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Drunk Driver
Posted by Sarah3240 on 04/06/2014
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I made the mistake of ordering from Papa Johns in the past, and have avoided making that mistake again.

My complaint rather rests in that one of their driver's ran me off of the road this evening (negligently, rather than malevolently). Had there been no Berm for me to swerve into, I very well may be dead, as he turned directly into my driver side door. He had been swerving between lanes before he decided to attempt plowing into me.

I have never had such a harrowing experience on the road. I made the mistake of calling the store rather than the police. Like my first mistake of once ordering their horrible pizza, this is not a mistake I will repeat.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2014-04-15:
Did you call the police and report the driver?
Posted by clutzycook on 2014-04-15:
Sorry, just read the last line of your review. I would have called them both. And then I would have contacted the media.
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Worlds Worst Pizza
Posted by Mikesico on 02/28/2014
WEYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have Lineage to some of the best pizza in the Boston area. I was starving one night and wanted to try Papa Johns. It was absolutely the worst pizza I've ever experienced. I would rather eat dog food. It was without question the worst pizza I've ever eaten, an absolute disgrace to pizza.

This review won't let me go back and delete things,and I am using the speak version. Anyways, this pizza sucks beyond human comprehension. They deserve the title the world's worst pizza. I would rather eat Elios with anchovies on it, enough said.
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Posted by Cwazychicken on 2014-03-03:
I live in an area where not many good pizza chains exist, i do love papa MURPHY'S though. I won't touch papa johns, never did like the pizza.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2014-03-05:
I've never liked Papa John's which is not surprising since I'm from Chicago. However, I now live in Atlanta and everyone here thinks of Papa John's as the best pizza ever. I miss the restaurants in Chicago.
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Took Forever, and Order Was Wrong!
Posted by Ashley_is_loved_21 on 02/10/2014
DALLAS, TEXAS -- I ordered $50.00 worth of pizza and was very disappointed. All three of my pizza were made wrong, we are a pork free family, and my veggie pizza had pepperoni on it my Buffalo chicken pizza had bacon bits on it. And my hamburger pizza which I called and specifically told them no pickles on it they had put pickles on it then scrapped them off there was pieces of pickle on it and tasted like pickle juice. it was an hour when they called and re asked me about the pickles and said the pizza was on its way, and then it was ANOTHER hour before I got my pizza. It was cold. When I called to get the pizzas fixed my husband
to get the new ones and the new pizzas
Were cold even at the restaurant. I will never order from there again i was so disappointed. I was trying to do something sweet for my hubby, cause he had been seeing the commercial for the hamburger pizza, and i felt like i failed him,with cold gross pizza. Never again.
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Bland and Cold Pizza
Posted by Woodfordrod2 on 02/08/2014
I ordered my first Papa John's Pizza. I ordered a large meat lovers with jalapenos and peppers. It was the worst tasting pizza I have ever had. It was bland and cold.

I will never buy from Papa Johns again. All that hype and TV is bull. It's not that good. Don't be fooled by the ads. I lost $22 for the pizza and tip what a waste.

Rod Woodford
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Posted by John on 2014-02-10:
I actually love their pizza. I order from there on a regular basis and I've never gotten anything but hot, delicious pizza.
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Poor Tasting Food
Posted by Lancasters_s on 01/15/2014
My husband was in the hospital and I had not eaten all day, we decided to try Papa Johns since we never had it before. I must say that it is not all that it is made out to be. The pizza had no taste at all, simply put it tasted horrible.
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Terrible Pizza
Posted by Davidknolll on 12/29/2013
I ordered thin & crispy crust, but got a thick crust and it was not cooked all the way and luke warm. I will never order another Papa Johns pizza, ever!
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Cold Incorrect Order From Papa John's. No Effort to Correct
Posted by Reach_amanda on 12/06/2013
FT. WALTON BEACH, FLORIDA -- Tonight I ordered pizza from Papa John's. Had Thursday special in my email inbox. Also ordered 2 liter Pepsi. Over 30 minutes later, the pizza arrived cold, with no garlic butter, and no Pepsi. Called the store and was told it was I who ordered the pizza, not them, and it wasn't their fault. In other words, screw you - they're busy, I'm not accustomed to being treated this way. Additionally pizza delivery is a competitive business, and Pizza Hut has one-upped you almost every time. We had stopped using you guys for awhile due to a past issue, and now this has happened on our first order subsequently. Please give a response other than it is OUR FAULT. Could we possibly give you another chance? Not without compensation of some sort an and adequate response.

