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Poor customer service
Posted by on
Rating: 4/51
WHITING, NEW JERSEY -- Panasonic 52 inch plasma TV, after one and a half years of working started to fail. We contacted Panasonic in the beginning and was told by tech's how to reset. This procedure was accomplished twice until the TV failed completely (10 blinks). Again, Panasonic was contacted and suggested we contact a recommended repair shop for repairs. The first shop failed to get back to us though we contacted them three times. Finally we sent the TV out for repairs at another shop along with a deposit of $75, and these guys were great! They were very friendly and helped with contacting Panasonic. The shop contacted us saying the TV was fixed but required @ $500 payment. We contacted Panasonic about the amount and after a long period of time, due to Panasonic review, said because we were out of the warranty period of a year they could only reimburse $150. We were floored by their insult! After the amount of the TV, wall mount and TAXES we had over $2000 in this TV. Plus the fact we have been without this TV for almost 6 months!!! Even if they would have made the offer of splitting the cost as would any decent Company this would be resolved. The customer call center in Virginia contacted us saying that the offer was it, and if we didn't take it there was nothing else they can do. They also stated we should have bought the extended warranty! Really...! Is that because they sell a known defective TV? I'm sure someone buying a TV today should expect @10 years of service with moderate use. We have repeatedly contacted Panasonic on this issue and they fail to get back to us without using the Customer Call Center with whom we do not ever want to talk to again. We are trying to go up their ladder of administration with our displeasure within Panasonic but they seem to really protect their managers, no means of contacting anyone other than the CCC or Panasonic's general Call Center. To add insult to injury we bought another TV, same model about 3-4 months after this purchase and are expecting the same failure and lack of help from Panasonic. We will pass the word to all of our acquaintances and their contacts to beware of any Panasonic products. This might be a small action but it will grow. As tough as times are you would think that a Japanese Company would do the right thing to keep their reputation of quality a priority. WE WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER PANASONIC PRODUCT EVER!!!
Resolution Update 03/26/2012:
Decided to take the money and run. Running fast from Panasonic, once these TV's are gone we will not purchase another. Sad!!!
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Kris10 on 03/26/2012:
While I understand your frustration at having such an expensive appliance fail in under 2 years, it was out of warranty. The fact that they offered anything towards the repair shows that Panasonic is better than some other companies that would have told you, 'oh well, too bad.' Not only that, but you even picked the shop. Most other companies would have said that that alone would have made it a no on any repair cost reimbursement.

I'd take the $150 and run with it.
FoDaddy19 on 03/26/2012:
You were out of warranty by six months. I think the $150 offer was pretty generous actually. Most of time not getting the extended warranty is a good idea. Then there are those rare times when it actually is a benefit. This is one of those rare times. Panasonic generally makes very decent plasma TVs.

I don't think Panasonic is doing anything wrong here.
trmn8r on 03/26/2012:
Actually, Panasonic is more than a "decent" company, in my opinion. It is a pretty good one, and always has been in my memory.

I don't know of a consumer electronics company that covers an item that isn't under warranty as if it is under warranty. Those two are mutually exclusive.

It is easy to suggest that an item fails within only a few months or year outside the original warranty by design, but think about this. You never know WHEN an item is going to fail. A warranty is like insurance. Man-made items fail at random times (unless there is a widespread manufacturing defect).

I am impressed that they offered you anything, and personally I would take the money and run. Then, if the tv works fine for years, chalk it up to a fluke. On the other hand, if it fails, toss them under the bus.

I haven't bought one of these expensive flat screens specifically because I am hoping they have/are working any bugs out, and I bought a large CRT just before they stopped being made.
Venice09 on 03/27/2012:
"They also stated we should have bought the extended warranty! Really...! Is that because they sell a known defective TV?"

That's a good question. Please let us know what happens with the second one. Did they push an extended warranty when you bought these televisions?

ceverman on 10/21/2012:
The only thing Panasonic is doing wrong is making inferior products that fail early. On line forums are full of complaints about their plasman TV's failing after 1 to 2 years.
witheld on 08/31/2013:
I can imagine having the same issues would be frustrating , however every thing my home since childhood is a Panasonic and we have never had a problem . Panasonic is a great brand. I think its great that they offered assistance . it unfortunate that happened but be appreciative ....

