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PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- So I bought a pair of shoes from Payless a few weeks ago and today I noticed the inside of the shoe was Torn. So I took the shoes back to Payless for a return but, I did not have my receipt, I was afraid they would not take the shoes back.

I came up to the register I talked to the manager told her what happened showed her the shoes. Told her I had no receipt. She asked me what size shoes I wore. Then she went in back brought out a new pair of the same shoes. Within minutes I was out of the store. She was very pleasant and courteous to me about the whole thing. Payless two thumbs up on customer service.

Inventory Discrepancies or Invalid Address
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Hi I have attempted to order from Payless Shoe Source online and every time I get the same emails about Inventory discrepancies. The latest was on October 18, 2009. The website had the order as submitted till October 22, 2009 when I finally got email saying it was cancelled because of inventory discrepancy and my credit card wouldn't be charged any further charges, however they already had successfully charged for that order and taken the money.

I contacted the support email address and they said it was cancelled because my address didn't match the one provided by my credit card company. Which I looked at the address and it was very exact with the credit card company. I have sent another email telling them about the email that mentioned an inventory discrepancy and asked when I would be getting my money refunded. Here goes the wait but after dealing with this company on a repeated basis with inventory discrepancies repeated again and again, I will not be doing anymore business with them again.

Slow communication
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I have been looking for a certain type of boot and finally found what I wanted on Payless - I was so excited! I also ordered a pair of loafers that I can wear to work, taking advantage of the BOGO event. The whole transaction took a couple of hours-their website was really slow. If it were not for the boots, I would have given up. I got a my confirmation email for the order, taking place last Tuesday, 9/29/2009.

I had not heard anything by 10/3/2009, I went to the website and checked the status of my order. It gave a status of "short ship" and no explanation as to what it meant. After looking on their website to see if I could find any FAQ's about it- and not finding any- I contacted them via email.

A few hours later they emailed me to let me know that the boots I had been looking for were no longer available. The associate stated "We have experienced an in-stock discrepancy and our website permitted acceptance of certain orders even though we didn't have the shoes in our inventory. We have corrected this error but realize we have not adequately met your needs." (I went back on the website and the same boots are there, with the size I wanted, so they had not fixed the website!)

Assuming that the other pair of shoes had not shipped yet I emailed her a reply to cancel the transaction yesterday. However I got an email from Payless on 10/5/2009 stating that the shoes had been shipped... on 10/1/09. I get home, and my shoes are there. Overall, it was a disappointing transaction, as I will have to return the shoes I did receive since they did not fit right.

Customer service
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PORTLAND, OREGON -- I went into a Payless store, looking for a pair of sandals and seeing that my size wasn't on the shelf or above I went to seek out an employee. There she was laying out on the counter by the register coloring. I don't call that customer service. I did go back to the same store a few weeks later and got super service. The lazy worker wasn't there. I did let the woman at the register know just how lazy that the lady had been.

Poor Customer Service

SCOTTSBLUFF, NEBRASKA -- I purchased a pair of shoes on 10-25-01 around 8:00 pm. When I got home I realized that the shoes I had were two right shoes. I bought them for a funeral at 10 am the very next morning. Since this is such a small close community where everyone knows everyone, I called the manager Stephanie ** at home to resolve the mistake (her phone number was listed in the telephone directory). The result that I was looking for was to come to the store when I knew the employees would be there before mall hours at 10 am. I know that the employees get there at or before 9 am because I had worked at that mall for the past 5 years.

I wanted to let them know that I would be at the gate to simply return one shoe for another before the funeral. The manager began yelling and screaming at me for calling her at home. Due to the nature in which I had purchased the shoes, I was taken back, and never was able to get a work in edge wise until over 5 minutes of screaming. She threatened to not let me return the shoes at all just for me calling her at home on her personal time. I am now fearful for revenge from the manager.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following: I want the manager, Stephanie **, to go to some anger management class for managers in retail. She needs to learn to be professional even when she is not on the clock. Her attitude and behaviour reflect on the company and their choice of employees. Not only will I never do business there again, neither will anyone that I speak to about this matter for fear they too might have to return something. At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.

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