Park and Shop - Freeport, Grand Bahamas

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Park and Shop - Freeport, Grand Bahamas
Churchill Square, Freeport Island
Grand Bahama, Bahamas
242-352-7025 (ph)
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Park And Shop Clothing Store!!!
By -

This relates to a recent distasteful experience at one of the retail children's clothing store in Freeport. I am a frequent tourist in Bahamas. I also have grandchildren, and there has been occasions when time has not permitted me to shop before I land in Bahamas (ie - home) or the USA and I will shop in the local Freeport Stores. I was in Freeport in April 2008. When I entered the store, I greeted the two Caucasian ladies behind the cash register, they stared at me first, made me feel unwelcome then mumbled a hello. I went ahead and shopped. The sales staff on the floor were friendly and helped me, and while doing so, I noticed a security guard following and watching my every move. He was NOT on the floor when I entered the store. From then on I watched the security guard watching me, from one end of the store to the other!

That is the last time that I will shop there. Perhaps those 2 ladies felt it necessary to have their guard watch me, but for me, a tourist, I don't have to shop in your local retail stores. They will never see a cent from me again.

I have passed this information to my business associates, friends and family.

Thank you for this outlet.

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