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DO NOT BUY Panasonic!!!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DALLAS -- I purchased a 50 inch Plasma TV from Best Buy September 24, 2011. The TV stopped working March 3, 2012. Less than 6 months! Panasonic scheduled a technician to come out on March 6th. Technician calls me two hours after he was supposed to be here to tell me that he is running behind and oh yeah, the part is on back order! I immediately called the service center and they could provide no help. I am now being told that the part may not come in for at least 3 weeks! No one knows when the part will arrive. I am past frustrated and angry. I spent a lot of money on this TV and its inoperable and of absolutely no used to me five months out!! Panasonic has lost a customer for life. Please, whatever you do, do not buy a Panasonic. Needless to say, they have be over a barrel, I am at their mercy in regards to the repair of my TV. Never again! Stick to Sony or Samsung.
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trmn8r on 03/06/2012:
Panasonic has been a good company for as long as I remember, and either I am an old man or I've lost track of time.

Parts availability for these flat panel tvs has been tough across brands - I don't know if it is due to damage from storms/natural disasters or not. I believe Thailand got hit with something a few months ago. Good luck.
BigAl on 03/06/2012:
Sometimes it is tough to get parts for repair. I file these thing under "The Hazards of Living". But it sure does suck when it happens to you. Hope you do not have a long wait.
J3r3myd on 03/20/2012:
For toshafite:
I had a similar fight with Panasonic over the same tv. Mine went out on Dec. 1 2011. It took three months to resolve. They sent out the repair company five different times to replace to replace different boards in the tv. After the last board was replaced and that didn't correct the problem the tv was deemed "un-repairable."
With that I spoke with Panasonic's field rep and she told me that after reviewing it I could wait a few more weeks for the new models to come out or have a refund check. I took the refund check and asked about compensation for the three months I was without a tv. She told me that there was nothing she could do about that and that they would not charge me a "usage fee" for the three months that I had the tv.
It was an additional two weeks for the check to be sent to a secondary company that came to pick up the non working tv.
Good luck in your fight. It was a long road for me and I will never purchase Panasonic again.
Tosha Fite on 04/10/2012:
I have finally gotten my TV issue resolved. After being without my TV for over a month I was given a new TV by Panasonic. I am sure hoping this newere model fares better than the first one. The Panasonic tech was a really nice guy and he did ease the unpleasant experience I had with the Panasonic customer service. However, even so, I will more than likely never buy Panasonic again. I wouldn't even buy a paperclip made by Panasonic.
Rinzin on 06/06/2012:
I don't know,but Panasonic is terrible,my personal experience is worse with this brand,I have purchased a Panasonic LCD TH-L19 10DK,with S.NO-TQF4W220.on dated 21 April 2010 having 3 years warranty,on June 2012,there was a problem with T.V and it stops working,I went to the dealer and make complaint,and since my complaint is still pending,even they have taken my T.V with them to the service station,and till date I didn't get my T.V,I can understand its an electronic thing,and there can be a problem and it can be resolved,In one year they can produced lakhs of T.V,but after selling they can't repair one T.V in one year,This is how Panasonic works,must be there brands are good,they spent millions of Rupee on ads,but there service is worse of all brands,and we customers wants service not trouble,this is my personal and real experience,so beware if you want to buy Panasonic.
predo on 12/25/2012:
my Panasonic 50 in tc- p50s30 given 7 blink they fixed again is broken in 2 months later the same proble
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Posted by on
I purchased the Panasonic TC-P50G10 in June 2009. It worked great for about 2 months. It failed THE FIRST TIME in August 2009. While we were watching the TV screen went black/red, then almost immediately completely black. No power hits, surges, etc. All other electronic components in the house were fine. The TV was under warranty so Panasonic sent out a service technician from a locally authorized Panasonic service company to repair. Panasonic's policy is to attempt repair of the unit first, so they came out 3 times to replace various SD boards in the unit. After 3 visits, they took the TV back to their shop, and subsequently called me to let me know the unit was not repairable. Panasonic then authorized a replacement unit, which I received in early October 2009 (note my TV was out of commission for 2.5 months during this process!!!).

