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Do Not Buy - Warning, Warning
By -

IF YOU VALUE YOUR SANITY DO NOT BUY FROM THESE GUYS!!! I bought a used Volkswagen Jetta from these guys and what has followed has been the worst service I have ever had from a car company. I should have read reviews before buying from these guys! After 4 or 5 hours of sitting around we finally worked out a deal for the car, then I was off to their finance department where they tried to shove a warranty down my throat which should have been a huge warning (they knew there were problems with this car before I even bought it). This warranty would have cost me an additional 158.00 a month.

I declined the warranty and after 3 or more so hours the deal was done, I went to the new car and it wouldn't start! They told me the key just needed to be reprogrammed and they told me to use the other key, it worked so I figured I'd come back later to get it reprogrammed, I had just spent over 8 hours at the dealership and I didn't want to stick around. The car was great for 3 days, then the service engine light came on, and we found out that the A/C didn't work.

I brought the car to the service department and sat around for about 3 hours while they recharged the A/C and told me that the service light was nothing and that everything was fine. Everything was fine for about a month (except the service engine light came back on 2 days later), then 2x in one week my car wouldn't start and I had to jump it, I decided to take the car back to the service dept. Without testing anything they told me they thought it was the battery fuse box and that they would replace it for 500.00!!! $$$500, the part was on 80.00 and they wanted to charge me over 400.00 to unscrew 6 screws on top of the battery.

I declined and left the idiots there, I should have stayed away! A few days later the car wouldn't start and no amount of jumping fired it up. I decided to try their theory about battery fuse box and went and bought the part and some new fuses. After some testing with the help of friends we determined there was nothing wrong with the part. So after some research online we determined there was something wrong with the fuel system, or the keys had become deprogrammed again. Unfortunately the dealership is the only place that can reprogram the keys, so we paid 100.00 for a tow and I returned the part that they tried to get me to waste 500.00 on.

They thought they found the problem again, this time they ran a diagnostic test (for over 100.00). It was the engine speed sensor! The part's only 100.00 and only 200.00 labor, but they didn't have the part for 3 days. So I sat around car-less all weekend with an 8 month pregnant wife. I decided I would replace the part myself in their parking lot once it arrived. I did the 200.00 labor in less that 3 minutes and the car still didn't work.

A mechanic arrives and says, "oh you replaced the wrong part (the part they gave me). It's this other more expensive part you need to replace, this one that you can't fix yourself because it's underneath the car too far. We'll just charge you the difference in price and 200.00 for labor." After 3 hours they determined that wasn't the problem, it's the fuel pump, and that part's only 500.00 and 700.00 labor, and it has to be through us because it has to meet California emission standards because that's where the car was purchased (not true by the way, any aftermarket pump will work).

Luckily after they replaced the other part the car now starts, but according to them the fuel pump will make that part blow up again or something. But I have taken my chances and I got the hell out of there! Now all I have to do is buy a fuel pump for 160.00 to 200.00 online and do the 700.00 labor myself which consists of removing 2 screws and removing the old pump and putting the new one in.

There is more to this story but it's already too long, here are the basic ideas of the other problems with them: Waited 3 hours in a parking lot waiting for their "courtesy" shuttle. They told me me that the GAP warranty was going to cover the problem, then it wasn't, and then it was, then it wasn't! And the obvious ineptness of the mechanics or their dishonesty. **, DO NOT BUY, DO NOT USE SERVICE!!! WARNING, WARNING, WARNING.

Awful Customer Service
By -

I purchased my car from Ourisman VW/Honda of Laurel dealership and have only utilized the services of the Laurel Service department (3371 Ft. Meade Road Laurel, MD 20724). After my recent customer service experience with **, I will NEVER use the services of this service department again. For a $31.88 oil change, Mr. ** unprofessional and belligerent behavior will cause the Laurel service department to lose a customer that had every intention on continuing servicing through this department for the life of her 2005 Honda Accord.

I purchased my car in 2005, and have completely paid for the vehicle, so the $31.88 wasn't the issue. Having to be exposed to such an awful and negative experience with Mr. ** has deterred me from ever using this department'€™s service again. Also, I plan on voicing my complaint on several automotive review sites to hopefully deter others from utilizing services there as well. I plan on discontinuing my service with this department and will be requesting my service history so that I may continue getting servicing elsewhere.

Terrible customer service experience. I just completed a visit with the Ourisman VW/Honda of Laurel service department. I purchased my 2005 Honda Accord from the Ourisman dealership 2 years ago. I have been getting my car serviced solely from this location. I was told that as long as I get routine servicing through this department, I would qualify for free oil changes. I currently have 35,000 miles and dropped of my car for this oil change. I have been coming in every 5,000 miles for the routine oil changes.

