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I joined 24 Hour Fitness in Billings, Mt. about 4 years ago. I paid enrollment fee, and have paid $40 a month since then. It has become a hardship since I'm living solely on social security now. My kids decided to get me a "lifetime" membership, which we could do with 24 Hour Fitness, but evidently Oz, who bought the gym, doesn't do this. When they bought it, they honored all the existing memberships, which is pretty good, because my niece has a $150 lifetime membership (she doesn't go though) and I know several people with $20 a month memberships.

When my son called to talk to the manager, I think her name is **, she told him the only thing they could do was a 2 year membership, then after that it would only cost me $99 per year. They did take that, but I went in to talk to ** for a couple of things: they paid another enrollment fee. I thought that was out of line, since I've been a member for 4 years. That was $177. Also, they had to pay $247 for four sessions with a personal trainer. Since I'm working with a physical therapist, I don't need that.

She explained it was all part of "the package", and said over and over that she could lose her job, because it was against the rules to change from a month to month membership to this more permanent one. Now, it certainly doesn't make sense to me why a company would fire a manager who got $940.87 from my kids, in her hand, for a two year membership, that I could have quit at any given time, and may have had to because of the financial hardship!!" a bird in the hand?". I decided to let it go, because I sure didn't want the poor girl to "lose her job!"

Now they have called my son, and informed him that there is no way they can credit my charge card for the payment they took out on May 15, because she would "lose her job". Well, I kind of figure if anybody in your office is awake they will see my membership cancellation, and my new membership, all within a 24 hour period and maybe figure it out. I just feel that it is so wrong for them to collect twice for the same month, and they won't do anything about it, all because she might "lose her job." Now, I don't even know if Heather does a good job or not, but I don't want her to lose her job either.

She says the reason is because you lose money on the $99 a month thing. I've known enough people that have memberships and don't ever use them to know that over all, you don't lose money. I don't know if I'll live long enough to make you lose money or not. I hope so. I don't want ** fired, although perhaps someone should explain some of the facts of life to her. I just want to be refunded for the month of May!

Doped by Oz Fitness
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BILLINGS, MONTANTA -- Hello I am located in Montana and have been notified by a collection agency that I owe money for a gym membership. The details are that when I signed up for the membership I sat down with one of the gyms representatives and he went over their various plans. The plan I chose was the one that allowed me to come in late at night I believe it was between 10pm or midnight until 7 or 9am since I worked in the gambling industry and didn't get off until 2am. He told me that it was a 3 month contract and I would have to come in again after 3 months and renew it in order to keep my gym membership and not have to pay the sign up fee's again.

A few months go by and I wasn't really using the gym as much as I wanted to and they had also changed there hours and weren't open during the hours I wanted anymore so I decided not to go in and renew my contract so to the best of my knowledge I no longer belonged to their gym. A few more months go by and I receive a notice in the mail from a collection agency stating that I owe them $128.97 for an account regarding OZ Fitness of Billings, MT. After I read to notice I was surprised but not angry because everyone makes a mistake now and then.

I call the gym and am transferred to one of their managers or at least someone that was in charge of something and let her know what happened. She says that they tried to charge my card for 3-4 months and that it had been canceled. I told her that it was because I had lost it and was wondering why nobody had contacted me about this before it went to collection? She was starting to get angry and said someone had called and talked to my dad left a message with him. Didn't ask for my cell phone or email address just left a verbal message with him.

This is entirely possible and also possible my dad didn't tell me about it because he has memory problems due to some health issues. I could tell she was getting frustrated with my questions and I told her that if my contract wasn't a 3 month contract that there had been some kind of mistake or I was misled. She told me that the employees don't lie and to ** off I was no longer their problem I was the collection agency's problem. Whatever happened to being courteous to a customer?

From here I am stumped as to what I can do. I do not have the funds to hire a lawyer or it would have been done already. I have left multiple messages with the small claims court in my area but nobody will call me back. I'm really feeling like I have been taken advantage of and there isn't anything I can do about it.

Unethical business practice
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MEDFORD, OREGON -- I purchased a training package with Oz after a free training session with a specific trainer. This is the first trainer I trusted and believed in after 8 years of battling a weight issue relating to hypothyroidism. 2 weeks after I started my training Oz fired my trainer. They then wanted to pawn me off on another trainer. The only reason I purchased the package was because I had spoken to my selected trainer and we had decided on the best plan of action for me to meet my goal. It was a commitment we made to each other. I am not a piece of meat to be passed off to the next person in line.

