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Poor design of Oreck XL vacuum meets poor company/customer service :(
Posted by Brookwood Carolina on 03/07/2011
COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE -- From the day I purchased the Oreck XL2200RS from my local Oreck dealer about 2 years ago, I was surprised by the difficulty of using the vacuum, which is nearly impossible to push, and the hassle of having the belt come off and have to be completely replaced about once a month. Now the belt hardly lasts to vacuum the house, and these supplies go for a premium cost! The man who originally sold me the vacuum said the company gets lots of complaints about the belt not staying on (after I bought it and used the original extra belt). I made do. But when the belt comes off, the vacuum literally spits dirt and debris into the air! I was injured at work and now suffer with RSD in my left wrist and arm, and I can't change the belts. The outer bag ripped when I vacuumed under my bed (very thin fabric) and the new manager said I need their most expensive bags--last visit, 3 bags, 3 belts, over $60.

Now, he said I am vacuuming "wrong" since the vacuum can't be pushed forward and backward, especially if going over an area rug or from one little elevation to another within the house. He demonstrated the way I should go sideways around the edges of the area rugs--no info on actually vacuuming the rugs... So last night my husband changed the belt which he had just put on 3 days earlier, and I got through half of the living room today before it was off, again. I tried to write this up and send the comment from the website, but it would not send. I called the customer service number listed in Tennessee.

The first woman told me I need to purchase a part to raise the vacuum off the floor so I can vacuum the area rugs (I told her I wasn't paying anything else--that the rugs were 8x10 low pile and were not the issue). She said because of the enormous 120 pound suction, the vacuum just sucks it up and that makes the belt come off. Oh. So this vacuum can't be used across elevations from tile to rug, can't be used to vacuum over low area rugs, and can't be used under beds or furniture? What is all that power good for? She said she was sorry I was unhappy. I asked to speak with her supervisor. When she came on, she wanted to know if I had replaced the beater bar? If I had taken the vacuum in for all its maintenance? If it was still under warranty? If I understood it is the consumer's job to replace all these things, just like any other vacuum?

That sent me reeling. I mean, I have had several vacuum cleaners in my life, and only bought this one after giving up an Electrolux that needed a new hose for the power bar attachment. How I wish I had fixed that vacuum. I have never had a vacuum that breaks down as often as this. I have never been told it is the user's fault for the kind of carpet or area rugs or the way she vacuums. It isn't. The fault lies with this lemon of a product and the failure of the company to stand behind it. I was told I didn't buy it DIRECT because I bought it from my local Oreck store instead of the infomercial. Excuse me. The receipt I have shows I purchased it at the Oreck Clean Home Center. I was told I had to take it in for service. Maybe the company would pay for this, if my warranty is in effect. The truth is, I don't want service. This vacuum is not designed well and will never come close to the hype they give it. It is a money pit. If you or anyone you know is even thinking of buying this, just know you are better off with a vacuum that you get at your local discount store that costs under $100 and you know will last you very well for probably 5 years. And I am going to look at the Dyson. I don't know which vacuum I will get next, but you can bet it won't be an Oreck--like the saying goes, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!" This company will never get another penny from me. Save yourself the disappointment and the money--don't buy this defective product at any cost.