I will be happy to post this on FB, but don't want to. Awaiting your response. So are my friends and relatives. Your food is good, but we don't expect to have cold pizza and rude people.

P.S. The delivery man was confused, but obviously he was doing the best he could.
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Terrible Service and Always Late
Posted by Marksied on 12/03/2013
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- For many years I have been a loyal Papa John's client and shareholder.

Lately (last 6 months) their deliveries (on Gallatin Road/Nashville, TN) have always been late.

This last time I called to confirm the order would be on time. I was told they were busy and could not guarantee it would be on time. I asked for the District Manager's name.

The "Manager" of the store became very hostile. Said he did not know who I was. I gave him my name and again asked for the District Manager's name. He refused by hanging up on me.

So I called Headquarters. Spoke with a lady in Customer Service. She promised that a Manager from HQ would call. That was over a month ago. I called two weeks ago and said nobody has called. A new person apologized and assured me somebody would call.

Today I called HQ again. A very nice receptionist said the only thing she could do is transfer me to Customer Service, even though I was calling to complain about Customer Service. She could not even transfer me to a person in Shareholder services. This is not her fault, it is the fault of upper management that does NOT care about the customer. Short sided...

As a shareholder, I have decided it is time to dump the stock and never eat at Papa John's again.
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False Advertising
Posted by Irrelevant on 11/07/2013
"Special Offers" web page quotes $8.99 for "Early Week Special" (M-W) for any large pizza. Nothing on the page says "online only", and I've placed "walk-in, carry-out" orders at this location in the past. This time, though, the guy behind the counter said special offer was "online only". He thought he was doing me a favor by overcharging me ONLY $3.00. Back to Pizza Hut for me!
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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-11-08:
wow, posts like this remind me how long it's been since I gave Papa John's the heave-ho.
Posted by raindrops on 2014-01-04:
these deals are not on the page you get them in emails and they do say online only.
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Horrible Delivery Person
Posted by Dbrendalee on 09/10/2013
SMITHFIELD, VIRGINIA -- Tonight I ordered a pizza (total $14.32) and was told it would arrive in 35 or so minutes (fine).I have ordered from them many times. Papa John's in the past have had wonderful delivery drivers and I always made sure to tip them well. Nevertheless tonight I got a call from this young lady with an "attitude" telling me she was at some address on my street that I had no idea where. She rudely told me to come outside so she could see me. I exited my front door and my porch light came on. She said is that your light and hung up.

All of a sudden a car speeds down my neighbor's driveway crossing a small ditch we use for drainage coming within inches of hitting her Mercedes and her husband's Corvette. She rudely grabs the pizza and thrusts it towards me as I am asking why she did that. Her attitude increasingly worsens, so I refused the pizza. Nevertheless, she was not happy, and I asked her to leave my property. We got into a shouting match, but she will not disrespect me In my front yard. I will not order from them again.
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Posted by cmthru on 2013-09-10:
Because you had one bad experience from a location that you had no previous complaints, you are going to stop?
Posted by clutzycook on 2013-09-10:
You should have called the restaurant and explained what happened to the manager. Not that would have resolved anything, but hopefully you would have gotten your money back.
Posted by Nohandle on 2013-09-10:
That one bad experience would be enough to do me in also, no matter how pleased I had been in the past. That delivery person obviously had a loose screw up there in the gourd and had no business being in that type of work. I hope the OP at least called Papa John's to complain if for no other reason to spare the next person from suffering her wrath. She is clearly a tad unstable.
Posted by Shayen on 2013-09-11:
You can be sure when the driver returned to the store with the pizza and no $, all employees, especially the manager, have heard her version of events. You might want to pick up the phone and make a call.
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