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Got Tricked Into Using the Bill Me Later
Posted by MikeKat106 on 11/05/2013
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- This happened on 2 separate incidents at the same time period to both my husband and I:

(1) Tried to pay garbage bill with Paypal (PP), somehow linked it to BillMeLater (BML); said payment due on a certain date. Tried to link bank account/s to BML and it wouldn't accept routing and account #. Kept trying -how many banks accounts does a person have? The bill wasn't due yet, but BML said payment past due and tacked on Late fees ($25 +); in addition to changing the due date; over $100 fees.

(2) Tried to pay a software/computer service to 'unlock' computer (which happens to be another scam), but only let me pay through PP which turned into BML; same story as the first issue; turned into another $100 in late fees (again, starting with the $25).

I believe it's purposely confusing to trick you into using the BML service, then the due dates change without notifying you, purposely don't allow you to add your bank account if it's used in your Paypal account, but honestly how many bank accounts does an average person have? Then once it's considered 'late' your bank account is miraculously approved to be linked to your BML account.

Sounds like this has happened to many consumers from reading the reviews. There should be a major penalty for them to pay. When it was just PP, I was happy with their services; Apparently they became greedy! Now I want nothing to do with either!
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Fraud Alert Stopped Transaction, C.C. Still Billed
Posted by Ok4now on 09/22/2013
I frequently use PayPal for most of my online transactions. It's a much safer way to pay because your C.C. info is not exposed. This dramatically cuts down on fraud and ID theft. I recently ordered a $1200 camera online from a reputable business. The sale was approved through PayPal and they sent me a confirmation email. My C.C. was also billed. The very next day I get an automated phone call from PayPal with a fraud alert. Checking my online account with them I had to change my password and security questions which I promptly did. I'm informed that my account has been reinstated.

A week goes by and no camera or confirmation from the retailer. I call them and am informed that PayPal stopped payment. I then call PayPal (45 min on hold) and am told this transaction did not fit my normal purchases. Huh? PayPal is only a service that collects a fee for not exposing my C.C. info. I have a $20K credit limit with my C.C. company. They are the one to make the determination about suspected fraud. While PayPal may have had good intentions they caused me aggravation. Had this been actual fraud I would applaud PayPal for catching it. I am not criticizing PayPal. Sadly this is the world we now live in and I have to accept some aggravation for the protection provided.
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Posted by nikalseyn on 2013-09-22:
I do not understand why you would want to go thru a company like PayPal in order to bill your credit card. Just use your credit card and bypass the middle-man(PayPal)who appears to have terrible customer service anyway. You are protected with your cc for fraud.
Posted by CU on 2013-09-22:
I'd be much more worried about fraud FROM Paypal, rather than using my cc elsewhere. They are the bottom feeders of the financial industry and their corporate ethics are non-existent.
Posted by I'll just go to the store! on 2013-09-23:
Wow! I've been using PayPal for years and never had a problem. Did your address match? I've noticed on non PayPal orders (just had one) the difference between AVE. and Ave. threw the transaction off. I had to go back and correct the address to AVE. maybe next time I'll just change everything to Avenue.
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Deceptive Business Practices
Posted by Jwn7882 on 08/14/2013
IRVING, TEXAS -- It's a shame PayPal has to resort to deceptive business practices to profit. It is virtually impossible, no matter how many boxes you check, to avoid an occasional purchase being charged to Bill Me Later, even when taking out a loan is not your intent. I have even tried calling them to have Bill Me Later completely removed as an option for payment on my PayPal account and I got the runaround and was unsuccessful.

I made a recent PayPal purchase via mobile device and was not even given options for payment and it defaulted to Bill Me Later, even though I have reset my default payment options to avoid that scenario many times. I can't even pay the balance until the next billing cycle, which they inconveniently space months apart, because I show no balance at this time. This makes it, by design, much easier to forget to pay your balance before you begin paying ridiculous interest charges retroactive to the date of purchase. [snip] It's much simpler to form-fill your credit card numbers - mine are interest free - with each purchase, albeit perhaps less secure, than to be concerned with taking out a balloon loan unintentionally. You aren't responsible for charges on a stolen credit card number anyway, as long as you catch it in a timely manner, so the claim that PayPal is more secure is arguable.

