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So Slow
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Rating: 1/51

WASHINGTON, D.C., DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- Service was over an hour and a half and speaking to the manager 6 times resulted only in them lying to us that it was 2 minutes away, 45 minutes later we are still waiting.

Pizza Was Horrible Tasting
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Rating: 1/51

ADRIAN, MICHIGAN -- Finally moved to a town that had a Papa John's. For years I listened and viewed ads generated by Papa John's and how great it is. You know the catch phrase: "Better Pizza, Better Ingredients, Papa John's." So now I have lived in this town for 1 1/2 years and still haven't ordered Papa John's until last night. Just to clarify...I have popped into the Papa John's store a couple of times to look at the menu board and pick up a carry out menu and to chat a bit, but never purchased a pizza. One of the main reasons is the pricing I think was higher than our local competitors.

So here I am channel surfing and a commercial comes on for this $12.00, 5 meat, large pizza for a limited time offer. I thought what the heck $12 is reasonable for a 5 topping large and I ordered online for pick up. Back home buddy and I grab a slice. We were famished...both took a bite at the same time. I just wish a video was running because I can not even explain the look on both of our faces at that moment.

To put it bluntly...I am 61 now and I have never experienced pizza so gross tasting in my entire life. From the looks on my bud's face I think the same applies to him. We tried to figure out what the nasty taste was, a spice, the sauce, don't know and don't care to know. BTW...the pie is still in my fridge. Free pick up only! Limited time offer! LOL. Don't think I want another Papa John's EVER. Also, the website wants me to put a star rating 1-5. 1 being the worse. It won't let me put a true rating of negative (-5).

Delivery Took 1.5 Hour
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Rating: 1/51

DANVILLE, ILLINOIS -- I called for a delivery with Papa John's on Fairchild in Danville, IL at 8:45 pm tonight. This would be the only true meal for the day since I decided to eat less during lunch because I have been indulging in a lot of cookies. Imagine I was extremely hungry as we just did a little hiking in the woods prior to so on my way home, I called for delivery.

I was very accurate with what I asked on the order along with providing my phone number and address along with apartment number. This was not my first time placing calls for delivery with them. In fact, I had a delivery that was done over the website less than a month ago so all the data should be there.

While I was waiting for the pizza, I was eating a little bit but still very hour passed and still did not hear anything from them. So at last, I made the call and check on the order and they said they called and then I said I didn't get any missed calls or anything from them. It turned out they put one number off on their system that's why they couldn't get to me as well as not knowing my apartment number.

I gave all these information to them over the phone but they input it wrong. When the pizza finally came, it was too late because I waited too long and already ate. At that time, I was not a happy camper anymore and demanded that they need to give me half off because it's not right for them to deliver this kind of service.

Over the phone, the boy who I spoke with refused to give any discount and so we ended up paying for full act for a stale pizza. I called the manager afterwards and made a complaint and he was willing to give me credit next time but I am still concerned whether they're going to put crap on my pizza next time. So this is a terrible experience with Papa John's. Last time I placed the order, I was also a generous tipper too. It was just unfortunate that their employees so incompetent.

Papa John's Towing Itself Down
By -

DENVER, COLORADO -- At around 4:15 P.M. on a Monday afternoon, a woman pulls into the parking lot at Papa John's Pizza on E. Colfax and Downing in Denver. There are no other vehicles in the lot, and she finds a convenient slot and walks across the alley to use the ATM at the liquor store. Within minutes, she returns to find her car is gone.

She is not the first victim today though. Papa John's has contracted with a towing service, which lurks in wait for anyone parking in the lot but not entering the Papa John's store. At two hundred and plenty a pop, whether or not Papa John's takes a kickback, it's a goldmine.

When asked, the Papa John's employees shrugged and said that they only work there; they don't control the company's policies. They did say in defense, however, that local business patrons sometimes block access for Papa John's supply trucks and delivery drivers.

Sometimes? At four in the afternoon? On a Monday? When there were NO customers around; NO delivery vehicles in the lot; and in fact, not even one pizza in the oven! They were “so busy” that while one of the two employees was on a cell phone, the other was enjoying a smoke break outside, watching another victim park on the far side of the lot.

He made no effort to warn the hapless driver, who walked across the street oblivious to the tow-truck that appeared as if by magic as soon as the driver was out of sight. Within minutes, the mini-van was bumping across curbstones behind this tow-truck squealing out of the lot.

Papa John's, this is heartless, insensitive, cruel, and unnecessary policy. Yes, in our high-density neighborhood, parking is always an issue, and no one has an issue with calling a tow on vehicles parked for hours on end, blocking business traffic, or inconveniencing customers. But what I saw today is malicious and sadistic.

