Oriental Pearl Bus Company

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Very Sketchy Bus Experience!
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Rating: 1/51
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I took the Oriental Pearl Bus from Winston Salem, NC to New York, NY on 8/8/13. This was an extremely sketchy and scary situation! First of all there are no "actual" bus stops with signs or anything showing that this is a legitimate company. I was picked up at the Hong Kong King Buffet off Silas Creek Parkway in Winston Salem in a shopping center parking lot! Sadly I didn't look into this before I bought the ticket b/c I assumed I would go to the bus station...wrong! Then, it was over an hour late and instead of an actual bus picking us up, it was a white van. The guy got out and say "this is bus. hurry." His English skills were lacking so it was hard to get details about what had happened. Basically though the bus apparently broke down in Charlotte and then this guy was supposed to go around and pick everyone up in a van but he forgot about our stop!!

So, then after making sure other people's printed out ticket looked like mine, since the driver couldn't give me any kind of legitimate paperwork, we then picked up other people at the Family Fare gas stations... neither of which had any kind of bus stop sign. It felt like I was on a secret underground bus that everyone but me knew about!! We finally got on a real bus about 3am (my bus was supposed to pick me up in WS at 11) in Durham, which is NOT on the way to NY! By the way, the bus picked us up at a Family Fare gas station too!!! So, then the bus was very old, very dirty, and had a "General Bus" logo on the outside which according to another website was a bus company which was shut down due to speeding and careless driving, as well as many accidents that resulted in death!!

I wish that people didn't have to travel like this and I will definitely not be on this bus ever again!
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Bus Driver With Foul Language and Pregnant
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Rating: 1/51
MANHATTAN, NEW YORK -- The bus driver for the Oriental Pearl Bus Company in Manhattan, New York, which transport people to South Carolina, and back making several stops picking up people in other stops. The bus had plenty of empty seats and a woman got on the bus she looked at me and said where should I sit and I said I guess anywhere there are plenty of seats, with that the bus driver comes up to whre I was siting and said. His exact words were, Get your f..... pocketbook off the chair, that's where she going to sit. I replied that's no way to talk to me, she could sit where ever she wants there were no desginated seats he snapped back at me yelling no she can't seat anywhere she going to sit where I say and if you don't like it get the f... Off my bus, go take Greyhound you only pay 80 dollars get off my f..... Bus, b....Not only was I humiliated and embarrassed I got scared he would actually throw me off the bus at 2 am in the middle of nowhere. I told him not to speak to me that way that I was a client to this company and he repeated if you don't like it get off my f...... bus. I replied I'm going to report you, your rude predjudice, and have a dirty mouth. When I was first getting on the bus I was the first on line with a paid ticket, and he called up an Asian young man, charged him 40 dollars for his ticket and let him on the bus at the moment I didn't give it much thought, at another stop a black young lady got on the bus and sat in the front and he yelled at her hey get up from there go to the back of the bus I know she didn't like his gestures. I heard her trying to make a complaint over the phone, then I heard her say okay I'll call back in the morning. Well when I got to New York, I went into the office and asked the clerk there for the bus drivers name and who could I contact for a complaint and he said I don't know. I asked who is your boss he said I don't know. I said something should be done about this driver. He pays you he said he is not here. Okay what is his name he said I don't know. I have the name and number of two people as witnessess. I think something should be done about this bus driver. Help he did not even check people's identification. Any one could have gotten on that bus, no safety, not to add he was speeding and tail gating.Thank god I am finally home.

From a 63 year old frightened woman.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 03/19/2012:
Bus travel sure isn't what it once was. Then again, air travel isn't either. But on a Greyhound and evidently an Oriental, it can really be scary.
Skye on 03/19/2012:
They also operate under this name, Oriental Pearl Travel.

Here is their contact information:

NEW YORK, NY 10002

(212) 431-4501

Who was pregnant, which is in your title?

Chuck on 10/20/2014:
Bus has bed bugs stay away
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