Although a good service for money transfers, the push to charge payments to Bill Me Later is wrought with high interest rates, smoke-and-mirrors default options, deception and inconvenience. I'm checking out OF PayPal, not WITH PayPal (clever, I thought)
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Closing My Paypal Account Because Of Bill Me Later Tactics
Posted by Brandocain on 07/31/2013
Bill Me Later was created by Paypal to make money. Obviously, that's the point of being in business. But its a free service. How do they make money on it? Two ways, late fees and interest. When they designed this "totally free" Bill Me Later program, they designed it not just to maximize the number of people who use it, but to maximize the number of people who are charged late fees and interest.

Paypal's methods when "asking" you to sign up for their Bill Me Later (BML) program are absolutely ridiculous and underhanded. Since they began offering BML, it seems like I've had to be very careful not to ACCIDENTALLY sign up for the service. Every time I use Paypal now they will sneak one or two opportunities to join and use BML into my payment process, which wouldn't be a problem, but they really and truly try to be sly about it. The BML language will be small and easy to miss, the yes box will be highlighted, the check box will already be checked and you will have to un-check it, and so on. BML is really a line of credit, and any offer to open a line of credit should be very clear and should not be slid in their when I'm simply trying to purchase an item with money that I have.

Apparently their slyness worked on me, because a couple of weeks ago I accidentally agreed to sign up for BML! Of course my own negligence is largely to blame for the mistake, so I was upset with myself as well, and I decided that I would continue using Paypal, but avoid using BML. Well today I made a purchase on eBay using Paypal, and I accidentally made the payment using the BML service! I did not know until the purchase was done that I was using BML, and I certainly never knowingly chose to make BML my preferred payment method.

So I went to the Paypal website with the intention of paying off the balance. When I sign in, my account overview immediately comes up showing the purchase I had just made, and under "payment status" it simply says "completed". At this point I was confused because I expected it to say "bill me later" or something like that, reminding me that I still have to pay for it, but it was really made to look like I had already payed for it. When I clicked on the "details" link for the transaction, it was a full page and a half that said nothing about BML until the very bottom of the page. I clicked on a very small link there at the bottom of the page that said "schedule a payment", which took me to the BML payment page. Finally, I can pay for this stuff and be done with it!!! But no..... it says there is no payment due, and I cannot make a payment until a payment is due!!!

Paypal says that BML is a free service, and there is no way they would try to push a program on customers if they were not going to make any money off of it. It is not free. Read some of the other reviews on here. They want you to use it, they want you to be late on paying it back, and they really want to charge you as many fees and as much interest as possible!!! I know some people think its ok for businesses to do anything they want to make a buck as long as its technically legal, but when a business tries to trick me into using and defaulting on a line of credit just to squeeze some late fees and interest out of me after I have been a loyal customer, then I will do business with them no more.
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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-07-31:
eBay, PayPal and BML are all the same racket. I dumped all of them years ago and don't miss any of their nonsense.

Watch out, BML will send your statement out "after" your payment is due in order to collect late fee's. They will lie and claim they sent you a bill before your due date, but that is just another of their long list of lies.
Posted by jwn7882 on 2013-08-14:
Check out my review entitled simply PayPal / Bill Me Later. I had not read yours before I wrote it. Glad to know it's not just me. Plus, my last line is classic. C"mon, it really is.
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Would Not Work With Me To Waive Interest Charge
Posted by Fromefam4 on 06/07/2013
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- The department they claim can make decisions are unreachable via phone. I could not speak to anyone who had the authority to waive a finance charge. I was told the only way to communicate my issue was by sending a written letter. So that is what I did, and did I receive a response? NO.
June 7, 2013
Attn: Bill Me Later
P. O. Box 5018

Timonium, MD 21094

Re: Letter Mailed on May 10, 2013 – Request for interest charged to be waived.