You're shooting yourself in the foot business wise, and I for one am going to make sure word gets out! I live, work and eat in this neighborhood, and rest assured there will be no more Papa John's Pizza for me, my family, and any friends, neighbors, or clients I make aware of this shameless situation! The information posted above is a truthful, factual, and verifiable representation of an actual incident.

Drivers Park in Disabled Parking and Won't Move
By -

I came home at 11:30PM after my shift ended. A Papa John's delivery driver had parked in the ONLY disabled spot in my apartment building's lot. I am disabled due to a spinal cord injury and degenerative bone disease. I have just had a total hip replacement and am still having trouble walking. The driver refused to move, just sat there and "flipped me off" when I asked him to move. I had to park an additional 150 feet down the street due to the driver being parked in disabled parking. When I told him to move or I was going to call the police, he flipped me off again, peeled out driving extremely recklessly on a night where the streets were wet.

I made a complaint, but when the "regional manager" called, he advised me there wasn't anything he could/would do because the driver would just tell him he didn't do it and go on with his life. I suggested they bring me in to face this man, they refused the offer. The simply said it wasn't that a problem and they would ask the guy, but nothing would likely come of it.

I believe they are encouraged to do this to save time... I also feel this is a slap in the face of any disabled person in this country. Perhaps Papa John's should be forced to donate to the Paralympics and/or Christopher Reeves Foundation! It is time for this company to take some responsibility and show some respect for people who are unable to walk, who cannot breath so they have to park close, for those with conditions that make it impossible to walk.

I have seen other companies park there, but when asked, they move and are quite nice about it. The space is clearly marked, has a sign you can't miss, and if you are trying to take a short cut, at least have the decency to move, if you think you should park there at all. I am sure nothing will come of this. The "regional manager" has not called back and I am guessing this is over. Go to Facebook, join Papa John's Boycott and let them know you are not pleased with the lack of respect. Let the company hear our voice!

Papa John's Troubles
By -

I just had the worst experience ever trying to purchase a gift card. I was purchasing an e-gift card from for a friend in another state. Should have been quick and simple. Instead I purchase my order and wait 1 hour, calling my friend asking if he received it, answer was nope. I call the gift card helpline and speak to Luke, he says order is on hold for unnatural activity. I'm confused as how is ordering 1 gift card for the first time ever unnatural. He proceeds to read off a list of questions I had to answer for my order to go through. Everything from if I use my card for debit or credit, to what landmarks, schools and hospitals are near my address RIDICULOUS!!.

Anyway after going through all of these questions that have absolutely nothing to do with anything, and doing them correctly he puts me on hold. He return in 5 minutes saying all my info checked out fine and that they will need to call the bank for authorization and make sure it's me. That's fine after everything is done do I get my gift card? NOPE He said "oh that doesn't release the hold on the order, that just released your credit card so you are able to buy another e-gift card on a new order." Right now I'm really really annoyed. If I pay money for something I would like to receive it, if you need to do 1 or 2 security questions fine.

But to do question after question that doesn't even make sense, call my bank, put me on hold, charge me, and AFTER all of that say oh okay you still can't have this one but you are free to buy another that is not okay. I'm out 15 bucks and a gc, My friend couldn't get the pizza he planned to have for dinner and eat somewhere else instead. I called the complaint line and no one at all could help me or even pull-up my e-gift card order. I was told I must talk to the gift card support line. Unfortunately all I got on the line was Luke, the same guy who asked me 20 questions before, Luke could not help me one bit and expected me to just go make another order. Papajohn's is infuriating and has the worst customer service ever.

Brushed Off
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BATAVIA, ILLINOIS -- A little past 5 pm on December 23rd, I called to place a pizza order. My 3 year old has food sensitivities and I asked if I could order a half and half pizza but leave the toppings off a quarter/or small portion of it. I wasn't asking for any discount in charges or anything -- to just ring it up as half and half and ask the cook to leave the toppings off of a portion of it. The woman on the phone said it can't be done. She did put me on hold to apparently ask for someone's permission. She came back on and said corporate was there and they couldn't do it. I asked to talk with a manager. She said they were too busy to come to the phone. She said, "We're very busy. Do you want to place an order?"

I said, "Yes, I do, but I need to speak with the manager or corporate person first apparently." She said, "I can have someone call you." I said fine and asked, "How long it would be as we'd have to figure out something else to eat if it would be a long time." She made it sound like it would be. I don't recall exactly when she interrupted me with, "We have a lot of people on hold," but I certainly wasn't taking a lot of time. I was completely brushed off. Why was everyone else more important than dealing with me?

