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Rating: 1/51

I had booked a round trip ticket with Orbitz to go to an event in Kansas City. The event was cancelled and they would not refund my money... Pure and simple, highway robbery.

Website of Hell
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Rating: 1/51

I bought a ticket for international travel but my travel date need to be changed. However, after I cancelled my ticket online, they do not refund me nor let me use my credit. Man, that is a lot of money they have stolen from me.

False Advertising
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Rating: 1/51

ASHEVILLE -- The cost of my flight to NY went down by $28 in one week. I contacted Orbitz to take advantage of their "Price Assurance". What a misnomer! If the airfare goes down, a) you must wait for another Orbitz customer to book the same flight, and b) Orbitz does not refund $, they give you 'points'. I could live with both those conditions; however, those points CAN ONLY be redeemed towards HOTEL stays. Ridiculous! "Price Assurance" is at the very least false advertising; I think it verges on fraud.

"Free" Shore Excursion for the Cruise Is Not Free
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Rating: 1/51

I just booked a Carnival cruise with Orbitz for a first time and have to tell you that Orbitz offer of "free shore excursion" is completely misleading to the customers. I've been on many cruises before and booked several excursions but with other agencies and had NEVER been tricked like this.

First of all, the list of excursions is very different than Carnival offers. I found out it ONLY after booking a cruise with Orbitz, booking agent clearly told me to go on Carnival website (my reservation email clearly says the same) and pick a excursion I want and I did and it wasn't included in this offer... Second of all, it is not "free" it's $70.00 off, so if the excursion costs more than $70 you would have to pay extra. That I found out AFTER booking the cruise as well.

And after I finally booked the excursion I wasn't really interested in because Orbitz didn't have any similar to what I've seen on Carnival: the ride to the place was NOT included. YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME! You couldn't organize a ride for $70 excursion? I go on the cruise by myself and I simply don't feel safe to get a taxi in a foreign county I don't speak the language. And you call it "free" excursion? Who knows how much more taxi ride is going to cost? It makes me wonder: if I get to the place who knows what other "surprises" I might experience? So I have to make a decision not to go at all.

Like I said I've booked several excursion with Carnival before: everything was VERY well organized, from the start to finish, no gimmicks, no hidden costs, to tricks and transportation was ALWAYS included in the cost of excursion!

If someone new will have this experience he/she might think that all cruises are so poorly organized but that's so not true. I wouldn't be coming back! No wonder Orbitz advertise that their excursions are less crowed. Who wants to experience this? Keep finding out what is not included as you go and you can't do anything about it?! Thank God I haven't actually paid that $70 dollars, but I'm sure I'll NEVER book a cruise with Orbitz again! I have been completely fooled! This is how I feel about this experience!

Orbit Telecom and their sneaky ways!
By -

Recently my husband realized that there was a strange charge on our home phone bill from a company called "ESBI." When I researched a little bit I found out this company is one of those pop-up sites that ask you for your phone number for answers to some quiz or something. They then charge your phone bill for any fees related to the service. I called a couple days ago to take care of the month we initially discovered (it's at the very end of the bill, and since we don't expect extra charges on our bills we usually look at the front page and pay the amount due. We've learned our lesson on that one!), but then we got curious and checked previous months.

Sure back on the phone. I reached the "customer service" department (with a true picture of how valued customer service is to Orbitz ~ in the Philippines) and got the charges removed easily (another side note ~ I've worked in customer service AND for telemarketing companies...when they readily, without question remove the charges from your bill it is VERY clear that they know they're scum and sneaky).

At the end, after they've removed the charges, they asked how I was related to (insert name of person who entered my phone number). I had no idea who that person was, and their name wasn't anywhere NEAR our name. UGH!! In the age of technology we live in, there is no reason for a name not matching the phone number to actually go through as a charge. I've had it happen to me when I've accidentally hit an extra number and didn't realize it.

When I asked for the supervisor (the poor operator can't do anything about the company) and asked for the phone number of ESBI headquarters in the States I was informed they are actually "Orbitz Telecom." So I asked for their phone number in the US. She informed me that she can give me an address, but that she did not have the phone number ( I LOVE being lied to...).

I stated that obviously they don't write letters back and forth from the Philippines to Henderson, NV and that they DO have the phone number there. She gave the typical, "I'm following company policy" (yeah ~ "I'm following the policy that shows our level of customer service. They let those of us in other countries deal with their messes." Gee, I wonder why other countries REALLY don't like us? Hmmmm???). After a VERY long attempt at getting the number, I gave up and decided to, instead, look for every forum possible to post a review of Orbitz on. Moral of the story: CHECK YOUR PHONE BILLS!!!

