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Panasonic Digital Cameras

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Warranty for digital cameras
Posted by Sergio535 on 04/08/2012
I sent a FX78 camera for repair during warranty period. The eyes of people taken with flash show white dots. The camera was returned unrepaired with the advice to stop taking pictures with flash. I spent $350 for this camera and now it should go to the garbage. Can you do something, replace this camera ? At the beginning it was OK.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-04-08:
I spent 15 minutes tryig to research a "white eye" effect, and came up with nothing except it could indicate a medical issue in the subject. I assume this happens with all subjects. If a sensor is infrared-sensitive, the entire eye may appear "bright".

Does this happen when photographing both children and adults? Evidently children are more prone to red-eye (not your issue) because their eyes adapt faster. One solution to would indeed being not using flash, though one you may not prefer.
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Warranty scam
Posted by Mlsslm on 06/12/2011
Camera no longer would turn on. Sent in. They refused warranty due to a mar on the camera, not related to malfunction. Said they could not reuse the camera in their exchange program so I asked they to just fix my camera and send it back to me. They told me that that was their policy was to not fix cameras with any blemish on it and and they would not repair my camera and send it back, but I could buy a rebuilt one for $190.
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Ditto To What Others Are Saying
Posted by Easy going California guy on 09/18/2008
If you are considering buying a Panasonic product - DON'T. I have NEVER dealt with a company that has worse customer service on top of poorly made products. If you read the other reviews you will know what I am talking about. If your product has a problem, which mine did after just 4 months, the frustration you will go through in trying to get it repaired is not worth the purchase. Their entire "customer service" department is set up to deny any warranty claims. First you begin with an automated telephone system that does not allow you to opt out to speak to a live person. Even when you have an extension number, there is no option to get there.

In the end, Panasonic will find an excuse not to cover your product. With so many other products available, why buy a Pansonic?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-18:
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-18:
"I have NEVER dealt with a company that has worse customer service on top of poorly made products." We have a few companies on M3C's that can give Panasonic some competition for that title.
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Digital Camera Hassles!
Posted by Emberstl on 04/14/2006
I bought a Panasonic digital camera last week to use in at an important function/job where I needed the pictures immediately afterwards (my film camera wouldn't cut it with processing time). Unfortunately that wasn't possible. The software included with the camera was not working with my computer (Windows XP). When I spoke to customer service, the woman suggested I take the camera back and get a different brand all together. She also suggested I buy the needed software - that supposedly was included with the camera - myself, for $40 and they would not reimburse me!! When I let her know I would be informing others of my poor experience with Panasonic she said "That's fine with me." I can only imagine what the CEO's of Panasonic would think of that!! Regardless, I'm now stuck waiting 2 weeks for something that should have been included to begin with. Not to mention the two hours I spent trying to get this straightened out and speaking with Panasonic's rude customer service people.

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Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-04-15:
If Panasonic included 3rd party software and it don't work with Windows XP, there is nothing Panasonic can do about it. Just as long as Panasonic drivers work with XP, that's what matters. The software that was included, did you check on software companies website if there were any upgrades or fixes? Also some software will conflict with other software, may not be a Windows XP problem. You need to explain why the software didn't work, was there error messages?
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