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Customer Service and Product Quality Failure
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I don’t usually write reviews, but I strongly felt this is worth informing as many people as possible. I read all the reviews on the PanaSonic PT-AX200U projector and they all looked good, so I bought one. For me, I wanted the best possible resolution and highest lumens without spending thousands of dollars. I bought this in May, 2008 for $1299. At the beginning of this January, I went to turn it on and heard a loud bang and it wouldn’t power up. Now you should know that I am incredibly anal retentive when it comes to my electronic equipment. This machine has been cared for like a baby and has only been used for 525 hours (approx. ¼ bulb life) so it is impossible that I caused any problem with the machine.

So I called PanaSonic Projector Customer Support. They were unsure what could be wrong, so they had me send it to their outsourced provider, Heartland Diversified, for repair ($130 diagnostic fee, but it goes toward any repair costs). Heartland notified me that the cost of the repair would be $1265 (recall the cost of the new projector, which by the way, can now be bought new for $999). Since this warranty just expired, they said any dispute would have to be with PanaSonic directly.

This is where the disaster begins, if it wasn’t already disappointing enough that the projector broke so quickly. Customer Service at PanaSonic is a nightmare. You can never get past front line customer support personnel (who have no decision-making authority) to management and all conversations end with the refrain “We will have to get back to you in 24-72 hours” which never happens, thus requiring yet another call to customer support . Bottom line is I wanted them to stand behind their product regardless of warranty because a projector should not completely break after a year and a half. They say they are escalating the request but then tell me that the request is going to the same original person, John Parks. They will absolutely not let you talk directly to anyone and will not give out email addresses or phone numbers (or last names, but one of the reps slipped, so I got this one). This issue has now been going on for two months and Heartland is threatening to take possession of the projector at the 60 day mark. I have even written to Robert Perry, the EVP of PanaSonic Consumer Products, and have gotten no response.

After easily 20 hours of being on the phone with Mike (three times), Jabin, Ben, Tom, Leela, Ranita, and the people at Heartland, I am getting nowhere and feel incredibly frustrated to the point that I will not buy another PanaSonic product and cannot recommend a PanaSonic product to anyone. Even when I look back at other PanaSonic products I have had (stereo, boom box, clock radio, microwave), every single one has had something break quickly. They haven’t become unusable but there is always something – a button doesn’t work, it doesn’t turn off, a door doesn’t close, etc.

In summary, I believe this is not just a poor product quality issue, but PanaSonic has a major customer service issue to which I can only say “Buyer Beware.”
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Worst customer service ever!
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I receive the projector but only tried to install after 6 weeks because I was traveling. When the Geek Squad tried to install it we found out that the projector (PJ) was DOA (Dead on Arrival)Here are the details:

When turn on PJ it starts for about 5-7 seconds just enough time to see a blue screen with the word “Panasonic” then immediately it goes into standby.
The red light for standby is on and there is no flashing or otherwise except when it turns green for the 5-7 sec.
PJ would not start again unless it is unplugged from the wall and is reconnected again.
The installer did some troubleshooting including making sure the filter cover and the top is closed well but without success.
I called PanaSonic Tech support and they informed me that the unit is defective and suggested that I send it for repair. I told them that it was DOA and they just would not listen. They claim that they can only repair it because it was past the 30 days return policy. I indicated to them that they guaranteed returns for the first 5 hours and that mine had 0 hours as t was DOA but they would not listen or show flexibility for a customer who paid over $2000 for a defective product. I now have paid full price for a product that will be refurbished. The supervisor didn't want to help and stuck to the script. When I asked to speak with his supervisor they gave me a first name (John) and refused to connect me with him or give me his contact, his last name, or even reference number that I can use t contact the PanaSonic. The supervisor promised to send me a repair order but didn't and frankly I am not comfortable sending the projector for repair given the level of support and customer services exhibited by their phone people. I would not be surprised if they keep the PJ for 12 weeks to wait for parts from Japan! There is no way to provide feedback about their performance except through these forum and I hope people are reading this and consider what they could be facing before buying a PanaSonic. I was hoping to leave some feedback to through their survey but even the survey seems to call back just to mark a call and not ask any questions. They called me 4 times after I chose to take it and each time they call and hang-up without any survey taken. They are probably afraid of taking customer surveys because they know what a nightmare to deal with them.
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 07/27/2010:
I don't think it was wise to buy something so expensive if you weren't going to have the opportunity to try it before the 30-day return policy. It's unfortunate, but I'm afraid you're at their mercy now.
Anonymous on 07/28/2010:
It was a bad decision to Wait 6 weeks to even turn on the set. A 30 day return policy is more than adequate. Most places are a week at best. I've never heard of a 5 hour of usage return policy.
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Panasonic Warranty Claim Blues
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I own a Panasonic PT-L500U LCD projector, which recently had the lamp burn out after 3000 hours of use. So far, so good: it's a very nice projector. I purchased a replacement lamp for $350, which promptly burned out after only 30 hours of service. I contacted the vendor, who claimed the lamp has a 90 day warranty, who directed me to call Panasonic at 800-524-1448. This number has a recorded message to call '888-411-1996' for LCD projector service, which I then called. I waited in the phone queue for over two hours before I was disconnected. I tried calling back the following day, where I waited for another hour before being disconnected. After this, I went to their web-site to see if I could get support there. I wadded through their clumsy flash interface, where I finally came to a clunky web form to request support.

