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Rewarding experience purchasing my new Kia Forte at Palm Springs Kia.
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CATHEDRAL CITY, CALIFORNIA -- A week ago, my husband drove by Palm Springs Kia and saw a beautiful, new, Corsa blue Kia Forte in front of Palm Springs Kia and talked me into going to the dealership to look at it and the Kia Soul. When **, our salesman approached us we let him know that we were interested in the vehicles; however we were concerned that we would not be able to get financing for either one of them. ** helped my husband and I with the application process for the Kia Forte and the Kia Soul.

When our paperwork was complete, he handed it over to financing so that it could be determined whether or not we could get financing and if we could, what the down payment and monthly payments would be. During this time, ** allowed us to look at the cars and to test drive them. While we were test driving and looking at cars, we met Greg, the owner of Palm Springs Kia. Greg explained what the financing terms would be on each car we were interested in. Greg asked us questions to encourage us to explain to him our family's needs and our concerns about purchasing a new car.

Greg worked with us not only so that we could get into our new car that day but also so that we could feel comfortable that we could afford our new Kia through the duration of the car loan. Greg understood that during these difficult financial times that we wanted to be able to comfortably make our car payments and made sure that our Kia was what we could afford monthly. Once we decided which Kia we preferred and that we could make the payments I wanted to call our car insurance company to determine how much the insurance was going to be on my new Kia before I made the commitment.

When I got through to an insurance representative to help me, Greg made himself available to help me to answer any of the questions that the insurance representative had so that I could get the most accurate insurance quote. Once I received the quote, my husband and I decided that we could afford the monthly car payment and the insurance premium of the Kia Forte. After test driving the Corsa blue Kia Forte with the 2.5 liter engine and a standard six speed transmission I fell in love with it. The car is swift, yet smooth and as you accelerate through the gears the seat seems to hug around your body.

My husband appreciates the style of the car, specifically, the rims, the color, the body style, the sound system, the mood lighting around the speakers and the fact that the sound system integrates with our cell phones so that we can talk on our cell phones through the car's sound system. Greg also made sure that included in the terms of our monthly payments is Gap insurance, wrap-around-warranty and wear and tear coverage which my husband and I both truly appreciate about our new Kia Forte.

Once my husband and I let ** and Greg know that we definitely wanted to purchase the Kia Forte they gave all of our information over to **, the financing guy. While ** was preparing our financing paperwork, **, one of the managers introduced himself to us and he helped us by having our new Kia Forte cleaned and filled with gas. Greg and ** made sure that our new Kia Forte was programmed with mine and my husband's cell phones. My husband and I were short of having some of the paperwork that the financing company requires to complete our car loan.

Instead of making us go home and come back to Kia with the missing documents; Greg, ** allowed ** to come to our home that evening to get the missing documents instead of making us have to come back to the dealership with them. Greg, ** and all of the staff at Palm Springs Kia understand that purchasing a new vehicle could be a stressful experience due to all of the decisions there are to make; however, their knowledge and their attitude that my needs and concerns are important made my experience with Palm Springs Kia a pleasant one.

New Car Purchase
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Rating: 1/51

PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA -- Set a new low for car dealers. Before getting into my experience understand that this is about the dealer, not Kia. I still want to buy a Kia. I heard an ad on the radio stating they were running a special giving $6000 above blue book value for all trade insurance. I called to get the details. It was confirmed that this was true and there were no exceptions for the model of car, mileage, etc. Against my better judgment, I went to the dealer. I have been interested in Forte SX for a while. When I got there I test drove the EX, they did not have any cars like what I wanted.

We started talking about the trade in and I was quoted $3150 for my car. I still owe $3150 on it. So I mention the ad for $6000 over blue book and the salesman actually says "oh you know how advertising is, it's just a way saying something that means something different." I said if they were not going to honor the ads we were done. Then he said cars with over 100,000 miles don't qualify. I told him I called to confirm the rules and was told there are no exceptions. The response was "well you didn't talk to me, I would have explained it to you. Who did you talk to?" I said "I talked to Palm Springs Kia and they said there were no exceptions."

He became visually upset at this response. They offered a couple more thousand for a trade in value and I said "OK, let's talk about the car." He said "They could have it there tomorrow." While we were discussing the trade in his manager found an SX model at another dealer. He showed me the info the car and said "I want a white one, not blue." Then I was told they will not order a car from the factory, I must buy what they have.

