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Paradise Mint - Worst Customer Service EVER
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BRADENTON, FLORIDA -- Never in my life have I encountered such a rude, insulting, and threatening individual. After winning an auction for coins, this company sent me a confirmation email. Inside the email they included a link to their own website with an invitation to browse. Upon visiting their website I discovered that they were selling the very same product I just won in the auction - but for LESS! Very deceptive. I emailed them to explain the situation (FYI, it was a difference of about three dollars). What did he reply? Not, "oh sorry about that let me take $3 off since you could have bought it right from my website". Nope, he says I "don't make any sense" and continues to insult, and threaten. Saying "I will ban you from 450 coin dealers" so on and so on and then attempts to call me at home to do the same harassment by telephone! So I pay the man and he send the coins, and I leave negative feedback saying "nice coins but TERRIBLE customer service". He then writes me MORE threatening and nasty emails! What a piece of work.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY AT ALL. You can find what you're looking for from many other places who will actually treat customers right.
Company Response 10/04/2013:
This is very simple.

This guy bought from us on ebay. And then after he took delivery of product saw we had the same item cheaper on our website. As ebay charges us about 10% in fees at that time of course ebay is going to be a more expensive price than what we can charge on our website. We don't even have a 10% mark up in the items he bought. Our prices will be lower on our website 100% of the time on buy it nows because of the fee difference. Buyer is just lacking common sense here!

The buyer left bad feedback on ebay. However ebay removed the feedback as it violated their policy. Yes we certainly banned the buyer from future purchase on ebay as he was such a problem. His feedback as a buyer showed a regular history of being a problem to sellers.

The rest of what he is writing is an outright lie. We do not call customers at their houses. We won the ebay case. Ebay sided with us as the seller and that was enough for us.
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User Replies:
The Pauper of the Surf on 06/07/2011:
Very helpful. Good work sticking to your guns.
Alain on 06/09/2011:
I prefer to deal with local coin dealers face to face. I just don't trust online companies much.
trmn8r on 06/09/2011:
Why is having a website with prices that may be different "deceptive"? You decided to buy the item based on the Ebay advertisement. There is no ultimate price for anything - it is worth what the buyer is willing to pay.

This happens a lot with sellers Ebay who have their own websites, by the way. It pays to see if a seller has one by searching the internet.

As a seller on Ebay, I can tell you that it isn't any fun. It takes a lot of time for answering questions, ad management, shipping.

I wouldn't buy coins over the internet either, but I don't think that is the issue here. The OP did not complain about the condition of the coins.
jktshff1 on 06/09/2011:
Good review, thanks for the heads up.

Pauper, how is "So I pay the man" sticking to their guns?
MRHOFELD on 05/06/2013:
I also experienced the HORRIBLE customer "service" that many other posts have talked about. The owner of the company is a very vindictive type person threatening to ban purchases from many different sources when someone has the audacity to say something was not right in a sale. BE VERY CAUTIOUS!!!
Some Dude on 07/28/2013:
I live in Indiana and have bought from this company many times over the past 3 years, both direct and through Ebay. Some times I pay more through Ebay, some times less. I really like this company and their service. 5 Stars, imo. BTW, they have a 99.9% positive rating and over 81,000 sales.
JChristensen on 10/05/2013:
Wow, talk about a liar. The guy did call me at home to harass me. Also sent me about 10 emails with insults and nasty name calling. I have the emails and the phone records to prove it. Again folks, it's about *customer service*. All businesses know about it. Price matching, being reasonable and accommodating. Customer says "hey I could have paid three dollars less" and company says "Yes no problem here's a refund, we're happy to have you as a customer". Not insults and threats. As for my eBay feedback, another lie. Only positive left for all my other transactions.
MRHOFELD on 11/22/2013:
The problem I had was greatly contributed to by me, and Paradise Mint has resolved the problem with me. I continue to use Paradise Mint as a valued resource for coin collecting. Their pricing is often the best that I can find anywhere.
angel on 01/07/2014:
I had very bad customer service problems with this company through e-bay my self I tried to contact them about not receiving product and somehow it started a case through eBay and that was a major issue to them they started yelling and degrading me basically telling me I'm stupid then said since I started a case they can't help me so I got money refunded cause product got lost or something after several rude emails they sent me so I finally think problem solved leave them a neutral feed back god forbid threatened to block me and all kind of rude remarks how I'm a liberal and need to learn how to use the computer so I'm like fine I don't plan on ordering from them anymore so I think good its finally over then a month and a half later I get two really rude emails and I'm like are we not over this issue yet geeze finally blocked them they are rude demeaning customer service is the worst I've ever experienced so if you hit a bump with these people for any reason beware cause they are condesending and really mean
ron on 10/16/2014:
If you do look at his negative feedback on ebay, you will see that this person is a LIAR, And does sent out coins to buyers that have smudge, spots, or that are damaged, and then turns around and calls the buyers the bad guys ?? the person is out only for your money, and with the hopes you will not do anything when you do receive a spotted or some type of damage on coins. I was at his website one (weekend) day, bought some coins 4 of the same type, then by the end of that same day, I wrote and asked if he could please sent it to be with signature conformation, well when he got that message from me, they had cancelled the order, and in a unfriendly tone, told me they could not do that for me, and then ,are you ready for this !!! HE RAISED THE PRICE'S ON THE SAME COINS, ON THE WEBSITE, If that is not crooked then I give up !! after he pulled that on me, I never did make th
e purchase or ever bought from him again !!! He will LIE and mislead you, and take advantage of you ever chance they get !!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS SELLER !!! YOU THE BUYER WILL LOSE OUT IN THE LONGRUN !!!
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