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Terrible Pizza
Posted by Davidknolll on 12/29/2013
I ordered thin & crispy crust, but got a thick crust and it was not cooked all the way and luke warm. I will never order another Papa Johns pizza, ever!
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Cold Incorrect Order From Papa John's. No Effort to Correct
Posted by Reach_amanda on 12/06/2013
FT. WALTON BEACH, FLORIDA -- Tonight I ordered pizza from Papa John's. Had Thursday special in my email inbox. Also ordered 2 liter Pepsi. Over 30 minutes later, the pizza arrived cold, with no garlic butter, and no Pepsi. Called the store and was told it was I who ordered the pizza, not them, and it wasn't their fault. In other words, screw you - they're busy, I'm not accustomed to being treated this way. Additionally pizza delivery is a competitive business, and Pizza Hut has one-upped you almost every time. We had stopped using you guys for awhile due to a past issue, and now this has happened on our first order subsequently. Please give a response other than it is OUR FAULT. Could we possibly give you another chance? Not without compensation of some sort an and adequate response.

I will be happy to post this on FB, but don't want to. Awaiting your response. So are my friends and relatives. Your food is good, but we don't expect to have cold pizza and rude people.

P.S. The delivery man was confused, but obviously he was doing the best he could.
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Terrible Service and Always Late
Posted by Marksied on 12/03/2013
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- For many years I have been a loyal Papa John's client and shareholder.

Lately (last 6 months) their deliveries (on Gallatin Road/Nashville, TN) have always been late.

This last time I called to confirm the order would be on time. I was told they were busy and could not guarantee it would be on time. I asked for the District Manager's name.

The "Manager" of the store became very hostile. Said he did not know who I was. I gave him my name and again asked for the District Manager's name. He refused by hanging up on me.

So I called Headquarters. Spoke with a lady in Customer Service. She promised that a Manager from HQ would call. That was over a month ago. I called two weeks ago and said nobody has called. A new person apologized and assured me somebody would call.

Today I called HQ again. A very nice receptionist said the only thing she could do is transfer me to Customer Service, even though I was calling to complain about Customer Service. She could not even transfer me to a person in Shareholder services. This is not her fault, it is the fault of upper management that does NOT care about the customer. Short sided...

As a shareholder, I have decided it is time to dump the stock and never eat at Papa John's again.
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False Advertising
Posted by Irrelevant on 11/07/2013
"Special Offers" web page quotes $8.99 for "Early Week Special" (M-W) for any large pizza. Nothing on the page says "online only", and I've placed "walk-in, carry-out" orders at this location in the past. This time, though, the guy behind the counter said special offer was "online only". He thought he was doing me a favor by overcharging me ONLY $3.00. Back to Pizza Hut for me!
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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-11-08:
wow, posts like this remind me how long it's been since I gave Papa John's the heave-ho.
Posted by raindrops on 2014-01-04:
these deals are not on the page you get them in emails and they do say online only.
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Horrible Delivery Person
Posted by Dbrendalee on 09/10/2013
SMITHFIELD, VIRGINIA -- Tonight I ordered a pizza (total $14.32) and was told it would arrive in 35 or so minutes (fine).I have ordered from them many times. Papa John's in the past have had wonderful delivery drivers and I always made sure to tip them well. Nevertheless tonight I got a call from this young lady with an "attitude" telling me she was at some address on my street that I had no idea where. She rudely told me to come outside so she could see me. I exited my front door and my porch light came on. She said is that your light and hung up.

All of a sudden a car speeds down my neighbor's driveway crossing a small ditch we use for drainage coming within inches of hitting her Mercedes and her husband's Corvette. She rudely grabs the pizza and thrusts it towards me as I am asking why she did that. Her attitude increasingly worsens, so I refused the pizza. Nevertheless, she was not happy, and I asked her to leave my property. We got into a shouting match, but she will not disrespect me In my front yard. I will not order from them again.
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Posted by cmthru on 2013-09-10:
Because you had one bad experience from a location that you had no previous complaints, you are going to stop?
Posted by clutzycook on 2013-09-10:
You should have called the restaurant and explained what happened to the manager. Not that would have resolved anything, but hopefully you would have gotten your money back.
Posted by Nohandle on 2013-09-10:
That one bad experience would be enough to do me in also, no matter how pleased I had been in the past. That delivery person obviously had a loose screw up there in the gourd and had no business being in that type of work. I hope the OP at least called Papa John's to complain if for no other reason to spare the next person from suffering her wrath. She is clearly a tad unstable.
Posted by Shayen on 2013-09-11:
You can be sure when the driver returned to the store with the pizza and no $, all employees, especially the manager, have heard her version of events. You might want to pick up the phone and make a call.
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On Hold for 15 Minutes No One Ever Answered!
Posted by Palomadigital on 09/07/2013
CENTERVILLE, GEORGIA -- I called Papa Johns to order, only to be greeted by a computer saying please hold for the next available person or go to Papa Johns online. This went on for 20 minutes, finally I called the Papa Johns across town and they answered! I placed the order and they said they couldn't't deliver to my address, they told me to call the previous store and I said I did and they never answered. I asked can you place the order for me and they said no, and I said let me talk to the manager and I told him the story and he had no resolution. He didn't offer to deliver this one time, I even offered to tip the driver more, and he said nope with an arrogance in his voice. I think they are trying to drive customers to their website to order so they can cut back on employees and I will never do business with a company like that again.
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Posted by cmthru on 2013-09-09:
All their franchises have defined service areas. That's why the second location refused delivery to you.
Posted by Ben There on 2013-09-09:
Habe you tried ordering online? I find it much faster and easier, and you can customize pizzas just like on the phone.
Posted by andbran on 2013-09-09:
i order pizza online more than calling. it seems to be delivered faster
Posted by jonthethird on 2013-09-09:
"the next available" possibly the store was busy with people at the counter, waiting, or they were backed up on getting the prior orders out.

