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My father's death
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RIVERSIDE -- My father just passed away October 7, 2011, which was a Friday.
Upon leaving the ICU we were stopped by staff asking us to sign the release for the funeral home, so they would be authorized to pick up my father. We were assured everything would be handled from that point on by the hospital staff.
Although saddened by his passing we at least felt a sense of relief that over the weekend things would be handled.
Come to find out by the following Tuesday, 5 days later, my dad's body was still in the morgue at Parkview!
No one called the funeral home for pickup. They left him in there like a dead plant. Absolutely unacceptable and extremely disrepectable!
Anyone know what I can do about this to take it a step further?
Calls have gone unreturned from the staff at the hospital.
Avoidable Death Of My Son
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RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- My son, a Manic Bipolar under care of a physician, accidentally over dosed on his medications & was taken by ambulance to Parkview Comm. Hosp.(Riverside, CA.) Paramedic report assessment: "Altered state of consciousness/Over dose/Eyes; fixed-pin point, Skin; pale-ashen, Speech; inappropriate". Parkview Hospital diagnosed him with "VIRAL Bronchitis" & treated him with antibiotics! (Antibiotics have NO effect on viral conditions anyway!) He was returned home, by ambulance after THREE HOURS, STILL in a heavy state of stupor! A short while later he attempted to eat a food product & choked to death, falling dead at my feet as I tried to assist him! "Altered Level of Consciousness" causes THROAT CONSTRICTION. I accuse this hospital of Erroneous diagnosis/Inappropriate treatment/ and Perilous Premature Discharge! NO attempt was made to contact his treating physician & on EVERY page requiring patient signature, the hospital entry read; "Patient unable to sign".... From BRONCHITIS??? My son would be alive today had he received appropriate & ACCURATE treatment!
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