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Great Service from Panasonic Plasma
By -

I have a two year old Panasonic plasma 1080P set. It died the seven blinking light death on Tuesday afternoon, I called Panasonic's Concierge service about 7PM, Will on team 20 gave me great help to check the problem but it needed to go in for service he set up an appointment for pickup the following Monday but I got a call the next morning and Lin's service picked it up, they said they would try to have it back but being the Holidays could not promise at 1PM Christmas eve they brought it back repaired and re-hooked it up total time from call to return 30 hours.
I had a service contract with Best Buy but Panasonic took care of every
detail, no lugging it in or lines or anything. This is the best service
I have ever had from anyone. NO CHARGE.
This was very reassuring as I have two Panasonic plasma sets and have
had my three sons buy them, as well as recommending them to anyone for several years. The picture and sound of my set is superb no surround sound
needed, I do think the real wood cabinet that holds it helps to enrich the sound just like old time radio cabinets did. Panasonic is the premier
plasma set and I prefer the picture to the new LED or LCD sets, so much
more organic more like film.

Poor Craftsmanship
By -

I purchased this 50" Panasonic slightly less than 2 months ago. I kept the box and all packaging because I knew I was moving soon. I re-packaged the TV put carefully loaded it into my truck, carefully unloaded it. Unpackaged it and everything was fine. I put down the TV pedestal placed the TV on it, bolted the stand in place. Slowly and carefully lifted the TV of the ground and gently set it on a dresser when we heard a cracking sound and the pedestal had 2 large cracks for no reason. No reason at all. It is made from plastic and perhaps can't support the weight of it's $1000 TV.

I contact Panasonic thinking they will replace the clearly defective stand. I send them photos and proof of purchase and they tell me they don't cover any kind of physical damage. Even though it's clearly a defect for a brand new stand to break for no reason after being very carefully handled, it's not their problem.

Just don't buy Panasonic unless you are looking to have to pay to replace their poorly manufactured parts.

Worst Customer Support Ever
By -

I tried to order a DMC-TS1G digital camera directly from the order was placed on 30 May and the website said it would ship in 3-5 days. On the 13th of June it still hadn't shipped, so we called. After talking with customer service they said they didn't know why it hadn't shipped yet and a manager would call me back within 24 hours. As they promised a manager called on the 14th and promised the item would ship by the 15th. My bank, whom we'd contacted since the charge had gone through several days before, was told the same thing. Come the 22nd the item still hasn't arrived, so I called again. I'm once again told "we don't know why it hasn't shipped" and I'm promised a manager would call again. The manager never calls. I call again on the 23rd and I'm told the item won't even ship until the 25th, over 3 weeks after the initial order and 10 days after a manager promised me it would ship. the customer support representative gave no reason and refused to let me speak with a manager, saying only that a manager would call me within 24 hours. after this run-around I was quite upset I asked to speak with a manager immediately. the response I received was "have a nice day" and the call was terminated.

this has been by far the worst experience I have ever had with customer service. I will NEVER buy from panaSonic again. if it's this difficult to buy from them I'd hate to imagine the pain I'd go through if something broke on the product.

No Customer Service
By -

MICHIGAN -- Purchased two vent fans from PanaSonic. Love
the product and hated the worthless customer
service. Who is in charge of this company?
Who ever the CEO is is another example of
short sighted American managers who think
that sending CS dept to India is a good idea.
The worst ever, long wait time and they were
clueless about their product, I knew more than
they did, like the idiots at Home Depot.
No wonder your company lost money again and it
will continue to do so with your poor customer
service. Make sure you lay off more workers while you get another big bones, time for a revolution!

By -

WALKER, LOUISIANA -- I will be buying new phones today. They will NOT be Panasonic. I purchased a Panasonic Expandable Portable Phone System KX-TG5632 approx. 18 months ago. It has never worked properly.

The base will start to ring, the handsets are DEAD. In order to answer the phone,(and these are instructions from Panasonic) I have to hit the exit button on the handset. Remove the battery cover. Remove the battery. Replace the battery and cover. Start hitting the talk button. At first it will say" move closer to base unit" even if you are right in front of it. If you continue pressing the talk button, you can usually answer the call, IF they haven't hung up by now. This is insane. I paid over $120 dollars for this lousy phone. I have called Panasonic Customer Service repeatedly. This last time, they told me to buy another phone. They offered to give me 15% off a phone if I buy it from them. Hmmm 15% off of RETAIL price for a phone that has NEVER worked properly??? NOT!!

I think I'll just go buy one at Walmart for a lot less and chances are it will work better than a very expensive Panasonic.

Panasonic Customer Service Is The WORST
By -

I own a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50 digital camera. Within 6 months of purchase, I had to send the camera for repair as the plastic lock on the memory card came off inthe memory card slot and I couldn't take pictures.

After initially speaking with a very nice person from customer support who told me to send my camera to their authorized service center @ 1590 Touhy Ave, Elks Grove, IL.
I sent my camera via USPS insured and delivery confirmation, and a note inside with the camera with my name, address and phone number and a description of the problem. I called the Service center 1 week after mailing camera to verify that they had received it and when I could expect it to be repaired and returned. I was told by a polite woman that my camera was still under warranty and would be repaired and returned within the week.

For the next 2 months, I would call the repair center every week and left messages inquiring about my camera and asking if someone would please call me that were never returned.
Three phone calls to the main Customer Service number listed on the Panasonic site sent me in circles talking with customer service reps who 1) hung up on me, 2)told me it wasn't their department, 3) when they offered to investigate, put me on hold only to return to tell me that the Authorized center I sent my camera to is not under their jurisdiction and that I have to call the center directly and leave more messages.

My camera was eventually returned to me, repaired, but I WILL NEVER BUY PANASONIC AGAIN.

By -

SPRUCE GROVE -- I bought 4 Panasonic televisions. One year 11 monthes later not one is working they all have red and green lines running threw picyure with some solid black lines. According to Panasonic, our warranty has expired. The first TV started with the lines after eight monthes. Panasonic pretty much said sorry about your luck and offered no help. Each TV was $1,799.99 What a joke. All Consumer Reports said the TV, s I purchased were the best. They better rethink!!!!!!!!!!

Beware of Panasonic Products
By -

Avoid Panasonic products at all costs. Initially their products may appear nice, but after time you will regret your purchase! We have now had two Panasonic products (TV and DVD player), which had known manufacture issues. Turns out that Panasonic used to fix them free of charge, but then decided to stop repairing. As they're call center puts it, "We no longer can accommodate the repair". Basically, they tell you that it is up to the consumer to fix "their defect". Which BTW cost more than the units are worth. Buyer beware!

Panasonic Customer Service needs improvement
By -

Panasonic Customer Service really needs improvement.

Panasonic Phones - Garbage
By -

Panasonic phones are throw-aways. Keypads only last about 1 year with relatively lite use. Then are not useable because keys require multiple hard pushes to register and it's nearly impossible to enter a number correctly.
If you buy a Panasonic phone, you should plan on replacing it in about a year.

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