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Poor Design
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Rating: 1/51

CHANDLER, ARIZONA -- I purchased the XL Platinum Power Vacuum in August of 2009 and had nothing but problems with it. Took it in several times for repair and was told well the problem was with my carpet. I upgraded to the Edge in August of 2010 which was supposed to work betternot true. These vacuums are the most difficult and picky machines I have ever tried to work within my 70+ years.

Now the Edge is not picking up anything again. Last week I had the Oreck Compact canister in for repairs. It is just a continuous series of repair problems with these machines. The advertisements are completely false. Buyer beware! There are many other less expensive machines that do a far better job.

Bad Customer Service
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I purchased another Oreck vacuum cleaner for all my sins, it has broken down numerous times, with the belt going at least three times in the past 6 months. When I spoke to customer service about this they didn't care and said that it was probably due to my carpet. WRONG. I have tile floors (at the house that this particular Oreck is kept), and my rugs I am very careful with, they didn't care. My vacuum actually fell apart and was in the shop for nearly 4 weeks whilst they said they were waiting for a part.

Think very carefully before buying an Oreck. When we purchased the Oreck we were told by the salesman that some carpet manufacturers were not going to guarantee the carpet if a Dyson vacuum was used instead of an Oreck.

I see other people are having big problems with their Oreck too. I had a Dyson for 5 years and no problems, I gave it to my daughter, wish I hadn't now as she is still very happy!

Poor Design Oreck Hand Held Vacuum Cleaners
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The poor design of hose connection to the "wand" of the hand held vacuum cleaners does not stay connected. The company says to twist the two together but it really doesn't help. A dealer tried to show me how to do it the correct way and he broke the wand.

Alas! Poor Oreck!
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After only 2 years of moderate use (once weekly - 2 room size area rugs) my Oreck XL with its very noisy but powerful engine began to smell like burning rubber and exude dark smoke from its motor case. It sits outside waiting for trash pickup. Never again Oreck!

I think Oreck is like so many products these days that still carry a trusted name but are really junk due to cheap manufacturing.

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