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Beware of shipping charges
Posted by on
If you order from PanasonicDirect on their website, be sure to watch the final status of your order to make sure they don't try to add on shipping charges later. It happened to me.

I ordered a new telephone and headset for my home office; we've had good luck with Panasonic electronics before, and it was one of the few two-line cordless phones that is compatible with my AT&T voice mail account (it shows a blinking light on the charging base when I have a voice mail, which I like), and it wasn't terribly expensive...$79.95 + $24.95 for the headset. My husband actually ordered it for me; he's better with shopping for the electronic gadgets than I am, and he was quite excited to get free shipping - something they called "UPS Next Day Regular," whatever that is. I've shipping with UPS many times, and I've never heard of it. But it was free, so I said good. I got the confirmation e-mail which showed the costs of both items, local sales tax, and zero for shipping. Saved a copy, which I always do. Contrary to what the confirmation e-mail said would happen, I never got any further e-mails saying my order had been shipped, or anything else from PanasonicDirect. So, I checked the order on their website, mostly to see when to expect delivery, so I could be home to sign for it. As it happened, my order was delivered that day, which was much sooner than I had expected it to arrive (usually free shipping is by slow boat to China).

To my surprise, the total charge on the website included a charge of $25.75 for shipping, which then increased the sales tax amount by $1.25 - a total of $27 more than the amount that was confirmed in the e-mail I received. I went ballistic, printed the page from the website, printed off my confirmation e-mail, and gave them to my husband. I told him he'd better call them, because if they got me on the phone, I was just going to lose my temper. He did so, explained to the CSR he spoke to what had happened--that I had been overcharged $27.00 for shipping, which according to my order confirmation was supposed to be free. She told him to fax both pages to her attention, and she would call back after she received them. He did so, and we were both thinking, "OK, we're getting somewhere!" She called back, and said there was nothing she could do about it, that my order had been shipped UPS 2nd Day Air, and that is what I was charged for. My husband said that was not what he had selected when he placed the order, that what he chose was free, and the order confirmation I received via e-mail proved it. He asked to speak to a supervisor, which he did. The supervisor he spoke to told him this: "There was a glitch on the website; the shipping option you selected should have shown a charge of $25.75. It should not have shown a charge of zero, and there is nothing we can do about it." My husband told the supervisor, "Oh, yes there is; I have an order confirmation that quite clearly states in black and white the shipping charge is zero. I'm sorry if there was a glitch on your website, but that is not my problem. I paid for this order with a credit card, and I am not going to pay for these charges, and I will be disputing them through my credit card company. And you can forget ever getting my business again."

I am an extremely savvy consumer when it comes to my knowledge of consumer credit laws; I have availed myself of them many times throughout my life, and I have never lost a dispute yet. That is because I document everything, save my receipts (especially for major purchases), and keep an eye on deadlines. The laws were enacted to protect consumers, and that is exactly what they do. If the consumer can show that the merchant was in the wrong, the merchant will lose, and the credit card company has to support the consumer. It's as simple as that.

So after the charges posted to my credit card account, I went to the credit card's website, and started the dispute process online, this past Sunday. I had to fax my supporting documentation to their dispute resolution center, and had to type a brief description of what had happened, and what I had done to try to resolve it with the merchant (they like you to try to resolve it first, but it's not a requirement). All I had to do was fax the copy of my confirmation e-mail showing zero shipping cost and the copy of the charge from PanasonicDirect's website showing the higher shipping charge. Complete documentation is a necessity in these cases.

By Monday morning, I had a response from the credit card company telling me they had opened the dispute case, and would be getting back to me as it progressed. By Monday evening, I had an answer from the credit card company. They said, "We have posted a credit to your account for $27.00 for the amount of the charge you are disputing. We have also charged this amount back to the merchant. We now consider this case closed. We thank you for contacting us to resolve the issue with the merchant."

