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no notification of early termination charge
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TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA -- I have been charged an early termination fee of $200.00 for internet service through Pacific Bell. My complaint is that I was not notified verbally over the phone of this charge, although they state that I was. I requested to pay my last two months of service so I would be compliant with the 12 month contract, but was refused to be allowed to do so. Now I am being sent to collections for this amount and I refuse to have to pay for something that I was not notified of. I was told that I could transfer my account to my new location, but Pacific Bell is not offered to the city I moved to. Verizon is the phone company there. I signed up with Verizon for internet access and there is no early termination fee, it is month by month. This question I learned to ask. I have tried for months to get this resolved and have spoken to several people at Pacific Bell with no resolve.
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Anonymous on 05/20/2002:
My guess is that when you signed up for the service you were notified of the early termination fee.
Anonymous on 05/20/2002:
How quickly a consumer will "sign up" for something just to get started...and then whine and ask for pity because they're being persecuted for something they, as an adult, signed up for.
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