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Flyer Pricing
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EDGEWATER, NJ -- We all know Pathmark food stores. Well, people check your fliers when you shop at a store that may be out of your "area". This week's flier said "Foxy Iceberg lettuce $ .98 each". I did not go to my local store in Weehawken, NJ because at this time of day there is a lot of traffic in that area. There is another Pathmark just a mile north of me in Edgewater and easier to travel to, so I went to that store. Purchased a head of Foxy lettuce and noticed when I got back to my car that I was charged $1.99.

Back in the store, with my complete shopping order, in this 90 degree heat; to the customer service counter. I was informed that the sale price of $ .98 was only for specific stores in specific areas, which included the area of my local store and not the store I was in. I frequent this other Pathmark all the time because of easier traffic access.

They would not honor the price of $ .98 and showed me a flier that was for "their" area store and did not show the sale price of the lettuce. Now customer relations just went down the drain. Gee, $1.01 is going to break them. I had to take the lettuce anyway because it was part of dinner and I had no time to go to my "local" store to save the $1.01. I would waste that much gas and more in the travel.

No problem, from now on I go the my "local" store. I guess customer satisfaction is no longer important to Pathmark, or their now owner of A&P; which never had good customer relations. I used to visit A&P all the time until an unfortunate situation years ago. Needless, to say, that store is no longer A&P.

I must say, and believe me this is the truth; I have never had a problem of any nature in Shop Rite. Nor have I ever noticed different pricing for different area stores. If a price came up different from what was shown in a flier, they always honored the flier price; unless there was a misprint and then there was a sign stating the misprint. So people, beware of the "fine print" at the bottom of the flier and to which store the sale applies to. Corporate headquarters will be hearing from me on this matter.

Free Turkey. They Just Can't Seem To Get It Right
By -

My cash register receipt qualified me for a free turkey. Not wanting to lose this offer I went to the store before it expired at the end of the month. I went to customer service and asked if I could get a turkey breast rather than a whole turkey and just pay the difference. They would not allow this. They offered a measly 5% off if I wanted the turkey breast. Okay, I'll take the free turkey instead. Now the plot thickens.

They informed me that they had no more turkeys. A rain check was offered for what I really didn't want in the first place.Then I was offered a free Smithfield Ham because they ran out of the turkeys. This seemed like a fair offer. Found a nice spiral ham and went to the checkout.

The cashier using different codes was not able to deduct the ham and I was being charged the full $21.00 price. The manager now intervened but still couldn't deduct the ham. Now after 10 minutes the line is backing up and customers are pissed and my patience is running thin. Finally, they figured it out. The free ham was only for the cheap Butt and Shank, not the Spiral. Customer service did not specify this. More time is clicking by.

The manager now has other customers complaining because they can't get their free turkey. Just to get rid of me she finally offered a free turkey breast. I took the offer. This entire transaction took over half an hour. This is not good customer service. Yes in the end they compensated me but it was not worth the aggravation. I would not have had this problem at ShopRite.

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