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Overstock.com - Did they know all along they sent the wrong item? Bait and Switch!
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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- Bought a $490 torchiere lamp from Overstock & was thrilled when I arrived home to a large box on the porch. Thrilled that is, until I opened the box and found it wasn't what I ordered.

BTW I wouldn't have even opened the box if there was some indication, say a taped on packing slip, a photo on the outside of the box that would have provided a clue to what was inside. According to Overstock I should have refused delivery on an expected item in an unmarked box. Seems Oversuck has psychic powers far beyond mine, they can see into unmarked boxes across the country and know upfront the customer shouldn't have opened the box on delivery. I did find it odd, on a fairly expensive item there was NO packing slip outside or inside the box.

At first I gave O the benefit of doubt, but in re-reading my chat transcripts, several emails, I'm confident they knew that they sent out. Similar to the other stories here, customer orders an expensive item - O sends the wrong item and makes their return process ridiculous leaving the customer to either accept the item or deal with O for months.

Real life & Live chat = 20 minutes for the bot to determine my name and address. The live chat replies seem copy and paste.
me: "when will the correct item be sent?"
them: If we do not receive the original item within 30 days, we will charge your credit card for the full price of the replacement item.
me: hello? (5 minutes pass)
me: hello? so when will the correct item be sent?
(10 minutes pass)
them: "Can you please confirm your zip code?"
me: "Again, my zip is 12345, when will the correct item be sent?" (3 minutes pass)
them: We are aware you didn't receive the correct item, the item you ordered is no longer in stock"
me: The item I ordered is still listed for sale on the site...
(4 minutes pass)
them: The item ordered is out of stock.
me: OK, so if the item I ordered isn't available can you send out the identical table lamp and refund me the difference? (2 minutes pass)
them: "unfortunately, we are only able to exchange items for the exact same size and color if the item is received damaged. We do not allow substitutions."
me: Yet I received a substitute lamp .. this isn't what I ordered and the value of the item sent is $200 less than what I've already paid (8 minutes pass)
At 8 minutes 30 seconds in waiting for a reply, I ended the chat session.

It doesn't end there though.. 2 weeks of back & forth customer is always wrong emails, live chat and phone banter with no resolution. BTW The O bot promised a return label within 2 business days.. On day 8 after 4 emails I received an illegible UPS return label. When I say illegible, it had nothing to do with my printer, the font used ran together like blowhole snot.

From reading the other reviews posted here, bait and switch seems to be the norm.

UPDATE November 23, 2007: Overstock sent me an email to review the product sent (evidently they are that clueless) ... so I put my experience with O on the review. I was polite, no cursing. no bashing - just the facts & lo and behold my review is not published on the O site for the item I purchased. Funny thing is, I clicked on the link to leave a review & the site says my review has already been published. Uh huh. My rating must have fallen off their site just like the item I ordered.

Overstock = 2 words > never again.

Overstock.com has horrible customer service.
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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I ordered an area rug as a gift for my mom on 10/10/05. I promptly received a confirming email saying that the rug had been shipped to my mom. When she hadn't received it by 10/21, I contacted Overstock's customer service department. I was told, “We're sorry, but we oversold that rug. It was never shipped.” I thought it was poor communication on the part of Overstock.com that I didn't find out the rug was never shipped until I called on 10/21, but that was only the beginning of the ineptitude that I would encounter.

When I found out that Overstock had never sent the original rug I ordered, I ordered another rug on 10/21. When the rug arrived, I was extremely upset to find that it wasn't the rug I had ordered. The rug I ordered was both depicted and described as a cream colored rug with flecks of gold thread. The rug my mom received had an irregular pattern of gray and salmon colored squares. It was obviously shipped in error.

I placed a telephone call to Overstock.com to initiate the return on 11/30. I explained the situation to the customer service rep, Matt, who connected me with a manager. The manager said a return shipment voucher would be mailed to my home address for free return of the rug. She said I would receive the voucher within 10 days.

The voucher never arrived so I contacted Overstock.com again on 12/10. This time, I had an email exchange with a customer service rep named Alonso. Alonso verified the communication I had with Overstock.com, and said that an email voucher would be “expedited” to me, that it would be sent to my email address within 7 days.

The email voucher never arrived. I had an email exchange with a customer service rep named Ashton on 1/18/06. After the usual round of me typing in the whole history of this experience, and Ashton typing in over and over the Overstock.com customer service mantra of, “We're sorry to hear that,” Ashton informed me that the rug would not qualify for a free return shipment voucher. He ignored the fact that the rug was shipped in error, and instead said it didn't qualify for free return shipment just because the rug didn't look like the website picture. I explained that not only did the rug not match the website picture, it looked NOTHING like the rug on Overstock's website, and was obviously shipped in error, which was definite grounds for free return shipment. Ashton said he would forward the problem to a mysterious sounding “Information Research Team,” which would respond to me within 5 business days. I told Ashton that, at this point, I had no faith that I would ever hear anything back from the Information Research Team, and asked him who I would contact if I heard nothing. His only response was, “You'll definitely hear from them within 5 business days.”

Well, 24 business days have now passed, and I have never heard anything from the potentially non-existent Information Research Team, but Overstock.com has filled my email inbox, several times a week, with mass mailings of clearances, low shipment fees, etc. I am so thoroughly disgusted with Overstock.com. I order the majority of items I purchase on-line, and have NEVER run into a situation like this.

Buyer beware! I would never order anything from Overstock.com again, and advise others to shop elsewhere.

