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Orbitz $250 Bahamas Instant Promotion Code Is A Scam
By -

I looked at several places to book online and have accounts with both Orbitz and Expedia. For the trip I was booking to Nassau, Bahamas January 23 - 27 2012, and I was booking it on 12/24/11, Orbitz was offering a $250 Bahamas Instant Promotion Code discount on air/hotel packages. I selected air through Delta and Comfort Inn Suites in Nassau (Paradise Island). The package came to $1472 for my wife and I LESS $250 Instant Promotion Code that it said this package qualified for.

Upon purchasing, I was prompted to enter the "promotion code" and when I entered each of two codes provided, neither worked. So I called Orbitz customer service right then and told them of the problem I was having with the codes and they said it must be a computer problem and they would look into it and get with me. I told them that since I had purchased the "last two air tickets with Delta" and at a very good price, I didn't have the luxury of waiting till they figured it out. They said they would get back with me and I purchased the package believing they would figure it out and make good on the problem I was experiencing. Boy was I WRONG.

We just got back from the trip and I called customer service today and was escalated a few times finally to a supervisor named ** (said his supervisor id is **) and this supervisor gave me three different stories, all bogus, and not willing to provide any documentation for his statements. First he said that "Instant Discount codes were for a future Bahamas trip I need to book and use", then I argued with him and he said, "your $250 discount was already taken off your total package".

I then proceeded to request a copy of the details showing me $250 taken off my hotel portion or the package and he said "he couldn't show it to me but it was there"… I called him a liar when he said he couldn't or wouldn't provide the details and third, he told me that "the $250 was taken off when Orbitz and Comfort Inn Suites negotiated a special price between them and the $250 was taken off before I saw the $1472 total price" and I told him, "then why do I get a promotion code when I go to pay." This supervisor and the culture of everyone I spoke with is incompetent and not only that, willing to insult my intelligence with stories that make no reasonable sense.

I asked ** if he is willing to have Orbitz lose me as a customer for $250 and he said, "do what you have to do, we respect that". I told him I hope Orbitz fires him… he's a liar, he gave me three different stories, and either he is to blame or Orbitz is to blame for creating a culture of lying to the public, first with the deceptive ads and then with customer service that is told to tell the customer whatever they want to get them to go away.

I HAVE RARELY BEEN SO MAD IN MY WHOLE LIFE. I have been self employed for more than 25 years and cannot understand how a company can stay in business with these kinds of practices. I welcome a competent Orbitz representative providing proof of the $250 discount given in a line item receipt or giving me the $250 they owe me and compensation for future travel for the hassle and half day wasted with their customer service personnel and my having to file these complaints.

Nightmare Getaway
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Rating: 1/51

IDAHO -- My wife and I booked a weekend out of town (110 miles away) through Orbitz. We got a confirmation and booking number. Upon arriving at our destination, we were turned away by the hotel clerk. Apparently, Orbitz overbooked the hotel by about 6 rooms. Understandably upset, I called the 800 "customer service" line and was promptly put on hold. My wife and I sat on hold, in the parking lot of this hotel for 2 hours. Orbitz was not only unable to relocate us for the night, but we were forced to drive back home (2 3/4 hours) in the middle of the night. I requested a call from a manager and was assured a call would be received within 24 to 48 hours.

Three (3) days later no call was received. Furious at the lack of consideration, I took it upon myself to call them. After being on hold for another 20 minutes, the agent informed me that no manager was available to speak with me, but insisted I would be contacted by the first available manager within 1 to 2 hours. Three (3) hours later, I received no such call. Becoming more and more furious with this terrible customer service, I called again - only to be informed that Orbitz was undergoing a system update and I would have to call back 2 to 3 hours later. BTW, has anyone noticed that not a single agent speaks fluid English?