By Tuesday, the credit had posted to my account. What really surprised me was that they said, "We now consider this case closed." Typically, how these things go is the credit card company posts a provisional credit to the customer's account, and a chargeback to the merchant's account, in order to give the merchant time to respond to the dispute (they have 30 days; the consumer has 60 days from the date the bill was received on which the disputed charge appears). The credit card company will typically wait for the merchant to respond, in case the customer's dispute is invalid. If it is, the charge comes back to the customer, and they have to respond, or pay up (another 30 days). If the merchant can't substantiate the charge, they eat it, and the customer prevails. And that's how I Win these things: I only dispute charges that I know FOR SURE are the fault of the merchant. If it's my fault, well then, it's my fault and I eat the charge.

So when the credit card company said, "We consider the case closed," I thought, "Wow, they looked at my documentation, decided, 'Yep, the customer was right, the order confirmation said zero for shipping, so the merchant couldn't just slap on a $27 charge for shipping, even if the customer did luck onto a computer glitch that she shouldn't have. We're not even going to give the merchant a chance to respond, we're just going to charge it back to them, and be done with it.'" So there!

It was only $27, but it's the principle of the thing, and it was also the arrogance of the customer service people. What they SHOULD have said was, "Why yes of course, you are absolutely right, zero means zero. We'll credit that amount to you right away, and we apologize for any inconvenience you were caused by having to call us." But no, they got snotty and said, "It was a glitch, and you shouldn't have gotten free shipping, and too bad, we're not going to fix it." Oh yeah? We'll just see about that. They not only lost $27 because of their attitude, they lost my business AND I'll let everyone I know know what jerks they are, and maybe they'll lose more business than mine.

That is also why I always make major purchases with a credit card. You pay by cash or check, and you are at the mercy of the merchant as to whether you will get a refund. You get a credit card company involved, and those consumer credit laws kick in, and you've got some leverage with unscrupulous merchants. It pays to know your rights; read the back of your billing statements. They are all disclosed there.

Thanks for letting me share my three cents' worth!
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User Replies:
Jay on 07/27/2011:
Excellent review. Very well written. Hopefully many can learn from your experience and how to handle merchants of poor character.
trmn8r on 07/28/2011:
This is a good review. I have never seen a website with such a glitch. For future reference, whenever you see "Next Day," you can be fairly certain it is express delivery and will have a charge. In this case you had no way of knowing it, which is bizarre. The CSR should have quickly refunded your $$$.

I also like Panasonic electronics, and always have. I have a (actually two) cordless phone from 1998 that goes about 3/4 mile, is very compact (easily fits in a pocket) and still works perfectly.
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I’m Writing This While Still On Hold With Panasonic!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MCALLEN, TEXAS -- Panasonic = Worst customer service ever? Maybe.

Just spectacularly bad ‘customer service.’ You would not BELIEVE what scumbags this company is! I called three weeks ago to find out what it would cost to get the sensor of my Lumix DMC-LX5 cleaned. I mean, take a look how dirty this camera is:

And the camera is only two years old! It started with one splotch and then, BAM!, all of a sudden, one day I turned it on and it looked like that. I’ve owned cameras twice as long and never had a problem like that.

So I called their ‘support line’ at 800-211-7262 and suffered through the stupid automated ‘help’ system until I finally talked to a live human who told me it would cost $50 to get the sensor cleaned. He gives me this address in McAllen, Texas where they do the work and tells me to mail it there. But he won’t give me a reference or case number, instead telling me to just put a letter int he box with the camera. I thought that was weird but just in case I paid extra for tracking and insurance. So I mailed it that day to Texas.

Yesterday I got a Service Authorization Form letter from Panasonic stating it’s now $156.50 (!) with absolutely NO EXPLANATION as to why the additional costs are required. So today I called Panasonic ‘customer support’ at the same number (and suffer through the automated ‘help’ system--God, WHY do companies use these stupid things?) and they basically tell me to f&%$ off. Then I get “Larry,”--if that’s his real name, who knows--who interrupts constantly and isn’t much help and tells me, basically, tough, that’s the price. And since I don’t have a CASE NUMBER (See how they scam you now?) they can’t prove I was quoted that price.

