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Very poorly managed business
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BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA -- I have never received service as poor as this! They under quoted what my monthly expenses would be, hence it was unaffordable. Since I discontinued my service, they have continued to bill me (and my insurance for 4 additional months).

The phone number in Bakersfield CA is never answered, you must leave messages, which are never returned.

The only time when they were attentive is when I called to discontinue, they sent a person over that very same day to pull the info chip out of the machine to take to my Dr. for his "permission" for my stopping their service.

I told my Pulmonologist of my dissatisfaction with this company and requested that he remove this company from his Apnea Service Roster -- they don't deserve to be in business.

No delivery for 4 days
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SAN DIEGO SAN MARCOS -- Pacific Pulmonary Services Offices - Country Wide
My occurrence San Diego County, San Marcos office

Pacific Pulmonary Services, supplies oxygen for home bound patients that need home oxygen therapy. They operate around the country promising to have oxygen anywhere, even if you travel. I was in the California Wildfires of 2007, I am normally on a air concentrator which supplies oxygen from the air in the home.

I was in a area hard hit by the fire, 8 homes around us burned to the ground, my home has significant smoke damage and toxic particulates, that will not be filtered by the air cleaner on the concentrator, it is not made to filter the fine toxic particulants that it would be sucking in to create oxygen.

I was told by the Doctor to use bottled oxygen till the home is restored. I set up the contract and the Doctor placed the order to the company, based on a phone interview, they seemed accommodating at first. For 2 weeks the service went OK. The field workers were pleasant.

On a Thursday we put in an order for more bottles Friday, as I need it 24 hours a day. After just a couple of weeks ago suffering a major set back to my health, oxygen was very important .

On Friday they left a message on our cell phone, not our usual mode of communications, stating that they would not deliver the bottles we needed. This meant that my body would not get enough Oxygen and the levels fell to lower levels then safe and required for good health. Low oxygen stresses the heart and kills brain cells.

I talked to the manager on Friday and he said we can not supply that amount of Oxygen for the period of time required. That was it. No more Oxygen.

So I was left without Oxygen the whole weekend as it is impossible to set up a new Oxygen supplier in a matter of hours. If I used the concentrator I would be breathing concentrated toxic materials in our home. Pacific Pulmonary Services, especially the Manager, were completely rude, did not live up to their commitment to supply me with the oxygen I needed. The Manager was couldn't care less about if I had enough Oxygen or not.

I would never trust this company or any associates with it, as they are located all over the country and one of the largest suppliers of Home Oxygen Services in the Country. At Pacific Pulmonary Services you are dealing with people who only care about a dollar and not you as a patient.

Any company that would cut off a person with lung/ heart problems, in a declared disaster area, when your depending on them to get you oxygen to breathe, deserves not to be trusted. They will let you down and not even give you fair warning that they will not resupply.

There was no problem with payment as I have more than adequate insurance and they are a MediCare provider, the manager stated you have a concentrator, which we asked are you over riding Doctors orders, as I was told no to be breathing any more toxic material.

I suggest a smaller local company that will respond to a patients care as a priority, not a troublesome situation, because I ran out 3 days before the scheduled delivery date. Plus I was told they would be unable to supply the amount of oxygen I would need. So it appears they can only take care of a few bottles a week. Just a short stint, even though we told them that we would need the services for probably for months

They made a lot of promises when we signed up but leaving someone who has seen there property burned to the ground, lost buildings that contained many valuable items and tools for running our grove.

Everything around you is burned and is now in ash, in the air, in your home and you depend on this company for oxygen and they coldly say we can't deliver, after they had delivered for 2 weeks. Because it's not on the schedule and some manager who is not a Doctor and goes against my Doctors orders rudely and arrogantly says use the concentrator. It's just pure lazy, careless, and worrying about a few bucks in gasoline, over your health care. You don't want Pacific Pulmonary Services to be supplying your life giving oxygen. They do not care about you as a patient, just a number.

So in my opinion this is poor service and one that is runs through the corporate level as this choice was from the manager himself, not the delivery driver, whom all seemed pleasant. But when the manager says were not in that area today, even though you can breathe and does not care, this is a company wide problem not just a single facility.

Spare your health or a loved one’s from frustration, a bureaucracy that only cares about which delivery day is yours, your out of oxygen, sorry, no delivery for 4 days.

Give your business to someone who deserves it. Under the worst conditions possible, they let me down and showed no caring and were not even going to contact me as our land line phone is still down. If I would not have checked the cell phone, the message would have been missed. Your in a hospital and they can not stress the need for oxygen and Pacific Pulmonary Services treats it like bottled water, oh your out drink tap.