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Posted by Alain on 2011-03-08:
Along with Dyson, I've seen some good reviews on Hoover, Bissell, and Eureka models, as well.
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Refusal of Service
Posted by Monkeysee on 11/29/2010
GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND -- I purchased my Oreck XL21 7 years ago. The company guarantees yearly check ups once a year for 21 years. They are suppose to clean and replace parts if need be. I have been taking it for 7 years into an Oreck store in Gaithersburg Maryland. The Kentlands Oreck store. When I brought it in last week for its yearly checkup the owner refused to service it unless I could produce a proof of purchase. I was confused since the previous owners never once asked me this. I did not have a receipt from something I purchased 7 years ago but assured them I was in their computer system and to just look me up by the serial number on the machine. Indeed I was in their system and showed I had been in last year for a check up. However, that did not satisfy them and they refused to service my Vacuum cleaner as guaranteed in the purchase agreement. I called Oreck headquarters and they still have not gotten back with me, even though the lady on the phone said there should be no reason why the merchant shouldn't service the vacuum cleaner. I have left 3 messages and wrote them an email and still nothing has been done. In the meantime I have been complaining to neighbors about this and come to find out a couple of them have had similar problems with Oreck. One of my friends leant me her Dyson's vacuum cleaner and I don't know maybe this is a blessing in disguise but I fell in love with Dyson's vacuum cleaner and just purchased it. If you are thinking about an Oreck keep in mind I had a lot of problems with the belt coming off too, but because they replaced it free I didn't sweat it. Save yourself a headache buy Dyson.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-11-30:
If you were in the system, they should have serviced the vacuum. I wonder what Mr. Oreck would say? Good luck with the Dyson.
Posted by dave_feu on 2011-01-17:
I take my Oreck to this store too. I haven't had any problems but I always bring in my paperwork. I need to go there for the yearly service soon. I will check with the person in the store about this policy.
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Very Disgusted customer
Posted by Ashleynabbee07 on 11/04/2012
COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I am upset because I purchased this vacuum and spent over $300 for it and it should have had all the features compared to the cheaper vacuums. It worked fine until I got new carpeting which it was somewhat higher than my old carpeting and I went to use the vacuum and I couldn't push it, The brushes were too low, and they have no adjustment on it to raise them. So I called a Oreck dealership and the guy said yes, they are aware of it and they made up an attachment to put on the bottom and for us to come up and buy it. So we did, needless to say, that didn't work, it is still very hard to push. I wrote to Oreck Corp. and they had no intentions of resolving it, all they said was we have some vacuums out now and that I could go in and trade it in for a upgrade. I told them they should have put on the box that it only could be used on certain heights of carpeting. I told them they should make it right with the customers that had this problem with this vacuum but all they said was that the vacuum was not defective. I told them that I didn't say it was defective I said it doesn't work on my new carpeting. They don't give a crap and I called them a bunch of idiots!!!!! Stay away from this company and don't buy any of their products, they don't back them up.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-11-04:
You called them a bunch of idiots? Sounds harsh under the circumstances.

Here's the way I look at this. I'm big on doing research before I buy an appliance. So I would read a bunch of reviews. I assume this deficiency would show up there if it is a consequence of the design. I found only a few reviews on Amazon, and it is mentioned it is hard to push and the back wheels are very small.

When something is designed in a way that it doesn't work in all conditions you want to use it in, it's time to get one that does. It stinks, but these things happen.
Posted by Aunt Dahlia on 2012-11-04:
Seriously? There is a $300. 00 vacuum that doesn't adjust? The adapter is probably just a snap on thing with larger wheels. Thanks for the post!
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-11-04:
I fail to see how Oreck could've known that your new carpet would be incompatible with your vacuum or how it would even be their problem either. It's similar to a situation like say you by a new car, you get it home only to find it doesn't fit in your garage, using your logic, this would be the car manufacturer's fault. So you can see where blaming Oreck for this problem is sorta preposterous. What do you now is exercise some personal responsibility and purchase a new vacuum that better suits your needs. I get that this isn't the sort of thing that you think about when getting new carpet, but you can't realistically blame Oreck either, since you selected the new carpet yourself.
Posted by Vinnie11 on 2012-11-04:
I'm not really sure what Oreck COULD have done to help you. They sold you something that worked quite well for you until you made a change.
Posted by Doug on 2013-02-04:
Same problem here. Hard to push on new carpet, and now the rollers have failed and now have to replace the roller assembly. I bought this for their name I thought meant quality and an American Company which I find very hard these days to buy from due to poor quality. Your right on them not want to do anything which means their company is not doing well and will probably go out of business soon. So sad to see another American company fail due to poor quality and customer relations. Their warranty is also the worst, only one year which by itself says stay away. The warranty is what backs up a companies quality. My mistake.
Posted by Cathie on 2013-06-16:
As a professional housecleaner, I have used Oreck and it is my favorite. When you have problems pushing, simply lower the handle to change the angle so you are not pushing it into the carpet. On low nap area rugs you may have to change the direction that you are vacuuming in. Going against the grain of the carpet or rug can make it harder. So go WITH the grain whenever possible.
Posted by jeff on 2013-06-18:
I can't believe some of these comments. Apparently some people don't expect too much from the products they buy, especially a $300 vacuum. Are we supposed to buy a new one to fit the carpet we buy? That's absurd. Unless you buy some shag from the '70s good vacuums should accomodate most carpet piles. Additionally, why should one need to bend over in some ridiculous angle (like i have to do) to get the vacuum to move. My grandmothers vacuum worked better than this Oreck.
Posted by Marie on 2013-08-10:
Don't buy Oreck. Way too much money for the performance. Not made well. The only plus side to any of their vacuums is the lightweight 8 lb upright. It's light but again, bad performance You cannot get under furniture with this Vacuum. They have no tools to attach to this upright.. BAD IDEA!