So I ask to speak to a supervisor and he puts me on hold for half an hour. That’s “Andrew”--if that’s his real name--gets on and is unfriendly from the start. Here’s a tip, ‘Andy,’ when somebody greets you with , “Hi, how are you doing?” You don’t respond with SILENCE. It’s rude. Didn’t the dog you call a mother teach you that? Anyway, I tell him what my problem is with the quote and the unexplained up-charge in the estimate and he responds, “So what I’m hearing is you are saying you don’t want us to repair it and to box it up and ship it back to you.” Uh, no, that’s not what I said AT ALL.

And it pretty much went downhill from there. He didn’t make one single attempt to resolve the issue in ANY WAY shape or form. Basically, “Andrew” isn’t really somebody who’s hired to RESOLVE an issue. He’s hired to anger you until you either start screaming or use profanity and he’s justified in hanging up on you, or he waits you out until you just hang up. Either way, they win. Because what Panasonic is doing can be described in three words:


It’s literally a used car lot tactic that’s be adopted by a multi-national electronics company. Their phone line gives you one price and then, when you mail it in, they quote you another.

Panasonic ‘customer service’ is the WORST I think I’ve ever dealt with. It’s unbelievable. I’ll ask you the same thing I asked “Andrew”: Does Panasonic really think that by institutionalizing service THIS BAD that I will EVER buy another Panasonic product again?

Because I won’t.

I am DONE with Panasonic. Never again. That company can DIE. I’ll buy another camera but NEVER a Panasonic camera again. Or a DVD. Or ANYTHING.

Wow. Spectacularly bad 'customer support.’ In the end he put me on perma-mute (You know, where they don’t actually hang up, they just leave the line open until you hang up) for over TWO HOURS AND TEN MINUTES. That’s when I wrote this review and POSTED IT.

Die Panasonic. Just die.

PS: As of this posting I’m STILL on perma-mute!
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The black hole of McAllen, TX
Posted by on
MCALLEN, TEXAS -- I have (or should I say "had"?) a Panasonic DVD Recorder that worked pretty well for about 4 /12 years. When certain things weren't working right, I called Panasonic Customer Service and described the problem. Instead of just listening to me, this guy David took me through all these steps, trying all kinds of different features and stuff. Finally, after over 30 minutes of that, David finally agreed that it wasn't working right.

David said I can send it in for repair. There would be an up-front fee, which would be applied to the cost of fixing the unit if I decided to go ahead with it, but he didn't know how much that was. I explained to him as nicely as I could that I didn't really feel like taking the time pack the thing up and shipping it to them without knowing the terms and conditions of their Service Policy. He said he would have the Service Policy e-mailed to me but I'm not especially surprised that I never received it.

A few days later I went onto the Panasonic website and found where you can put in a model number and a zip code and it's supposed to tell you where you can get your product serviced. A page came up and said that I can send mine in for replacement with a fully refurbished unit and to call in for the price.

All things considered, this sounded like a much more promising proposition to me. If I was going to go to the trouble, I wanted to end up with something I could rely on for a while. Even if it cost more, it seemed like a refurbished unit might at least last a few years. If I just got mine fixed, something else might go wrong in just a few months, who knows? The website says it would be a comparable model, if not identical. It also said that they might choose to repair it instead.

I called the number on the website and gave Nick the model number of my unit and he said they would replace my unit for $140. According to Nick (who is plainly uninformed), someone would call to arrange payment once they received it. I specifically asked Nick to affirm that it would be replaced with a completely refurbished product and he specifically stated, in no uncertain terms, that it would. Nick specifically said it would not be repaired; it was to be replaced for $140.

The Pansonic Exchange Center received my recorder on 8/5, according to UPS Tracking. On 8/12 I called in again, not having heard anything. Chad says it's not going to be replaced, it's going to be repaired. I asked for a supervisor and an explanation as to why 1) the service policy wasn't initially explained to me back on 7/25 and 2) why they are now contradicting themselves about the replacement. This guy was of no help whatsoever.

On 8/20, I got a letter saying, "Panasonic will replace your unit with a factory reconditioned unit" and quotes a replacement cost of $80 plus $15 S&H. But this has a slightly ominous-looking sticker that says to call in before sending in payment.

First try - I got put on hold by the automated voice mail, then got put on hold by some woman who says she has to go look stuff up. She comes back and starts talking and the phone goes dead.