Company Response 06/30/2009:

Orbit Telecom provides its subscribers with a private voice mail service which enables access to voice mails via phone and email. We market the service on the Internet and continuously review our marketing and sign-up procedures and believe that they comply with all applicable laws and industry standard best practices.

We maintain excellent customer service 24 by 7 by 365 and you can reach us via phone at 800-263-0206 or online at I'm confident we can address any customer service concerns you may have.

Orbit Telecom Customer Service

Broken Promises
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Wow, there is obviously a trend here! I've been an Orbitz customer since October 28, 2001… over 10 years (I have my original registration email). In August of last year, I purchased 4 round trip nonstop tickets. The return carrier decided to change our original nonstop flight to one with a layover. Since I was traveling with two small children, I called Orbitz to cancel the flights as this was not what I purchased. I was assured by an Orbitz representative on 9/28/2011, after they spoke with the carriers, that I would be receiving a credit for these flights. I PROMPTLY REBOOKED ACCEPTABLE FLIGHTS THAT SAME DAY.

Two weeks later, I received an email stating that my credit request was denied. Again, I called Orbitz on 10/11/2011 and again, after their representative spoke with the carriers, I was told that I should be receiving a credit for the original tickets. Just yesterday (2/21/2012), after recognizing that I never received a credit or even another email denying the request, I called Orbitz.

Again, the representative said that I should have received a credit, told me that his system notes indicate I was told I would receive a credit, and called the carriers who said they issued a credit but it was denied for some reason. He then told me the previous Orbitz representative "should not have told you that (I would receive a credit)" and would be passing me to his supervisor who kept repeating the phrase "I'm not able to do anything for you".

Bottom line, I've spent a lot of money re-booking flights consistent with my original purchase based on the information Orbitz conveyed only to find out later that that the Orbitz representative "should not have told you that". I run a business with 30 people that I am ultimately responsible for. If one of my staff makes a representation to a customer, I follow through on it even if it doesn't immediately benefit my organization. I will be taking my travel business as well as those who work for me elsewhere.

Best customer service ever
By -

I have to say I will not spend the hours searching other sites for airfare, trips, or even hotels in the future. Orbitz has topped any company for travel I have dealt within price assurance, arrangements, and most recently customer service. While I am certain Orbitz must base their refunds, or rebooking on a customer to customer bases, we could not be more pleased with our recent outcome. Due to an unfortunate family death we were forced to cancel our long planned trip to Puerto Vallarta at the last minute. In that we did not purchase the insurance being an added expense we could not afford, we did not know if we would recoup anything.

The customer service reps we touched base with went over and beyond in all they did for us. The loss we incurred was minimal thanks to the hard work of the customer service team. They worked with the resort we were booked with as well as the airline company. While we had to rebook a trip by a certain time line with the same airline, we were able to rebook; which kept us from losing our airfare completely. The customer service team was always so pleasant, and while some spoke with an accent, they all understood and spoke English well.

Prior to having to cancel our trip we had difficulty reaching one of the places we had reservation with for an activity. When we called Orbitz they took care of the problem right away. Often to get confirmation or work on getting refunds, or rebooking information they would have to place us on hold, and was so apologetic. This was one time I did not mind being placed on hold. We had used Orbitz a few times in the past and was always pleased with the outcome of our flights, or trips. We have run across people that had booked through other well known names only to not have their rooms when they arrived, or flights that overlapped.

To know as much as possible we will be taken care of, and that if anything does arise we will have the best of the best in customer service, in the future we will only use Orbitz. We highly recommend Orbitz to anyone traveling in any way. To note we are not ones to write reviews, and generally do not necessarily make recommendations, so please know we would not say this if we were not totally confident in this outstanding company.

Orbitz Procedure
By -

I will never book with Orbitz again. I was flying from Atl to Jamaica with a layover in Fort Lauderdale. I got my confirmation printed and printed my boarding passes before I left home. I went through the kiosk then security and finally made it to the gate. Things were going well. Out of curiosity though I asked the lady at the gate when I would get the boarding pass for the trip from Fort Lauderdale to Jamaica and she said I should have already gotten it and that I couldn't get it once I got to Fort Lauderdale.

They couldn't help me at the counter so I had to go back to the front desk. There they said that this happens all of the time with Orbitz. Instead of booking one trip through with multiple airports they book them as separate flights. After some trouble the front desk finally got the boarding passes for the second leg of the trip printed (there was a printer error though and it took about 20 minutes before they printed.. not Orbitz fault). Then the lady rushed us through security and we got to the gate as quickly as possible.

