our representatives are busy with other callers" with a wait time of 21 minutes. They offered a callback service which I accepted and exactly 21 minutes later I did get a call-back. I explained to the representative what had happened and what Air China said they needed to do to correct the problem so my wife/mother-in-law could board the plane. The representative confirmed that the name on their files from my original submission was Ella Mary Lou and couldn't understand why Air China only got part of the name.

I told him that it was irrelevant whose fault it was and told him that the fix would only take a couple of minutes. Air China told me that all he needs to do is resubmit the information I'd originally provided and once it is in their system, my mother-in-law could board the airplane. I told him there is still 35 minutes left before the flight departure and Air China assured me that my wife and mother-in-law would be allowed to board as soon as the change was made.

His immediate response was "I can't do that." I asked him why not? At that point he put me on hold. I thought he was doing as Air China had requested. I had told him there is still 35 minutes left and I was kept on hold for 45 minutes. He came back 10 minutes after the flight had departed to tell me that I had to cancel the tickets - for which they will charge a cancellation fee of $106 per ticket and I would have to purchase new tickets.

I was very perturbed as the error clearly occurred between Air China and Air China had asked for to resubmit the information and everything would have been okay, but absolutely refused to do this. On top of that, they wanted to cancel the tickets and charge me a total of $212 for something which is not my fault whatsoever.

On top of that, the cost of new tickets for my wife and mother-in-law had increased by $565 each, not forgetting that my wife has already used a portion of her ticket to fly to Shenyang and still had the return portion to use. I tried to explain my financial position and told him that I felt should honor the price I'd already paid and if new tickets were necessary, that they should transfer the refund from the canceled tickets to purchase the new tickets.

"We can't do that," he responded. It will take a minimum of 28 days to refund the money into my bank account. $1030.20 less $106 cancellation fee for my mother-in-law's ticket and $960.80 less $106 cancellation fee AND less the portion of the flight my wife has already used to fly to Shenyang which they need to calculate. I repeated that I did not want the tickets canceled, I simply wanted the tickets fixed by following the instruction given by Air China. I could not afford to buy new tickets. He told me I had two options. My family would have to remain in China until I could afford to buy the new tickets or I could call Air China and resolve the issue through them.

I called Air China. Again, they told me that the change can only be made by "the third party". I am worried because the flight has now departed leaving my wife and mother-in-law stranded at Shenyang airport. Air China assured me that they would honor the tickets and get my wife and mother-in-law on the next flight, but needs to resubmit the information into their computers first.

I called This time, the "all representatives are busy" told me there is a wait time of 92 minutes. I took the call-back option, noted the time and exactly 92 minutes later the phone rang. This time I had a different representative and had to explain everything all over yet again. She confirmed that the name I submitted was correct and added that there is nothing they can do about it. She said that because my wife and mother-in-law never boarded the aircraft they are listed as a "no-show" and no refund would be due.

I argued that they did show up, are still at the airport but were not allowed to board until corrected the name in the computer, that Air China promised to honor the tickets and allow them to board the next flight as soon as made the correction. Her response was "I can't do that." I pointed out that the error was made by them and it's their responsibility to correct it. She then told me she would call Air China and put me on hold.

I waited about 30 minutes before she came back and simply said "you need to speak with a supervisor. Hold while I connect you." After that she came back about every 15 to 20 minutes to tell me to continue holding, she was still "trying" to connect me to a supervisor. This went on for an astounding 7 hours and 45 minutes, but I was determined not to hang up. Unfortunately, the batteries on my cordless telephone died and I had no choice but to wait another six hours for the batteries to recharge.

Rest is critical for my heart condition but I was unable to get any. My next call to was just after 8 a.m. and after the familiar "All representatives are busy with other customers" I was informed that the wait time would be 74 minutes. True to form, exactly 74 minutes later a different representative called me back. I had to explain everything all over again and he told me he would transfer me to a supervisor.

Two minutes later a different person came on and I explained the problem to him. He told me that he had all the information on the computer in front of him and they'd already told me what to do. The "third party" could only correct the information. This remark left me very confused and I said "you are the third party. I booked the ticket through you and you need to make the necessary changes." He told me that I did not book the ticket through them. I had booked it through and they had to correct it. I said that I am talking to and he replied "No, sir, you're not. This is Air China office." had transferred me to Air China.

