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Rating: 1/51

BELFAST, MAINE -- Really wanted to respond to the ex employee... A lot of what Orkin did to you is illegal, but it's too late now. You should really put this out there somehow, maybe on, which posts a ton of jobs for big companies like this. So sorry, who would want to work for someone like that!!! And the poor guy coming in after you left... if he only knew! So illegal!!!

I recently had a bad experience with them - no return calls to set up an appointment, etc., even when I went thru corporate. It was like I didn't exist. So found a local guy who came out next day after a week of calls. Screw 'em. And I will tell everyone who will listen not only my story, but yours as well. Hope things have changed by now, but doubt it. They do not sound like a happy bunch when I call them. Good luck to you, you poor guy!

Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

DECATUR, GEORGIA -- I set up a service appointment, they called me back and said they could not make it. I explained I need my appointment kept and they would not. Terrible experience. Called Cooks Pest Control and they took care of me with superior services. Will never use Orkin again.

Fast, Courteous, Prompt and Very Reliable
By -

COLORADO -- On Friday, September 17, 2010, after shopping, I pulled into my driveway, and saw something odd in the upper corner of the outside of our third garage. I got out of the car, and it appeared to be some type of cone nest, made out of paper, and there were swarms of what I thought were yellow jackets flying around. I immediately pulled into the first garage, where I park my vehicle, and called the Orkin man. I told my husband he misses all the fun situations, due to his work schedule. This is the type of fun I'm almost sure he would not miss!

The girl who answered said, she could have someone out there in less than two hours, which I said was fine. I called my parents to please come get the twins, and take the dogs back to their house. I was worried about one of us, including the dogs, being stung, with the way these creatures were swarming.

The Orkin man showed up in forty five minutes, and I was very relieved to see him. I showed him the area, and asked him if there was honey being made. He told me, "oh no, they are not yellow jackets. They are paper wasps and very dangerous." He said yellow jackets nest in the ground, which is something I did not know. I asked him what he would used to get rid of them. I did feel bad about having to kill them, but the Orkin man said he did not feel bad about killing them, because, once they get stinging, it becomes a very dangerous situation for the victims.

I asked him what he was going to use, and he had a can of something called Wasp Freeze, which would stun them, and freeze them, basically causing instant death. He also assured me, it would not be harmful to myself, my family, dogs or wildlife. I was worried birds might come in to eat the dead corpses, and he said, nope, that would not happen.

I then went inside my house, and he proceeded to spray away. They were not that high up, so he was able to spray from a standing position. He then came back to get me, so I could see the results. And amazingly enough, they started dropping and were basically dead when they hit the ground. He also said there would be paper wasps out flying, that would come back to the nest later on, but he was removing the nest, and so they would not have a nest to come back to, and they could not join in with another colony, so they would wander and die off.

I could not believe how many there were all over the ground. The spray had an odd smell, sort of like orange furniture polish. He then swept them up for me, and told me they would continue to die off, and that it would be OK to sweep them up later on, after he left. That would be my husband's job.

I would like to say how pleased I was with how fast and promptly the Orkin man showed up. He also told me, the freeze spray, which he sprayed in the area of where the nest had been, would keep new paper wasps from nesting, if we did have any new ones decide to visit. He also said, this visit would also include if he had to come back for a second time, in case I did have any paper wasp issues. He gave it all to me in writing. All in all, if I ever have any pest issues in the future, Orkin Pest Control Services will be who I call.

Poor Employer
By -

I am a past employee of Orkin Pest Control from a few years ago. If you are considering a career with this company, I urge you to reconsider! While at the interview they make it sound like it's the best job on earth! When in reality it is anything but! If you take a job with this company, be prepared to work VERY LONG HOURS WITH NO COMPENSATION! When I worked there I put in an excess of 55 to 60 hours a week, 6 days a week.

