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Owners.com MLS Scam
Posted by on
As a FSBO I went on line to get help in selling my real estate condo and found Owners.com with different packages that included exposure on MLS and realtor.com. I purchased a package with MLS and Realtor.com exposure as well as a web page. What I got was a MLS listing under an agent whose name and phone contact goes directly to him and he is to refer calls and emails back to me. On the listing itself when first put on MLS there were numerous errors and no mention that it was a FSBO or on how to contact owner. The web page does not show up on web at all and I was given a very confusing explanation as to why it didn't show up on the web - so, I ask for my money back and got an email saying to call and we would talk it over. In the past I have called the realtor, the manager, customer service and got double speak or I got voice mail saying leave a message.
I have not gotten one call and I got one email - the listing has been on MLS for about ten days. Owners.com does not explain that the seller would be selling under an agent and the agent and seller would be co-sellers.

I know that my real estate is not getting the promised exposure.
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Alice Z on 2011-08-08:
I have been doing flat fee mls listing services for home owners since 2001. There is a whole lot of confusion as to what a MLS FSBO Listing is. There is tons of misinformation as to how the process works. Most multiple listing services do not allow for sale by owners to advertise on their real estate data bases (MLS). Only licensed real estate brokers and agencies that pay a fee can advertise for sale on the multiple listing service in your local area. Once you have listed your property the state regulations dictate that you are no longer just a for sale by owner since a real estate broker is now involved. Which is why the agent told you that any buyer leads can only come to the agency that has the property advertised for sale
Lola S. on 2012-07-21:
I too have listed something on owners.com and had almost 400 dollars taken, no agent contacted me, emails not returned, phone calls to website not returned. Is this company a scam?
Dan on 2012-11-17:
I am trying to get a refund now.
I had no idea that I had to enter into an agreement with an Agent. I won't do it and want a refund!
John on 2013-07-23:
Warning...Stay away from Owners.com. It is not the service they advertise. Listings are not found by standard searches. This is a complete waste of time and money. Will report to BBB and state attorney generals office.
lovenmeflowers on 2013-11-13:
Stay away as a fsbo buyer their listings cannot be found and they seem to be promoting Lexington law firm garbage misleading company
Renae on 2013-11-16:
I just discovered that my house is listed on owners.com and Zillow by someone. I have it personally listed on FSBO.com for $349,500 with correct info regarding square footage, etc. All info on owners.com is erroneous (priced at over $100,000 less), and the description states that the buyer can take over the payments with a downpayment which is absolutely not true!! Smells like a scam to me. We are looking into it.
emily steed on 2014-04-08:
same scam just happened to me. I am canceling my payment and complaining to BBB. this service is a scam.
Unhappy customer on 2014-07-15:
Beware, read all reviews before using owners.com and definitely don't upgrade to realtor.com or MLS. The worst customer service around. You have no control of selling your own home. The broker we were put with called us names and liars. He would not put the description of our house like we wanted. Needless to say we threw away 400.00. Think twice before you do business with them.
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Total Misrepresentation and False Advertising
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TEXAS -- The "premium FSBO" pkg says you get a listing on owners.com and 20+ partner websites. Don't believe this out right lie. You will get a listing on Owners.com but that's it. Zip. Zero. Nada else. It takes them 3 or 4 days to respond my email and then the agent didn't even know what pkgs they offered. I wasted my money - don't waste yours.
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tami on 2014-07-21:
I checked on a place they had listed I know is NOT for sale and has not been for about a year now. The people never got back to me. So I checked on others (18) some had been sold years ago and some had no idea what I was talking about and had not been for sale.
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False Advertising
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Owners.com advertises a flat fee listing agreement, then refers you to a local broker, who then adds "administrative fees" to the agreement. They also advertise a "money back guarantee" which is actually a "program" referring you to a full service agent. In short, Owners.com sucks and you shouldn't do business with them.
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User Replies:

Eric on 2014-05-01:
After finally corresponding with the CEO of Owners Advantage, LLC, my complaints were resolved to my full satisfaction, and he assures me that action has been taken to prevent a recurrence of the problem.
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