I redialed, this time with a "next in line" wait time of 83 minutes. When I finally got someone to answer I requested to speak to the manager. I was put on hold. Every 15 to 20 minutes he came back and told me that the manager would be with me shortly and put me back on hold. 6 hours and 17 minutes later, another male came on claiming to be the manager. I have my doubts that this was the manager but had to go with it.

The first thing he told me is that he's already canceled the tickets. I told him I did not want the tickets canceled, I wanted the simple correction made by resubmitting to Air China. He refused to do that and said again he's canceled the tickets and I would get a refund after 21 days, less the cancellation fees, less the value of the portion of the ticket my wife had already used once they figured out how much that would be.

I explained my situation and that I could not afford to buy new tickets, which were now $565 more than what I had paid for them (total is $3,190 in addition to the $1,991.00 I've already paid). All that Air China wanted to do was to resubmit the ticket information. He refused, saying he couldn't do that and if I didn't have the money to buy new tickets, they would have to stay in China until I could, exactly the same as what one of the reps had told me.

He then tried to blame me for the error, saying I didn't put in the correct information. I responded by pointing out that I have the flight confirmation which does show the correct name and three of their reps prior to him had confirmed the information I submitted was correct.

I had been very patient up to this point, but I was now getting severe chest pains and worried I was going to end up in hospital. I asked him that if the situation were reversed and it was his family stranded abroad at the fault of the travel agent, what would his reaction be? Surprisingly, he told me that he'd expect the travel agent to fix the problem and make it right immediately. I then said, "Why don't you do the right thing, then and make it right." He replied. "It is what it is."

I then told him that tonight he might sleep well, but soon, I am about to become his worst nightmare as I will make sure this gets into the media for a start, and that I will be taking legal action against He did not answer and I thought he'd hung up on me. "Hello?" no answer. "Are you still there?" He finally said "yes, I'm still here." "Good, then you've heard what I just said."

My wife and mother-in-law remained at the airport for 10 hours before getting a taxi back to their own town taking a taxi back to the town they were staying more than 70 miles away. On October 4, 2014, she had to take a taxi back to collect their luggage again because it had already been sent to the aircraft the previous day. I now have to figure a way to get my wife and mother-in-law back home.

They were supposed to be back for a special double birthday celebration (my sister, who had specifically flown up from South America and myself) which would have been the first time we have been together for our birthday's in 42 years. Instead, I spent the entire time worried about my wife and on the telephone with I spent a total of 14 hours 17 minutes left on hold and a total time of 34 minutes talking to the reps and manager.

I have already began proceedings to bring a class action lawsuit against and anyone interested in being included should contact me as soon as possible. Can you imagine how much they are putting in their pockets with their illegal scams? It's time this is brought to a stop.

Lying About Refunding Me My Money
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Rating: 1/51

Orbitz has the WORST customer service department, and they completely ROBBED $1400 from me. I purchased my ticket in September of 2012 to go to Brazil. Due to extenuating circumstances, I was unable to go and I had to cancel my ticket about 2 months later. Mind you this was still 4 months before my scheduled flight.

I contacted customer service and asked to cancel my flight, which they did and they mentioned I will be charged $250 cancellation fee, despite buying the cancellation insurance. Later during that conversation I was told I had to contact COPA airlines to get my refund. And when I contacted COPA they bounced me back to Orbitz.

Needless to say this back and forth bouncing went on for about 3 months, where I call either company and would have to wait an average of 30-40 minutes (with COPA I'd wait for more than an hour), be transferred between 3-4 agents till finally someone would speak with me, and finally I'm told that I should call the other company.

Finally I decided to write to Orbitz' claims department. After a number of emails (about 2 weeks) they said they will refund me my money, and this should take a few business days. I mentioned to them that the Chase CC which I bought the ticket with has been cancelled, and I would need the money to be refunded back to me in a different way. They replied, "We can not do that, we can only refund the CC which you bought your ticket with. Don't worry, banks still have your information and will send you your money."

I waited about 2 weeks, then I called Chase CC, which denied receiving anything from Orbitz. I asked them to send me all my CC statements, detailing every transaction with them. I also ran my credit report with both TransUnion and Equifax. The last transaction I had my statement was 4 months before Orbitz alleged their refund occurring. And the credit reports showed the LAST ACTIVITY on that account was also AT LEAST 4 MONTHS prior their alleged "transfer".

I shared all these documents with Orbitz customer service, and they STILL allege that they did the transfer, and I need to go figure it out on my own. They said they needed the May 2013 CC statement (the month of the alleged transfer), I pointed out to them the Chase document (dated June 2013) had ALL transactions that were made on that credit card. And the reports proof there are no activities on that account.

