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Read Reviews before you book. Worst Flight Experience of my Life.
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This could be a very long story as I was on the phone for over 5 hours total.( I am not exaggerating!)
I booked a round trip from Phoenix to Calgary for two of us with Orbitz. When we arrived at the airport I was denied boarding as I did not have my passport just the passport card. Lesson one learned is you cannot use the passport card for flying. This part is totally on me!
United Airlines, after about and hour and half was unable to help me at the airport(they tried very hard)because I booked through Orbitz they could not separated the two person itinerary so I could rebook. OK so I go home to call Orbitz. They do their thing and I am told I have a confirmed reservation the next day with United Airlines.
Now the saga begins:
I waited about two hours and went to the UAL site to check in and print a boarding pass. There was no record on their site. I went to Orbitz where I found my revised itinerary but there was no way for me to check in.
I called Orbitz and after about an hour of who knows what they were doing the assured me that my flight the next day was confirmed and it would show up with united later tonight or by the morning at the latest. LIE #1.
The next morning there is no record, no email, no nothing about my flight.
I called Orbitz. They again assured me that I had a flight and to just go to the airport and pick up my boarding pass there. LIE #2
While I was talking to Orbitz I checked online at United and there was no record of me. I insisted with the Orbitz representative that things were not as they were telling me and that I would not get off the phone until I had a boarding pass printed.
Now it really got interesting. After about a half hour the representative came back on the phone and informed me that indeed my ticket was NOT issued and there was no longer any space on the flight for me. After regaining some resemblance of composure I asked to speak to a supervisor.
Jasper got on the line and again informed me that I was not issued a ticket and there was no room on the flight they told me I had the previous night. I had the itinerary sitting in front of me.

Jasper then proceeded to spend about an hour and half looking for another flight. He came back on and had a couple of flights for me and all it would cost me is $1100 additional. Again it took a couple of minutes to regain composure and lower the blood pressure. After a little negotiation and reasoning, Jasper found a flight that I think he said would not cost me anything but would get me into Calgary at midnight. I figured I had not choice but to accept. After another hour on hold, he gets back on and informs that I would have to call United directly to make the change but that all was well. I told him I did believe that and that I wanted a confirmation and boarding pass before I hung up. He insisted that my only recourse was to call United that he could not make the change. LIE #3
I called united and they had no record of what Jasper was talking about.(imagine that)
They did have the flight Jasper had told me would be free. Unfortunately it would cost me $2300. (again imagine that) The United representative heard my story and worked very hard. In about a half hours time I was booked on a US Airways direct flight for.........$82!!!!!

There are many more details I could include(I think I have already rambled)but the moral of the story is......DO NOT USE ORBITZ. They lied to me and certainly did not have any form of customer service. I heard at least 5 times that it was my fault because I had missed my original flight.
Orbitz is the most dishonest company and its customer service sucks
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I recently had two terrible experioences with Orbitz. the first one is when I booked a flight with them on Air Tran. Orbitz fools you into believing that if you book with them you have 24 hours, starting from the time you book and pay for your ticket , for cancelling a ticket free of charge (not including their handling fee). I trusted them and booked 4 tickets while not completely sure about the hour and day of departure as one of our party was awaiting for some school results before being able to fly. Fourteen hours later, I was informed that this person would have to fly later as she had to undergo an additional examination. I then called Orbitz to cancel my tickets and make another booking. However, their customer representative who spoke a barely audible English informed me that it was not possible. I told her that I was cancelling within the 24 hours that were allotted to me under their policy. She answered that with Air Tran, it was 4 hours and not 24 hours. I was incensed and told her that I had never been informed about this and that nothing in my documents alluded to this particular detail and that they should have mentioned this tome beforehand in which case I would never have booked the tickets, She was very insolent and told me that the 24 hours awarded to me were normally a courtesy measure and that I could not do anything about it. I tried to talk with her supervisor who was as rude and unhelpful as she was. I then wrote to their customer service to protest against this absence of transparency in their policies and advertisements.

