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I have lost windows 7 on my Easy Note TS
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CHORLEY, UK -- I used Packard Bell Restore on my Packard Bell laptop and it did not restore but caused windows 7 to crash and I could not restore it. I sent it to a computer repairer but after 2 months I discovered that my windows was not a genuine copy and I cannot restore genuine windows 7.

I have spoken to the repairer but he says that it was the only thing to do and does not accept any responsibility. I have had to load Ubuntu but I do not like it.

Windows 7 was installed on my laptop when I bought it from Comet. Is there any way you can help me. I have tried always that I can but nothing helps.

I cannot read my product key on the bottom of my laptop but it is too badly worn.

I purchased the laptop in February 1912 and I enjoyed windows 7.
Deeply unhappy with Packard Bell ...
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BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- We spend equal amounts of time California and in the Netherlands and recently bought the new PB w7600 widescreen [diamond] laptop as a Christmas gift [2005]. We also paid for a 3 year service guarantee PLUS another 99 euro [over $110] for a [home] tutorial which was supposed to take place within 5 working days of PB receiving the money.
Understand that we paid in full and in cash..a total of 1600 euro for the laptop Plus xtra for the 3 year guarantee PLUS 99 euro for the promised and much needed tutorial.
We say much needed because unlike other companies PB does not provide product/user instruction booklets with their specific products anymore, preferring to put all user instructions on-line. This assumes you can get on-line.....
Anyway....the keyboard has problems in that anything you type you must type two or three times because the cursor skips..and it skips two lines up or five words back without warning as you try to type even simple things like email...
Maybe that will correct itself with use but in the meantime it is very hard to work with.

But that is not our main complaint..OUR COMPLAINT is that the PB service in Europe can rarely get a human on the line..even the store we bought the laptop from is angry that PB will not return their calls either...and when you finally DO get a human on the line they promise a response within 24 hours or to call back and they NEVER do. They do not provide alternate telephone numbers..just the 0900 [15 -45 cents per minute] lines whch eat up your money but get you nowhere.
I feel that PB is robbing its customers and providing shoddy service, not honoring its guarantees, and will NEVER EVER buy a PB product again. I urge anyone considering a purchase of a Packard Bell computer to think twice and go to another company.
[My daughter has a Dell and their service has been outstanding..she is really really pleased...]

If there is anyone reading this with a similar experience to ours with Packard BELL anywhere in Europe please email us as we are seriously considering taking these CROOKS to court.

Thank you
Surprisingly reliable computer
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SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- Ive owned my Packard Bell for almost 6 years... for about half that time it has remained turned on 24 hrs/day, 7 days a week. Amazingly my computer just keeps going. Ive barely had any problems over the years, and to this date it still suites my needs.
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