The 2nd unit worked until Aug 2011, when the EXACT same thing happened. One, or more of the SD boards failed AGAIN! I called Panasonic Technical Support / Customer Service (they don't have a separate customer service department), who informed me that the unit was out of warranty and I would have to pay to have it repaired. I paid $85 to have a service technician evaluate the unit, who estimated repair cost at $351 to replace 2 of the SD boards. I called Panasonic and complained loudly, and they offered to give me a $200 credit towards the repair... but I have ZERO faith that the unit will be fixed after replacing 2 SD boards after my initial experience.

I paid $1,400 for this TV and the replacement unit is not even 2 yrs old... the service technician told me that these failures are common for Panasonic TVs. Is that what $1,400 buys you these days??? A TV that breaks twice and is unusable after 2 yrs??? Unbelievable!!!

I will NEVER, EVER buy another Panasonic product.
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At Your Service on 08/31/2011:
IMHO, Panasonic makes one of the better plasma televisions within the industry. They incorporate a great deal of the Pioneer technology, which they purchased exclusive rights to, when Pioneer got out of the business.

The fact that Panasonic is even willing to cover such a large portion of the repair costs, when not under warranty, is really good.
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Panasonic Plasma TV's are junk, don't buy
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CANTON, OHIO -- Panasonic 50 inch plasma lasted just short of 3 years. These are supposed to last 20,000 hours, what a bunch of crap. Called Panasonic and they sent out a tech to look at the TV. Says it needs several boards replaced and that this is a common problem. Estimate to fix is $625.00. Panasonic knows there's a problem with these but refuses to address the issue or help their customers. Don't buy another Panasonic TV until they get the message that they cannot put out crap and think they can get away with it.
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Bill on 10/21/2012:
Don't buy plasma. They have problems and they consume a lot of electricity. Better off with an LCD or LED. Less problems and less power.
FoDaddy19 on 10/21/2012:
I have both Plasma and LCD TV's. My plasma is an early model, it's about 10 years old and is still going strong, my LCDs are newer, one is about 3 years old and the other is about a year old (all Samsungs, and I haven't had a single issue with any of them. I'd actually like to replace the plasma it's it's my main TV, it's a 42 incher but only 720p, with something larger and with 1080p res, but the thing simply won't die, and I can't justify tossing out a working TV. Anyway, I've always heard an seen that Panasonic makes a good plasma TV though, sorry to hear about your problem.
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Parents Panasonic LCD TV
Posted by on
GEORGIA -- My parents are retired and have a 55 inch LCD Panasonic TV and its in the shop to be repaired its only like 5 years old I am very disapointed in Panasonic and there TVs I have a Sony that has lasted longer than that I would like Panasonic to at least help my parent in buying a new one or to get the old one fixed for its going to cost about 250 dollars for that cost they could buy a new one and they are on a bugget and can't afford it iam not asking for a hand out iam asking for a companie to make things right so my parent and myself will continue to purchase Panasonic equiment thank you for your time I hope this go's to someone that cares
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 11/13/2011:
You can get a name-brand 55" LCD for $250?! WHERE?!

We've had complaints on here about Sony too. There isn't a brand that doesn't have its supporters and occasional complaint. I've got both Sony and Panasonic products. I have to say at like them both -- although Panasonic's forte is plasma technology now.

Have you checked with the retailer they purchased the unit through? Who was it? Some offer extended service programs that would cover these costs.
Venice09 on 11/13/2011:
OP, before buying an extended warranty, I would suggest finding a way to purchase a new television. An extended warranty could just buy your parents a bigger headache.

The newer a product is, the shorter you can expect its lifetime to be. That's just the way it is now.
At Your Service on 11/13/2011:
I'd be surprised if anyone offered 'em an extended warranty on defective merchandise -- kind of defeats the purpose you might think. But if they had some type of service protection when making the purchase, they may have the cost covered.
Venice09 on 11/13/2011:
You said, "Some offer extended service programs that would cover these costs" insinuating they should buy one.