They wrote back telling me that they could not do anything about it that it was the Airtran policies. I was so incensed that I told them it was the last time I was dealing with them. On my flight back I spoke with an Air Tran agent who told me that Orbitz had a very bad record with them, that they changed passenger's reservations at the last minute without due notification and that I would be better off booking directly with the airlines and thus avoid the unnecessary fee charged by Orbitz. Another passenger who was nearby told me that she too had had a very horrible experience with Orbitz. Finally I called Orbitz to ask them to cancel my account with them and to erase all the information they had on me ( name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, travel patterns, previous flights and reservations, hotel booking, car reservations etc.) and which, I know very well, they sell to marketing companies. They refused and told me the only thing they could do was to freeze my account and argued that technical9 computer-linked) problems prevented them from erasing all my personal information from their files.

I was furious and am now writing to the Bureau of Consumer Affairs of my home State to protest against this violation of my individual rights. I cannot understand how a company which has failed you can retain your personal information for its profit. So beware of Orbitz, a totally unethical and deceitful company!
Orbitz has lost my business forever!!
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On Monday night I tried booking a flight from Seattle to Ontario California on Orbitz. For some reason my card was declined (I'm thinking address issues?) so I tried again and then again, for a total of 3 times. When it didn't go through I used my friend's debit card and planned to give her the money for the ticket. No problems, ticket booked, excited about my trip!

Until yesterday (April 26) when I found out my friend had been charged DOUBLE the ticket cost. She called and was told the second charge would fall off within a few days, which was upsetting to say the least. If they are going to hold two times the amount of the ticket they need to put that in BOLD where it is visible before purchasing a ticket. I would have booked elsewhere if I saw it which is probably why its somewhere in the fineprint but regardless, we were less than thrilled.

THEN, I checked my account and found out I had ALSO BEEN CHARGED for the same ticket!!!! Seriously, you ask? Oh yes. So by declined they meant "this will look like its not being processed so you continue on in another way but we are actually in the process of manhandling your financial life. Thanks." The incredible part is that because I was charged this amount without knowing the other items that hit my account caused it to be overdrawn, causing hundred of dollars in fees to be assesses before I had my morning coffee. Of course I called and spoke to a woman who didn't understand that my problem was not that the money would be put back in my account. It was explained to me that within 3-5 days the charge would "fall off" because it wasn't attached to an actual reservation. However, my problem was that I was incurring fees as a direct result of their substandard system and would have multiple bills returned, incurring more fees AND damaging my history with these companies. I explained this to the woman at least 5 times and was told that I should contact my bank. So I did.

My bank informed me that the only thing I could do is file a claim which would take about 10 days to resolve. So I did so and then per my bank's instructions, called Orbitz back. This time I was able to talk to a fantastic gentleman named Ryan. He did a truly great job of keeping me calm and listening to my ACTUAL problem and offered to call Alaska Airlines on my behalf to have the charge reversed. Unfortunately, there was no code listed with the transaction on my bank account so he was told Alaska couldn't do anything. Back to square one after more than 5 hours on the phone.

I called my bank to get the code and it wasn't there- the transaction simply said something to the effect of "Alaskaairorbitz"- not what we needed. I called Orbitz again and was accidentally hung up on during the initial "can you verify your account" thing which I know was accidental but now on my 6th hour I was getting upset. That didn't help. Maybe they need a new phone system too?

This time I encountered a less than accommodating woman who was obviously trained to ignore a customer's request to speak with a manager and continued to waste my time informing me of the same irrelevant details that were becoming a redundant song blasting my ear drums!!!! I was extremely frustrated and asked yet again to speak with a manager. The woman I was transferred to couldn't help and sent me to yet ANOTHER woman who was reasonable but not at all kind or comforting through this process. After another 30 minutes of the runaround of what the problem was, whom I had spoken to and what they said, how my bank was handling this situation etc I was finally able to convince her to call my bank herself to rectify the stinking issue. She did and I was told the money was already added back to my account. I thanked her and went on my merry way after the most hideous experience with a company I've ever had.

Problem was- it wasn't. She told me that money would be available right away and maybe it was a bank hang up that caused it not to be available until this morning but how about checking with the person you're talking to before giving out false information? I attempted to get gas and was declined which would have been a HUGE issue had I not had cash with me.

