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Orbitz Procedure
Posted by on
I will never book with Orbitz again. I was flying from Atl to Jamaica with a layover in Fort Lauderdale. I got my confirmation printed and printed my boarding passes before I left home. I went thought the kiosk then security and finally made it to the gate. Things were going well. Out of curiosity though I asked the lady at the gate when I would get the boarding pass for the trip from Fort Lauderdale to Jamaica and she said I should have already gotten it and that I couldn't get it once I got to Fort Lauderdale. They couldn't help me at the counter so I had to go back to the front desk. There they said that this happens all of the time with Orbitz. Instead of booking one trip through with multiple airports they book them as separate flights. After some trouble the front desk finally got the boarding passes for the second leg of the trip printed (there was a printer error though and it took about 20 minutes before they printed..not Orbitz fault). Then the lady rushed us through security and we got to the gate as quickly as possible. We arrived at the gate the second time at 7:00 and that was the time of departure. They had not yet left and the ramp was still hooked up but the doors were shut and they wouldn't let us board. So because Orbitz didn't send both of our boarding passes and I didn't know that I needed them both from the first departure, we missed our flight to Jamaica. The airline is putting us on another flight today. Unfortunately, we won't get the $300 back on our room and our trip was only for 3 nights. We will be leaving our hotel for the airport shortly to deal with all of this process again. Hopefully we will actually make it to Jamaica this time and hopefully they will find our luggage that was on the original flight.
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Ben There on 05/29/2011:
Travel agents don't issue boarding passes - airline's do. It sounds like you were flying on two different airlines? If so, many times they can't issue each others boarding passes, especially if the check in agent does not know how to do it. In this case, you just get the next boarding pass at your connecting airport.

I've had this happen plenty of times - even with tickets purchased directly from the airline on alliance carriers.

I bet the airline agent forgot to check you in all the way, and when they couldn't figure out how to fix it they blamed Orbitz since they were not there to defend themselves.
trmn8r on 05/29/2011:
I read your complaint, and I read Ben_There's comment.

My gut feeling is this is an airline issue, not Orbitz. If airlines can't issue boarding passes, who can?
Anonymous on 05/29/2011:
Following your theme Ben There I just wonder if the OP booked and the first leg was on NK as FLL leads me to believe that. I don't believe NK would use a common IATA PNR but perhaps an Orbitz generated one that includes two separate as I don't believe anyone has agreements with them -thus the inability to issue BP for the onward segment.
On an international itinerary an inexperienced traveler should always use a bricks and mortar travel agent... expecting customer service when things go wrong with an online aggregator is unrealistic.
custrelguy on 05/31/2011:
Hello lunanina, I am contacting you from Orbitz Customer Relations. If you could e-mail me your Orbitz record locator to customerrelations@Orbitz.com, I will be glad to review your reservation.

Please place the e-mail to my attention, and please include your blog and screen name.
Orbitz Customer Relations
dm24vegas on 06/01/2011:
I am sorry this happened to you, but just as everyone else here said, AIRLINES issue boarding passes, not Orbitz or any other travel agency!!! I agree with Ben_There, the airline agent FORGOT to check you in all the way to Jamaica and then they had to blame someone other than themselves!
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Bait & Switch - Cost us over $2,000.00 USD upon arrival
Posted by on
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Booked an all inclusive vacation package to Cancun in Jan, 2011 for two couples - price was around $1,650.00 each including air fare, not too bad for a nice hotel, and the hotel was awesome, do not get me wrong. But when we arrived at the Hotel, we were taken to the "Business office" to check in, we were thinking we were special ? After checking in we were given some coupons to use while at the hotel. I asked why we needed coupons if we were all inclusive ? I was then told that we did not book the all inclusive plan with the hotel, and to do so would be $108.00 (USD) per person, per night, if you add that up for 7 nights, that comes to $3,024.00 EXTRA. So we called Orbitz, from Mexico and got absolutely no where, after hours on the phone with them, they offered me a $200.00 credit voucher, saying my itinerary did not say anywhere that the package was all-inclusive. The amazing part is how several other people checking in (at the business office) was just as shocked as we were. We searched for this vacation package on the Orbitz web site using the "All Inclusive" link, and all four of us were under the impression that we were booking an all inclusive package. Why were we taken to the business office to check in ? Why were others just as shocked as us ? The manager at the Hotel told us that they have had problems with people booking through Orbitz, and that Orbitz had changed their web site to correct the problem. So the Hotel did work with us, and gave us $10.00 per person, per day discount on the all inclusive upgrade, we were so frustrated and upset, we pretty much had to do it, you cannot afford to eat at this hotel for $108 per person per day at the listed prices, and we were ready to start having a vacation, which we did after having to fork out a little over $2,300.00 extra. It's not that we could not have afforded it, or that it was over priced, but we would have liked to have been able to know up front what were were paying, and budgeted for it. The Hotel was awesome, and assisted best they could, Orbitz was useless I was so insulted when their solution to the problem was a $200.00 travel voucher ! I would like to get e-mail addresses from others this has happened to, we are not the only ones this has happened to, and Orbitz needs to make this right !
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trmn8r on 04/24/2011:
One more reason not to use a site like Orbitz. I'm sorry this happened to you. Using a third party for travel arrangements, unless it is a bonafide travel agent, seems like a bad choice.
getoverit on 04/24/2011:
I hope they do change the Orbitz site if it is that confusing. By the same token, if the itinerary did not say that it was all-inclusive, then it seems pretty clear that it wasn't all-inclusive.
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Changing of Flight
Posted by on
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I have been a loyal orbits customer for quite sometime. Past History show Dec/03 was the day I started buying from them rather than my parent’s travel agent.
Throughout the years I have no problem with them but since there is not whole lots of changes need to be made on the flight that I am flying.
In my account, I have my wife, kid, friends and family member in there if they want me to assist them with buying ticket, since I talk soooo good about them, I can do it. One time, my wife, book a flight to Mexico with the wrong name and we were able to cancel it fairly quickly and also fee was like 15 dollar or so (which sound reasonable for a travel agent (specially an online one)) last year 2005 I even order 4 tickets from Tampa to Taiwan (each ticket $1,239.30 USD. they were not the cheapest but since they were good in service, I gave it to them)

