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SPRUCE GROVE -- I bought 4 Panasonic televisions. One year 11 monthes later not one is working they all have red and green lines running threw picyure with some solid black lines. According to Panasonic, our warranty has expired. The first TV started with the lines after eight monthes. Panasonic pretty much said sorry about your luck and offered no help. Each TV was $1,799.99 What a joke. All Consumer Reports said the TV, s I purchased were the best. They better rethink!!!!!!!!!!
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Venice09 on 11/16/2011:
A $1,799.99 television designed to last less than two years?!!!..

Jumpin' Jehosafats!

And that's the best they got?

At Your Service on 11/16/2011:
Panasonic does do a nice plasma television, which is what I believe you're referring to. Many years ago Pioneer evolved some incredible technologies for the plasma industry but bowed out because of having too high a price. Most of their technologies were sold over to Panasonic and gave them an edge within the market.

The problem you're describing is a power related issue and can be caused by overloading a specific circuit causing higher power fluctuations and damaging the circuit board that is responsible for displaying the image. Are you running these in a business where they're getting a lot of regular use and being used on a single circuit?

In either case, I suggest contacting the retailer you purchased the television through. Many offer extended service contracts which would cover exactly what you're describing. The units are not cost effective to service, so an extended warranty provider will generally replace them.

Please let us know how it goes.
nopan4me on 05/18/2012:
Wow, our television lasted 16 months! Panasonic online chat was NO help at all.
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Beware of Panasonic Products
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Avoid Panasonic products at all costs. Initially their products may appear nice, but after time you will regret your purchase! We have now had two Panasonic products (TV and DVD player), which had known manufacture issues. Turns out that Panasonic used to fix them free of charge, but then decided to stop repairing. As they're call center puts it, "We no longer can accommodate the repair". Basically, they tell you that it is up to the consumer to fix "their defect". Which BTW cost more than the units are worth. Buyer beware!
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trmn8r on 04/28/2011:
More details would be helpful. You call yourself "ConsumerAdvocateAgency". Are you a company, or an individual? What does this agency do?

What models are these? When were they bought, what were the defects, and did Panasonic have a program under which the defects were repaired for a period of time? That is a pretty standard approach used by companies - they are usually not for an unlimited time.

I can't avoid Panasonic products based on what you have written this far. I actually like the Panasonic brand, but I would be interested in a specific complaint that you have.
jktshff1 on 04/28/2011:
+100 trm
getoverit on 04/28/2011:
I had a really ridiculous experience some months ago with Panasonic when a DVD recorder I have gone funny. I wrote it up and won't repeat the details here but the whole customer service operation is really lame.

I've always thought of Panasonic products to be pretty much disposable. Hopefully, they'll last a reasonable period of time and then you just drop 'em off at the recycling place.

That said, we have had both a TV and a VCR player that didn't really last very long. They're not high-end products, for sure.
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Panasonic Customer Service needs improvement
Posted by on
Panasonic Customer Service really needs improvement.
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Anonymous on 04/13/2011:
OK. Why?
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Panasonic Phones - Garbage
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Panasonic phones are throw-aways. Keypads only last about 1 year with relatively lite use. Then are not useable because keys require multiple hard pushes to register and it's nearly impossible to enter a number correctly.
If you buy a Panasonic phone, you should plan on replacing it in about a year.
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CrazyRedHead on 04/01/2011:
If you are talking LL phones, then I have had mine for almost 3 years and both are still working fine.
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Poor Customer Service
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Customer service here stinks. I purchased a new camcorder directly. It initially indicated that it would ship within 3 days (ordered the day after Thanksgiving). I called a week later - when their web site still indicated that it would ship in 3 days and customer service indicated that they did not know if it would ship in time for Christmas.

I got it in time for Christmas after all but the USB cable in the box did not fit the camcorder - very obviously the end was not compabible with the camcorder. I have spent over an hour with various customer service reps. I also sent photo images to customer service via e-mail. They referred me back to the phone support where I got no help. Finally an agent gave me another e-mail to send my complaint to. He indicated that they would "probably" send me another USB cable free of charge - as if that is doing me a favor.