I'm sure they would know whether or not they purchased a service program when they bought the television.
At Your Service on 11/13/2011:
Some people may lose track of whether they have or not. Even though you and I may be pretty organize, I can see others that aren't. It's why it's worth it to check. Retailers generally keep this information on hand for their customer's service.
Venice09 on 11/13/2011:
In the future, perhaps you should reword your suggestion so it doesn't imply that the OP should buy an extended warranty on a broken product.
trmn8r on 11/13/2011:
Your parents have a 55 inch tv and are on a budget? I'm not on a budget, but a 55 inch tv would be quite an extravagance to me.

If you can find a new 55 inch tv for $250, I would suggest not buying it because it is either stolen or a piece of junk.

I'm avoiding buying a flat screen tv hoping that the reliability improves. My 27" CRT Sony is chugging along nicely. From what I have heard, most any brand flat screen tv has expensive failures. $250 doesn't sound like much to repair a 55 inch model.
Starlord on 11/13/2011:
I understand that right now is probably the best time in history to buy television sets, but I don't believe you can find one that is legal for $250. We have a 42" Vizio, and I just saw the same set at Wally World for $648. It's a buyer's market.
Starlord on 11/13/2011:
No one is going to sell an extended warranty on a broken item. You get the warranty when you purchase the item, not after five years when it breaks down.
Anonymous on 11/13/2011:
Sounds like a job for Occupy Atlanta!
GenuineNerd on 11/13/2011:
LCD/LED/plasma TV's today are about where conventional TV's were in the 1950's/1960' expected lifetime of about 5-6 years or so, depending on the product's quality. It will be a few years before a flat-panel TV can have longevity similar to the solid-state CRT color TV's from the mid-1970's on.
At Your Service on 11/13/2011:
No question Starlord. Doesn't require much common sense.

Actually, GenuineNerd, these TVs have an expected life span of up to 100,000 hours -- not bad at all and every bit as good as the old CRTs.
Venice09 on 11/13/2011:
Star and At Your Service, Sears is just one retailer that will offer you the opportunity to purchase an extended warranty on a broken item. I know this from personal experience. I have also seen reviews stating the same thing about other companies, but I cannot remember the names of those companies.

Nerd, when flat panels have the longevity of solid state CRT color TVs, I'll consider buying one. I wonder why it's taking so long.

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2010 Panasonic plasma TV fails
Posted by on
I have a brand new Panasonic viera 58 inch 3D plasma TV. It is less than 60 days old. It stopped working and I contacted Panasonic. A repairman was sent out who took my TV as he could not fix it. I was told the part to fix the TV was back-ordered 21 days. I called and complained as it was a brand new TV. To wait another 3 weeks to get it fixed is not right. I was not satisfied with the response to I contacted the executive offices of Panasonic thinking surely someone would help me expediate the part to fix my TV. My goodness it is Christmas and my entire family is coming over and we have no TV. The person I spoke with Renard was not helpful and was short with me. He basically told me they had 30 days to repair the TV. So I spent thousands of dollars on this TV, 3D DVD and now I have nothing for the holidays. Merry Christams Panasonic. I won't ever purchase a product from your organization again. I am so so disappointed.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 12/23/2010:
If you do some research, I believe you will find this same complaint with all TV manufacturers. It seems to be routine that repairs on flat screen routine require parts that are not available for 3-4 weeks, for whatever reason.