So what went wrong??? This time I am going to Taiwan with my wife and kid. (this trip from LAX to Taipei was free from a family member) so only have to worry Tampa to LAX and back.
At first we were plan to stay for 3 weeks but we kind of know date might get change or something. So without checking Orbits NEW canceling fee I told my wife, it is OK, lets just order it early with orbits and they seem to be very easy to cancel w/ pretty good canceling fee.

So 2 days ago I found out my flight will be coming back a week and half early. @.@

This is when hell breaks loose. I will not go into detail on how bad customer service it was, how long did I have to wait, how many times did the India service people hang up on me nor how long they asked one question then put me on hold forever.

I call them this morning to found out that it would close me 90 dollar each ticket to cancel(which it cost 210 per ticket) and 130 dollar to change flight (not include the increase price they will do on other flight) ***please keep in mind I am traveling with 2 other *** to cancel flight would cost me $270 dollar?? that is 45% of my flight price. It is almost easier for me to deal with Air Train myself then buying from them. Orbits was supposed to be my Travel Agent which suppose act like one. I had to change my flight from LAX to Taipei twice and guess that how much that travel agent charge me?? NOTHING!!!
I should have just order from them.

Anyway, so this morning after 2 hours.... with all those stuff happen... I got place on hold for 20 mins... my wife suggest to call at night because we need to go to the hospital, my sister in law just had baby yesterday. so I said OK since I am night person anyway. So after a long busy day, I call Orbits at July 8th 2am, I explain my issue again, we ran into same problem. So finally I decided, I will talk to the supervisor, the agent explain no supervisor is there (I never hear of a no supervisor on site since I work at a call center as well) in the end, that call got hung up as well. Finally I got a guy who want to help me (I insist of speaking to supervisor) he told me, how come I didn’t call during normal business hour?. However, he was a little helpful, he transfer me to another person still at India (fyi)(also I believe she was the one hung up on me) In the end, they transfer me to Air Train (which I forgot to talk about, when I got hung up, I did tried to call Air Train, the person who pick up the phone told me to call Orbits (it is normal, just like if I have a travel agent) I explain to the person that I am being mistreated and just need this fix. transfer to supervisor of Air Train, (which got place on hold for 30 mins) She just told me to call Orbits and did not care about my issue.)
So before transferring to Air Train, the lady (who I believe hung up on me before) told me it would cost me $573 dollar to get it move from Aug 4th to July26 or 25. *** please keep in mind it cost me $673 for the tickets *** I told the Air Train guy, I am not in the hurry nor in business that need to be a time frame. I just need to go home but won't get charge for an arm or leg. In the end with couple price throwing to me (which I am not happy with) the guy told me. Same flight info and they change the date from Aug 4th to July 25. Total of $180 fee. I took it and call it a day. I will have to call the other travel agent to move the flight to the earlier time to arrive LAX (which again NO ADDITIONAL FEE)

Orbits were supposed to be my travel agent and yet they did not do their job. They were suppose look out for their customer’s best interest but yet they over charge me (as usually they are 5-15 dollar higher than buying from the company) but since as a travel agent, I know they make more than that. And yet they do not do their job. I might as well go out to McD and eat a value meal then sh.t in the bathroom and throw that sh.t back to my face. I will never use Orbits again and tomorrow, all my friends and family will found out. Lately I feel there is a trend of lack of customer service. What happen to the good old customer are number 1. Keep us happy and word of the mouths will be the best ad you will ever get. A good product (which in their hand was service) would be the key. They outsource the customer service to India which does not do their job or does not have the tool to so. Please train them better, provide better tools or move the customer service back to US.