I like the camcorder. Just hope you don't need customer service!
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I normally don't write complaints, this is the worst customer service I've ever experienced
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I have been waiting on a replacement part for a shaver for FOUR OR FIVE months. This is a part I need to use the shaver properly. They said it was in production, but I can't imagine it would take this long to make a small plastic/foil part. I have called multiple times. One time, the lady was dumb or inentionally trying to be annoying, I'm not sure which. She was saying the part wasn't ordered. I told her I paid with my credit card. I said how do you not understand what I'm saying, she kept saying I don't understand. I asked to speak to her manager, and hung up the phone before I got there to talk to a different associate because I was so frustrated with her. I called back and talked to a different associate that tracked down my order and was much more helpful. She said she'd find out how long the wait is on the replacement, and let me know within a week. Well, it's been a week. Now I called back, and it says their support center is closed, even though it's their business hours. I just ordered the part on line, and tried to track it through my email. But it says the e-mail is invalid. How could the email be invalid if I used it for my order? I have never had any of these problems before from any customer support. I ordered a simple part, and am waiting for MANY MONTHS for it. The product is good, but the customer service is TERRIBLE. If you buy any of their stuff, prey that nothing breaks or you don't need to go to customer service to get any sort of replacement parts from these guys.
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User Replies:
olie on 12/11/2010:
Dispute this immediately with your credit card company! Look on the back of a recent bill to find out the number to call.

Panasonic may be trying to make you just give up and purchase a new shaver. You'll likely do so, of course, but it certainly won't be a Panasonic, will it?
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Out of the box and broken
Posted by on
So I purchased a 54 inch plasma for football season through AMAZOM. COM, but in actuality(and not to my knowledge) I bought the TV from 6th AVE ELECTRONICS. Amazon promises delivery in 3-5 business day, but what really happens is that the company you buy from has a totally different set of parameters; ten days for delivery. Eight days after I placed my order the TV shows up. So excited, I plugged in the TV and poof the thing smells like smoke and no picture. the power light blinks and I try everything but no picture. No one cares that I spent a couple thousand on a TV that doesn't work. two to three weeks for parts, can't even exchange it. Please don't buy from PanaSonic and especially 6th ave electronics.
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Helpful on 09/17/2010:
You know, the problem, it sounds like to me, is that you made such a major purchase mail order. Is there really a good reason you did so?
Tonkey on 09/17/2010:
Working in an electronics retail store, every day I get customers wanting me to price match to some random website that is offering a television for a incredibly low price. These "deals" are typically way below our cost, and I cannot match them. When you buy online for really cheap, you take the risk it could be a refurbished TV or it could be damaged in transit. Good luck!
CaptainSpaulding on 09/18/2010:
Your complaint is against the place that you ordered that high definition television from, not against Panasonic!

I have two Panasonic HDTVs (One is a 47 inch Plasma, and the other is a 37 inch LCD), and they are both excellent!
Helpful on 09/18/2010:
I agree completely with Tonkey and CS.
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42 Inch Plasma Panasonic TV Gone Bad
Posted by on
I bought a 42 inch Panasonic plasma from Circuit City in 2007 now at 2010 this $1000.00 TV went out took it to the repair man as well, and he informed me that it was the power supply, and that it would cost me another $371.00 not counting the $50.00 I already paid him. he also tells me he not sure if that all of the problem after he fixes the power supply.

I'm really unhappy with Panasonic, if they can't make a TV set to last longer than 3 years I see not so good future for them cause people will stop buying products from them. so I guess I'm asking Panasonic to fix my TV from the repair man.
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Helpful on 08/17/2010:
Unfortunately, if the product is not under warranty, I wouldn't begin to expect coverage of your television. Arbitrarily covering your service, not being under any form of warranty, would raise the price of the product throughout the market.

Panasonic makes a great line of TVs now. They bought out a lot of the Pioneer technology before they got out of the business and is easily one of the best producers of plasma televisions on the market. You should be able to get a replacement for between $500 - $600 now.