I have a DutchTech 1300. I had to fight with the corporate office for nearly one year for them to send me a replacement. The Plug kept popping off the cord.. Ridiculous. I had it replaced twice by our local Oreck at a hefty charge to me.
After nearly a year of contacting Oreck and putting up with them not sending me what they promised they finally got it right. They kept sending parts of a machine that were not compatible to what I owned. ALL very stressful

I received a completely new Dutchtech 1400 ( almost a year later) with all the parts necessary to operate the thing.. This machine was a replacement NOT A PURCHASE. Now hear this: That stupid company sent me a bill for 780.00 past due no less.. More Stress.. Another fight I had with them over this..

I won, YES-- BUT I will NEVER again buy another Oreck.. Too much Stress and Anxiety dealing with a company who does not stand behind a loyal customer. I am Done.. It's no Wonder they went bankrupt and are putting the Miele machines in their stores while making up some half baked excuse why that is.. Funny isn't it! HA!

I have always said and will continue to say:

A product is only as Good as the Customer Service that stands behind it.. This company has NONE!
Posted by CMX on 2014-02-21:
I just started working for oreck as a store manager this past week and I have to say it is a great American company that has been through ups and downs but has an exciting future ahead of itself. Oreck really cares about their customers I can attest to that. Oreck currently has the lightest vacuum in the industry-magnesium RS at 7.7 lbs. try comparing that to a 18 lb dyson. Oreck vacuums sweep up pet care in one run of the vacuum. The magnesium is so the ONLY vacuum to use in high shag carpet. Period! A vacuum is used to maintain your investment of carpeting/your home. If you want attachments just get a canister for your steps and car. Good luck lugging that dyson outside to clean your car. What makes oreck great is the few parts it has. Consumers need to think of a vacuum like a car. When you go get a car tune up/oil change---do you get free tires? New windshield? New brakes? NO! That's all items you pay for--- same concept. I notice a lot of people being careless with their oreck as well...tons of hair on the brush, clogs, dirty bags, screws loose, and being thrown and dinged up. Take care of this baby! Oreck has a 30 day guarantee. All the warranties and tune ups are extra and or included in the "expensive" price. It is a 40 dollar value by the way! Oreck is great and care about their customers. I stand by their practices. Mr.Oreck had the American consumer in mind when he thought of this product and it shows! If you don't love your oreck then you must not know how to vacuum!!!!
Posted by Tom84 on 2014-04-16:
I work at oreck. I currently have to deal with the issues most of you are ranting about. The sales person needs to explain to the consumer what type of vacuum they need. Oreck had superior suction and carpet agitation and is well built. Most people beat the crap out their vacs and then they get mad at the product. I see dog crap, mud, tons of hair all picked up and guess what people?!? U will get a clog every time. Dyson has great suction cuz the dirt needs to go thru tons of plastic parts and tubes. We work on non oreck brand and I cringe when they come in. Dyson uses plastic screws and is crap in my opinion. Some vacs do not go on high pile carpet. This should be explained. The magnesium goes over any carpet type. When people bring in their vacs for a service it's always a belt or a clog. Very common. Take care if ur vac and it will be good to u. People bring in their vacs that are 12-20 years old and they love them. If u don't love ur oreck ur doing something g wrong. They are built well and work well...period
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Company That Does Not Stand Behind Its Product
Posted by Price79 on 01/10/2011
In September 2009, I purchased an Oreck shampooer brand new for $399 in Evansville, Indiana. After the first use, I took it back because there was no suction. They told me the shampoo bottle was in wrong and took in back, did something to it, and returned it to me. Two weeks later, I relocated to Florida. I used the shampooer for the second time, it gushed water everywhere. I called Oreck Corporate and they said in a round-about way that they do not support their products and I would have to have it serviced locally. They gave me the name of the nearest store over an hour away. I took the shampooer there. The assistant manager claims they do not carry that product because it is a bad product, but it was the O-rings leaking. He fixed it, and I took it home. Once again, I went to use the shampooer and it gushed water everywhere (causing me to rent a rug doctor to clean up the mess). I returned it to the store an hour away (again). They said they had to ship it somewhere to be fixed.