My voice is not as big as a VP or some Exec but today was not acceptable.
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cadydid on 07/08/2007:
The key phrase here is "So without checking Orbits NEW canceling fee". I'm sorry to say this one is on you. You din't take time to check to see if the policy had changed. The time it took you to check this out whould have been say 5 minutes??? Just think of how five minutes would have saved you all this headache.
Anonymous on 09/29/2007:
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Will never use Orbitz again
Posted on
On March 11/12th, 2007 we made reservations via Orbitz to travel on July 17th to the UK. My whole family (husband, wife, 3 kids) were going over for my sister's wedding vows ceremony and just to visit with everyone. Unfortunately, on March 16th, I got the unexpected and devastating news that my mother had terminal cancer, and her prognosis was very poor. Basically, I needed to get to the UK ASAP if I was to see her alive. I contacted Orbitz the very next day, via their (subtracted to India) customer services.

#1 representative told me that, no problem, so long as we provided documentation, our flights would be "transferred" and we could fly out to the UK as soon as we could. Great news! On this basis, we started contacting our kids' teachers, my husband's professors, and my boss.

Calling back on Monday to clarify what was needed, #2 representative informed me that #1 representative was incorrect and that Orbitz "never transferred flights". #2 representative told me that we would have to seek a refund instead. I began to panic. My mother was deteriorating daily, and I needed to get to England. I asked her how long the refund would take and her response was that the refund would take place "immediately."

It took until Tuesday evening for us to straighten out the kids' schools, work and college, and by then I had received a letter from my mother's doctor in England. He wrote that she had "terminal illness with a poor prognosis." She was dying.

On March 21st, I faxed this letter from the doctor with an explanatory note to Orbitz. As requested by rep #2, I called 2 hours later and they confirmed that the letter was received. I asked #3 representative about the refund, emphasizing that we needed to leave NOW. #3's response was that it took 30-60 days to process a refund! When I had picked up my jaw from the floor, I repeated that #2 had told me that the refund was immediate. #3 told me that #2 was wrong (are you hearing the pattern here?) and that the refunds took 30-60 days - blah blah, credit card cycles, blah blah airlines fault etc. I told #3 that we had not used a credit card, we had used our bank debit card which had used funds available in our checking account. #3 then continued to quote the 30-60 day processing time.

Defeated and deeply emotional, I quit on calling Orbitz for a few hours. Then I called back, spoke to rep #4. I explained yet again that my mother was dying and I had to fly out now. I told #4 that I needed to speak to someone with authority to grant this refund immediately. #4 lost me someplace in the system. Called back again, same rigmarole, #5 lost me in the system. Called back again and explained to #6, and after a long - endlessly long - wait, another person came on the telephone, a female. #6 claimed to be a manager. I explained yet again the circumstances, and #6 went away for a very long time. When she returned, she told me that, and I quote exactly: "Orbitz has taken the hold off your money. All you have to do is call your bank, and they will take the hold off and you will have your money." I asked her to repeat that, and she did.

I hung up on her (BIG mistake!) and called our bank, USAA. The customer services rep looked at our account and said, no, no money waiting "on hold". I told her about my conversation with Orbitz and she checked everywhere she could but there was no money waiting.

Shall I spoil the suspense here and say that we are STILL awaiting this refund which Orbitz took the hold off on March 21st??

The bank told me to wait until the next day, which I did, but there was no money so, heart sinking, we took money yet again from our savings and we went ahead and booked a flight to leave for England on March 24th. Because of the delay with Orbitz, this was the soonest flight we could get that we could afford! We flew out of San Antonio on March 24th at 2:00pm and my mother died in England at 2:30pm. When we arrived in England on Sunday morning, it was way too late.

I was so done with telephone calls to Orbitz. I couldn't bear to be told any more lies, but I was very angry about the deliberate lies told by their customer services. I had begun emailing them on March 22nd, and I continued even after my mother's death to pursue both the issue of the lies told, and the whereabouts of my refund. All that I got was more company policy quoted and a suggestion that I call their 1-800 number. Which I declined.

When we returned, it took some time to regain momentum. The loss of a parent does that to you. On April 9th I wrote to Orbitz in Chicago. On April 16th I had a response from customer services. They apologized, they re-stated 30-60 day policy, they told me how huge Orbitz is and how many customers they have, and said they had faxed our information the airline (BMI).

Then followed a long period of silence. We had calculated the maximum 60 days from March 21st to expiry on May 19th (tomorrow as I write.) There has still be no sign of the money. So this morning, May 18th, I called customer services at Orbitz.