To whom it may concern:
I am very disappointed in the service I have received from PayPal. I did not receive any communication whatsoever regarding the request I sent on May 10, 2013. I had to call the Bill Me Later office to find out that my request was denied.
It is very disturbing that I am not able to speak with a live person regarding this matter that has any authority to waive this interest charge; rather I am in the mercy of the people who receive my letter via “snail mail” and who obviously have no time to respond to my request.

My husband and myself are 31 years old with many more years of purchasing items. Due to your lack of customer service and empathy, I can say with 100% confidence that we will never use our PayPal accounts again. It is a sham that a large organization such as PayPal (Bill Me Later) would allow to lose a customer over a $53.34 interest charge; but you did. With much satisfaction I closed my account today. And I can assure you, I will go out of my way to let the people I know, and don’t know for that matter, about my experience; thank heavens for technology.


May 10, 2013
Attn: Bill Me Later
P. O. Box 5018

Timonium, MD 21094

To whom it may concern:

I am writing today in regards to my PayPal account. I used my account back in October 2012 under a 6 month promotion. I checked the account last week and my statement showed a balance of $464; I went to pay the balance off today and it stated it was $517.34. I apparently missed the deadline to make my final payment free of interest, which was not my intention. I had planned to pay the balance off in full before any interest incurred.

I called PayPal customer service and spoke with Marco. He advised that I pay the $464 and then write a letter requesting that the interest be waved since I missed the interest free payment by 5 days. Therefore, I would like to kindly request that the interest be waved. I would be very grateful to PayPal for doing this for me.

I have copied the receipt language below for the payment I made today. I apologize in advance if there is an account number associated with my information; I was not able to locate any such number.
From: "service@Paypal. com"
Sent: Friday, May 10, 2013 8:28 AM

Subject: You have scheduled a payment to Bill Me Later, a PayPal service


Thank you for scheduling the following payment to Bill Me Later®, a PayPal service:
Recipient: Bill Me Later®, a PayPal service
Payment source: Echeck
Payment amount: $464.00 USD

Payment date: May 10, 2013 (at 23:59 PST)

Please feel free to contact me at the number below should you wish to discuss further.

Best Regards
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Posted by Jeff on 2013-06-08:
Good luck with that. Ebay and Paypal own bill me later.....Ebay and Paypal are almost virtually ran by computer....and almost impossible to get in contact with a real person....but have no problems raping you in fees and penalizing you for every tiny little thing.....Good luck getting any recourse or response from them.
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Confused and Furious User Suspended Without Warning or Explanation
Posted by Logan663 on 01/02/2013
SAN JOSE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Ebay/Paypal suspended account, offered no information, no appeal, no resolution. Account was suspended without warning or apparent reason. When trying to discover why, I was told I needed to obtain a subpoena. As of 12/31/12, two items had sold on Ebay. The following day my account was suspended. Without any information, I didn't even know whether to ship or not. Turned out payment was held pending resolution, but as the suspension was permanent; the buyers were to be left in limbo with the seller striped of means for direct resolution. On 1/1/13 I called customer service at eBay twice, both times was shrugged off without any info. On 1/2/13 I called Paypal support and was told I needed a subpoena just to learn why I was suspended. On 1/2/13 I began receiving disputes from Paypal in regards to the products I no longer had any information about. My Paypal balance was 0, because payment was held for a new account. I issued a refund for the product I never sold or received payment for, and was informed that my Paypal account was now in negative balance. In addition, I paid $26.45 in Shipping fees that are now null thanks to the unwarranted, unannounced, and unexplained account suspension.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2013-01-02:
ebay and paypal have degraded to be the bottom of all online sellers sites.

very helpful review, and voted as such!!
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-01-02:
If you received word that your account was suspended, and that payment was being held, it makes sense that no refund would be needed to be made by you.

Don't know about PayPal, but you should be told why your Ebay account was suspended. These are two separate accounts, at least they are for me.
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Turned over to a collection agency, even though I've never used Paypal
Posted by Darrell27 on 01/30/2012
In the mail today, I received a debt collection notice from a company in MN stating I owe $557.00 to PayPal. For starters, I have never used Paypal in my entire life. I have never used their services at any time. I have 2 credit cards I use for online transactions and purchases. What really takes the cake is the fact that I was never once sent a notice from Paypal stating any money was owed in my name. Someone must have stolen my identity. Paypal should have at least sent a notice to my home address first before turning my name over to a collection agency. I have sent both Paypal and the collection agency certified letters demanding an explanation for this fiasco. It costs me $11.50 to send both letters. Way to go Paypal. I'm now in the position of defending myself costing me money.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-01-30:
What if the person who opened the PayPal account used a false address? Then you don't receive anything at all, until a collection agency hunts you down after finding out your correct address. Just a thought.