Despite sharing with them my most private information to proof my case to them, they refuse to give me what is rightfully mine, my money. Do yourself a favor - save yourself the headache that I have been going through the past 7 months, and STAY AWAY FROM ORBITZ.

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Rating: 1/51

Read before PURCHASING ANYTHING OFF Orbitz. Horrible experience. I had purchased a ticket on Orbitz from Toronto -> San Jose, Costa Rica. When I had someone call to cancel the ticket to adjust some dates, it was canceled and they did NOT inform me I would have to call the insurance to cancel the policy, yet they did not hesitate to charge me the fee when I had to later rebook the dates. I found this out when I got my statement. I was on hold for two hours... Agents were extremely rude, had to contact airline myself to rebook the flight.

When we rebooked the flight, I sent my itinerary to where I was going and they laughed at the wrong booking. They booked it to San Jose California instead of Costa Rica! What the hell!? I called back and they said that they CAN'T DO ANYTHING TO HELP AND I SHOULD CALL THE AIRLINE BECAUSE I was over the change limit.

Their staff booked my flight wrong!! I had to pay American Airlines (which I contacted an additional $560 to change the location. And this third party (Orbitz had a change fee as well for doing nothing!!!) He stated "when we call the call is monitored and recorded but when they call us it is not!!" What customer service protection is that?! Like when You go to a doctor and your right hand hurts, but he cuts off the left, is it your fault!?

I called back a few weeks later as I have had no time to deal with this hassle and was on hold for 50 minutes before I got an answer, again with an extremely rude agent, he kept trying to over talk me and interrupt me as I was explaining my situation. When I asked for a manager and I was talking he just cut to the damn music and put me on hold for another 15 minutes. When he returned he said there is only one manager and that he can't assist me.

At this point I was exalted with fury. He then cut the line gain and I thought he hung up, so I left the phone hanging to be sure, so they won't use that against me, after 10 minutes again came the hold music on... I am extremely enraged at this as I had a total cost of almost 1500 for this damn 5 day flight and they will not refund my money! NEVER AGAIN.

Orbitz - Flight Time Change Without Notification
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Rating: 1/51

ONLINE, WASHINGTON -- I spent over 2 ½ on the phone yesterday, only to have ** – Agent #** refuse to pass me on to his manager. I booked 4 tickets to Cincinnati on 3/20/2013 for a flight on 7/11/2013. I am flying with 2 children and am VERY picky about layover times. I chose the flight I did because the only non-stop to CVG is a red eye and this flight only had an hour layover and was only about an 1 ½ hours longer than the direct flight.

Apparently the airlines cancelled the first leg of our flight and moved us to a flight that left 4 hours earlier (making it nearly a 5 hour layover in Denver) on May 13, 2013 but we weren't notified. The only e-mail we received on all 4 of our flights was for my husband's (his was booked under a separate itinerary because he had to come home earlier than us) on May 30, 2013 and it showed the 2:36 departure (which had been canceled 2 weeks prior to that). The next notice we received from Orbitz was yesterday to prepare for your trip, and it showed the new departure time of 10:36.

Unfortunately with it only being 2 days prior to flying, it did not give adequate time to take any action. If I had been notified timely I would have either canceled our flights with Frontier and booked something that had a more acceptable flight time, or made arrangements to fly a day earlier as that flight was still available then. The airlines didn't have another flight to offer and Orbitz would not take responsibility and put me on a different flight. The only accommodation offered was a $50 voucher.

I can assure you that if this is how Orbitz conducts business I will never use them again and ensure I have posted my dissatisfaction on every available social media. I was completely shocked at how poor the customer service was. Then I started reading the reviews here and realize that this is not a one off situation. BEWARE - ALWAYS BOOK DIRECTLY WITH THE AIRLINES!!!

Company Response 07/18/2013:

Hi, Molly,
This is Robert, and I am part of the Orbitz Customer Relations team. I am sorry for the disservice from Orbitz. Please forward the Orbitz Record Locator to us at Please use my name in the subject line, so that I can investigate further.
Thank you for your patience, I look forward to hearing from you.
Robert Woyach
Orbitz Customer Relations

Why You Should NEVER Use Orbitz
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Let's call this post, how Orbitz is tried to steal $3600 from us. My wife booked a trip for herself and our 4 year old son to Pittsburgh for my wife's grandmother's 90th surprise party. Unfortunately, the day before leaving our son developed a high fever (105 degrees). My wife called and "postponed" the trip. She was told she would be subject to a change fee ($360 total... okay, that's fair) and that all she had to do to use the "credit" was to re-book the travel on the same airlines with the same passenger names.