The person I spoke to there advised me that the 30-60 day period had "begun again" on April 16th when she wrote to me. When I questioned her, she finally acknowledged that the paperwork I had faxed to Orbitz had never been sent to BMI, hence the delay and the re-setting of the 30-60 day period. When I checked further, I found that - at today's date - our reservation to fly to England is still a "confirmed reservation." The airline hasn't even canceled our reservations!!

I have today faxed and emailed BMI to find out whether they ever received our paperwork. I have my doubts.

We are absolutely miserable and defeated. Orbitz made a bad situation significantly worse. I would never, ever, EVER travel with Orbitz again. I would rather get to England in other way than use their services. This is a bad, bad company.
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Sarah May on 05/18/2007:
I am so sorry for your loss. And for your bad experience with this company, as well. Thank you for the review.
Anonymous on 05/18/2007:
You're pretty much taking your chances on changing an itenerary with a third-party discounter like Orbitz or any other. They're in the business of finding you discount travel, hotels and cars - not quick changes or refunds.
rhondam718732 on 05/21/2007:
I am sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, your post shouldn't be directed at Orbitz for much more than their lack of communication about when you would receive the refund. Honestly, I would have gotten a flight the next day and dealt with the rest afterwards.
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Orbitz; a company that cannot be trusted
Posted by on
I was left to fend for myself when a Hotel that I had paid for a reservation through Orbitz refused to honor their travel voucher.

I had made a reservation for a hotel room in Beijing China at the Wang Fu Jing Da Wan Hotel. The reservation was paid for through my credit card on the Orbiz website. I was to stay there for 28 days.

My flight arrived in Beijing China at about 9:30 PM. After going through customs and the 45 minute drive from the airport it was almost midnight before I got to the hotel.

When I arrived and showed the hotel manager the Obitz travel voucher I was told that they had no rooms available for me and that I would have to go somewhere else. I explained that had paid for a room for 28 days and I wanted to know what they were going to do about it. The hotel manager told me that they would not honor the voucher and that they would only charge my credit card for one nights stay. I was told that they would refund my credit card for the remaining money.

I could not get a hold of anyone at Orbitz to see what they could do for me. I had to go to 6 different hotels before I could find one with a room. All rooms were booked for an upcoming holiday. It was the Chinese Labor day Holiday and it last a full week. Almost all hotels rooms were booked and all they could do was let me have a room for 5 days.

After two days of trying I was finally able to get a hold of Orbitz, and this is where the troubles really began. I was passed from one person to the next, no one seemed able to help me. I was told to be patient and that I would be refunded my money in 10 days. I told them of the trouble that I was having trying to get a room and they did not want to help me, they simply told me to go to their website to book a room. I told them of the holiday and the problem getting a room and it did not matter to them, I also told them that I was having to pay almost $60.00 per night extra for a room and again they did not care it was up to me to work this out as they said it was not their responsibility for any extra charges.

I finally found a room at the Holiday Inn Temple of Heaven in the southern part of the city of Beijing. This resulted in me having to pay almost three times as much for Taxi service to visit almost any of the places that we were to go to for the remainder of my stay in Beijing.

After 15 days of waiting to have my money returned, I checked my account and found that the money had not been returned to me. I called Orbitz and after being passed around again I was finally told that they wanted me to go back to the hotel that did not honor their voucher and to try to get my money back. I told them that this was not my job to do but theirs. They told me that the hotel manager told them that he would return my money in 10 business days.

I hired a translator and then took a taxi half way across the city of Beijing to talk with this hotel manager. I was told by the manager that he was only paid for the first nights stay as promised and that Orbitz had never paid them for the entire amount of the stay.

I wasted half a day and almost a hundred dollars for a translator and taxi to do what Orbitz had requested. When I called them back I again was passed from one person to the next, and again I was told that they wanted me to be patiant.

I tried talking to them via email because the long distance charges were getting to be very expensive as they would put me on hold for over 30 minutes each time you talked to them and sometimes up to 15 minutes while they passed me from one person to the next like a football.

I was promised the next time that they would have the money to me in 60 to 90 days. I again asked if there was something that they could do to help me about the additional cost that I was being forced to pay because of their lousy hotel reservation. I was told again to be patient. It seems that this is there solution to any problem, just be patient.

I told them that I was spending an extra $2000.00 for a hotel room, extra for the taxi service, extra for the translator, extra for the phone calls and all they said was for me to be patient. The total that I was out including the first hotel room, was over $5000.00 to have a room that I was to only pay a little over $1300.00 for. This caused me to have less money available for a vacation that I had planned years for. Orbitz solution, be patiant.