Most people would think, "Well it's a lot of hours, but at least you make a lot of money from overtime!" WRONG!!!!! They pay you on a production basis, which means you make a percentage of the production you make for the day... Which is a very small percentage! What does this mean??? That's right.... NO OVERTIME PAY WHATSOEVER!!! The company realizes this and takes advantage of their employees because they can legally work their employees 60 hours a week and not have to pay any extra out of their own pocket!

Aside from that, the benefits from the job are horrific!!! They do offer Medical, Dental, Life.... etc. but the coverage is so unbelievably horrible. It's not even worth getting! They do have company vehicles of which you have restricted use (which means you can only use it for work purposes and that's it!) which would be fine, except they take out a hefty amount out of Your own pay for using their trucks to do their work!!! If you are caught using it for other purposes other than work, there are hefty consequences! And don't think you can just use it anyway and get away with it. Nope.... They have GPS units equipped on every vehicle so they know your every move!

Any extra expenses required for work i.e. cell phone calls [of which they require from you everyday], tolls, work uniforms, and basically anything else aside from gas, you are required to pay out of your own pocket with no reimbursement from the company. All this combined with heartless management makes this an all around horrible company to work for! Leaving the company was the smartest decision I've ever made! And if you are considering employment with them, I strongly urge you to reconsider.

Do Your Homework!
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Rating: 2/51

So imagine my surprise a few months ago when I discovered I had bed bugs! Apparently the place had been treated once by Orkin 2 weeks before I moved in. Orkin promised the landlord they were gone and someone could now occupy the place. Well one must have survived because it was reinfested. So once again Orkin came out and sprayed and steamed my furniture as well since steam kills the bugs. One survived again as I am once again getting bit! So this Orkin man stands in front of me and tells me I must have brought them in again!

Mind you I have done no traveling, have only been to my mom's house (bedbug free by the way, we checked just in case), and have not allowed anyone into my home because I don't want them to take one home and infest them. He refused to spray again as we don't do "preventative" spraying for bed bugs. I was bit Saturday night (it is Tuesday now) and the evidence is all over the box spring. After the landlord freaked out on him, he finally agreed to treat. Then I find the stuff he is spraying only costs $9 a can and the landlord has spent almost 2,000 with Orkin to rid the place of these bugs!

So my advice to anyone who has bed bugs? Do your homework before hiring ANY pest control operator to treat for bed bugs. A good starting point for anyone is **. This is not a site that gets you to buy anything, rather it's informative and will allow you to ask the right questions and make the right decision as to who to hire.

Customer Beware of Policy Cancellation
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- We had a Termite Policy with Orkin (written in 1974 for my husband's grandparents) taken over by my husband and I in 1991. Each year we would receive a bill for $35 to cover cost of continued policy... Our service was through the Gainesville FL office. Several years ago that office closed and we stopped receiving bills. Each year we would have to track an Orkin office down to pay them. We tracked them to Leesburg, we tracked them to Ocala. Each time expecting to begin to receive regular bills again.

Then, one year, I forgot to hunt them down! They cancelled our policy. They refuse to reinstate. Dishonorable company. I can only assume that the price of these policies has dramatically increased since 1974 and they didn't want to keep us at that old rate. For a few years we were able to hold on (by tracking them down to pay them). This year, I totally forgot and they refuse to make good on this. They have lost a customer for life. Consider this before contracting with them for a billable service.

Orkin Damaged My Valuable Collectable Autographed Photos!
By -

POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA -- Orkin pest control was hired to treat my home for bugs. They told me to move all of my furniture and belongings to the center of the rooms and to take down any paintings or framed photos so they could be "treated". I did as they said, and was told I had to vacate the apartment while they worked.

When I returned, I found that they had sprayed liquid insecticide on my valuable, celebrity autographed photos, damaging them beyond repair. At no time during the initial inspection of my home did the inspector ever say that liquid sprays would be used on my framed photos, otherwise I would have removed the actual photos from my home, knowing full-out that any liquids and even humidity can damage glossy photographs. These items are literally one-of-a-kind, and cannot be replaced. What kind of training do these people get? Any fool knows you can't ever get a photograph wet. The damage is irreversible.

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