She received a cancellation e-mail that contained no specific instructions on how travel was to be rebooked, only that she now had a credit for the cost of travel minus the "change fees". She rebooked travel on and was careful to choose the exact same airlines (since it was a multiple airline flight) and even made sure to do her stops through the exact same cities. Much to our surprise, 2 days later we weren't charged "the difference in fares minus the change fees", but, we were charged for a whole new fare... an additional $3600.

We called customer service, ultimately getting to a supervisor who offered 0 help, but only tried to show us how hidden within the site (it took several clicks to get to this, NOT within the terms of service) that in order to use travel credit, you have to call a specific number and tell them you want to use your credit... You can't just book on the same airline, with the same passengers as she was told on the phone when she cancelled.

After getting off the phone with this supervisor I wrote a letter to the CEO and head of customer service. Within several hours I received a phone call and thought the obvious flaw in their system would be resolved. NOPE. I was told that their hands were tied and there was nothing they could do. WHAT?! They try to explain to me that this is all a "financial sleight of hand" and even though my credit card statements say Orbitz and my confirmation came from Orbitz and I booked tickets through Orbitz, Orbitz really isn't involved in the process and there is nothing they can do.

I explained to them that I was already disputing the charge through American Express (the American Express representative was so enraged by the story he suggested a class action lawsuit against Orbitz for this behavior). Still, their answer was the same... the "best" they could offer was to offer a "credit" for the $360 change fees towards future travel (as if I would EVER use that website to book anything again). However, the $3600, well, too bad... too sad, it will stay as a "travel credit" on our account for a year good only towards the travel of the same 2 people on the same airline to the same city, for which we already re-booked travel.

Lesson learned. You want to book a flight. Go straight to the source. Don't waste your time on "travel sites", because God forbid you need their help in resolving a simple problem they act as if you are trying to move mountains.

Luckily, our story has a happy ending. We called United Airlines directly (since Orbitz was trying to tell us that their hands were tied) and after I explained the story to a horrified United Rep, they explained it would have been very easy for Orbitz to call them directly and solve the problem. It took about 15 minutes (as we had to backtrack to find all the reservation information in their system which is slightly different from the stuff Orbitz's sends), but the representative was able to look up all the flights and issue a credit for the first flight.

They told us that Orbitz didn't even have the right to charge us the "change fee" since United Airlines policy is that change fees are waived for illness. However, it seems Orbitz would rather spend hours on the phone with me explaining why they couldn't help me, than take 10 minutes to call United directly and get it resolved. I guess whatever commission they were going to make on that flight was more important than keeping a customer. Well, now they lost both forever!

Orbitz Messed Up Our International Flight Reservations
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Flights booked 8 months in advance Sydney AU to Houston. Fiji Air to Fiji, Fiji Air from Fiji to Los Angeles, American from LA to Houston. They changed our flight times five times. Now in Australia to fly on Saturday, we have no airline locator codes, cannot check in, no seats, and not sure we even have flights. All we have is the useless Orbitz locator. The Orbitz call number is a US number (did I say we were in AU?) so the call and on hold for 30-60 minutes will be very expensive. We have done this once and they seemed to fix it, but NO, still FUBAR.

We have e-mailed Orbitz but of course no answer. These guys suck. NEVER, NEVER AGAIN. All of our contact lists (1500 or so) will hear of our crappy Orbitz experience. Oh, did I say these were business class/first class tickets. Yeah, if we get on a flight- steerage I bet. This is an $8,000 transaction and we have zero confidence.

Canceled Flights
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Rating: 1/51

I booked flights for my son and I 6 weeks in advance. I recently rang the airline to check flight details to find my tickets had been canceled... So now no tickets and no money... I have been on the phone to customer service (what a joke) for 3 days and every day they promise to get it sorted and call me back.

So today when I called they told me it would be an extra $1300 to rebook the same flights that they canceled without my knowledge. I told them "not my mistake, I am paying not a cent more". So I have given them 24 hours to sort. They can rebook me on the original flights that I booked and paid for, refund my money, then I will claim for the extra I have to pay, or I'll see them in court, to recover my costs. Don't ever use them, It's just too much trouble if there's a problem. BUYER BEWARE!!!

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