I'm not saying it is right, I'm just thinking it won't be much different with Samsung, Sony, etc.
MRM on 12/23/2010:
The family is coming over to the Patriots vs. Bills this coming Sunday! Panasonic please fix the tv pronto! Go Patriots!
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Panasonic plasma TV gone bad after 10 weeks!!!
Posted by on
I purchased a PanaSonic TCP42S2 - 42" 1080p plasma HDTV VIERA at Best Buy in Everett, WA on July 10th, 2010. I did this after considerable research (Consumer Reports, Cnet, independent reviews, neighbor bought one and liked it) and after only 10 weeks it displayed a 3 inch wide black stripe right down the middle of the screen. I called up Best Buy and was told that they could only ship it to PanaSonic (actually a PanaSonic authorized repair center as I later found out). I requested a replacement, i.e. Best Buy get a RMA number from PanaSonic so Best Buy could give me another set while shipping the original to PanaSonic but was told that couldn't be done! After a week of waiting I called PanaSonic only to be told they had no record of receiving the set. I requested PanaSonic to simply contact Best Buy to give me another set but was told they couldn't do that. I have now been waiting for two weeks for "parts to arrive to repair the set" and now appear to have an open ended repair completion date! I have nothing but dissatisfaction with Best Buy and PanaSonic both! They both have poor customer service and PanaSonic apparently, reviews not withstanding; has poor quality control or simply poor engineering. Even if I eventually get my TV back, I will expect it to simply fail again probably right after the warranty expires. DO NOT, repeat DO NOT buy at Best Buy and DO NOT buy a PanaSonic product!

A long time dissatisfied Best Buy/PanaSonic customer!
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User Replies:
Tonkey on 10/09/2010:
Did you purchase the service plan through Best Buy? If you didn't, you need to go directly through Panasonic. People always balk at paying for the service plan, but when it the time comes for it to be used they want to blame Best Buy. Best Buy has a 30 day return policy, and if you fall out of this time period you need to take up your complaint with Panasonic. If Best Buy did a return on that television outside of the return policy, it is now responsible for the repairs on that TV, and that is not a cost it should have to bare.
Anonymous on 10/09/2010:
Wow, that's ridiculous. 10 weeks, and now you have to deal with this? What ever happened to customer service and reliability? I would be mad as hell if I had to wait weeks for my TV to be fixxed! Sounds like a piece of junk!
trmn8r on 10/09/2010:
You are in the warranty period, so you are entitled to a warranty repair. Usually that does not include a replacement or a loaner. Repairs on these flat screen tvs seem to often take weeks to a month or more. Maybe they have to get the parts from overseas. I have resisted replacing my behemoth Sony CRT tv because the flat screens don't seem reliable enough yet. Maybe this year - the prices are way down. But I wouldn't want to go through your experience.
Anonymous on 10/09/2010:
Its ridiculous. 10 weeks and your TV is already broken. I have a 25 year old TV in my spare bedroom that works perfect, never had a problem. Sign of the times of the JUNK being produced today!
bcd on 10/09/2010:
“A long time dissatisfied Best Buy/PanaSonic customer!”

Why would a longtime dissatisfied Best Buy/Panasonic customer purchase a Panasonic product from Best Buy?
Mike in FL on 10/09/2010:
On the date of purchase, you had ample opportunity to buy one of the Black Tie Protection plans, which cover the sets for between 2 and 4 years depending on which policy that you buy. Best Buy's return policy is 30 days for standard customers and 45 days for Silver level Reward Zone customers. 10 weeks is well outside the 30 day return policy. At that point, Best Buy is under no obligation to you in any way, although Panasonic is through the terms and conditions of their warranty.

Likewise, Panasonic on the whole is a good company with an overall good record for product quality. That said, occasionally a bad product slips past quality control and gets into retail distribution. That's why the warranty exists.

Best Buy can not be held accountable for Panasonic sending them a bad unit. They have no way of knowing if a given TV is defective or not until the unit is out of the package and up & running. In your case, it wasn't until you were outside the return policy that the device failed.