All in all I'm angry. I spent the better portion of my day dealing with an issue that shouldn't have happened in the first place BUT I get that systems have glitches. That's not the problem. My problem is that whatever she did at the end of the day should have been done when I called initially. I was also not offered any help with my bank- which is not the treatment my friend got (she was told they would contact her bank on her behalf), not met with a courteous or helpful attitude in most cases (except Ryan-great job with him!) And was not offered anything for my ordeal. This has been a miserable experience. In the future I will either book directly through an airline (or hotel or rental company). The last thing I'll say is that this isn't just unfortunate for my friend and I on a personal level because of all of our wasted time and held funds but also because this particular friend works for a company which utilizes companies like Orbitz on a regular basis and because of our experience this week, they will also be going elsewhere from now on. Great job Orbitz! It's been an experience.
How Orbitz Ruined my New Year
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I just recently made a reservation on Orbitz to go to Colorodo for my winter break. I had made my flight to Colorodo on the 31st at 6:30 in the morning. I am a college student and do not have much money to spend on trips like these so I was expecting that everything was going to go as planned. After Colorodo I was supposed to be flying home to Cleveland on the 6th. The flight to Colorodo was schedualed to arrive at 11 AM. It ended up arriving at that time and everything was going according to plan. The problem I had now was that I received a call from Orbitz saying that my flight to Cleveland was on that day at 10 AM. I did not receive this message till later in the day because that my phone ran out of battery on the flight. Now this made absolutely no sense to me. It would have been impossible for me to get on that flight to Cleveland from Colorodo at 10 AM on the 31st because I was on the plane going to Colorodo at 10 AM. As soon as I realized what was going on I called Orbitz customer service. I spoke to one representative who did not even seem to understand what I was saying. I got tranffered to the manager who was even worse than the first representative. I tried to explain that there was absolutely no way that I could have possibly made that flight. I also tried to explain to this "manager", that it made no sense that I would book a flight that I would not be able to make. The manager had noting to tell me. All she told me was that there was nothing she could do for me but find me the cheapest possible flight for the 6th. The cheapest flight was over 300 dollars. As I said before I am a college student and would have no possible way of paying 300 for another flight. Although this "manager" told me that she understood my problem and "felt bad" for me, there was absolutely nothing that this person could do for me. I tried to explain that there was no possible way for me to pay for another flight due the fact that I spent all my money on the previous one. The only advice the manager had for me was that I should use a different persons credit card to pay for the flight or that I should rent a car and drive home..... It was absolute insanity on the phone for the next 20 minutes or so. No matter what I said to the manager, I would get the same exact response. It was like I was talking to a machine that was programmed to not help the customer under any circumstance. I will be stuck in Colorodo now because I cannot afford another flight home. The 200 hundred dollars is obviously more important to this huge company than it is to help the customers that they attracted. I would not recommend that anybody use Orbitz to plan there travel unless they are looking to be screwed over and feel like they are going to go insane.
Three Strikes and Orbitz is Out!
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Three Strikes and Orbits is Out!

I once was a very happy Orbitz customer, heartily recommending Orbitz to others. I like the way Orbitz’ searches work, how they can be refined, and how going and return flights can be selected separately. I also like the way “My Flights” keeps a record of flights for later printing for reimbursements, etc. I always used Orbitz.

However, now I STRONGLY advise against using Orbitz because of three bad experiences that I have recently had. Three strikes and Orbitz is out! Each strike separately is actually bad enough for me to recommend against using Orbitz; but together they suggest a pattern of bad business practice that speaks poorly of Orbitz.

STRIKE ONE: I changed a ticket and got the confirmation of the change, which I examined. The requested change had been correctly made. Great. But then the day before departure, I discovered that Orbitz had not only made the change I requested but they had also dropped one whole leg of my overall flight. What a shock it was to discover this. After a great deal of haggling with Orbitz they gave me a $100 voucher for the purchase of a future flight. They said that the error was “shared responsibility,” since I had not caught their error. But have you ever looked at the flight schedules that Orbitz sends you? They are very hard to follow. And, the fact is that I had proofed their confirmation for the change that I had requested and confirmed that it had been correctly made. I never dreamed that they would drop a totally different leg of my overall flight. Their $100 voucher did not begin to cover the cost of the new ticket that I had to purchase at the last minute, but it was some compensation for which I was modestly satisfied.