I spoke with ** on Friday, June 22, when I dropped of my vehicle. He stated that the computer records indicated that I also need to replace my front brakes. I asked that they just perform the free oil change, and that I would hold off on the brake change at this time. He looked in the computer and told me that the gentleman that assisted me in the past put my last servicing in as an itemized servicing instead of the 30,000 servicing, which was incorrect, and that I did qualify for the complimentary oil change because I got all my routine servicing there.

I signed off on the sheet and left for the evening. As a young female, I sought the advice of some others regarding replacing the brakes and a recommendation was made for me to get the percentage used on my brakes to determine if a brake replacement was indeed a necessary expense at this time.

When I entered into the servicing department on June 23, 2007, ** was behind the counter. I indicated that I was here to pick up my car that just had an oil change. ** rudely pointed me in the direction of the cashier. I then explained to ** that I also had a question regarding the percentage used on my brakes, because I was considering completing the recommended brake replacement. He said extremely short and rude, that my brakes weren'€™t checked this visit. I explained to him that this was a recommendation from my previous visit, and he proceeded to check my records and told me that my brakes weren'€™t checked then either.

I asked him to check the computer history, because they gave me a quote when I dropped my car off for a recommended $330 brake replacement. He annoyingly gave me my keys and went to my car, ducked down to check the brakes, told me that I had 50% on my front and 75% on my back brakes. I decided to hold off on further discussion of the brake replacement. I went over to the cashier to sign for my oil change, he asked for $31.88. I indicated that this was the routine free oil change. He referred me back to **.

I told ** that there was a mistake with my bill that I was here for my routine oil change that was complimentary since I purchased the car here and received the routine servicing. He asked for something in writing indicating this. I told him this was the first time that I was ever asked to produce something in writing. I told him that I had my stamped maintenance booklet that indicated that I received all of the routine scheduling. He said that he did not need this, that I needed something in writing indicating that I get free oil changes.

I asked him to check my service history and that I had received the complimentary oil changes here since I purchased the car. I told him that I spoke with ** when I dropped the car off who indicated that the service would be free and that the service repair man before him incorrectly entered my last servicing as itemized items, instead of the group 30,000 servicing. ** told me since I have been getting the routine servicing that my oil change would be complimentary. I asked if ** could be contacted, ** said "no."

I asked if he could look in my history and check to see that every 5000 miles, I've been here and received the complimentary oil change. He proceeded to print out my 20,000 servicing that I paid ~$180, which included an oil change, and said that I paid for an oil change then. I told him that he was being ridiculous by suggesting that I paid for this oil change which was a part of the routine servicing, and that I had never received such distasteful service from this department.

I indicated that he would be losing a dedicated customer, over a $31.88 oil change, and he appeared indifferent. ** was extremely rude from the time I entered the door and I hope that he receive some customer service training in the future. Unfortunately, Ourisman VW/Honda of Laurel will be losing a customer and I hope that others will reconsider receiving automotive servicing at this department as well.

Typical Cheats
By -

LAUREL, MARYLAND -- About one year ago I had brought my car in for service and to see what problem the 'check engine light' meant. At that time, they said it was for the 'mass airflow sensor', but they were out of stock so I would have to come back later. I had asked them to call me when one came in, but never heard from them. Someone mentioned to me about a warranty extension on that part, and they probably didn't want to waste their time on warranty work.

I then called several times to see about getting this part, but was given the run-around. After months later I got a call from a service rep, their records showed I was probably due for my next mileage related service. I said I was and that I would also like to get my 'mafs' taken care of. It was probably stupid of me to mention the warranty, because I never did get that service scheduled.

Finally I brought my car in for some engine noise and didn't mention anything about the warranty. After they diagnosed it and gave me the estimate, I asked about the extended warranty and was told "that's for the catalytic converter". OK, time to go to the source. I called VW customer care and was told that my vehicle was covered under that warranty.

I go to pick up the car and they tried to rush me over to the cashier (usually they go over the bill 1st). I asked what I was being charged for and told them that the 'mafs' was under warranty and I shouldn't be charged for it. They tried to tell me it wasn't, so I brought out the reference number the VW customer care agent gave me. At this point they half heartedly tried a couple of comments to dissuade me as they shuffled through some stacks of recall bulletins and such (The recall is only valid on cars from certain plants, the warranty is expired).

Eventually they found the bulletin and checked to make sure there was no way they could get out of it ("Only if yours is a 2.0 liter engine" even though there were several other engine types I could see listed on the sheet). They were "nice enough" ("Oh, our techs usually tell us if there is a warranty") to take the $600 off my bill and send me on my way (without the free car-wash ticket they used to staple onto the invoice).

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