I'm sorry to tell you, but those are the breaks and it's not Best Buy's fault.
Venice09 on 10/09/2010:
Prince, you know I agree, but I'm afraid we're fighting a losing battle. That's why I'm holding on to everything I already have instead of replacing it with new junk. At some point, we're going to be stuck with junk, too.
Raederian on 10/10/2010:
I regret that my grammar was incorrect! I have shopped at Best Buy for a long time and have spent thousands of dollars there. I meant to say that I am NOW a dissatisfied Best Buy customer. I had almost decided to purchase my TV from Costco but decided in favor of Best Buy. Had I purchased the Panasonic Plasma from Costco they would have refunded me my money on the spot after only 10 weeks, no questions asked. I made a mistake in buying at Best Buy and in buying a Panasonic. Costco has excellent customer service. I have purchased Apple products that were defective and they replaced them on the spot (Apple Store)with a new unit. They also have excellent customer service!
Anonymous on 10/10/2010:
Maybe apple needs to start making televisions! I would like to find an electronic company that STANDS BY their products and doesn't make you have to jump through hoops to either get a refund, replacement, or not making you wait 2 months to get your BRAND NEW television fixed.
Anonymous on 10/10/2010:
You know, I find it interesting when people will defend these companies. I would love you all to take a second and put yourself in the OP's shoes. He/she spent their hard earned money on an expensive piece of electronics that should, at the VERY LEAST have a basic 1 year warranty. 10 weeks and POOF. Its dead. Now you're televisionless until Panasonic decides to fix their television, unless you pull out your old TV set to hook up. I would be pretty POed if I was this OP
Venice09 on 10/10/2010:
Agreed, Prince.
Tonkey on 10/11/2010:
I understand being mad, but Best Buy didn't make your television. Panasonic did. Complaint should be with them.
HonestForSure on 11/20/2010:
First, let's clear this up: whether or not a black tie protection plan was purchased is irrelevant. The mfr is responsible for the warranty period no matter who you buy it through. No store/retailer is going to take liability for the product under someone else's warranty. That said, my Panasonic is 1.5 years - old - no issues - I purchased it for the same reason - highly rated. If you look at Consumer Reports repair rates in the first few years of ownership, you'll see a 3-5% rate - this is the percent of people to had a significant problem during the first four years of ownership. So, unfortunately, you are in the 3-5%. You did not have to take it to BBY. You could have used any Panasonic service center as directed by Panasonic. I'd rather not deal with BBY.
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Lousy Customer Service
Posted by on
In mid July of 10, my PanaSonic TV stopped working....after going through all the checklists I concluded the thing needed work by a technician. I contacted PanaSonic directly and gave them a host of numbers and specifications..primarily that the problem identification feature showed 6 blinking red lights.....They advised me that they would order the necessary part and have a technician come out and install it...and not to worry because I'm under warranty since the TV was purchase on August 8th of 09. Further, that the part could take three weeks....(HUH?)...It's been over four weeks so far and still NOTHING!

I asked what kind of part they needed and amazingly they told me they didn't know..that the technician would have to advise me on that...even though they were ordering the part.

Bottom line, it is now into the fourth week and NOTHING...A week ago I called PanaSonic and was advised that the part had been shipped to the technician.. I waited three days because they said it would take that long to get there....when I called they said they hadn't received it...when I called PanaSonic back I was filled with platitudes and apologies and "I understand" and all that but still nothing....I told the customer service rep, they should either fix the TV or get me a new one...

They were supposed to call me back yesterday...NOTHING!

The warranty runs out on the 8th of August....Now I'm beginning to think the TV won't be covered because of the small print in their contracts if and when the part comes in.

I realize they probably have to order parts from Asia someplace... but this is unacceptable for a company like PanaSonic to lie, mislead and fail to provide support for their time it'll be a Sony..
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User Replies:
Helpful on 08/05/2010:
With all respect, Sony doesn't make plasmas; currently they only produce LED and LCD televisions. For plasma technology, Panasonic really is the leader. When Pioneer got out of the business, Panasonic purchased the rights to a lot of their advanced technologies and gives them an advantage within the marketplace.

Warranties can be a definite advantage, both initial and extended, but it doesn't mean the breakdown and service is not without frustration. The most important aspect for you is to make sure you receive and document everything. In many cases you may not need it, but it never hurts.
getoverit on 09/04/2010:
Hopefully, the techies knew what part(s) to order based on the diagnostic information you provided. Also hopefully, it will be recognized that the failure occurred whie the TV was still under warranty, even though it took so long to fix it.