So, to recap; My wife and I drove approximately 6 hours round trip for absolutely nothing; spent roughly 3 hours on hold only to accomplish zero; and have received no absolutely no compensation (other than a refund of the original booking) for a ruined getaway weekend. Word of advise: Never, under any circumstances use Orbitz to book anything - ever! Unless you want to be like me - wasting even more of your time by typing this review that may or may not be read. Never use Orbitz. TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE!!!

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Rating: 1/51

Read before PURCHASING ANYTHING OFF Orbitz. Horrible experience. I had purchased a ticket on Orbitz from Toronto -> San Jose, Costa Rica. When I had someone call to cancel the ticket to adjust some dates, it was canceled and they did NOT inform me I would have to call the insurance to cancel the policy, yet they did not hesitate to charge me the fee when I had to later rebook the dates. I found this out when I got my statement. I was on hold for two hours... Agents were extremely rude, had to contact airline myself to rebook the flight.

When we rebooked the flight, I sent my itinerary to where I was going and they laughed at the wrong booking. They booked it to San Jose California instead of Costa Rica! What the hell!? I called back and they said that they CAN'T DO ANYTHING TO HELP AND I SHOULD CALL THE AIRLINE BECAUSE I was over the change limit.

Their staff booked my flight wrong!! I had to pay American Airlines (which I contacted an additional $560 to change the location. And this third party (Orbitz had a change fee as well for doing nothing!!!) He stated "when we call the call is monitored and recorded but when they call us it is not!!" What customer service protection is that?! Like when You go to a doctor and your right hand hurts, but he cuts off the left, is it your fault!?

I called back a few weeks later as I have had no time to deal with this hassle and was on hold for 50 minutes before I got an answer, again with an extremely rude agent, he kept trying to over talk me and interrupt me as I was explaining my situation. When I asked for a manager and I was talking he just cut to the damn music and put me on hold for another 15 minutes. When he returned he said there is only one manager and that he can't assist me.

At this point I was exalted with fury. He then cut the line gain and I thought he hung up, so I left the phone hanging to be sure, so they won't use that against me, after 10 minutes again came the hold music on... I am extremely enraged at this as I had a total cost of almost 1500 for this damn 5 day flight and they will not refund my money! NEVER AGAIN.

Orbitz - Wrong Policy, Wrong Attitude, Wrong Company
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Rating: 1/51

I booked a combo flight+car package with Orbitz after pricing each separately and comparing prices on other travel sites. Because the times of the flights would affect rental car pick-up and drop-off times and thus determine the length of the rental (7 days v. 8 days), I called the car rental company directly to get specific information on how car rental charges are accrued. I confirmed that as long as we returned the rental car by the same hour on the clock that we picked up the car a week earlier, we would be charged for a weekly rental, not an 8-day rental.

With that information confirmed, I made flight+car reservations on Orbitz. The confirmation email from Orbitz said my car rental was for 8 days, so I called their Customer Service number to get this corrected. The agent was polite and professional but could only repeat their position to me. During the course of the conversation, she actually said I would be charged the package price which is "not charged based on the number of days you keep the car." What? Then on what is the package price based? I understand I got a package price, but why did I get an 8-day package price, not a 7-day package price? No satisfactory answer, so I asked to speak to a supervisor.

The supervisor gave the impression she had no interest in my situation. She indicated Orbitz charged the rental rate based on when cars will be picked up and returned. Well, the website did not offer me the opportunity to choose my pick-up and drop-off times when I purchased the package. Their computer algorithm chose the presumed times and charged me accordingly, which made an 8-day rental, when in fact, because of early arrival times for security clearance, we qualified for a 7-day rental.

The supervisor offered me the option of changing my flights, which would incur an additional charge, or canceling my car rental and booking separately through the car rental company, at an additional charge. What? I can pay more for taking steps to correct Orbitz's overcharge mistake?

This is obviously a flaw in the Orbitz website. (The Expedia site allows the traveler the opportunity to choose the time frame for rental car pick-up and drop-off). Rather than offer to correct the error and re-price the package for me, Orbitz gave me the option to pay a penalty to cancel and solve my problem myself elsewhere. Wrong headed business practices all the way around. Wrong policy, wrong attitude, poor customer service make Orbitz the wrong company with which to do business.