Second try - same thing but now I'm talking to somebody who says she has to try to figure out why my unit got into the "replacement process" when it should have gone into the "repair process". After more time on hold she's now telling me that she's going to send it to somewhere else (very nearby, according to her) and they are going to call me and quote a "diagnostic charge". No, she doesn't know how much that will be. And No, she can't explain why Nick had specifically said it would be replaced, before I took the trouble of sending it in. When I asked about why the website specifically offers an exchange program for my model number, she indicated that that was going to be fixed.

So, I'm back to where I started on 7/25, after they've wasted my time for a month. I still don't even know what this up-front "diagnostic fee" is. If I don't want them to send the recorder off to the repair facility, my only other option is that they can return the unit. We agreed that that is what they are going to do.

Then, I notice that the letter has my address misspelled. Looks like folks at the Post Office knew where to send it because we have been at the same address for many years. But I have limited faith that UPS will make the same connection when shipping my recorder back to me. So, I call in a couple more times - both times I get the usual "our representatives are helping other customer" messages and wait on hold. Then I get a message saying they can't take my call at all.

It must be siesta time at McAllen.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/26/2010:
sounds pretty annoying.
Starlord on 08/26/2010:
Most places and companies have a 90 day warranty on electronics. you are complaining about a unit that is almost five years old. We bought a brand new Magnavox Blu-Ray DVD player at Wal-Mart for $79.00 on sale, NIB.I fail to see why anyone would be willing to spend far more on an old, probably obsolete piece of electronic gear when they can get a new one a whole lot cheaper, one that is newer with more features, etc. Five years ago, there were no blue ray players, and the difference is dramatic.
Helpful on 08/27/2010:
I agree Star, in that one has to assume responsibility for the warranty they agreed upon at the time of purchase. Further, a refurbished unit is nothing more than one which has been repaired, so there really is no difference between getting the one back the original or a different one; unless, that is, the OP wasn't disclosing a different problem which existed of his.

In this case, though, we're speaking of a recorder and not just a player, making the cost more expensive. Panasonic, too, makes a great line of players and recorders. Probably one of the best within the industry. Much better than the Magnavox line, in that the firmware being used is much more flexible with any media in the market.

I can appreciate the frustration of the OP, in that what he/she was being told was simply inconsistent. When I've dealt with companies, sending product back and forth, they've had a much more organized process.

getoverit on 08/27/2010:
I would understand a "refurbished" product to be something that has been fully tested in terms of being able to perform all its functions and that any components that have a high probability of failure, given the age of the product, to have been replaced. When I take something in for "repair", I expect that a specific problem that I've identified will be fixed. If there are other issues that I don't identify, I would not expect them to be addressed.

That said, Helpful may be correct and my expectations might not apply here. At any rate, the fact that it is almost five years old is exactly why I was not interested in a "repair" but I was interested in a "refurbished" product. The annoyance here is not that it doesn't work anymore, that's almost to be expected. The annoyance is that these people are unable to tell you upfront what they can and cannot do and keep contradicting each other. If the guy had told me on day one what their policy was, I really doubt I would have sent in in at all.

