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Orbitz Cancels Guaranteed Hotel Reservation And Still Expects Me To Pay
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Rating: 1/51

ILLINOIS -- What a nightmare I am in the middle of with Orbitz. I booked previously with Orbitz and fortunately there were no problems. There is no way to contact anyone who can assist you, and there is no follow from anyone I have been able to speak to. Since last Saturday when I booked and paid for a guaranteed room for that night that could not be cancelled. On my reservation, I made a special request for handicap access because my sister is on crutches. Several hours later received a call from ** who spoke very poor English, said she was cancelling my reservation because there was no room available.

I had called the hotel directly while searching online so I know there were rooms. I tried to explained that I understood it was possible that my request was not going to be honored (It clearly stated that when I made the request). After spending a lot of time (over 45 minutes) trying to communicate and hearing "I am cancelling your reservation" at least 3 times. I finally convinced her to call the hotel which ended up with ** requesting a set of crutches for me upon arrival - total language barrier. She got back on the line with me and said they do not have crutches.

At this point I began to lose it, I finally contacted the hotel directly (** gave me their number and the manager's name) spoke with the manager and confirmed my reservation and all was well.... UNTIL 3 hours later when I was 15 minutes from the property and the manager called me to say Orbitz had cancelled my confirmed reservation sometime after 8 pm and the room was resold automatically. He was sorry he had no more rooms. I was in the mountains of NC after dark with no rooms available - fortunately the manager called around. We had to back track 20+ minutes and spend 50$ more for a room.

All during this time I am trying to communicate with Orbitz overseas customer service based on my phone records. I spent close to 4 hours on the phone with Orbitz on Sat (disconnected by a supervisor once finally spoke with ** who said she would follow up). I explained the extra cost and gave her the manager name (he had already left for the evening it was after 10 pm by this time).

TODAY JULY 6 - 6 days later I am still awaiting a call back to correct this problem and get my refund. I did get a call at 11 pm AT NIGHT from ** on Sunday (when I asked why she was calling so late she said she did not know what time it was in the US) she said the hotel manager was off until Tuesday 7/3 and would call the manager then. No call back yet, my credit card is still be charged for a cancelled room $108, and I have paid for another room that cost $160+. The manager (of the hotel I was supposed to stay at) has NOT BEEN CONTACTED by Orbitz. I have spoken with him twice.

Called Orbitz and I sat on hold for 25 minutes and gave up. I chatted with a customer service representative online. Only thing she could do was sent my info to the escalation team or have a Philippines representative call me - said I will hear something in 48 hours. She confirmed that there has been no follow up and that I cannot speak to anyone who speaks English as their primary language.

Seriously this is beyond the worst customer service I had ever received. Orbitz should be ashamed of the "customer service" provided. I am going to post this on every site, Facebook and Twitter, I can find. I have already contacted by credit card. But Orbitz should be paying for the extra I had to pay. My reservation was paid for and GUARANTEED - I guess that means something else in their dictionary. LESSON LEARNED. DO NOT BOOK WITH ORBITZ.

Orbitz is for Suckers
By -

Orbitz is for suckers. I learned the hard way that proper due diligence in getting a decent price on a hotel room includes the old fashioned step of CALLING THE RESERVATION DESK. Orbitz sold us a hotel room for $99 per night that was available to any AAA member who called the hotel reservation desk for $71 per night. I suspect that Orbitz paid no more than $60 per night. This hotel's computers made available to guests for checking e-mails, etc., are right by the reservation desk. Nothing ruins your vacation like being reminded how much you got gouged with every new check-in behind you when you are reading your e-mails.

In Orbitz's defense, based on their last e-mail, they are genuinely very sorry that I FOUND OUT HOW MUCH THEY OVERCHARGED ME. Don't use Orbitz for your travel plans. They rely on people being lazy and not checking around. That is their market niche. As more and more people wise up to their game, they need to make as much as possible off of the remaining suckers. Don't be one of them. Orbitz sucks.