I wrote another email to them explaining that I could not believe that they had left a client to fend for themselves half way around the world, that they did not think that they had any responsibility other than to tell me to be patiant, and worst of all when I checked their website they were still advertising for this hotel that did not honor their voucher leaving other unsuspecting customers at risk of this happening to them.

I want this to be a warning to all persons thinking of dealing with Orbitz, let the buyer beware, they are a company that cannot be trusted and they will do nothing for you if your left in the same circumstances as I was.

Orbitz or the Hotel Manager are liars but in either case, I gave my money to Orbitz, and they failed to provide the services for which I paid for. The do not understand customer service and worst of all do not have any honor as a company.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 05/13/2007:
"be patient" = we are stalling you until we get you past the 60 day time frame to dispute with your credit card company.

Lesson learned: Make your own reservations. The travel websites are like sending a 6 year old to buy your weeks groceries ... you won't get what you need, but you will be out the money!
Sparticus on 05/13/2007:
I only use Orbitz for airfare. I've used them countless times with no problems. For hotels I always try to book directly with the hotel. Gives you more flexibility, and usually the best rate. Plus you don't have these problems with lost reservations, etc.
Anonymous on 05/13/2007:
Go direct like tnchuck says, sometimes you save money that way as well as controlling the situation.
dfields on 05/13/2007:
I agree with ALL of the above. most of those travel sites are bogus and should be shut down. use common sense. this is what happens when you try to save money. $1300 for 28 days in a hotel room? c'mon! too damn cheap! it sounds to good to be true, its not worth it.

rhondam718732 on 05/14/2007:
I really feel for you. However, you were very barve in using a 3rd party to give your money to when heading to China. ALWAYS go direct to the hotel. That way if there are problems, you only have to deal with them.
dfields on 05/15/2007:
petalmom, I agree with you. the Poster should be compensated for ALL his expenses. the Poster needs to contact the C.C. (if paid for by credit card) and find out who received the money, Orbitz or the Hotel. if was the Hotel, the Poster mostly like will be screwed (since they are out of country). Otherwise, if was Orbitz, the Poster could file a small claims lawsuit.
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How Orbitz Ruined my New Year
Posted by on
I just recently made a reservation on Orbitz to go to Colorodo for my winter break. I had made my flight to Colorodo on the 31st at 6:30 in the morning. I am a college student and do not have much money to spend on trips like these so I was expecting that everything was going to go as planned. After Colorodo I was supposed to be flying home to Cleveland on the 6th. The flight to Colorodo was schedualed to arrive at 11 AM. It ended up arriving at that time and everything was going according to plan. The problem I had now was that I received a call from Orbitz saying that my flight to Cleveland was on that day at 10 AM. I did not receive this message till later in the day because that my phone ran out of battery on the flight. Now this made absolutely no sense to me. It would have been impossible for me to get on that flight to Cleveland from Colorodo at 10 AM on the 31st because I was on the plane going to Colorodo at 10 AM. As soon as I realized what was going on I called Orbitz customer service. I spoke to one representative who did not even seem to understand what I was saying. I got tranffered to the manager who was even worse than the first representative. I tried to explain that there was absolutely no way that I could have possibly made that flight. I also tried to explain to this "manager", that it made no sense that I would book a flight that I would not be able to make. The manager had noting to tell me. All she told me was that there was nothing she could do for me but find me the cheapest possible flight for the 6th. The cheapest flight was over 300 dollars. As I said before I am a college student and would have no possible way of paying 300 for another flight. Although this "manager" told me that she understood my problem and "felt bad" for me, there was absolutely nothing that this person could do for me. I tried to explain that there was no possible way for me to pay for another flight due the fact that I spent all my money on the previous one. The only advice the manager had for me was that I should use a different persons credit card to pay for the flight or that I should rent a car and drive home..... It was absolute insanity on the phone for the next 20 minutes or so. No matter what I said to the manager, I would get the same exact response. It was like I was talking to a machine that was programmed to not help the customer under any circumstance. I will be stuck in Colorodo now because I cannot afford another flight home. The 200 hundred dollars is obviously more important to this huge company than it is to help the customers that they attracted. I would not recommend that anybody use Orbitz to plan there travel unless they are looking to be screwed over and feel like they are going to go insane.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/31/2009:
To make matters worse, the airline will cancel your return flight because will not have boarded your flight in Cleveland. So, if you are truly staying in Colorado until your return date, you won't be able to get on your originally booked fight back home. Speaking of which, where is that? You stated that your first flight was at 630am and you arrived in Colorado at 11am. I'm curious if you're home is in Alaska or something.
Anonymous on 12/31/2009:
If he is a college student and was flying to "Colorodo" on a flight taking that long, he is probably not from the United States.
Anonymous on 12/31/2009:
That's why I'm curious. And why does this site keep saying I'm posting on 12/31. Where I am, New Year's Day is over half over with already. Even in the U.S., 2 time zones are past midnight. Interesting, as well
Anonymous on 12/31/2009:
dan gordon on 01/01/2010:
why don't you call the airline direct? I'm confused how this error occurred. When you book I'm sure you got a confirmation e mail giving the flight dates etc? Many details are missing so I'm confused why perhaps you didn't book the wrong dates yourself?
Anonymous on 01/01/2010:
I agree that this is a matter to be sorted out with the airline instead of Orbitz. Can you tell us which airline(s) you were booked on for the different legs of your trip?
Anonymous on 01/01/2010:
I'm confused as well.....So your return flight was the same day as your first flight? I agree with Dan. Your itinerary that Orbitz gives you should tell you your exact flight dates and times, locations and all.....You should have a printout of it. If there is a dispute, I would go to the Airline directly.
let me see? on 01/01/2010:
HUH??? Gee, what you do is when you print the itineray you look at it. Make sure all the dates are correct and flight times are correct. I have a funny felling you made 2 one way flights thinking it may save money and didn't pay attention. What teenboy said, where is your print out, that would show whose fault it is. So very simple.
Orbitz sucks on 01/03/2010:
I was flying out of New York and it was not a direct flight. I made the reservation for the 6th to get back home and I did not have a chance to check the confirmation email. Regardless it would have been impossible for me to get onto the flight and I did try to speak with the airlines and they said it was a matter that had to be dealt with through Orbitz. I had to buy another ticket costing me 330 dollars and the original one was 170 and they were not willing to give me that price either.
Orbitz sucks on 01/03/2010:
And I do not think that I would book a flight for myself that I could not have gotten on. They told me the returning flight was at 10Am on the 30th and I was still on the plane headed to Colorodo at 10Am.
Anonymous on 01/03/2010:
Orbitz sucks, you seemed to have been the one who booked a return flight on the same day as your outward flight. It seems you booked two one-way flights. Even if you didn't check the confirmation email, did you at least print the screen when you purchased the ticket. You said you spoke with the airlineS. Did you book one airline outward and another airline return? You do not think you would book a flight that you could not have gotten on? You are not sure? It is unfortunate, but you've paid $330 to learn to be more careful.
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Three Strikes and Orbitz is Out!
Posted by on
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Three Strikes and Orbits is Out!