I have traveled to many places for medical help and used many company’s for oxygen, Pacific Pulmonary Services were by far the absolute worst I have ever seen when it comes to Home Oxygen Service. Customer Beware if you need air.
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PPS Denies Doctor Prescription
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Rating: 1/51
LEAGUE CITY, TEXAS -- For 3 years I have been on O2 nights with a stationary oxygen concentrator from Pacific Pulmonary. In the meantime my back was broken 5 times and my oxygen levels dropped. Instead of being on 2 liters at night I am now on 4 liters 24/7. My doctor ordered a Portable Oxygen Concentrator because I can not handle the portable tanks. The small ones with me being on 4 liters will only last a little over an hour. That is not enough time for me to do doctors appointments, grocery shop and get prescriptions. I have faxed the prescription to them and they refuse.

Their employee at the hospital, saw I was on 4 liters and it was discussed with her. She called her office PPS and told them the correct liters were 4. Now PPS is denying they knew or got that information, they are refusing to provide me the Portable Oxygen Concentrator and it makes me a prisoner in my own home literally on a 50 foot leash with the large concentrator.

Medicare logged a formal complaint against them and still refuse to honor my doctors prescription. This company should NOT be allowed to serve Medicare patients and should be put out of business.
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Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51
BAKERSFIELD, CA 93301-1819 -- I can't believe it's taken almost a month to order to new mask for my CAP machine only to find out that they don't have the correct paper work and I really don't think they even requested it from my doctor. They promise to call back, but never return calls. After almost a month they finally told me that they lost the contract for my area. Polite, but never give an answer to my questions? Said I can purchase myself, but even then I need to have my doctor fill out paperwork. They used to call every month and insist I receive a new mask. Now it's been seven months and I can even get them to return my calls or answer my questions. If I treated my customers the way I been treated I wouldn't have any customers. Very disappointing.
I deserve to make my own choice
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I was very shocked my dad received a late evening visit from a man regarding this companies services. The young delivery man was very nice, although he pressured him to be left with all this oxygen equipment he says his own doctor wanted him to have. What I found wary was, We never received information or a phone call that someone was coming to his home that night. He is a widower of mature age and lives alone, it concerned me. Also my doctors had not seen my dad in 6 months and his next follow up was going to be in a week, so how could these people make that decision for both his doctors and my dad? I never returned their calls and have since Dad has seen his pulmonoligist, who tested his levels, says he is in range he should be for his age, he apologized for Pacific Pulmonarys pushy, over the top attempt to sucker me into their tacky way of doing business. People of age, I tell you to always consult with your MD first before accepting any medical equipment from anyone!
Taking My Breath Away
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BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA -- I live in a town that breed companys like this amatter of fact most companys hear are like this one pacific pulonary services been with this company 4 years getting my nebulizer machine and med, no problem, two years ago had to go on oxygen consentrater machine not from pacific pulmonary, but from home med and they were a good company, until they stopped renting consentrater machine, they were billing medicare medical no problem for years then pacific pulmonary took over the concentrater machine jacked uped the charge on the machine and medicare won't pay for the increse pacific pulmonary is charging do to increase by pacific pulmonary so pacific pulmonary is trying to make it sound like my medicare deductible is go up but in fact the charge on concentrater machine is going up so may be their machine might brake in the near future like their braking killing me thank you for your time mr, hakin and huin p. s did I mention that the concentrater machin is 600.00 new so far they billed medicare 7000 on a 600 $ machine now their wanting a share of cost from me they call it, right.
Abrupt Removal Of Oxygen Equipment Physician Prescribed 24 Hours A Day For COPD Patient
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LAS VEGAS AND RENO, NEVADA -- I just read a review of this same company on this website! It was written in Nov. 2007. This company cares nothing about human life other than to supply their financial gain. Diagnosed with end stage COPD Mar. 2006, I was immediately qualified for Social Security Disability. In the interim between receiving benefits I was given Supplemental insurance from Soc. Sec. SSI- this entitled me to Medicaide until the benefits kicked in.

The Dr. prescribed oxygen 24/7, he contacted Pacific Pulmonary Services and arranged delivery. Nov 2007 my Medicaide was discontinued because my benefits (under $1000. mo.) were too high to qualify. Yet my oxygen cost $750. per month prescriptions $350. then the spirometry--well to say that my benefits were less than adequate to cover medical is a no brainer. But that's the government we have and another huge disillusion. Pacific Pulmonary Services, notified me that they could no longer provide services for me and retrieved all their equipment and oxygen cylinders. Leaving me with no oxygen!

I was shocked, I didn't no that a bill had passed Congress to allow Home medical supply companies to collect their oxygen equipment when payment is not received; without any requirement of due care of the company to first insure continuation of oxygen service to the patient from some source! I was left without oxygen panic stricken, driving no less- to the hospital, when I arrived a Social Worker recognized me to be disoriented and inquired as to my situation. This woman was able to not only get me immediate oxygen but set up arrangements for another home oxygen company to deliver a concentrator and portables.

She helped me to become established with Social Services which has been my only lifeline. Thank God for Angels like her. Pacific Pulmonary Services is a disgrace to the medical community, anyone needing Home medical equipment or oxygen service should not patronize this greedy heartless company. Give your business to another supplier as promoting greed driven companies like Pacific Pulmonary Services only lowers the morality and humanity of the business community as a whole.
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