Orbitz - Flight Time Change Without Notification
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Rating: 1/51

ONLINE, WASHINGTON -- I spent over 2 ½ on the phone yesterday, only to have ** – Agent #** refuse to pass me on to his manager. I booked 4 tickets to Cincinnati on 3/20/2013 for a flight on 7/11/2013. I am flying with 2 children and am VERY picky about layover times. I chose the flight I did because the only non-stop to CVG is a red eye and this flight only had an hour layover and was only about an 1 ½ hours longer than the direct flight.

Apparently the airlines cancelled the first leg of our flight and moved us to a flight that left 4 hours earlier (making it nearly a 5 hour layover in Denver) on May 13, 2013 but we weren't notified. The only e-mail we received on all 4 of our flights was for my husband's (his was booked under a separate itinerary because he had to come home earlier than us) on May 30, 2013 and it showed the 2:36 departure (which had been canceled 2 weeks prior to that). The next notice we received from Orbitz was yesterday to prepare for your trip, and it showed the new departure time of 10:36.

Unfortunately with it only being 2 days prior to flying, it did not give adequate time to take any action. If I had been notified timely I would have either canceled our flights with Frontier and booked something that had a more acceptable flight time, or made arrangements to fly a day earlier as that flight was still available then. The airlines didn't have another flight to offer and Orbitz would not take responsibility and put me on a different flight. The only accommodation offered was a $50 voucher.

I can assure you that if this is how Orbitz conducts business I will never use them again and ensure I have posted my dissatisfaction on every available social media. I was completely shocked at how poor the customer service was. Then I started reading the reviews here and realize that this is not a one off situation. BEWARE - ALWAYS BOOK DIRECTLY WITH THE AIRLINES!!!

Company Response 07/18/2013:

Hi, Molly,
This is Robert, and I am part of the Orbitz Customer Relations team. I am sorry for the disservice from Orbitz. Please forward the Orbitz Record Locator to us at socialnetwork@orbitz.com. Please use my name in the subject line, so that I can investigate further.
Thank you for your patience, I look forward to hearing from you.
Robert Woyach
Orbitz Customer Relations

Bait and Switch With Package Price
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Rating: 2/51

Tried to book car, air and hotel together. Gave one price and when I chose everything, price rose by 40$ Tried again an hour later. Same thing happened. Lured with one price, then swiftly, not seconds had gone by, I again got an "alert" that the price rose by 40$ due to a change in availability. BS!!!

Tried the next day, and AGAIN the same thing happened. Package lured with with the same EXACT price, seconds later when I chose to book the trip, price went up by $40 to the same EXACT price it was twice yesterday. I then chose the option for a $21 less expensive car, but guess what? Again, price alert, price jumped to the same price it was before I chose a $21 less expensive car. If they were hell-bent on the fixed price, I wouldn't have settled for the economy since I had to pay the same price no matter which car I chose. Very unsettling and I believe I had.

Broken Promises
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Wow, there is obviously a trend here! I've been an Orbitz customer since October 28, 2001… over 10 years (I have my original registration email). In August of last year, I purchased 4 round trip nonstop tickets. The return carrier decided to change our original nonstop flight to one with a layover. Since I was traveling with two small children, I called Orbitz to cancel the flights as this was not what I purchased. I was assured by an Orbitz representative on 9/28/2011, after they spoke with the carriers, that I would be receiving a credit for these flights. I PROMPTLY REBOOKED ACCEPTABLE FLIGHTS THAT SAME DAY.

Two weeks later, I received an email stating that my credit request was denied. Again, I called Orbitz on 10/11/2011 and again, after their representative spoke with the carriers, I was told that I should be receiving a credit for the original tickets. Just yesterday (2/21/2012), after recognizing that I never received a credit or even another email denying the request, I called Orbitz.

