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consistent inclusion of substandard product (potato scraps, sold as frozen "fren
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My complaint may seem insignificant, but I’ll bet that, in the aggregate, the cheating practice I’m complaining about makes a significant difference in Ore-Ida’s bottom line at the end of the year.

For as many years as we’ve been using their frozen potato products, Ore-Ida has consistently included scraps of potato in their packages of frozen French fries.

By "scraps," I mean that we consistently find pieces of frozen potato as short as 2" or less and as small as 1/8" to 3/16" in their packages – and in the aggregate, they add up to a significant portion of what’s in the package.

When cooked according to instructions on the package, these scraps basically burn up and come out as a kind of elongated cinders – in a word, inedible.

Now go ahead, Ore-Ida – try to tell me that you are not aware of this situation, or that there’s no feasible way for you to correct it. And then I’ll call you a liar, publicly and in print, as well as a deliberate, calculating cheat.

The couple of times I bothered to phone Ore-Ida’s "consumer-relations" number to complain about this, they blew me off with coupons for free replacements. This doesn’t cut it.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or any sort of higher math to see what Ore-Ida is doing here – instead of screening-out these scraps to be shredded for use in their frozen hash-browns or potato puffs, Ore-Ida is shamelessly, blatantly palming them off on consumers as "French fries" – which are, I assume, a higher-profit product than their hash-browns or potato puffs.

To repeat: "Be nice to the people you meet on your way up. Because you will meet those same people again, on your way down."

Ore-Ida may be doing very well today – but so were countless other brands that have now become history because they deliberately lowered the quality or quantity of their products in order to make a quick buck.

Charley Hatch
133 South Ave.
Newport News, VA 23601-4524
757.595.8028 (not before noon Eastern) (preferred)

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