When it was finally repaired, a month later, I was swamped at work and asked that they ship it to me. The Assistant Manager said he would. Two months later, still not shampooer, so I called and the Assistant Manager claimed it was mis-shipped and he would find it. This was August. It is now January 2011 and I still do not have my shampooer after numerous attempts and unreturned phone calls from this Lady Lake, Florida store. Today, I finally receive a call from the GM saying the shampooer had never left that store and claiming the Assistant Manager did not know what I was talking about - asserting me as a liar. We shall see if it is actually there this weekend.

I will never buy another product from Oreck again. I will share this on facebook, create a website, twitter, tell my family, and link it in because I have never been treated so poorly by a company before. Oreck - since you don't want to honor your supposed 30-day guarantee (because that is when I began complaining), you have lost a customer for life and I will make sure you lose some more.

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Posted by karleebarlee on 2011-01-10:
Eek, I would say your bigger complaint is with that store that was fixing it. Someone there should take responsibility for whatever it was exactly that caused them to fail to return the shampooer to you.
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Posted by Curtlegger on 06/24/2010
I purchased the Oreck XL vacuum after watching their ad on TV. It stated that it was only 9 lbs. and a wonder machine at picking up dirt and pet hair. I have two dogs so this proclamation was important to me. 75-80 percent of my flooring is heavy area rugs. The Oreck will not run on this type of carpeting. I can't push it hard enough to make it run. The company suggested I try an additional attachment, at MY cost. Now the vacuum moves over the carpeting but doesn't pick up anything. There should be something, in their advertising, stating their vacuum won't work on ALL carpeting. I paid $500 for a vacuum I can only use on 10 percent of my floors. Oreck's customer service just said they were sorry. I can't afford another vacuum and I'm angry.
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Posted by saj80 on 2010-06-24:
Oreck didn't rate very well in Consumer Reports, so I'm not surprised at your issue. Don't know what else to add since their customer support won't offer any assistance.
Posted by goduke on 2010-06-24:
That really does stink. I got a Eureka Power Max 300 on clearance at Target for $22 (seriously) a few weeks back, and it's doing a great job with dog hair. It even has this nifty little "power paw" attachment for stairs, couches, etc.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2010-06-24:
Those Oreck Vaccuums always reminded me of those little plastic toy vaccuums I used to play with.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-06-24:
I don't have any first hand knowledge of Oreck, but I've used Dysons. In my opinion, they are extremely nice.
Posted by cao on 2011-11-26:
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David Oreck will RIP you OFF too!
Posted by 100% Service Disabled Veteran on 01/05/2008
NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- I purchased two of the Oreck XL Professional Air Purifiers after the TV ad. I made the mistake of trusting David Oreck and his ad.