See: Extra Credit: See how long it takes you to locate this thing on your own.

The form did not list my model number and only allowed 600 characters to state the problem, which was insufficient. After submission, it took 5 days to get a reply. While waiting, I made three more attempts to get someone on the phone, which all failed. The following was their e-mail reply:

Thank you for your inquiry. Although we would like to assist you, the product you have inquired about is not supported from this facility.
To obtain operational assistance, please contact the support line for the product by calling (800) 524-1448.

This number is the same one which originally directed me to call the grossly understaffed support number. It took them five days to tell me to go back to square-one. How much effort would it have been to forward my request to someone in the warranty department, or *gasp* called me back? Imagine the horror!

Is this how they cut costs on warranty claims or merely another example of an incompetent outsourced support department?
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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 04/26/2007:
I would go back to your vendor - this isn't so much a service problem as it is a parts problem. Perhaps he can provide a number to get an RMA for a defective part.
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Panasonic Projection Tv Horrible
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OKLAHOMA -- We spent over $2,000 dollars on a Panasonic TV only to find out that there are problems with some bulb on these burning out over and over and over again. Each event costing upwards of $400.00 to repair. Panasonic won't do anything about it saying we should have spent the money to buy a warranty plan and it's too late. The warranty is costly too.

We are senior citizens on fixed incomes and can not afford these costly repairs! We saved to buy this TV for entertainment purposes for disabled spouse who is partially paralyzed and can not get about.

Customer service is HORRIBLE TOO!! On hold FOREVER!! They were useless to us!!!

We hate this Panasonic TV!!!!
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User Replies:
Sparticus on 03/19/2006:
We went with a Samsung a few years ago. Projection HDTV. We love it. Works great, auto-tunes itself. No complaints yet, so we haven't tested their customer service though.
Ponie on 03/19/2006:
That usual wail of 'senior citizens on a fixed income' is a bit tiring! Unless working for tips or commissions only, we are ALL on a fixed income.
Hugh_Jorgen on 03/20/2006:
Well Ponie, at least they aren't suggesting the always popular "class action lawsuit".
First Amendment on 03/21/2006:
Maybe that comment regarding them being senior citizens is simply for descriptive purposes - pointing out that they are older, lower income, and aren't likely to be able to go out and secure a job, and with one of them being disabled they are probably spending a lot of money on medical care and they simply can't afford to waste money on poor quality products. At least they aren't just sitting around wailing behind their computer for hundreds of posts.
dsmith68 on 03/21/2006:
Can't be that poor if they can afford to spend 2k on a tv. Can get a nice 27" for a few hundred bucks.
Angry Tulsa Consumer on 03/21/2006:
I don't think they said they were "poor" but they did mention they "saved" to buy this TV for a disabled person. Even more so if someone must "save" their money to buy a product then they have even more of a necessity to be able to depend upon a reliable quality product. But these corporations couldn't care less. Once the product is sold, the deal is done, good or bad. However, the power of the consumer must never be underestimated. Spread the word and boycott those products and forums such as this empower the consumer - that's why we are all here is it not??? I appreciate the fact they took the time to share with us their problem with this Panasonic TV. I will definitely remember it next time I need to buy a TV!!!

By the way, I think if I were disabled and couldn't leave the house and my only entertainment was a TV - I would save my money and buy a nice one and would even skip a meal a day to be able to have cable channels.
dsmith68 on 03/22/2006:
Your complaint stated 'We spent' now you are saying 'they'.
Rikreation on 11/06/2008:
I too have a Panasonic projection tv that has taken a fit. do you have any more info on this Item. I purchased this item from costco before they went to the no electronics return. So for that moran that is complaining about the cost, 2000.00 is a lot of money for goods when an item does not perform to expectations then it should be scrutinized.
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