Thanks for posting and best of luck.
getoverit on 09/02/2010:
Helpful is probably correct about the current line of Panasonic TVs. My own attitude toward Panasonic products has always been that they are pretty much disposable items. They seem to work well while they last but have a limited life expectancy. That, at least, has been the experience with Panasonic products we've owned, including a pre-plasma era TV.

Whatever the technology they purchased from Pioneer is all about, the implementation of that technology and the resulting build quality is a separate issue. If they're using cheap power supplies, it stands to reason that the TVs won't last, at least not without needing repair.

dano on 10/08/2012:
Beautiful Picture on my plasma. However, PANASONIC SUCKS!! Tv went out(flashing light). They told me to take it to a service center 60 miles away. I paid the 40.00 diagnostic fee. It has been over a month and still no part(SC Board). Never again buy a Panasonic. They SUCK... I think our politicians should make a law that states,
When doing business in the U.S the Company MUST HAVE SPARE PARTS for the products they sell in this Country!!! Nice picture, but try to get it fixed!!!! SCREW THEM!
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Worst Experience
Posted by on
I had purchased a PanaSonic microwave oven Model NN-CD997S(Serial No. 5G69120444) in November 2009, but after operation of few month it got some problem and went off(Dead Set) in the beginning of May 2010. Machine handed over to PanaSonic authorized Service Center on May 07, 2010 under the warranty for rectification but it couldn't be done till to date due to unavailability of spare parts. With constant follow up with service center country office the issue is yet not resolved which has cost me lot of time, resources and mental disturbance.

Since this household item is not in sue for the purpose is intended and purchased for, which is the worst ever experience I had with PanaSonic even under valid warranty cover.
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Helpful on 07/15/2010:
I absolutely agree that you should not have had to wait for parts this long. With that said, I have a Panasonic microwave and love it. They make a quality product.

I'd get in touch with the retailer you purchased it through. They may very well be able to help you through this.

Best of luck.
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50" Plasma TH50PZ800UA
Posted by on
I Purchased a supposed "top of the line" 50" PanaSonic Plasma television in November of 2008 for $2000. We enjoyed our television for 18 months until one day we went to turn it on and NOTHING, except a red flashing light at the power button. I contacted PanaSonic only to be informed my warranty had expired at 12 months. They inquired how many times the light was flashing, which obviously meant something to them, but was not important enough to share with me. I was then told it would have to be taken to a service dealer at my expense. Imagine my disappointmet when it was diagnosed with a power supply failure and in need of a new board only a year and a half after purchase! More than that, it set me back over $500! I am highly disappointed in the quality and service of this product. It was professionally installed and protected by a power box which was tested by an electrician, after this incident, and had not suffered any damage from a surge. PanaSonic is SO confident in the replacement part it is guaranteed for 90 days. After my experience, and reading of those sharing the same experience, I regretfully will not purchase another panaSonic television.
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User Replies:
Helpful on 07/03/2010:
I'm not so impressed with Panasonic LCD televisions, but their plasma TVs are one of the best in the industry and rated so by many. I'm sorry to hear you had such a negative experience with them. The warranty you're speaking of is standard within the industry. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone that differs from it. I would have suggested checking with the retailer you purchased the television through. Many either offer extended warranties with such a purchase; in some cases, actually giving the warranty free as a promotional offering. I would have like to have heard if they were of any help.

You speak of a "power box" within the complaint. Calling a device a power box is really non-descriptive. DO NOT JUST PLUG SUCH A DEVICE IN WITH A SURGE PROTECTOR! A lot of people think a surge protector is some magical device that protects electronics. In most cases, these surge protectors do little to nothing for the consumer. Invest in a true LINE CONDITIONER. A line conditioner will filter the electrical power the entire time the TV is plugged in, along with any other products plugged into and surrounding the TV. It could easily mean the difference from having to get the product serviced again down the road. If you have further questions, please let me know.

Hopefully you're now enjoying the television. Best of luck.
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