One of the units was operational but made no difference in the air quality and the other unit didn't work at all.

I wish I would have searched the internet prior to placing my order for Oreck complaints.

I'm trying to get a refund and trying to get them to stop taking money out of my bank account.

I'll NEVER buy another product that has the name Oreck on it.

100% service disabled veteran
ripped off
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Posted by Starlord on 2008-01-05:
You make a big thing of being a disabled veteran. On the one hand, thank you very much for your service, and our heartfelt condolences for your injuries. On the other hand, I am a disabled former police officer. Compared to you, that and a buck just might get me a cup of coffee. If you displayed the attitude to the people at Oreck the way you have here, I am not surprised you aren't getting anywhere. Lighten up and don't expect being treated like the second coming. I am sure if you do, you will be better received.
Posted by Nohandle on 2008-01-05:
You're displeased with your purchase of the two Oreck poducts. What attempt have you made to rectify the problem with the company? You stated you are trying to get a refund and trying to get them to stop taking money out of your checking account. Did you give the company direct access to your checking account for payment? What has been the company's response to your problem?
Posted by ouachita on 2008-04-12:
I bought the upright Oreck XL vacuum which right away ate the expensive belts, filling the house with smoke. With less than an hour of use on it I'll set it out on the curb, done with dealing over it after over a year. Switching brush ends and the "Old"/"New" end tabs didn't help.

The air purifier was junk from day one. I ran it 6 months but never had to clean the collector cell, while our old Sears HEPA unit did the job for it, using expensive paper filters. The black foam filter filled up, the collector plates remained clean with the ozone setting on full time. Their help center has a replacement cell on backorder, now over a month after owning the useless machine over a year. Whatever they had in that TV ad machine eating smoke in seconds isn't what you get when purchasing one!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-12:
I traded derby tix for a couple of Orecks years ago, still have 'em and they work great.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-12:
100% Service Disabled Veteran, don't feel to bad because they rip off any body they can, they really don't discriminate. I voted this review very helpful.

You know if people would just stop and think before they bought these things like this common sense would most likely tell you that if anything like this could work then one would have to seal off ones house from the out side world and maybe in a week or two all the bad air would go through one of these things. But by then you would be dead from the lack of AIR!

Check out what it takes to have a class 100 clean room and then do the math.

Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-12:
I had a broan air-exchanger installed in my home, it has made quite a difference.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-12:
Pray tell Little Guy, how can you tell the difference?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-12:
Agree with Lid's. Why people fall for these scams like the Oreck XL Professional Air Purifier is beyond me. Paying 10 times more than what it is worth speaks volumes for the power of advertising. You can find much better Air Purifier's for a fraction the price of what Oreck is sticking to people for.

Such a shame these guys like Oreck can get away with this kind of stuff. Very helpful post and info. Smart shoppers should stay clear of the Oreck XL Professional Air Purifier and don't throw your money away.

Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-12:
Also here is what they claim they are doing and there is NO WAY! Go and read all the things one has to do to get rid of any of this stuff and you shouldn't be fooled anymore.


Sources of Contamination

This is a partial list of some of the commonly known contaminants that can cause problems in some cleanroom environments. It has been found that many of these contaminants are generated from five basic sources. The facilities, people, tools, fluids and the product being manufactured can all contribute to contamination. Review this list to gain a better understanding of where contamination originates.

1. Facilities

Walls, floors and ceilings

Paint and coatings

Construction material (sheet rock, saw dust etc.)

Air conditioning debris

Room air and vapors

Spills and leaks

2. People

Skin flakes and oil

Cosmetics and perfume


Clothing debris (lint, fibers etc.)


3. Tool Generated

Friction and wear particles

Lubricants and emissions


Brooms, mops and dusters

4. Fluids

Particulates floating in air

Bacteria, organics and moisture

Floor finishes or coatings

Cleaning chemicals

Plasticizers (outgasses)

Deionized water

5. Product generated

Silicon chips

Quartz flakes

Cleanroom debris

Aluminum particles
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-12:
Look, all I am saying is do the math, study a little and you can see through these things while they are advertising Not after you buy it.