ORBITZ` silly commercial about refunds for lower hotel rates
By -

The silly commercial that shows the 'hovercraft' landing and giving a check to someone for 'doing nothing' is so much baloney! They need to offer a website, that can be verified, of the actual money they have indeed refunded! EVERY Professional Travel Consultant in the country can do the exact same thing! Anyone that buys on one of these mega travel sites should make 1000% sure they read the fine fine fine print! [Customer service is pretty non existent with the big mega travel sites! Be forewarned!]

Reminder: do business with your local travel agent, who in all probability is your client! Economics 101 Support local businesses so they can support you! That is not 'Rocket Science' and certainly not "hovercraft science!"
It just ticks me off that a giant mega company [operating in the red] can pay thousands of dollars for a dumb commercial and bypass small business owners in your own neighborhood.

No Customer Service - Selling Rooms That Don't Exist!
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- On Saturday 8/3/2013 I booked a room at a hotel in Oregon through Orbitz. When I arrived at the hotel I was informed that they did not have a reservation and they had no rooms. After telling them it was on Orbitz they told me they had been full all day but Orbitz kept sending them rooms and it was not their problem. THIS ROOM WAS PRE-PAID AND I WAS CHARGED AND GOT A CONFIRMATION!!!

I called Orbitz, and the agent who was obviously speaking English as a second language called the hotel, was told they were full and then blamed everything on the hotel. The most he was willing to do was to cancel the reservation. When I asked about another room he wanted to do nothing until I asked for a supervisor. I was then told he called every other hotel showing as available and told they were full and it was the fault of each hotel and not Orbitz. He told me to book another online that I did and then came back and told me they were full as well after they charged my credit card again.

He only offered to refund the first charge in five days and wanted to do nothing else until I demanded. There was no customer service, I was lied to about what hotel's he called, the website does not display proper rooms available but they sure do instantly charge your credit card but they are not willing to refund for their errors.

I told them it was their responsibility to find me another room and to pay for it which he said his supervisor said they couldn't do (after I was told no supervisors were available) and then after pushing they said they could find a room 25 miles away, gave me a name of a hotel but would not give me directions. I didn't know where I was at the time. When pressed for directions he then hung up on me. I called back and was told the only note in the account was that I agreed to a refund of the first hotel and that was it.

Needless to say I was left stranded and without a room that night by Orbitz. Yes, you still charged my card! When I contacted them about the charges they claim that I stayed at the second hotel which I was told was full after making the reservation. NEVER NEVER book through Orbitz or trust what they say they have in room inventory.

Orbitz reserved us a promo that we were not eligible for!
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Rating: 1/51

BOISE, IDAHO -- BUYER BEWARE!!! Problem: Upon arriving to our hotel, we were told that Orbitz had booked a promotional code that we were not eligible for. It was for a “Single Ladies” promotion. We had no idea what they were talking about. So explained that Orbitz required us to fill in the passengers' names and sex origin and that it was not our fault that their system did this to our reservation. In the end we had to pay the difference of $250.00 out of pocket right when we arrived to the hotel.

Technical Issue: Orbitz system only looks for the cheapest deal for the hotels in the area you are looking for. Their online system does not have algorithms set to catch whether or not the buyer meets the requirements of the promotion.

Customer Service: When we contacted Orbitz upon our arrival to our hotel to ask them to fix the issue, (which took them an hour just to get us on the line with the right person) we were told that it would take 2-3 weeks for resolution on the issue, and that we would need to pay the difference. They told us that we would get an email confirmation within 48 hours. (BTW there were 2 other couples dealing with the same issue when we arrive to the hotel, and calling them as well) Since we were in another country, we were forced to reluctantly pay the difference. When we returned home, there was no email.

We contacted Orbitz again 2 weeks after our original call and they said they had not began working on the issue. I requested they escalate the issue and get back to me ASAP. Two days later, they called and stated that they found no issue with our reservation and somehow we agreed that we were eligible for this “Single Ladies” promotion.