I told them I didn't want another trainer and they said that's fine but I still had to pay the fee for the complete session. They made it very clear I would be sent to collections if I did not comply. What kind of a company is this? Is this how they show they care about their customers. In their mission statement they state: "Simply put, if you're happy with what we do for you, please tell a friend. If you're not, please tell us so we can do what is needed to get it right".

Good luck trying to tell them. The local center tells you you can't talk to corporate, and the only phone # on their website is to their collections department. What does that tell you? Well done Oz. You get my vote for "Worst Business of the Year!"

They Steal To Make Their Money!
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MEDFORD, OREGON -- My fiance and I joined Oz Fitness, previously known as 24 Hr Fitness. We kept the membership for a while and then decided we couldn't afford the service any longer, so we cancelled the subscription. Now, we kept receipts and copies of everything they gave, including a copy of our membership agreement and proof we paid the first AND last month membership. Anyway we cancelled and were still charged the next month.

The manager told me that you have to cancel 15 days before the month is over to not be charged! Well that wasn't written on MY contract, but they couldn't be moved. Now, I was under the impression that this was my I paid for the last month in advance. Anyway, I decided to let it go. I verified that my account was really closed. They said it was. THEN two months later, they charged me for two full months of membership! When I asked them why they were charging me at all they said that I had only cancelled myself, NOT my fiance! Well, looking at my cancellation agreement, it doesn't say ANYWHERE that only one of us cancelled, only that it was cancelled.

So basically, OZ kept my account open an additional 3 months, overdrew my bank account twice, and never took responsibility for their wrong doings! Here's my advice. Take the $400 dollars they will charge you for introductory fees, and the next several hundred they will charge you during the year to come and buy a home gym instead!

Unethical and Poor Management at OZ
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SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- After a successful membership at OZ for many years I now must join the throngs of people who have had a terrible experience with their billing and management dept. In Nov 2010 I received a new credit card and asked to have the monthly fees charged to the new card. No problem. However, charges were repeatedly sent to the old expired card that was no longer used and had an invalid number. There is no way to reach the OZ staff. We did, however, receive a voice mail with no return phone number indicating they are sending the bill to collections. What bill?? In the meantime they also take money from the new account! There seems to be no way to communicate.

They do not return calls and there is nothing available online to sort this out. I think a class action suit of some kind is needed as there seems to be many people who have had the experience. The friendly inept staff at the front desks simply say... "You need to contact management." What management? There seems to be no overall customer service. No quality control. No help. Yikes. I want out of OZ!!

Oz Fitness Is A Ripoff, Stay Away!
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SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- OZ Fitness in Spokane, Washington sold me two long-term membership to a 24 hour gym, then cut the hours of the gym by a third, eliminating the very reason I bought the expensive memberships. I asked for a refund. They refused. They claim that their form contract language allows them to do whatever they want. Besides it being grossly unethical for OZ Fitness to sell a service, collect payment for that service, then cancel the service without providing even partial refunds, the language of their form contract does not in fact allow them to do that.

It might allow them to cancel an occasional yoga class, take a piece of equipment offline for repairs or slightly adjust pool hours, but it certainly does not allow them to wipe out vast amounts of services they have already sold in advance. Even if OZ Fitness' little adhesion contract did say that, I don't think it would be enforceable. If it was, under OZ Fitness' theory, they could sell 24-hour gym memberships, then after collecting payments announce that OZ Fitness will be open for only two minutes a day once a year, give no refunds yet suffer no consequences. That sounds more like fraud than a “contract.”

I am publicizing OZ Fitness' egregious behavior, only after they refused my written request for at least a partial refund. I suggest you avoid OZ Fitness, unless you want to give OZ Fitness money for services they feel no obligation to provide.

What's today's story?
By -

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- OZ Fitness - You never can tell WHAT is real with this company. I was reading one of the reviews where the member was told to cancel 15 days prior to next payment, I was told 10 days. Guess that's so they can scam you for another payment. I was told by OZ reps one price for a plan then later told it never existed. I'm not one to imagine things or tell tall stories and resent being told "I misunderstood". STAY CLEAR OF OZ!!!!

A World Class Gym
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SPRINGFIELD, OREGON -- As an Australian frequent overseas traveler and self confessed "gym junkie" I have had the opportunity to train in many gyms around the world over the past 20 years. I have never felt inclined to write a testimonial about any gym until I visited Oz Fitness in Springfield OR. The facilities are truly world class, the staff are friendly and professional but what impressed me most was the warm hospitality shown by the other members. WELL DONE OZ FITNESS.

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