Again, the representative said that I should have received a credit, told me that his system notes indicate I was told I would receive a credit, and called the carriers who said they issued a credit but it was denied for some reason. He then told me the previous Orbitz representative "should not have told you that (I would receive a credit)" and would be passing me to his supervisor who kept repeating the phrase "I'm not able to do anything for you".

Bottom line, I've spent a lot of money re-booking flights consistent with my original purchase based on the information Orbitz conveyed only to find out later that that the Orbitz representative "should not have told you that". I run a business with 30 people that I am ultimately responsible for. If one of my staff makes a representation to a customer, I follow through on it even if it doesn't immediately benefit my organization. I will be taking my travel business as well as those who work for me elsewhere.

Best customer service ever
By -

I have to say I will not spend the hours searching other sites for airfare, trips, or even hotels in the future. Orbitz has topped any company for travel I have dealt within price assurance, arrangements, and most recently customer service. While I am certain Orbitz must base their refunds, or rebooking on a customer to customer bases, we could not be more pleased with our recent outcome. Due to an unfortunate family death we were forced to cancel our long planned trip to Puerto Vallarta at the last minute. In that we did not purchase the insurance being an added expense we could not afford, we did not know if we would recoup anything.

The customer service reps we touched base with went over and beyond in all they did for us. The loss we incurred was minimal thanks to the hard work of the customer service team. They worked with the resort we were booked with as well as the airline company. While we had to rebook a trip by a certain time line with the same airline, we were able to rebook; which kept us from losing our airfare completely. The customer service team was always so pleasant, and while some spoke with an accent, they all understood and spoke English well.

Prior to having to cancel our trip we had difficulty reaching one of the places we had reservation with for an activity. When we called Orbitz they took care of the problem right away. Often to get confirmation or work on getting refunds, or rebooking information they would have to place us on hold, and was so apologetic. This was one time I did not mind being placed on hold. We had used Orbitz a few times in the past and was always pleased with the outcome of our flights, or trips. We have run across people that had booked through other well known names only to not have their rooms when they arrived, or flights that overlapped.

To know as much as possible we will be taken care of, and that if anything does arise we will have the best of the best in customer service, in the future we will only use Orbitz. We highly recommend Orbitz to anyone traveling in any way. To note we are not ones to write reviews, and generally do not necessarily make recommendations, so please know we would not say this if we were not totally confident in this outstanding company.

Changing of Flight
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I have been a loyal Orbitz customer for quite sometime. Past History show Dec/03 was the day I started buying from them rather than my parent'€™s travel agent. Throughout the years I have no problem with them but since there is not whole lots of changes need to be made on the flight that I am flying.

In my account, I have my wife, kid, friends and family member in there if they want me to assist them with buying ticket, since I talk so good about them, I can do it. One time, my wife, book a flight to Mexico with the wrong name and we were able to cancel it fairly quickly and also fee was like 15 dollar or so (which sound reasonable for a travel agent (specially an online one). Last year 2005 I even order 4 tickets from Tampa to Taiwan (each ticket $1,239.30 USD. They were not the cheapest but since they were good in service, I gave it to them.)

So what went wrong??? This time I am going to Taiwan with my wife and kid. (This trip from LAX to Taipei was free from a family member so only have to worry Tampa to LAX and back.) At first we were plan to stay for 3 weeks but we kind of know date might get change or something. So without checking Orbitz NEW canceling fee I told my wife, "it is OK, lets just order it early with Orbitz and they seem to be very easy to cancel w/ pretty good canceling fee."

So 2 days ago I found out my flight will be coming back a week and half early. This is when hell breaks loose. I will not go into detail on how bad customer service it was, how long did I have to wait, how many times did the India service people hang up on me nor how long they asked one question then put me on hold forever.