After some arguing with the customer service representative about how the system never asked us to check a box or anything and that there should be an algorithm to catch these things (my husband is an electrical engineer and computer code for a living), we were offered a $50.00 voucher to use Orbitz again and that they were sorry for the inconvenience.

Overall Rating: 0/10. I would not ever rate them a fraction of percentage since I could have gone with any other company and not had to deal with this crap. Next time we will book with the Priceline guarantee. Recommendation: DO NOT USE ORBITZ FOR ANYTHING!!!

Worst Experience Ever
By -

I am extremely disappointed with Orbitz. I was looking to book a hotel in Tel Aviv, Israel this past Spring. After some searching, I took it upon myself to contact Orbitz via the toll free number on their website. I talked to an Orbitz representative and told her that I would like to book a hotel in the city of Tel Aviv and provided the dates that I had wished to stay in the city as well as a price range that was affordable to both me and my family. The Orbitz employee checked the available listings and within a few minutes recommended a "resort". She mentioned that this "resort" was on the beach and it was within the price range that I had requested.

When my family and I arrived in Tel Aviv, we went to the taxi station within the airport and gave them the address to the "resort", which turns out was not in Tel Aviv at all, but rather in a small town called Mihmoret approximately 30 miles north of Tel Aviv! Since it was Shabbat when we arrived in Tel Aviv, a taxi was the only mode of transportation available to us. The cost of traveling to the resort in Mihmoret by taxi was 350 Shekels (approximately $100), but since there was no alternative, we were forced to pay this amount, even though we did not want to stay in Mihmoret in the first place.

When we finally arrived to the so-called "resort", the first thing we noticed was that it was in a residential neighborhood, with nothing within walking distance and since we had no car we thought that it might be possible to take public transportation. Unfortunately, there were no bus terminals nearby. Additionally, there wasn't a place to catch a taxi, there wasn't a market, nor was there a beach anywhere in sight. In fact, the beach was a good two or three miles from the "resort". The area itself did not look very safe at all and we asked the taxi driver to wait while we checked things out.

Upon walking to the "resort", we were immediately disgusted at what we saw. A dirty, rundown residence that had been converted into a so-called "resort". The weeds were growing out of control around the property, the front was littered with junk, dirty laundry was strung up in front of the residence and the area was full of eyesores. When we arrived, we had to ask the driver of the taxi to call the phone number provided to us in order to obtain a key to enter the residence. After about a 15 minute wait, this young Israeli man of no more than 25 years drives up and takes us into the residence.

The inside of this residence was just as much of a pigsty as was the outside. The pictures of this place on the Orbitz website had shown a clean and tidy place, but the truth was that the place was rundown and filthy. The rooms were bare and the restroom and shower were one and the same. The pictures sent in to Orbitz from the owner of the residence was false advertising, and Orbitz had taken no precautionary steps to validate that the pictures were an accurate representation of the property.

Not willing to stay in such a filthy place, we opted to take a taxi to the city of Haifa (which we had planned on visiting the next day). Once again, we had to pay an additional 350 Shekels ($100) to go to the city of Haifa. If we had a hotel WITHIN the city of Tel Aviv, then we could have stayed the night there and took the train to Haifa the following day for a fraction of the price.

Even though we decided not to stay in the "resort" mostly due to the false advertising on the Orbitz website, we still were forced to pay the $150 for the room (and we had booked the same place for our trip back from Haifa, so we had to pay another $150). Being out $300 is not the problem. The problem is Orbitz lack of professionalism, to at least verify that the pictures posted to THEIR website for THEIR customers to view is an accurate depiction of the hotel.

Reasons Not To Use Orbitz
By -

I sent a complaint letter to Orbitz about their service and all I got in return was a form letter. Screw this company and I advise anyone and everyone not to book with this company. I booked a hotel through Orbitz 1 1/2 months before my vacation. When I finally arrived at my hotel (America's Best Inns, Carbondale, IL Sept. 3rd, 2009) I found it to be closed for renovation. I contacted your customer support via cellphone and was placed on hold numerous times for an approximate period of 40 minutes.