Remember, we are talking about a new car, not a used one. This is supposed to be a new car dealer. At a used car place I can understand only being to get what is on the lot, but to say they will not order a car from the factory really surprised me. I will not pay top dollar for a new car and not be able to choose the options I want. Not to mention they still were not honoring their ad. Let's put these criminals out of business by never buying from them.

Palm Springs Kia Complaint
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CATHEDRAL CITY, CALIFORNIA -- My mom and I were there Wednesday, July 14th. I was looking to trade in my truck for the new soul. I wasn't liking the numbers they were giving me. They offered $10,000 for my truck when they can turn around and sell it for $23,000, so I said we were just going to leave. Then the so called "owner" came out and never gave his name. I asked for my paperwork and keys back. He finally gave them back after a few minutes of arguing. I got my keys and only some of my paperwork back and started walking towards my truck. He followed us and block my mom from closing the door. He then rolled down the window. My mom finally got the door closed.

I start to back up and the smacks the rear view mirror and breaks it. I then pealed out as to leave but my mom then told me to stop because I didn't notice the mirror broke. I slam on the brakes. We jump out of the truck. My mom gets in his face and blocking me so I couldn't hurt him. He says he's going to press charges for hitting him with my truck, when I never did. He starts yelling at us to get off his property. My mom told me to call 911, we'll get off his property and just go to the police department since it was so close. So we get the police dept. the officer said for us the wait there and he'll go get my registration since it was still at the dealership.

The officer comes back we get our paper work. He takes pictures of the mirror. I didn't want to press charges at the time, but now I changed my mind. So basically, he harassed my mom and I and broke my car mirror. I'll see him in court.

Rotten Dealership & Sales People
By -

CATHEDRAL CITY, CALIFORNIA -- I have never had a horrible time in my entire car buying experiences as to what I have experienced recently at ((Palm Springs Kia in Cathedral City, California)). I was there on Sunday afternoon about 4:00 P.M. on June 20, 2010, shopping for a new car. Everything went well until a nameless car salesman who claims to be the General Manager in charge, who by the way refused to offer his name card started to bud-in from **, the first salesman who helped me and lashed out at me.

He tried to hard (core) sell me by telling me to stop shopping around and how I was ignorant from not being informed about his so called "deal" and went on for about 5 minutes, arguing with me, the customer. Then, he got up from his small desk and started to approach me--trying to intimidate me in from of all sales representatives that he was in charge. I felt, he was being an immature ass from what I could tell and I informed him nicely that I don't appreciate he being aggressive and I have the right to shop around as long as I want.

Apparently, he did not like my comments and started to put his face front of me as if he was going to be physical. I could not believe his actions and I was in no mood to further argue with the punk and left the premises. I plan to take appropriate legal actions with the dealership, the person, and with Kia Motors of America. My advice to all Kia customers-- (avoid) this dealership at cost. It is not worth wasting your time with the clowns at this dealership...

Saved Money
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After getting an estimate from another dealership for $1,200.00 for a rack and pinion replacement, which I couldn't afford at this time, but it needed to be done. By chance I ran into a KIA representative at work, who said "why don't you bring it in to KIA to have the work done?" He said, "they can work on Toyotas as well." So after looking at my vehicle, KIA said I didn't need to replace the rack and pinion yet. Even though it was oozing, it wasn't a priority at this time.

All I needed was to replace the tie rods, which ended up costing less than $200. So after doing a back flip and saving $1,000 they drove me home and picked me up the next day when it was ready. So it will be back to KIA of Palm Springs next time I need some work done. Thank you.

Bad Sale from KIA
By -

Very untrustworthy. The car I did buy from them was broken and had to be taken in for repairs twice after I bought it from them. They jerked me around with the title and loan. They couldn't even get the right VIN on the bill of sale or the registration/title. I'll be consulting a lawyer in order to make sure I'm not getting screwed.

Great Service - A Pleasure To Purchase
By -

CATHEDRAL CITY, CALIFORNIA -- We purchased a 2009 Sedona at this dealership Oct. 2010. Greg - the owner and ** - the sales manager, worked with us and ultimately gave us a very fair price. We felt our needs were understood and met. Our times spent there was a pleasure! WE have no hesitation recommending this dealer. Thanks guys!

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