I have a certain number of dealings with the Technical Support people in Panasonic Customer Service. While they have generally been polite they have often (not always) been uninformed and unhelpful. I can see where their rsesponses to your inquiries might not instill a lot of confidence.

It's a very diorganized operation with, seemingly, little real communication between departments.

I hope things work out for you.

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Warranty Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I bought a Panasonic 42" HD TV at Best Buy. Bought their Black Tie warranty. Before a year was up the TV had problems. When I called to have it looked at I was informed that on TVs 42" and under in home service would cost $150. Free for any other brand from 37" or up. I am a elderly single woman. I would have to pay someone to take TV off the wall. This why I purchased extended warranty. Call Panasonic and was very dissatisfied with their people located in the Caribbean!
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User Replies:
Exterminator on 02/25/2012:
Was this information available to you when you purchased the tv? It seems like it should be in print.
Venice09 on 02/25/2012:
It would have been nice if the salesperson explained this to you when he or she sold you the warranty, but unfortunately it's your responsibility to know what you're getting into.

I'm sorry that you are having problems with the television so soon, and that you are not getting what you expected from the warranty.
FoDaddy19 on 02/25/2012:
When I worked for BBY, the policy was for TV's 32 inches and larger, the warranty covered in-home service. We weren't allowed to ship out anything bigger than 27 inches out for repair. Sounds like they changed the policy.

I have to wonder if since the failure happened within the manufacturer's warranty if the Best Buy warranty applies though. If you're dealing with Panasonic, then your complaint would indeed be with them, but if the BBY warranty displaces the factory warranty, then your complaint would be with Best Buy. It's also puzzling that they BBY warranty would specifically exclude larger Panasonic TVs. This seems a bit bizarre to me.
HonestForSure on 02/25/2012:
Sadly, in-home service criteria in service contracts are almost never detailed. This is done to deceive. The "sales" people at BBY haven't a clue neither. 42" should qualify for in-home directly through Panasonic. Did you call them directly in year 1, not BBY plan? As for on the wall, most repair people will not take the TVs off of the wall for insurance reasons. Slip the guy a 5 when they are in your house and they'll do it.

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Reoccurring issue 50 inch plasma TV
Posted by on
I purchased a 50 inch plasma TV, TH50PX80U, from the local Sears store here in SC for 900 bucks, December 2008, and in February 2010 while sitting and watching the set it went black, could not power it back up, called PanaSonic, they said it was out of warranty. Took it to the service guy who said the power supply went out amongst other components associated with the power supply. Cost of the repair is 541 bucks. Would think that a set would give you more than 13 months of service. So if anyone knows of an ongoing issue with this, would be great to get the info out to the public
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User Replies:
MDSasquatch on 02/19/2010:
I have the same TV and I love it! I bought it at COSTCO last Christmas and they gave me an additional year of warranty coverage for free.

It has only happened twice, but whenever the power in my house flickers, the TV goes black and it will not turn back on with either the remote or buttons on the TV. Unplug the TV and plug it back in, problem solved (for me at least)
mikescs on 02/20/2010:
thanks, tried that in the beginning, but took it in for diagnostics, and they found the power supply burnt out along with other components, total of 541 bucks to repair, and looking back through other comments, Panasonic has a history of power supply issues, all the way back to a class action suit in 2004
Ann M on 06/09/2013:
I had the exact same problem with this tv. Bought it at Sears on Black Friday last year and last week the screen just went black right in the middle of a show. After only 7 months you would think a tv used as little as this one is would still work.
SearsCare on 06/09/2013:
Dear Ann M,

Hello, my name is Trent and I am with the Sears Cares Team. We are sorry to hear that this television has not met your expectations. We strive to ensure our customers are satisfied with the purchases they make. We’d like to opportunity to assist any way we can and connect you with a dedicated case manager that will work with you to reach a satisfactory resolution. At your earliest convenience please send the following information – contact #, the name and phone # used at time of purchase, as well as the screen name that I have assigned to reference your post (Ann M), to We look forward to speaking with you.

Thank you,

Trent A.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support
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