STRIKE TWO: I booked two flights of the same itinerary, one for me and one for my wife. For work reasons we later had to change the itinerary, but, even though my wife and I were booked on the very same flights, Orbitz had me booked through Air France and my wife through Delta. It was a nightmare to get these tickets changed since we had to work with each airline separately. Orbitz would not make the change. Getting the fights changed took the better part of a whole day. Neither airline had access to the other’s tickets. In the end, my wife and I had to fly separately with totally different itineraries, and on different days! The total cost of the change with Delta for my wife was reasonable and the new flights were good. But with Air France the cost change was HUGE and the new itinerary had an additional flight each direction, on different days from my wife, and with awful hours.

STRIKE THREE: I called Orbitz to complain about “STRIKE TWO.” The representative said that he could give me a $50 voucher for a future flight purchase. I asked if he could double this, as previously I had been awarded a $100 voucher. He said that he could not give me another $100 voucher, but that he could give us two $50 vouchers separately, one for me and one for my wife. This got me what I had requested. I was moderately satisfied with his offer, though, admittedly it was only a small part of what Orbitz’ bad booking practice had cost me. Neither Air France nor Delta could believe that Orbitz had booked us as they did.

And then, what did Orbitz send me? Only one $50 voucher, and, worse still, a voucher that is not good for a future flight purchase, but only for a hotel booking or a vacation package. I wrote Orbitz to tell them that this is not what they had said they would do. To my surprise Orbitz has now twice clearly confirmed that they will not honor their word.

For me this is the last strike. A company that will not keep its word will not have my business, and I would suggest that they should not have yours either.

Three strikes and you’re out, Orbitz!

P.S. Even at this late date, should Orbitz reverse its decision, I will alter my opinion and post here an update.
Orbit Telecom and their sneaky ways!
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Recently my husband realized that there was a strange charge on our home phone bill from a company called "ESBI." When I researched a little bit I found out this company is one of those pop-up sites that ask you for your phone number for answers to some quiz or something. They then charge your phone bill for any fees related to the service. I called a couple days ago to take care of the month we initially discovered (it's at the very end of the bill, and since we don't expect extra charges on our bills we usually look at the front page and pay the amount due. We've learned our lesson on that one!), but then we got curious and checked previous months. Sure enough...so back on the phone. I reached the "customer service" department (with a true picture of how valued customer service is to Orbitz ~ in the Philippines) and got the charges removed easily. (another side note ~ I've worked in customer service AND for telemarketing companies...when they readily, without question remove the charges from your bill it is VERY clear that they know they're scum and sneaky.)At the end, after they've removed the charges, they asked how I was related to (insert name of person who entered my phone number). I had no idea who that person was, and their name wasn't anywhere NEAR our name. UGH!! In the age of technology we live in, there is no reason for a name not matching the phone number to actually go through as a charge ~ I've had it happen to me when I've accidentally hit an extra number and didn't realize it.

When I asked for the supervisor (the poor operator can't do anything about the company) and asked for the phone number of ESBI headquarters in The States I was informed they are actually "Orbitz Telecom." So I asked for their phone number in the US. She informed me that she can give me an address, but that she did not have the phone number. ( I LOVE being lied to...) I stated that obviously they don't write letters back and forth from the Philippines to Henderson, NV and that they DO have the phone number there. She gave the typical, "I'm following company policy" (yeah ~ "I'm following the policy that shows our level of customer service. They let those of us in other countries deal with their messes." Gee, I wonder why other countries REALLY don't like us? Hmmmm???)

After a VERY long attempt at getting the number, I gave up and decided to, instead, look for every forum possible to post a review of Orbitz on.