Also, there could have been a glitch in the phone system. As others said: order online
Posted by raindrops on 2014-01-04:
ALWAYS order online IF YOU CAN unless it's for the Monday carryout deal, which you HAVE to call in for.

I also can tell you yes it is corporate that makes the other store not be able to help you. IE for delivery.

Depending on the day aka if it's busy you can wait a long time on the phone :/
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Staff Does Not Wear Gloves When Preparing Food
Posted by Acad.Drafter on 09/03/2013
ALL OF THEM, FLORIDA -- After ordering pizza online I decided to pick it up at the store and save my self $7 and delivery fees and tip. When I walked in the store a girl came over covered in pizza dough powder to assist me as I look to my right I noticed another person preparing the pizza dough not wearing gloves. When I mentioned it the cashier she told me they don't ever wear gloves.

Now in South Florida at least 50 percent of the population have some kind of disease or something. I really think people should be wearing gloves when preparing food and I thought it was a state law not sure if its right or not but beware they don't wear gloves. I called customer service and they said that none of them wear gloves.
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Posted by azRider on 2013-09-03:
In Florida they don't have to wear gloves to prepare food. they do have to wash their hands before preparing it. In fact the idea that gloves are safe is not often true. In fact the chance of cross contamination of food is higher in some cases, that have been studied glove use. As long as they wash their hands before they start to prepare the foods your safe. As to 50% of Florida having a disease, I must have missed that news story because I'm sure the CDC would want to alert the world to the travelers that come to Florida. I mean that would be a major outbreak.
Posted by cmthru on 2013-09-03:
As long as they have washed hands and touch no other surface there's no problem. If someone is obviously ill or have cuts on hands then there would be reason for concern.
Posted by BigAl on 2013-09-04:
You only need gloves when the food you are handling is already cooked or is not a type of food that is cooked. Gloves do no good when used before the food is cooked. Think of the oven or cooktop as being a sterilizing chamber if that helps you to understand.
Posted by olie on 2013-09-05:
Others have covered the gloves issue.

And, in our city, I always pick up because pizza places NEVER seem to be able to find our house, even though I give explicit instructions. "Yellow house on the northeast corner of A and B, the one with the white fence. Our driveway goes around the house, so you can enter from either A or B. Drive back to the door nearest the detached garage."

We invariably receive calls--thank goodness for cell phones--but we've decided to just pick up. Even Teen.olie goes out!

In addition to saving the delivery charge, we get the pizza a lot faster. Domino's,for example, is ready in 10-15 minutes, compared to at least half and hour for delivery.

But we ALWAYS tip a dollar or two. If nothing else, in appreciation for the delicious meal they've prepared just for us.
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Dissatisfied With the Product Your Worker Recommended
Posted by Mfrontario on 07/04/2013
LADY LAKE, FLORIDA -- My husband ordered a spinach alfredo pizza. The worker talked him into a thin crust. When he brought it home the rich and creamy was nothing as advertised. The crust was so hard I felt I was eating cardboard. Needless to say we were both totally disappointed and our dinner was ruined. We have eaten your pizza on many occasions and have been very satisfied with your product however this time was not a pleasant experience.
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Worst Customer Service the Worst Place to Order From
Posted by 71corona on 07/02/2013
REVERE, MASSACHUSETTS -- This is the 4th time I try Papa Johns online. Their service is horrible they feel 45 minutes to 1 hour to place a freak in order then you wait another hour for them to deliver ... this happened to me with them 3 times and today July 1 2013 I've tried them again.

I was on the phone 2hr they kept asking me to repeat my order 4 times and every time they ask me for my credit card .. I was charged 5 times for the order. I call customer service and their answer was sorry you got to wait 1 to 5 days for your money back.... they suck I will never use them again
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-07-03:
I suggest contacting your credit card company to dispute the duplicate charges.
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No Free Pizza
Posted by Lorivasquez7978 on 04/08/2013
SIOUX CITY, IOWA -- I was offered a free pizza for ordering online. My computer stopped working in the middle of my order. The gentleman on the phone told me I could place the order by phone and still receive a free pizza code. Well, he was misinformed or he lied to me. Whatever the case...I ordered another pizza that week. I am faithful to your establishment even though I do not order pizzas everyday;i only order from papa johns. Could you somehow make this up to me..?
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