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Alas! Poor Oreck!
By -

After only 2 years of moderate use (once weekly - 2 room size area rugs) my Oreck XL with its very noisy but powerful engine began to smell like burning rubber and exude dark smoke from its motor case. It sits outside waiting for trash pickup. Never again Oreck!

I think Oreck is like so many products these days that still carry a trusted name but are really junk due to cheap manufacturing.

Poor Performance - Worse Service/Support
By -

HAWAII -- Here is what we sent to Oreck:

Mr. David Oreck 5000 River Road New Orleans, LA 70123 REF: refusal to stand behind manufactured product. Aloha Mr. Oreck: My wife and I are on our 2cnd Oreck Vacuum machine purchased here in Honolulu. The first one functioned pretty well and we had no real complaints. The second one, however, has been a problem from the start. When we first began using the machine it seemed very heavy and hard to push. We took it to the dealer and were told there was nothing wrong with it – it must be our carpet. So we took it home and tried again. I called and questioned the dealer again and was told the carpet must have a high humidity and that is making the machine hard to push. So for nearly 2 years we have struggled with the “light weight easy-to-use Oreck” and felt more and more that we should have returned it right away. A few weeks ago we had the occasion to take the machine in to get a bag replacement and the technicians did something to the machine and when we brought it home it worked unbelievably well\! But, within 2 weeks it was back to the old push problems. Again we are told it is working properly. It appears that the unit is not functioning with the belt properly. The wooden roller has scorched and turned black on one end and the machine simply does not perform well at all. I am aware that we did not purchase this machine from your factory. Instead we purchased it from your authorized dealer. Nowhere in your advertising do you advise clients to purchase from the factory in order to receive satisfactory customer service. But that is the latest reason given us for your representative refusing to make good on your product. I have attached the sequence of emails to date and am going to ask you a personal and very simple question. “Do you really back your products with pride and confidence? Or is the satisfaction guarantee phrase a platitude to create easier sales?” I find it hard to believe that a family proud company with the heritage you have in the community is willing to allow even one client – clear over in Hawaii – to conclude that Oreck cannot be counted on for integrity. You will see from the email and the attached receipt that we simply want our money back. 2 years of struggle is enough. I wish the machine would work for us but am unwilling to undertake having a machine serviced every few weeks just to keep it operable. I await your response.

Never got a response or follow up.

We got a real vacuum and the amount of dust, dirt and grime it has cleaned out of our carpets shows that almost everything gets "by an Oreck" Oreck.

David Oreck Will Rip You Off Too!
By -

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- I purchased two of the Oreck XL Professional Air Purifiers after the TV ad. I made the mistake of trusting David Oreck and his ad. Only one of the units was operational but made no difference in the air quality and the other unit didn't work at all.

I wish I would have searched the internet prior to placing my order for Oreck complaints. I'm trying to get a refund and trying to get them to stop taking money out of my bank account.

I'll NEVER buy another product that has the name Oreck on it.

-100% Service Disabled Veteran

Oreck Compact Series XL Air Purifier
By -

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- In November of 2005 I purchased two Oreck Compact Series XL Air Purifiers from QVC for a total cost of $389.03. I was having an unfavorable experience with the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze I owned at the time, so I decided to purchase your product and give it a try.

While I was initially satisfied with the air purifiers, over the past couple of months, both machines have started making excessive noise. While both of them rattle and vibrate, one of them is clicking, popping, and vibrating to the point where the machine moves on its own! I have had to shut it off completely numerous times in order to prevent it from falling off of the table!

I realize that I have been using these air purifiers for more than a year, but considering the amount I paid for them, I would expect a more reliable product than this! I have always had a favorable opinion of Oreck and it's products, but after my experience with these air purifiers, I'm starting to have my doubts!

If you're wondering, yes, I have been cleaning these air purifiers regularly as per the User's Guide, and I have followed all of the steps in the Troubleshooting Guide!

If Oreck won't do anything to help me with the problems I have been experiencing with these air purifiers, then I will never buy another Oreck product again, and I will tell my friends and family to do likewise.

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