First Complaint and Big Problem Received Order in Quadruplicate
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Rating: 1/51

NY, NEW YORK -- I have been very happy with Overstock.com for 10+ years.
Not happy now.On 3/13/15 I tried to place an order for a dress and shoes etc. After keying "submit order" instead of the usual order confirmation and tracking information received a strange error message that told me they were having a problem and to try back later.

So, several minutes I tried again. Same error page. Later on my 4th attempt 48hrs later I tried again after instant messaging customer service I was told to reenter my shipping address.?? I did so. Since after each failed attempt to place an order, my shopping cart was empty I had to re-enter the items. I was finally successful on Sunday 3/15/15 but decided to limit my order to the one dress, omitting the other accessory items. I was tired of going through the pages selecting items! I got sent all orders! 5 duplicates dresses double shoes, unwanted accessories! Still waiting to hear from Overstock! Sending stuff back as it arrives! Huge charge for their mistake.

Still Waiting for Product, but Bill Has Already Arrived!!
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Rating: 1/51

PARROTTSVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I ordered a couch on January 23, 2015 on overstock.com. I understood that because it was oversize, it would take some time. I followed up in early February via Chat, and was advised my couch would be shipping on/about February 13, 2015. I continued to check my order status and it still continued to be 'processing' (as it is as I write this review on 2/21/15). After contacting OS again about this order and indicating that if it was not shipping in 7 days I wanted to cancel, I was contacted (2/19/15) by Jasmine who advised she would be the point person on this order. On 2/20/15, I received a bill for the order.

I contacted OS and advised I would not pay a penny until the order AT LEAST shipped out of the warehouse/mfg. OS had me call 2 different numbers, neither CSR could help, and referred me back to Jasmine. At this point, I'm so angry I'm not sure what to do, but I want others to know what to expect from OS customer service!!!

Don't Buy From Overstock.com
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Rating: 1/51

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I bought 4 chairs from Overstock. The chairs came with no hardware. When I let them know, this was their solution: They would send me another 4 chairs, I would open the box and remove the hardware, and then I would have to repack the chairs and haul them to the post office and mail them back. When I didn't agree to this, they instead credited me a whole 20 dollars. I now have 4 useless chairs in pieces and am out the money I spent. This company is a huge rip-off, and their claims of great customer service are completely untrue.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 2/51

I had ordered items from Overstock.com when they were new and was really happy with the quick delivery, good prices and quality of product. That has obviously changed. After not receiving any notifications on my order, I realized that instead of Gmail on my address it said Gmail. I contacted customer service to fix this and after a half hour of dealing with Theresa, who did not have a good command of the English language (she kept offering to e-mail an link to me so I could fix it), did not understand that I would not get the email!

I demanded to speak to her supervisor. I fixed the problem, but then when it came to the larger issue, of why after 12 days my rug had not arrived, he offered to put a trace on it and reorder at no additional cost to me! Of course there would be no additional cost, I said, it is your mistake! This rug was supposed to take 5 to 7 days. I am not happy with Overstock.com and will not use them again.

Beware Return Costs!
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Rating: 1/51

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- Beware return costs - even if overstock.com makes the mistake, you are out of pocket!!

I recently ordered bed sheets from overstock.com through eBay; they shipped the wrong size. When I contacted overstock.com, the response was talk to eBay. eBay finally gave approval to return the incorrect item for refund; when I asked about the cost of shipping the incorrect item from Canada, overstock.com said it was nothing to do with them, talk to eBay! eBay told me it was not their problem, and that I had had a choice on whether or not to send the item back - no choice if I wanted any refund!!!

End result: overstock.com sent me the wrong item and I had to pay for the privilege of returning it so that could obtain a refund! Initial purchase cost $125 (refunded by eBay); return shipping $27 - my expense!!
No accountability & no consequences for "bad behavior" = poor customer service!

Rating: 5/51

I ordered over $4000 of furniture from Overstock one month ago. I'm so pleased with the whole process from ordering to delivery and quality. I was definitely skeptical what with the amount I was spending and some of the reviews I read, but I have to say I would not hesitate to do it again and again. Great, great buys and amazing customer service! Any company that offers a live on-line chat is a definite plus. I even elected to return 2 barstools because the height of them was not going to work for us. The return was easy and the credit posted back to my account within a few days after they got them back. I've certainly been spreading the word around to my friends and family and definitely give this experience a full 5 stars!!

Basilica Wall Mirror & Tiffany-style Lamp
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Rating: 2/51

I did not immediately realize how filthy the mirror was when it arrived. I had arranged to have someone hang it for me and began "wiping it off" which turned into an hour and a half of cleaning furiously. It took 12 moist cleaning cloths and paper towels and 18 Q-tips to get rid of the BLACK DIRT that covered every millimeter of every nook, cranny, and crevice. I think that if I went over it again, I would still get that black dirt coming off; there is no end to it! I am guessing that somewhere along the line, it was stored, unprotected, where there was a lot of automotive traffic because that's how BLACK the cloths were. I love the mirror and dread the hassle of return and possibly getting another one in the same condition.
I love my lamp, too, and it was completely clean, but the workmanship is not meticulous by any means. I will avoid Overstock in the future.

Ripped Off
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Rating: 1/51

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- Beware if ordering from Overstock.com. They took 6 weeks to deliver the merchandise, then substituted a cheaper item. Because it took 6 weeks to arrive, the price guarantee Overstock.com offers did not apply. After 30 minutes dealing with the on-line rep, he informed me that all the company would do is offer a $15 credit towards my next order. The $15 doesn't even cover the price difference between what I paid for and what I was sent, let alone the aggravation. Nor would they offer to pay for the return of the items that were sent that weren't what I ordered. A $15 credit! Like I would ever shop there again.

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