I once was a very happy Orbitz customer, heartily recommending Orbitz to others. I like the way Orbitz’ searches work, how they can be refined, and how going and return flights can be selected separately. I also like the way “My Flights” keeps a record of flights for later printing for reimbursements, etc. I always used Orbitz.

However, now I STRONGLY advise against using Orbitz because of three bad experiences that I have recently had. Three strikes and Orbitz is out! Each strike separately is actually bad enough for me to recommend against using Orbitz; but together they suggest a pattern of bad business practice that speaks poorly of Orbitz.

STRIKE ONE: I changed a ticket and got the confirmation of the change, which I examined. The requested change had been correctly made. Great. But then the day before departure, I discovered that Orbitz had not only made the change I requested but they had also dropped one whole leg of my overall flight. What a shock it was to discover this. After a great deal of haggling with Orbitz they gave me a $100 voucher for the purchase of a future flight. They said that the error was “shared responsibility,” since I had not caught their error. But have you ever looked at the flight schedules that Orbitz sends you? They are very hard to follow. And, the fact is that I had proofed their confirmation for the change that I had requested and confirmed that it had been correctly made. I never dreamed that they would drop a totally different leg of my overall flight. Their $100 voucher did not begin to cover the cost of the new ticket that I had to purchase at the last minute, but it was some compensation for which I was modestly satisfied.

STRIKE TWO: I booked two flights of the same itinerary, one for me and one for my wife. For work reasons we later had to change the itinerary, but, even though my wife and I were booked on the very same flights, Orbitz had me booked through Air France and my wife through Delta. It was a nightmare to get these tickets changed since we had to work with each airline separately. Orbitz would not make the change. Getting the fights changed took the better part of a whole day. Neither airline had access to the other’s tickets. In the end, my wife and I had to fly separately with totally different itineraries, and on different days! The total cost of the change with Delta for my wife was reasonable and the new flights were good. But with Air France the cost change was HUGE and the new itinerary had an additional flight each direction, on different days from my wife, and with awful hours.

STRIKE THREE: I called Orbitz to complain about “STRIKE TWO.” The representative said that he could give me a $50 voucher for a future flight purchase. I asked if he could double this, as previously I had been awarded a $100 voucher. He said that he could not give me another $100 voucher, but that he could give us two $50 vouchers separately, one for me and one for my wife. This got me what I had requested. I was moderately satisfied with his offer, though, admittedly it was only a small part of what Orbitz’ bad booking practice had cost me. Neither Air France nor Delta could believe that Orbitz had booked us as they did.