btw - the only place I can find on the internet that currently sells a DMR-EH55 is asking $1,800. I don't know if anybody is actually buying them at that price but this thing is a completely different kind of product than an $80 blu-ray player from Wal-Mart.
TEret on 07/03/2011:
We're NOT talking about "DVD players"! Only a few Techies,know there even is DVD recorders! Try finding one that will record off your cable or Satellite!
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Obsolete After 5 Months-Customer "Service" Ha!
Posted by on
I must take some blame because my father always said that a product is only as good as the company that will stand behind it. Had I read the reviews which scores of dissatisfied customers have posted online about their problems with Panasonic's Customer Seervice Department, I would never have purchased anything from this manufacturer. We have a blue-ray subscription with Netflix and about two weeks ago none of the discs played-we get a message that the disc is incompatible with the unit. All discs appear to be in good shape-we clean them anyway-properly and also use a cleaner for our machine. Same result. Try the discs on our friend's machine (not-Panasonic) and they play perfectly. First call is to Netflix which tells us that the newer discs they send out have been encoded with a security feature and our unit needs a firmware upgrade. They suggest we call Panasonic. On Friday, 1/21, we call Panasonic and they instuct us to go on their website and download firmware which they say will correct this problem. We do so. But our discs still do not play. Call Panasonic and the service representative tells us that their product is superior to our friend's player because his is allowing defective discs to play while theirs in more selective! Now I know I've gone through the looking glass and beyond. After an interminable wait to speak with a supervisor, the representative gets back on and says that she was told that we need upgraded firmware beyond which is currently being offered on their website but that it will be sent to us to upgrade our player in 7-10 business days. I ask for expedited service such as Fedex etc because of the trouble we've been through and the misinformation. Wednesday's mail comes and goes without anything from Panasonic. My wife calls and after restating the whole history finally gets to speak to a supervisor who tells us that by buying a SD card our problem would be solved. Paid $12 and it did not work. Call back the next day and after being talked down to as though we were dolts are told that the supervisor who advised us to purchase SD card is on a break but would call us back shortly. After 1 1/2 hours with no callback, we call Panasonic and go through the trials and tribulations of speaking to a supervisor who barely responds to our questions, offers no help whatsoever and repeatedly asks are we in the same room as the player and TV. We have learned our lesson-will donate this player to a school, check out customer service ratings of two companies we had in mind and purchase a player which its company supports with able and courteous service.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 01/28/2011:
"...will donate this player to a school"

Why are you mad at the school?
MDSasquatch on 01/28/2011:
Chuck beat me to it!

Get a PS3; they are the best players on the market if you want to listen to CDs, play DVDs, play BlueRay, stream Netflix or play games.
kernel on 02/21/2011:
A school can use the player to play discs that are not blu ray and was given with that proviso
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I purchased a lemon!
Posted by on
07094, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a Panasonic plasma TV on November 6, 2011 direct from Panasonic. It was delivered on November 15, 2011. I was travelling a lot during that time, so I didn't turned the set on until December 15, 2011. Well, it played for about 2 hrs. and turned off and would not come back on! After trying several things unsuccessfully, I called Panasonic's customer support. Unfortutanely, no luck with the set. The customer support representative open a claim on the TV because it is still under warranty, since I just purchased it. The TV was picked-up by a local authorized repair center. They have replaced parts and the set is still not working properly. I spoke w/ Panasonic's customer service on January 13, 2012 and was told parts are on back order & may not be received for another 3-4 weeks! I think bought a lemon!
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 01/16/2012:
This is a common complaint these days - that a tv repair takes a month or more due to part availability. Not just Panasonic. I don't know if it has to do with nature - I see warnings that floods in Thailand have disrupted the availability of consumer electronics, and then of course the tsunami in Japan. Or, maybe it is just characteristic of tv repairs in the 201x's.

Out of the box failures aren't unheard of, and I think it is too early to tell if you have a lemon. I hope not.
At Your Service on 01/16/2012:
I will say that the GT30 series is one of the best Plasmas on the market, shadowed only by its big brother, the VT30 series. With that said, the GT30 is the better priced and with the small difference between the two, a better value.

I'd be curious as to why you made the purchase directly from Panasonic. Nothing wrong with doing so, but better pricing can generally be gotten locally and the ability to exchange merchandise when it's found to be defective so soon.

Hopefully they'll have parts and the unit serviced somewhat quickly for you. I'm rather surprised they're even attempting a repair as servicing a plasma is a little more tricky. As such, you may want to consider asking Panasonic if you can purchase an extended warranty through them.
ok4now on 01/17/2012:
Panasonic customer support is not treating you well. They have acknowledged that it is still under warranty and had it sent to a local repair center. So far so good. Then you are told the parts will take 3 to 4 weeks due to natural disasters in Thailand and Japan. This is their problem not yours. You purchased a new TV directly from Panasonic that failed. If they cannot promptly fix it they should replace it. Why should you suffer and be inconvenienced? I would demand a new TV and if they refuse dispute it with your C.C. company.
Venice09 on 01/17/2012:
I agree with ok4now. The shortage of parts is not your problem. Why should you go a month without the television? I would also have no confidence that the parts will be available at that time. This could go on indefinitely, and not only are you without your new television, but you'll probably have to keep contacting them so they don't forget about you. How inconvenient!