Moral of the story: CHECK YOUR PHONE BILLS!!!
Company Response 06/30/2009:
Orbit Telecom provides its subscribers with a private voice mail service which enables access to voice mails via phone and email. We market the service on the Internet and continuously review our marketing and sign-up procedures and believe that they comply with all applicable laws and industry standard best practices.

We maintain excellent customer service 24 by 7 by 365 and you can reach us via phone at 800-263-0206 or online at http://www.orbittelecom.com/support.cfm. I’m confident we can address any customer service concerns you may have.

Orbit Telecom Customer Service
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Worst Company I Have Ever Used to 'Save' Money
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Rating: 1/51
PORTLAND, OREGON -- Orbitz.com is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They scam you into thinking you have a credit, but this is actually just a credit to THEIR fees if you rebook with them. Don't let them fool you, it is NOT toward your plane ticket.

I also got hung up on twice, finally connecting someone after the third time. They were 'briefly' transferring me, and two hours later they answered my waiting call saying the same thing as the person before. They were not consistent on what they said, and will continually switch around words to clear them from giving you anything they previously promised.

Customer service is no help, and is either the money you 'SAVE'. Anyone I care about I will tell not to use Orbitz because they are so money hungry, even the people I don't care about I will still tell them to avoid Orbitz at all costs.
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Incompetent Travel Agent
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Rating: 1/51
In June 2014, my husband and I booked a cruise on the Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas for February of 2015, for our family of 6. We booked through Orbitz, fairly confident that they were a reputable company. (In the future, I will be booking directly through the cruise lines). Here is just a sampling of what happened:
- Our travel agent admittedly "lost" our phone number, and numerous phone calls went unanswered.
- Our travel agent did not find us any "deals", nor did she do anything that I couldn't have done online.
- Our credit card was compromised 2 times after booking this cruise (not used anywhere else)
- I specifically asked that gratuities were pre-paid. This did not happen and thousands of miles out to sea, I am seeing daily gratuities added on to our sea pass account! The cruise line, RCI, gave me a courtesy call to Orbitz. At this time, I was lucky enough to be on hold for half the time and then speak to a wise guy agent who didn't think I should be upset, and didn't find any notes in the system to indicate my request.
- We did have a nice vacation, however, I am NEVER booking through Orbitz again, for anything.
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Orbitz Messed Up Our International Flight Reservations
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Rating: 1/51
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Flights booked 8 months in advance Sydney AU to Houston. Fiji Air to Fiji, Fiji Air from Fiji to Los Angeles, American from LA to Houston.

They changed our flight times five times. Now in Australia to fly on Saturday, we have no airline locator codes, cannot check in, no seats, and not sure we even have flights. All we have is the useless Orbits locator. The Orbitz call number is a US number (did I say we were in AU?) so the call and on hold for 30-60 minutes will be VERY expensive. We have done this once and they seemed to fix it, but NO, still FUBAR.

We have e-mailed Orbitz but of course NO answer.

These guys suck. NEVER NEVER AGAIN.......All of our contact lists (1500 or so) will hear of our crappy Orbitz experience.

Oh, did I say these were business class/first class tickets. Yeah, IF we get on a flight - steerage I bet. This is an $8,000 transaction and we have ZERO confidence.
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Orbitz Worst Online Flight Booking Company Ever
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Rating: 1/51
Worst online flight booking company ever. Booked a flight leaving at 10:30 am for me and my son and received the itinerary with a flight leaving at 6 am. They put my 7yr old son as the primary on the account and would not speak to me as I was not the primary. Really? I was transferred back into the system over 3 times. The automated system when I called in was choppy and not functioning properly. I had to call several different times just to get the system to work. When I finally got to speak with a representative I was told that the free cancellation did not exist even though it is right on the purchasing page. I was told that to get this resolved they needed to speak to my son and put me back in the phone system. The next person said that he would look into it and then told me that I was a minor according to the computer and could not talk to me that my son (who is 7yr old) was the adult and therefore they needed to talk to him. Well sorry but he is currently in the 2nd grade and in school! I went ahead and canceled this ticked online (see it really is free to do this dumb reps.). I will never use Orbit again!

Orbitz Worldwide, Inc.
500 W. Madison, Suite 1000
Chicago, Illinois 60661
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