And then, what did Orbitz send me? Only one $50 voucher, and, worse still, a voucher that is not good for a future flight purchase, but only for a hotel booking or a vacation package. I wrote Orbitz to tell them that this is not what they had said they would do. To my surprise Orbitz has now twice clearly confirmed that they will not honor their word.

For me this is the last strike. A company that will not keep its word will not have my business, and I would suggest that they should not have yours either.

Three strikes and you’re out, Orbitz!

P.S. Even at this late date, should Orbitz reverse its decision, I will alter my opinion and post here an update.
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jerseygurl on 03/09/2011:
I would recommend to use a REAL travel agent next time! they usually charge a $25.00 booking fee, but that is nothing compared to all the headaches you encountered in this fiasco!

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Orbit Telecom and their sneaky ways!
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Recently my husband realized that there was a strange charge on our home phone bill from a company called "ESBI." When I researched a little bit I found out this company is one of those pop-up sites that ask you for your phone number for answers to some quiz or something. They then charge your phone bill for any fees related to the service. I called a couple days ago to take care of the month we initially discovered (it's at the very end of the bill, and since we don't expect extra charges on our bills we usually look at the front page and pay the amount due. We've learned our lesson on that one!), but then we got curious and checked previous months. Sure enough...so back on the phone. I reached the "customer service" department (with a true picture of how valued customer service is to Orbitz ~ in the Philippines) and got the charges removed easily. (another side note ~ I've worked in customer service AND for telemarketing companies...when they readily, without question remove the charges from your bill it is VERY clear that they know they're scum and sneaky.)At the end, after they've removed the charges, they asked how I was related to (insert name of person who entered my phone number). I had no idea who that person was, and their name wasn't anywhere NEAR our name. UGH!! In the age of technology we live in, there is no reason for a name not matching the phone number to actually go through as a charge ~ I've had it happen to me when I've accidentally hit an extra number and didn't realize it.

When I asked for the supervisor (the poor operator can't do anything about the company) and asked for the phone number of ESBI headquarters in The States I was informed they are actually "Orbitz Telecom." So I asked for their phone number in the US. She informed me that she can give me an address, but that she did not have the phone number. ( I LOVE being lied to...) I stated that obviously they don't write letters back and forth from the Philippines to Henderson, NV and that they DO have the phone number there. She gave the typical, "I'm following company policy" (yeah ~ "I'm following the policy that shows our level of customer service. They let those of us in other countries deal with their messes." Gee, I wonder why other countries REALLY don't like us? Hmmmm???)

After a VERY long attempt at getting the number, I gave up and decided to, instead, look for every forum possible to post a review of Orbitz on.

Moral of the story: CHECK YOUR PHONE BILLS!!!
Company Response 06/30/2009:
Orbit Telecom provides its subscribers with a private voice mail service which enables access to voice mails via phone and email. We market the service on the Internet and continuously review our marketing and sign-up procedures and believe that they comply with all applicable laws and industry standard best practices.

We maintain excellent customer service 24 by 7 by 365 and you can reach us via phone at 800-263-0206 or online at http://www.orbittelecom.com/support.cfm. I’m confident we can address any customer service concerns you may have.

Orbit Telecom Customer Service
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JDSmith on 06/19/2009:
Your complaint is listed against Orbitz, but I think you meant it to be Orbit Telecom, http://www.orbittelecom.com/

They do have contact information on their website, including an address in Henderson, NV and an 800 number.
TJFozzie on 06/19/2009:
Thanks! Sorry about the misinformation for the company.
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Orbitz - A Guide To Managing Your Losses
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If you are reading this basically you like me were suckered into a deal with Orbitz. I feel for you. You have two options now - you can rant and rave into the void (I have nothing against that) or you can get the most you can out of Orbitz with the least (but still considerable) effort.

Basically the way the operate is with very poor trained, very low-pay workers in call centers in emerging markets. They are clueless and cannot really assist you. Getting cross, shouting, asking to speak to a supervisor - its all useless. They only give first names, so there is no come back. So in short realize before you call that you are speaking to someone paid way less than a dollar an hour, who speaks okayish English, has probably never stayed in hotel or flown in plane in their lives, doesn't know anything about the travel business AND has their finger on the hang-up button.

The way the call center workers operate is the moment anything gets confusing or complicated, or the caller is irate they simply drop the call. Its no skin off their back, Orbitz (or its sub-contractors) designed the system to not be accountable. There is no follow up to the caller that you last spoke to i.e. you cannot actually get them again. So basically what I did, after about 10 hours of exasperated calls, was as follows. I worked out exactly what the solution to my problem was. Basically the person needed to call KLM and change the reservation. I got her the KLM reservation number in Holland, told her what buttons to press, phoned KLM in Holland (who said only the travel agent can do the change), asked them to make a note of what needed to change. And the talked the Orbitz call center staff through the process step by step. It worked.