Identity theft is a serious problem, and when it happens can cost the target dearly. I hope you get this straightened out quickly.
Posted by PepperElf on 2012-01-30:
While you're doing all of that... get a report of your credit history.

You may want to put a freeze on your credit. This may also require a police report so get your information ready for one of those too
Posted by Molly76 on 2012-01-31:
How was this letter identifying you? Just by name and address? Could be a con trying to scare someone into paying. If an old person or someone who is afraid of creditors for some reason, they might just pay even if they don't owe anything.

I'd definitely check it out but I doubt it is real.
Posted by Darrell27 on 2012-01-31:
Great suggestions. I'm a senior citizen, so this could very well be a scam. All the collection agency had was my physical address. We receive our my at our post office box. I have already filed a complaint to the BBB against Paypal. I think I'll file a complaint against the collection agency as well. Thanks folks!
Posted by Inat on 2012-01-31:
I agree with Molly76 - It almost sounds like a scam. I've used paypal but not a lot - I can't figure out anyway you can owe them money as you use it as a payment which is taken from your bank or credit card. I suppose there are scenarios where it could happen (ie. you use it to pay and then dont have the bank funds to cover it?).

I'm leaning towards scam.
Posted by Cwazychicken on 2012-01-31:
Paypal wouldn't send someone who never used paypal a letter like that. I have used paypal for years and i know that they do not do this.

If you for some reason did use paypal or someone stole your identity and opened up a paypal, their letter would probably be certified, meaning you would have to sign for it. The letter would most likely have your name on it as well as more information about it. This is obviously a scam.
Posted by Darrell27 on 2012-01-31:
Cwazychicken. You didn't read my review correctly. It states that I received a collection notice from a collection agency. Paypal was the company who turned me over to collections. The collection agency was the party who sent me the letter. I contacted the agency today and they did in fact state it was Paypal who is trying to collect the debt.
Posted by ticia232 on 2012-01-31:
Darell, Paypal is NOT in the loan business, if you do NOT have money in your paypal account then you get denied.
Yes, the SCAMMERS trying to get your money say it is from Paypal, because that is what scam collection agencies are trying to do now.
This is like the time I got called from one of these about an outstanding amount on my cell phone bill. I have NEVER had a cell phone that wasn't prepaid. When I called they INSISTED that was a valid charge for going over my minutes, forgetting the fact that if I went over the phone wouldn't work.

I love what happened next, they said that called 911 too much. And that the police charged the cell phone and not me.
Posted by raven2010 on 2012-01-31:
Just a note, paypal IS in the loan business, in a manner of speaking. You can use "bill me later" to pay later and/or in installments
Posted by Cwazychicken on 2012-01-31:
Oh sorrY. Was tired when i read it. I hope it gets settled.....I was under impression someone made false claims it was from paypal, when in fact they just want a way to scam you. As i have been a paypal member for several years and never had this happen.
Posted by Darrell27 on 2012-02-01:
Here's an update. The collection agency is a legitimate agency. I called them yesterday and tried to reason with them. I was told someone had used a Yahoo e-mail account in my wife's name (not her specially, just the same name) and a transaction did occur. My question to the collection agency was, how did you get our home address and connect her to this bogus transaction. The lady at the agency was rude and said pay up or else. Today 9 letters are going out to the collection agency, Paypal, and to our state's attorney general's office. We have already filed complaints to the BBB against Paypal and the agency. If the debt they are trying to collect in my wife's name was overdue, why didn't Paypal or the agency send us a notice months ago? They refused to answer this too. I think they just took my wife's name out of a hat and decided she was the person just because she has the same name.
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Will not accept sign in to pay a bill; EBay accepts the order but Pay Pal does not recognize purchase
Posted by G05996 on 07/18/2011
I have tried numerous times to sign in to Pay Pal to pay for this item but cannot get through their sign in procedures. I am not recognized and now Ebay is threatening to open an unpaid item in my account. I don't need the hassle and no longer need the item.
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Posted by grandma005 on 2011-07-18:
Try some of these numbers for Paypal
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Erroneous email from the company
Posted by Rlorenzen19 on 07/05/2011
On 6/21/2011, Paypal emailed me that I had sent $ 67.99 to a person named Ramad Ashek
for an eBay item. I have never heard of this person and have never authorized any
payment to him.