I call them this morning to found out that it would close me 90 dollar each ticket to cancel (which it cost 210 per ticket) and 130 dollar to change flight (not include the increase price they will do on other flight). ***Please keep in mind I am traveling with 2 other *** To cancel flight would cost me $270 dollar?? That is 45% of my flight price. It is almost easier for me to deal with AirTran myself than buying from them. Orbitz was supposed to be my Travel Agent which suppose act like one. I had to change my flight from LAX to Taipei twice and guess that how much that travel agent charge me?? NOTHING!!! I should have just order from them.

Anyway, so this morning after 2 hours.... with all those stuff happen... I got place on hold for 20 mins. My wife suggest to call at night because we need to go to the hospital, my sister in law just had baby yesterday. So I said "OK" since I am night person anyway. So after a long busy day, I call Orbitz at July 8th 2am, I explain my issue again, we ran into same problem. So finally I decided, I will talk to the supervisor. The agent explain no supervisor is there (I never hear of a no supervisor on site since I work at a call center as well). In the end, that call got hung up as well.

Finally I got a guy who want to help me (I insist of speaking to supervisor). He told me, how come I didn'€™t call during normal business hour? However, he was a little helpful, he transfer me to another person still at India (fyi) (also I believe she was the one hung up on me) .

In the end, they transfer me to AirTran (which I forgot to talk about, when I got hung up, I did tried to call AirTran, the person who pick up the phone told me to call Orbitz. (It is normal, just like if I have a travel agent.) I explain to the person that I am being mistreated and just need this fix. Transfer to supervisor of AirTran (which got place on hold for 30 mins). She just told me to call Orbitz and did not care about my issue.

So before transferring to AirTran, the lady (who I believe hung up on me before) told me it would cost me $573 dollar to get it move from Aug 4th to July 26 or 25. *** Please keep in mind it cost me $673 for the tickets *** I told the AirTran guy, I am not in the hurry nor in business that need to be a time frame. I just need to go home but won't get charge for an arm or leg.

In the end with couple price throwing to me (which I am not happy with) the guy told me same flight info and they change the date from Aug 4th to July 25. Total of $180 fee. I took it and call it a day. I will have to call the other travel agent to move the flight to the earlier time to arrive LAX (which again NO ADDITIONAL FEE).

Orbitz were supposed to be my travel agent and yet they did not do their job. They were suppose look out for their customer'€™s best interest but yet they overcharge me (as usually they are 5-15 dollar higher than buying from the company). But since as a travel agent, I know they make more than that. And yet they do not do their job. I might as well go out to McD and eat a value meal than ** in the bathroom and throw that ** back to my face. I will never use Orbitz again and tomorrow, all my friends and family will found out.

Lately I feel there is a trend of lack of customer service. What happen to the good old customer are number 1. Keep us happy and word of the mouths will be the best ad you will ever get. A good product (which in their hand was service) would be the key. They outsource the customer service to India which does not do their job or does not have the tool to do. Please train them better, provide better tools or move the customer service back to US. My voice is not as big as a VP or some Exec but today was not acceptable.

Will Never Use Orbitz Again
By -

On March 11/12th, 2007 we made reservations via Orbitz to travel on July 17th to the UK. My whole family (husband, wife, 3 kids) were going over for my sister's wedding vows ceremony and just to visit with everyone. Unfortunately, on March 16th, I got the unexpected and devastating news that my mother had terminal cancer, and her prognosis was very poor. Basically, I needed to get to the UK ASAP if I was to see her alive. I contacted Orbitz the very next day, via their (subtracted to India) customer services.

#1 representative told me that, no problem, so long as we provided documentation, our flights would be "transferred" and we could fly out to the UK as soon as we could. Great news! On this basis, we started contacting our kids' teachers, my husband's professors, and my boss.

Calling back on Monday to clarify what was needed, #2 representative informed me that #1 representative was incorrect and that Orbitz "never transferred flights". #2 representative told me that we would have to seek a refund instead. I began to panic. My mother was deteriorating daily, and I needed to get to England. I asked her how long the refund would take and her response was that the refund would take place "immediately."