During this time, the manager of the hotel came around the corner and asked if he could assist me. I explained my situation to him and he informed me that he had contacted Orbitz two weeks prior and that Orbitz was rebooking their customers to a sister hotel 30 miles away.

In the meantime, the representative came back on the line and told me that Orbitz had no idea the hotel had been closed; lie number 1. Knowing I was in town for a reunion, the manager contacted another hotel nearby and asked them to honor the price I was quoted by your company. The representative then came back on line and told me he had the hotel on the line and that they are working on the situation; lie number 2 seeing as how I had the manager directly in front of me.

The manager of the closed down hotel ended up finding a room for me nearby at that rate. The representative again came back on line and told me that he had rebooked me in another hotel, which was the same one the manager also called, and that Orbitz could get me in there but I would have to pay full rate; lie number 3 seeing as the manager was able to get my original rate only because I had my documentation from you in front of me.

It was about this time I snapped. First of all, the representative knew I had the manager in front of me yet he insisted he was on the line with very same person I was talking to. Not only did Orbitz screw up by not informing me that the hotel was not in operation and remedy the situation long before my arrival, your company directly lied while in conversation when the problem was discovered. I had just spent 11 hours in transit and did not need this aggravation upon arrival.

I arrived at my location with absolutely no place to stay because of your company's incompetence. If it were not for the assistance of the hotel manager, who just happen to show up to check on restoration progress, I would have been stranded as it was a holiday weekend and hotels were pretty much booked solid in the immediate area.

I would suggest when dealing with your company mistakes you instruct your reps in learning how to lie to customers efficiently and not continue with the lie when it is obvious they have been caught. I am very disappointed in the performance of your company. Orbitz was absolutely no help to me in my vacation, in fact, Orbitz was almost the cause for ruining it altogether.

Non-Refundable Cancellation
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Rating: 1/51

I made a reservation via Orbitz awhile ago. I went to cancel it today - and it told me it was "non-refundable". Whatever, I thought it was just a reservation. Apparently, I forgot I had pre-paid the room and when I contact customer service - nobody could help. Too late - I already cancelled. So no money and no room.

I can't imagine that I'm the first person to forget they've pre-paid for a room. I've made other reservations over the years and have never had an issue changing reservations. This is the kind predatory treatment I expect from the airlines, not a customer service based on-line travel agency.

So, I've learned my lessons. Double-check everybody carefully when making travel arrangements. Pay better attention when making changes because that's where I missed the non-refundable part. Don't use Orbitz since they wouldn't help except for the offer of a $20 voucher.

Sold Me an Overbooked Hotel - I Didn't Get a Room
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I booked a hotel room with Orbitz on 5/29/14. The room was for my fiance's 40th birthday on 7/30/14. I booked a room at the Dunhill Hotel in uptown Charlotte. When we arrived to the front desk for check in, the clerk informed me that they were oversold and I did not have a room. I was so incredibly disappointed. Orbitz never contacted me or told me about this ahead of time. The hotel clerk informed me that they told Orbitz about the situation in advance. Other hotels in the area were sold out as well. I will never book with Orbitz again.

I want Orbitz to refund me my money. It's completely ridiculous that they do not contact their clients to let them know when a service cannot be provided. They should have contacted me ahead of time, found a different hotel for me and covered any variance in the price.

Not as Described
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Rating: 1/51

SALINAS, CALIFORNIA -- We were trying to book a room at the Holiday Inn Express in Salinas California, but for some reason were booked at the Holiday Inn in Santa Nella California, which is an hour away. Before booking I checked all the relevant information, as I was aware the one in Salinas was booked, and I've been burned by Orbitz before, NEVER AGAIN! The dates were correct, the location was correct, the price was right, everything looked good.

Fastforward to when I open my email. The room is booked in Santa Nella. There is a cancellation fee, which I was aware of, but only agreed to under the context of renting a room in Salinas... So disappointing, such a headache to try to refund, ended up filing a Visa dispute with my bank, but they are even fighting that. Must not be going so well with Orbitz right now. Maybe I'll start check My3Cents before dealing with online companies from now on.

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