I have sent repeated emails to Paypal asking them to send an emaail to me correcting this error by showing that I did not make this payment, but have received to respomse.

My Transaction ID CGY8163318276332E or ( KMM4385362V33398LOKM )

Thank you,

Robert F. Lorenzen, MD
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Posted by MJGoldfarb on 2011-07-05:
Is it possible that this is a "phishing" email and not really from PayPal? Have you checked your PayPal account to see if the money was actually sent?
Posted by MRM on 2011-07-05:
You are correct, MJ, that it maybe a phishing scam.
Posted by PepperElf on 2011-07-05:
Did the original email ask you to "log in" to their link to provide your account information so they could verify the transaction?
Posted by PepperElf on 2011-07-05:
can't edit (which is weird cos I still see the edit link...) but anyway...

you may want to change your password - just to be safe - and see if you can get a list of your transactions to see if it matches anything you saw in your email.

because, again, i think the email was a scam and not really from paypal

i just hope you didn't click on anything in the email etc.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-07-05:
great review.

very helpful!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-07-05:
I got a similar email like this. I don't have a Paypal account so that leads me to believe it's not a real email, but a scam
Posted by kinthenorthwest on 2011-07-05:
IF you have any credit card, paypal, bank or pay by email type accounts ALWAYS be very careful what you reply to. Do Not Reply to something that seems to be unusual by using your reply buttom..Call them or go to the site...
Many many business get plished everyday.
Posted by bcd on 2011-07-05:
Follow the above recommendations to sign on to PayPal to verify the validity of the transaction and change your password.

DO NOT click on a link in the email. Type paypal.com into your web browser address bar to access the site.
Posted by Starlord on 2011-07-06:
PayPal and ebay are popular targets for phishing messages. If you get an email from PayPal or ebay that makes no sense to you, forward it to spoof@paypal or ebay, unopened. They have the system to handle the phony emails.
Posted by PepperElf on 2011-07-06:
well it's a bit hard to read an email and then send it off unopened...

but you may want to ensure the full headers are visible at least.
Posted by kinthenorthwest on 2011-07-06:
What turned me on to the philshing of banks and etc was getting one from a bank I had not done business with for around 20 years...
I just called them and said what the ???
they said to forward and apologized...
Posted by Cwazychicken on 2011-07-06:
NEVER click paypal links, especially if they are in your junk folder...always go to the site itself. Once they get your info, they can change your information and lock you out of your account. If you still can, go into your account, change your password.
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Refund fees
Posted by Besh on 11/08/2010
PayPal charges refund fees for cancelled transactions. Accordingly, if someone sends money to you by mistake or for a sold-out item, you will be obliged to send full (not partial refunds) and still be charged the refund fees (and the full transaction fees if the buyer is quick in filing dispute)
Moreover, even if your agreement/listing specifies that any cancellation/transaction fees are non-refundable, PayPal does not recognize your agreement or respect your terms and conditions!

I was a target for such misuse. This could be used by many to harm someone's business.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-08:
Ebay and Paypal have monopolies. Ive sort of figured it out. Ebay an Paypal know sellers really have nowhere else to go to sell their merchandise, while buyers have a variety of different options to purchase things. So they figure its easier to screw over the seller than a buyer. I think Ebay and paypals fees are rediculous too, but what other choice do we have? Its either use Ebay or try selling it on Craigslist.
Posted by Obsfucation on 2010-11-08:
Paypal is the Ashley Furniture of the finance world. Anyone who uses them is nuts.
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