Because 1 m³ is approximately 35 ft³, the two standards are mostly equivalent when measuring 0.5 µm particles, although the testing standards differ. Ordinary room air is approximately class 1,000,000 or ISO 9.

Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-12:
claims and counter claims can be made about nearly every product - ah the power of google.
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Oreck XL
Posted by Ksanders0239 on 12/12/2011
COOKEVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I bought an Oreck XL, in May 2011. I was told it was safe for hardwood floors, man were they wrong, it has done over 5000.00 dollars worth of damamge to my floors. I have been speaking with the customer service reps, and can you believe they want me to send them the vac back, so they can look at it. Well I wasn't born yesterday, the bottom of the vacuum cleaner is scratched up and worn down from scratching my floors. They will not get a chance to repair it so it looks like it didn't do it. Don't buy the Oreck silver XL if you have hardwood, it is not safe.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-12-12:
In a situation such as this, I think you would prety much have to sue them to try to receive compensation.

Let me ask this - did you at any time notice that there was damage being done to the floor and consider stopping using the Oreck XL? $5000 is a lot of damage.
Posted by onlooker on 2011-12-13:
take photos of the floor, damaged and undamaged portions, take photos of the scratched part of the item, take photos of the entire item. Confirm that you were using the item correctly,(make sure you can truthfully say you read the warnings and instructions before use) get estimates on how much to repair. Get costs for shipping and - send the item back, with copies of photos, estimate of repair, shipping cost - ship with confirmed signed receipt - and maybe something will happen. As it is now you have nothing - but damaged floor
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-12-13:
I don't see the need to vacuum hardwood floors either, but if the Oreck XL is safe to use on hardwood floors, then it shouldn't have done any damage, and certainly not to the tune of $5,000!

You can bet Oreck won't just be sending out a check. There will need to be proof, and that won't be easy. As was already said, why continue using a vacuum cleaner that is doing such extensive damage? It doesn't make sense.
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Oreck Warranty Parts Extortion
Posted by Jdavidins on 06/30/2010
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I purchased an Oreck vacuum cleaner five years ago to use around the house. The vacuum cleaner comes with a 21-year warranty, but the warranty is invalid if you do not take it in for an annual "tune-up." Thus, even when the machine is working as it should I am required to take it in for "service." Though a slight inconvenience, I can deal with this condition; however, for the past two years, after the machine was "serviced" it no longer worked appropriately. I was told I would have to pay Oreck $60 dollars to replace parts, in order to make the vacuum work as it did prior to being "serviced." This is extortion, for if I do not take in to be serviced the warranty is invalidated. If I do continue to take it in for service, apparently they will break the machine and require me to pay just so I can have the vacuum cleaner returned to me in the same condition it was when I brought it in. At the current rate my Oreck vacuum will cost me a minimum of an additional $960 over the balance of the 21 year warranty just to keep the machine working as it should. Find another vacuum to purchase that won't cost you an arm and leg to maintain.

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Posted by Helpful on 2010-06-30:
With all due respect, why would there be a cost to repair if it's under warranty?
Posted by Jdavidins on 2010-07-01:
According to the Oreck sales representative, about the only thing the warranty covers is the motor. Most anything else that "breaks" is going to be deemed due to "normal wear and tear" and thus not covered under the 21 year warranty. In our case, for the second time in two years they told us we needed a new roller brush and faceplate (the plastic part holding integrated wheels, which fits between the vacuum's roller brush and the floor). The salesperson admitted that neither part appeared to be worn, but after we paid to have them replaced, the vacuum again worked perfectly - as it did before we brought it in to get serviced! We insisted on keeping the old parts. The bristles on the old brush looked as good as the bristles on the replacement part and it freely and easily turned on its bearing. The wheels on the old face plate also moved freely and easily. There were some minor surface scratches on the faceplate, but when plastic scraps against the kind of small but hard debris commonly found on floors and in carpet, plastic is going to lose every time, and is going to end up with minor surface scratches.
Since we bought the vacuum about five years ago, we have replaced the plastic handle used to lift the vacuum and move it from one place to another, the cloth vacuum bag (it allegedly impacted the vacuum's suction) two roller brushes and two face plates. I spend less money maintaining my car and it has almost 130,000 miles on it! I am still trying to decide if the Oreck is worth the cost of maintaining it - it clearly is not worth what we paid for it.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-07-03:
I appreciate the reply Jdavidins. That makes more sense now. I wouldn't blame you for being so upset. That really is a trap and costing you a great deal to "maintain".