It's been 2 hours now. We scraped up something to eat in the house. I'll be surprised if I ever get a call from anyone. I find it annoying that there is nowhere on their website to contact customer service and I couldn't get a manager at the store. I worked for Pizza Hut in college as a supervisor and dealt with stuff like this all the time. I was very reasonable and completely brushed off. I just felt like they couldn't have cared less!

Papa Might Have Great Pizza, But They Definitely Do Not Have Good Customer Service At The Corydon, IN Location
By -

CORYDON, INDIANA -- On Monday July 6, 2009, at approximately 7:05PM I phoned in an order for a 16" pepperoni pizza with extra sauce. The Corydon, IN Store was running so-called "Neighborhood Appreciation Days" promotion. The information about this promotion was distributed as a half page flier advertising "50% off all menu items".

When I ordered the pizza, I was not told that the flier was consider a coupon by the store and that I needed to bring it. When I arrived at the store to pick up and pay for my pizza, I was asked by the store's general manager for a coupon. I responded there was not a coupon. The manager respond the flier was considered a coupon and that he had to have it. I informed him that I left it at home. He was refusing to honor the promotion without it. I ask him to look at the flier, it does not say the flier is required or refer to itself as a coupon. The manager left me at the counter and went back to making pizzas.

After I stood my ground and after a long time he finally honored the promotion. In my opinion this manager had the worst customer service skills I have ever seen. Among other things he said was "..I don't have time for this! I will give you the pizza...".

Papa John's International Corporate has still not even responded to my multiple complaints. I first contacted them on Tuesday July 6 2009. This was one of worst customer service experiences ever and by far the worst restaurant experience I ever had. No one from corporate has contacted me nor attempted to regain my business. I have purchased over a hundred pizzas from Papa John's since its beginning in 1984. In fact, I have bought pizzas made by John himself in the 80's from the Jeffersonville, IN store. Sadly I feel a need to share this experience with all people I know, recommending they avoid Papa John's (especially this store).

By -

LAFAYETTE, INDIANA -- OK, the complaint I have is not the company itself. It's about the customers! I am a delivery driver myself. I am going to school to be a POLICE OFFICER. The complaints I have read on here are valid. I don't blame SOME of them for being mad. If I mess up I'm the first to say something. I would not want to wait two hours on pizza either.

However, I read that a customer said she order a pizza online (which was stupid. Just call on the phone and you would know the delivery time) and didn't get their food. She said her kids were starving and she didn't have any more money to order somewhere else. Now I don't blame her for being mad but her kids were not starving... The kids in BAGHDAD are starving! (Yes, I was in the army. My M.O.S. is 11 BRAVO.) And if she didn't have any more money then she shouldn't be ordering pizza.

I have had a customer call up and ask do you guys sell pizza? Now if you call a place like Papa John's PIZZA... what the hell do you think we sell? Chicken fried grapefruit and radiators? How dumb are these people? Don't get me wrong. We all do dumb things all the time. Also people need to start putting NUMBERS on their damn houses. The law states your building or house is to be clearly marked so you can see the ADDRESS from the street day or night! What if you have to call 911 and they can't find your house because you are too stupid to put numbers on your house!

In some areas it is a $1500 fine if your house is not marked. Also the delivery driver is NOT to go up to a dark house for security reasons. So if you want your pizza turn a porch light on... If you can't afford to have the light on then you shouldn't be ordering pizza for delivery. Also if you can't afford to tip your driver at least a $1 then you should be ordering pizza for delivery.

Banned From Papa Johns After Leaving Feedback
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Rating: 1/51

DAYTON, OHIO -- Ordered pizza first time online. Afterward I got a call stating my order would be two hours late and that was not so much an issue. Once we got the pizzas they were cold and tasted like the worst pizza we have ever had, ever! Well it was $40 dollars so we felt like feedback was important as very unhappy. Got a call from the store the next day from an angry manager who was aggressive and I stood my ground. Then she tried to claim I was cussing in my responses.

When I asked her to tell me what foul word I used as those kinda words do not come out of my mouth just to win what was turning into an argument...the whole time she was talking very loud as if someone was listening to conversation while telling me to "Calm down" & "Please do not talk to me like that" when the only thing I asked was what foul words had I used. She hung up but not before telling me I was banned from Papa John's and my address was banned.

Sent another feedback regarding the phone call and got a response from store owner, quote "This morning's call was from the restaurant GM and she was genuinely trying to find out from you what happened so she could make the situation better for you and hold her employees accountable. We appreciate your business and feedback nonetheless." Basically was a bad experience and will continue to enjoy the other pizza chains in the area who offer fast hot pizzas. My opinion in the eyes of Papa John's pizza "You're not a customer if unhappy, but a trouble maker."

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