As it stands, this is a no-win situation for you. You have no television, have no definite time when it will be fixed, and the time is running on the warranty. And speaking of the warranty, you might want to read it to see at what point you are entitled to a replacement.

Good luck!
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Panasonic Customer Service: DISONEST & UNETHICAL
Posted by on
Panasonic Customer Service are the most DISHONEST & UNETHICAL BUMS I have ever dealt with, they gave me consumerproducts09@us. and when I followed up, they LIED and said they had no such address. Now I see there are multiple listings online of people using it. And I know it was a real address as the emails did not bounce back. Take a look at the poor guy bilked for 1 grand on Youtube, recording his anger with the piece of garbage they sold him. They are SO DUMB they have no idea of bad PR, strictly in it for the fast buck. Stick with Samsung and Sony, Panasonic are TOTAL LIARS.
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User Replies:
JayByJay on 11/14/2011:
Question A: How ere you given the first e-mail address?
Question B: How did you contact them follow up?
Question C: Was a solution provided in your follow up?
At Your Service on 11/14/2011:
What does this complaint have to do with?
Venice09 on 11/14/2011:
This complaint has to do with the OP thinking Panasonic customer service is dishonest and unethical. At least that's what is says.
trmn8r on 11/14/2011:
That's what it says, and I'm sure this review will "WoW" some readers and they'll find it very helpful. Personally, I need protein to go with my roll and real mayonnaise.
Venice09 on 11/14/2011:
Oh, I agree. This review wouldn't sway me one way or the other. There's not enough information.
trmn8r on 11/14/2011:
It could be batted around the Kitchen Table, and who knows what would shake out. Do we have a Kitchen Table here?
Anonymous on 11/14/2011:
We have a bar
Venice09 on 11/14/2011:
Oh, no. Not the Kitchen Table. Not here. That was the beginning of the end. Who could forget the infamous "Shut the hell up" response? That was the moment we were all put in our places, and there was no turning back.

As long as there's hot chocolate at the bar, I'm good. Or dare I say, Shirley Temples.
Anonymous on 11/14/2011:
I always keep non-alcoholic drinks stocked up for the non-drinkers
Venice09 on 11/14/2011:
If I hang out here long enough, maybe I'll learn how to drink. ;)
Anonymous on 11/14/2011:
Some of the conversations on here can almost drive one to drink
Venice09 on 11/14/2011:
Yeah, the in-house fighting seems to have gotten worse. Maybe we do need a Kitchen Table after all.
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Panasonic Customer Service is the WORST
Posted by on
We have been a loyal Panasonic cordless phone users for years. We were having a problem with our cordless. So we called Panasonic for assistance. I was on the phone for 45 minutes when I finally hung up. They were total idiots. The representative put you on hold at least 15 times. After she realized that it was the phone with the problem I was on the phone while she or typed her report at least 30 minutes before I was finally transferred to the supervisor who then started the whole thing over again on why I called. Keep in mind I was already going to buy another phone and just needed to pay. She proceeded to tell me that it might possibly be our phone line. Which we had already established it was not. I was so frustrated of being on line for 45 min and be asked to recap why I called in I hung up and told them where they stick their phone