Anyway here are some tips for how to manage your losses with Orbitz:

1) See if you can sort it out yourself first. You will have to do this anyway to "train" the Orbitz call center staff.

2) If its a small amount of money at stake ask yourself "is it worth 10 hours on the phone to staff who know nothings and can do little?"

3) If it is not a small amount of money or you are stuck here is what to do:

a) Find out exactly what the call center staff will need to do, who they need to phone, phone the people they need to phone and prepare them, give Orbitz staff as detailed a description as you can of what they need to do.

b) Do not get angry or they will punish you by keeping you on hold for 45 minutes and then cut you off.

Important - allocate time to this. Its not a quick call. Set yourself down, get coffee notepads, get in a comfortable chair and prepare to spend much of the day on the task.

Good luck
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jktshff1 on 11/24/2008:
I got a better suggestion...don't use them.
Anonymous on 11/24/2008:
I second that.
leopard on 12/01/2008:
Just make all your rez's through the individual hotels, airlines, etc. Its easier, and usually cheaper.
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Orbitz Did Not Deliver The Flights They Sold To Me
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ORANGE, CALIFORNIA -- In July I booked 4 roundtrip tickets on Orbitz for travel at Christmas time 2008. These tickets need to be booked far in advance due to high demand at the holidays. Everything seemed to be fine - I was given a confirmation code with Midwest/Northwest (it was a codeshare flight) and received an e-mail from Orbitz thanking me for booking the flights with them. The Orbitz itinerary e-mail even included the confirmed price of 4 tickets at $402 each.

Several weeks later my credit card statement arrived and the Orbitz service fee had been charged but not the cost of the tickets. I went to the Midwest website, entered my confirmation code and my itinerary popped up - still no obvious problems.

Another week or so went by and still no charge for the tickets so I decided to contact Orbitz. This is when the fun began.

After a lengthy phone call where I was put on hold for 10 minutes at at time - an agent finally admitted there was a problem with my reservation. The agent blamed the airline saying Midwest did not "confirm" the outbound flight and hadn't issued a ticket for that. However the agent said that the return portion of the flight seemed to be OK. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do with only half of my roundtrip ticket and the agent offered no suggestions. I asked if Orbitz was intending to NOTIFY ME of the problem with my reservation but was never given a straight answer. All I got was a lame apology for the "inconvenience". They NEVER contacted me in any way regarding the fact that I DID NOT have a valid roundtrip flight even though I had a reservation confirmation number. Several times the agent said "it's OK - you have not been charged for the flights". I responded "I KNOW you didn't charge me - that's why I am calling - but I do want those flights and am happy to pay for them".

Of course, I was then told that I could be booked on the flights but would have to pay substantially more due to the outbound flight having a higher fare class. I told the agent this was ridiculous and I wanted the fare that they sold me in July. "Sorry, that fare was not honored by the airline" was the response. So, my options were to pay the increase or cancel entirely. I told the agent that I wanted to review this with my husband and would call back.

After spending several hours researching other options, I found I could book the tickets on Northwest (different fight times but on the same days) for much less than Orbitz wanted to charge me. I decided to cancel the Orbitz reservation. When I called, an Orbitz agent tried to be helpful and told me he wanted to see what he could do for me. I waited patiently, hoping that he would actually help me to get my original flights for the original price. After about 40 minutes, he came back on the phone and told me " Well I was able to determine that you were never charged for the flights so there shouldn't be a problem". I resisted my urge to scream in frustration.

Orbitz clearly sold me flights with a fare the airlines would not honor and Orbitz is taking no responsibility for that. By the way, the original Orbitz price was only a little better than what the airlines were offering in July so I wasn't getting any fabulous deal. Had I not contacted Orbitz when I did I could have been stuck with sky high prices the closer we got to the holidays. I also resent spending the better part of a day dealing with this because of Orbitz handled this so terribly.

Never again will I book anything with Orbitz and will warn everyone I know about this bad experience.
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Anonymous on 08/13/2008:
As you found out the hard way always book direct and stay away from these third party travel sites.
BobJohn on 08/13/2008:
I still don't understand why people don't at least check the airline's web sites before jumping into an online agency. I wouldn't rush down and buy a new car because the car dealer said "We have the best deal in town" without checking other dealers first.
familytravel on 08/13/2008:
This is the reason why I always book directly with the airlines when I fly. Same thing for hotels.
Anonymous on 08/13/2008:
I really, really wish these third party places would go away. they do not seem to be worth the possible discounts in the least.
Oh.Brutha on 09/26/2008:
That's about the time that Midwest was talking bankruptcy. Midwest probably didn't confirm the flights. Did you check your My Trips within 24 hours of booking to see if there was a ticket number assigned?
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