It took until Tuesday evening for us to straighten out the kids' schools, work and college, and by then I had received a letter from my mother's doctor in England. He wrote that she had "terminal illness with a poor prognosis." She was dying.

On March 21st, I faxed this letter from the doctor with an explanatory note to Orbitz. As requested by rep #2, I called 2 hours later and they confirmed that the letter was received. I asked #3 representative about the refund, emphasizing that we needed to leave NOW. #3's response was that it took 30-60 days to process a refund!

When I had picked up my jaw from the floor, I repeated that #2 had told me that the refund was immediate. #3 told me that #2 was wrong" (are you hearing the pattern here?) and that the refunds took 30-60 days - blah blah, credit card cycles, blah blah airlines fault etc. I told #3 that we had not used a credit card, we had used our bank debit card which had used funds available in our checking account. #3 then continued to quote the 30-60 day processing time.

Defeated and deeply emotional, I quit on calling Orbitz for a few hours. Then I called back, spoke to rep #4. I explained yet again that my mother was dying and I had to fly out now. I told #4 that I needed to speak to someone with authority to grant this refund immediately. #4 lost me someplace in the system. Called back again, same rigmarole, #5 lost me in the system.

Called back again and explained to #6, and after a long - endlessly long - wait, another person came on the telephone, a female. #6 claimed to be a manager. I explained yet again the circumstances, and #6 went away for a very long time. When she returned, she told me that, and I quote exactly: "Orbitz has taken the hold off your money. All you have to do is call your bank, and they will take the hold off and you will have your money." I asked her to repeat that, and she did.

I hung up on her (BIG mistake!) and called our bank, USAA. The customer services rep looked at our account and said, "no, no money waiting on hold". I told her about my conversation with Orbitz and she checked everywhere she could but there was no money waiting. Shall I spoil the suspense here and say that we are STILL awaiting this refund which Orbitz took the hold off on March 21st??

The bank told me to wait until the next day, which I did, but there was no money so, heart sinking, we took money yet again from our savings and we went ahead and booked a flight to leave for England on March 24th. Because of the delay with Orbitz, this was the soonest flight we could get that we could afford! We flew out of San Antonio on March 24th at 2:00 pm and my mother died in England at 2:30 pm. When we arrived in England on Sunday morning, it was way too late.

I was so done with telephone calls to Orbitz. I couldn't bear to be told any more lies, but I was very angry about the deliberate lies told by their customer services. I had begun emailing them on March 22nd, and I continued even after my mother's death to pursue both the issue of the lies told, and the whereabouts of my refund. All that I got was more company policy quoted and a suggestion that I call their 1-800 number. Which I declined.

When we returned, it took some time to regain momentum. The loss of a parent does that to you. On April 9th I wrote to Orbitz in Chicago. On April 16th I had a response from customer services. They apologized, they re-stated 30-60 day policy, they told me how huge Orbitz is and how many customers they have, and said they had faxed our information the airline (BMI).

Then followed a long period of silence. We had calculated the maximum 60 days from March 21st to expiry on May 19th (tomorrow as I write.) There has still be no sign of the money. So this morning, May 18th, I called customer services at Orbitz.

The person I spoke to there advised me that the 30-60 day period had "begun again" on April 16th when she wrote to me. When I questioned her, she finally acknowledged that the paperwork I had faxed to Orbitz had never been sent to BMI, hence the delay and the re-setting of the 30-60 day period. When I checked further, I found that - at today's date - our reservation to fly to England is still a "confirmed reservation." The airline hasn't even canceled our reservations!!

I have today faxed and emailed BMI to find out whether they ever received our paperwork. I have my doubts. We are absolutely miserable and defeated. Orbitz made a bad situation significantly worse. I would never, ever, EVER travel with Orbitz again. I would rather get to England in other way than use their services. This is a bad, bad company.

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