We arrived at the gate the second time at 7:00 and that was the time of departure. They had not yet left and the ramp was still hooked up but the doors were shut and they wouldn't let us board. So because Orbitz didn't send both of our boarding passes and I didn't know that I needed them both from the first departure, we missed our flight to Jamaica.

The airline is putting us on another flight today. Unfortunately, we won't get the $300 back on our room and our trip was only for 3 nights. We will be leaving our hotel for the airport shortly to deal with all of this process again. Hopefully we will actually make it to Jamaica this time and hopefully they will find our luggage that was on the original flight.

Bait & Switch - Cost us over $2,000.00 USD upon arrival
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Booked an all-inclusive vacation package to Cancun in Jan, 2011 for two couples - price was around $1,650.00 each including airfare. Not too bad for a nice hotel, and the hotel was awesome, do not get me wrong. But when we arrived at the Hotel, we were taken to the "Business office" to check in. We were thinking "We were special?" After checking in we were given some coupons to use while at the hotel. I asked why we needed coupons if we were all-inclusive? I was then told that we did not book the all-inclusive plan with the hotel, and to do so would be $108.00 (USD) per person, per night. If you add that up for 7 nights, that comes to $3,024.00 EXTRA.

So we called Orbitz, from Mexico and got absolutely nowhere. After hours on the phone with them, they offered me a $200.00 credit voucher, saying my itinerary did not say anywhere that the package was all-inclusive. The amazing part is how several other people checking in (at the business office) was just as shocked as we were. We searched for this vacation package on the Orbitz website using the "All-Inclusive" link, and all four of us were under the impression that we were booking an all-inclusive package. Why were we taken to the business office to check in? Why were others just as shocked as us?

The manager at the Hotel told us that they have had problems with people booking through Orbitz, and that Orbitz had changed their web site to correct the problem. So the Hotel did work with us, and gave us $10.00 per person, per day discount on the all-inclusive upgrade. We were so frustrated and upset. We pretty much had to do it. You cannot afford to eat at this hotel for $108 per person per day at the listed prices, and we were ready to start having a vacation, which we did after having to fork out a little over $2,300.00 extra.

It's not that we could not have afforded it, or that it was overpriced, but we would have liked to have been able to know up front what we're paying, and budgeted for it. The Hotel was awesome, and assisted best they could. Orbitz was useless. I was so insulted when their solution to the problem was a $200.00 travel voucher! I would like to get e-mail addresses from others this has happened to. We are not the only ones this has happened to, and Orbitz needs to make this right!

Please Do Not Book Using Orbitz
By -

I have never written a review in my life but due to my dreadful experience with Orbitz I am forced to do so. I normally use travel agents or just book with airlines but I was thinking to save a bit of money so I booked the ticket using Orbitz. Due to some personal reasons, I wanted to change the dates of my ticket and when I tried to do so, the ticket got cancelled altogether (after I clicked change/cancel button).

I got an email regarding the cancellation but there was no info on what happened to my $ 1300. As I frantically searched my ticket showed it can be changed with additional fee. I called the 1-800 number where I had to wait 30-45 minutes before somebody picked up who asked for tons of information only to tell me to hold for another CSR.

This went on for 3 hours where literally I was cursing, pulling my hair, stomping and blaming myself for not reading reviews regarding this company. To add insult to injury every time I talked to somebody I was given different information... from "no, the money is gone as it is a ticket that can't be changed" to "please call United Airlines as they got your money" and "wait for the travel voucher."

It is good that I was just on the phone with all these stupid, heartless, cold people or otherwise I would have given them each a slap. The last straw was when I was connected to a Filipino Rep who pretended she can't hear anything I was saying... and this happened only when I gave her my reference number or a phone number where I begged her to call. I ended up calling United where I was initially informed that it is beyond their control. I literally begged and pleaded and explained and the great lady (bless her) tried her best to help. Not even 10 minutes has passed and she fixed the change and charged me $83 compared to the $230 if I did it via Orbitz.

I am writing this review for those smart enough to read before purchasing. I wasn't so smart enough and I regret wasting 4 hours of hell with this company. While I have never used Expedia, Travelocity etc. I would suggest purchasing from the airline company. Saving a few is not worth the tension and anguish. At least that how it is for me. I swear that I will never, ever purchase anything from Orbitz and I do hope this company closes soon. I have read tons of people who got ripped off and it's not even funny that they are still in operation.

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