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Scant Pizza's
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FORT ATKINSON, WISCONSIN -- We ordered a family size stuffed pizza from PaPa Murphys last evening and when I saw the pizza wrapped sitting on the stove I was very surprised by the sight of it. It was a huge pizza and all you could see is dough with a very small amount of toppings in the center. They did not put any troppings or sauce anywhere near the edges of the pizza. I know times are hard, but this is ridiculous. A person might as well order a loaf of bread instead, that is what it was like, bread. I compared the picture of a stuffed pizza in their flier to my pizza and they look nothing alike. I took picture's just to show people, but have no idea where to post them. Thinking about Facebook. I am in Wisconsin and the store is very busy, that is why it is hard to understand the cheap pizza they made, very scant.
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Poor, Rude, Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51
TEMPLE, TEXAS -- Horrible customer service. My husband stopped in to pick up a cheese pizza for my son ; however when my husband asked for anchovies one of the workers said " what" ! " Nachos " !? this point this particular employee and her so called supervisor start to laugh with each other at my husbands expense. When returning home my husband feels it is necessary to contact a manager or district manager concerning their poor customer service skills . I take it upon myself to call papa murphys with hopes to get a contact number for a manager or district manager; therefore when I made the call these particular employees answer the phone by asking " who's this " ? ....r you serious ? I'm wanting a managers number. The employees shuffle the phone back and forth between one another giving me the complete run around saying that if I had a complaint I could leave it with them .

At this point I'm completely frustrated with the whole situation; therefore I proceed to drive to the restaurant so that I could speak to a professional employee. I arrive to the restaurant only to encounter the same rude disrespectful brats that originally made my husband feel uncomfortable...couldn't blame the guy.

After meeting these girls I found only one of them to be the most frustrating employee to have to encounter..between the ridiculous faces, excuses for their behavior and poor customer service skills and not to mention the difficulty in getting a managers number I can definitely say that I truly believe that papa murphys has failed when teaching their employees how to be considerate and respectful towards their customers. And still no word from a manager; I am very disappointed with Papa Murphys.
Clean and Friendly
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CHANDLER, ARIZONA -- I had to go to Chandler today to see the pulmonologist I have been referred to. As it is our payday, we stopped at Papa Murphy's Take and Bake Pizza at Ray Road and McClintock. As we found in Washington state, the store was almost as clean as an operating room, and hte young lady on duty was very friendly and professional. My wife ordered a medium pepperoni and I ordered a medium Murphy's Combination. The young lady pointed out that the large combination was on special for $2.00 less than a medium would have cost. She prepared the pizzas, using a scale to assure portion control, and loaded the pizzas with more toppings than Domino's or the Hut would have used. We had the pizzas for supper, and I can tell you, two years has been way too long. The pizzas were pure heaven. They had signs claiming that from 2003 to 2007, consumers have voted Papa Murphy's the best pizza chain in the country, and I do not doubt it a bit.

No pizza I have ever had can compare with a Papa Murphy, and they are always hot, because you bake it yourself. Yumm-m-m-m-m-m-m-m!!!!
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