Do you like the way the cleaner works other than that? If not, I wouldn't worry about their annual tune-ups. Either sell it now, while its still working, or sell it once it breaks for good. Personally, I like the Dyson vacuum line.

Best of luck.
Posted by Jdavidins on 2010-07-05:
Other than the "costs" of "needed parts" I have been told we have to purchase to return the machine to its pre-tune-up condition, after taking it in for its required "free annual tune-ups" which admittedly aren't too exorbitant (currently $35-6O), we like the vacuum cleaner very much. However, its most positive attribute is its light weight. But for the weight of the machine, we too probably would would have purchased the Dyson. We have a three story house and my wife, all one hundred and five pounds of her carries the Oreck from floor to floor. I suppose I should stop complaining and start carrying around the Oreck for her, if not actually doing more of the vacuuming!

Oreck has informed me they no longer require the consumer to take their vacuums in for its "annual tune-up" in order to maintain the warranty. I have asked them to send me that in writing. To date, they have not done so. I plan to follow-up.
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Oreck Compact Series XL Air Purifier
Posted by Fartman on 02/15/2007
NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- On 11/28/05, I purchased two Oreck Compact Series XL Air Purifiers from QVC for a total cost of $389.03. I was having an unfavorable experience with the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze I owned at the time, so I decided to purchase your product and give it a try.

While I was initially satisfied with the air purifiers, over the past couple of months, both machines have started making excessive noise. While both of them rattle and vibrate, one of them is clicking, popping, and vibrating to the point where the machine moves on it's own! I have had to shut it off completely numerous times in order to prevent it from falling off of the table!

I realize that I have been using these air purifiers for more than a year, but considering the amount I paid for them, I would expect a more reliable product than this! I have always had a favorable opinion of Oreck and it's products, but after my experience with these air purifiers, I'm starting to have my doubts!

If you're wondering... yes, I have been cleaning these air purifiers regularly as per the User's Guide, and I have followed all of the steps in the Troubleshooting Guide!

If Oreck won't do anything to help me with the problems I have been experiencing with these air purifiers, then I will never buy another Oreck product again (and I will tell my friends and family to do likewise).
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Posted by Fartman on 2007-02-15:

If any of you were wondering why I need two air purifiers, the reason is because of my excessive flatulence!

They don't call me Fartman for nothing, you know!
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-02-15:
I think it's fair to expect more than a year of trouble free service considering these things are about $200 a pop. Step up to the plate here Dave.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-15:
Let us know how this turns out.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-15:
What kind of advice is that, PwP? Sounds like a design flaw. FM, give them a call and explain your situation.
Posted by grannyj on 2007-10-24:
Well I'm sorry to say Join the club,I had only had them two month and still don't have them i sent it back and still got turn over to credit B.
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Customer Service and Warranties Don't Apply With Oreck
Posted by Astevens213 on 01/30/2014
CHESTERFIELD, MISSOURI -- I have had my vacuum for 13 years and paid over $800 at that time. Until the last 6 months, it was running fine. When it started to act a little different than I was use to, I took it in for service. I paid for the belt and a new beater bar and took it back home. I have now been back for service every 2 weeks for a total of 6 times. I've complained and asked for a "like" replacement since it can't seem to stay "fixed" they refuse and told me to continue to bring it in when it breaks. Their product warranty is a lie and the customer service and attitude of the employees in the actual store do not exist. I ended up buying another manufacturers product.
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