I will never ever ever buy another Panasonic product again!!!!!
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User Replies:
GenuineNerd on 10/12/2011:
Considering that the phone has been in use for years, it could be that the battery in the headset is no longer holding a charge. Rechargeable batteries only last a few years...most likely you will need to buy a new battery pack...most electronics retailers and electronics departments should carry the battery. Make sure the new battery is fully charged before using the phone. Chances are, the issue is with the battery no longer holding a charge than with Panasonic.
At Your Service on 10/13/2011:
I've got to say that if you were on THE PHONE for that long speaking with them about the issues, I'd be hard pressed to state there was any problem with it.
GenuineNerd on 10/16/2011:
The OP may have used a different phone, either cell or landline, to call Panasonic. Once the battery dies in the headset on a cordless phone, it won't work unless it's replaced with another rechargeable battery...which is replaced via a tiny plug on a red and white wire inside the headset-a plastic cover is removed to access the battery. Very easy to do.
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Panasonic Lumic DMC-FZ35
Posted by on
I have had my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35 for four months. I have been very disappointed in the indoor shots that contain the color red. The reds all come out looking pink. After using the camera for four months and discussing the problem with several professional photographers regarding the problem, I noticed that the reds look pink through the viewfinder. Very strange problem. I called Panasonic Customer Service and after being on hold for forty-five minutes I was connected with someone who barely spoke English. When asked if she was familiar with my particular camera she said she was not but would be as soon as she looked at the manual. That was not very comforting, to say the least. She soon said the problem could not be handled on the phone and was a defect in the camera, so to return the camera which would be replaced with a refurbished camera. It would either be the same model or one that had "similar" features. I said I did not want either a refurbished camera with someone else's problems nor did I want one with "similar" features. I wanted my money back or a "new" camera. I asked to speak with a supervisor. Of course, there were no supervisors available. I was told that one will call me back sometime next week. The representative I spoke with said she was familiar with Panasonic's policy and that there was no hope of getting my money back or a new camera. It will definitely be either refurbished or a "similar" model. After reading this site and heard from people who have sent their cameras back to Panasonic only to be told the defect was their fault and would require a costly repair at the customer's cost, I hesitate to send it back. Why do the research and pick the "perfect" camera when it will be replaced with a "similar" model??? I, like so many people who have written reviews on this site, will NEVER buy a Panasonic product again.
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WALKER, LOUISIANA -- I will be buying new phones today. They will NOT be Panasonic. I purchased a Panasonic Expandable Portable Phone System KX-TG5632 approx. 18 months ago. It has never worked properly.

The base will start to ring, the handsets are DEAD. In order to answer the phone,(and these are instructions from Panasonic) I have to hit the exit button on the handset. Remove the battery cover. Remove the battery. Replace the battery and cover. Start hitting the talk button. At first it will say" move closer to base unit" even if you are right in front of it. If you continue pressing the talk button, you can usually answer the call, IF they haven't hung up by now. This is insane. I paid over $120 dollars for this lousy phone. I have called Panasonic Customer Service repeatedly. This last time, they told me to buy another phone. They offered to give me 15% off a phone if I buy it from them. Hmmm 15% off of RETAIL price for a phone that has NEVER worked properly??? NOT!!

I think I'll just go buy one at Walmart for a lot less and chances are it will work better than a very expensive Panasonic.
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Anonymous on 02/07/2008:
Picked up the Uniden phone system at Costco. It has worked great for some time now and the phones have a very good signal outside the house. We use Cox VoIP, the phones have always worked well using the Cox network.
Principissa on 02/07/2008:
We just bought Panasonic phones a few weeks ago. We haven't had issues with them at all. It sounds like those phones are clearly defective and they should have replaced them for you a long time ago.
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Massage Chair
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IDAHO -- I have an expensive 8 year old massage chair. Panasonic does not make or supply parts anymore. Several thousand dollars down the drain. Called numerous times and emailed 18 times. No one seems to care or want to help.
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BigAl on 01/19/2013:
Sorry to hear you are having trouble but 8 years of service isn't exactly money down the drain. You did not mention what type of problems you were having, only that Panasonic does not make or supply parts anymore. Panasonic probably did not make most of the parts for this chair but bought them from suppliers whom they do not deal with anymore. Using the internet you may be able to locate needed parts from the original manufacturer. For instance if there is a motor not functioning properly maybe it has a manufacturing tag that will help you locate a replacement. An upholstery shop could help you with some things that may be needed and so on. I think you get my meaning. Good luck.
trmn8r on 01/19/2013:
I wonder if this is like the antenna for my 14 year old Panasonic cordless phone - one of the best cordless phones ever made. I ordered a replacement 5 years ago, and got it no problem. Then that tsunami hit. I tried ordering 3 months ago, and after a few months was told it is no longer available. I'm wondering of the warehouse floated away...
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