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1.5 out of 5, based on 22 ratings and
56 reviews & complaints.
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P.O. Box 19290
Greensboro, NC 27419
1-800-729-8355 (ph)
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Paytel Charging for Calls When You Can Not Hear Inmates
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Rating: 1/51

WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA -- When my friend call from jail at times I can't hear him or he can't hear me. We have to hang up and try the call again, each time Paytel will charge for the call. I have spoken with them about this and never get a refund. Each time he calls we talk the full time if there was not a problem with Paytel service. Why would there be calls for less than a minute just to turn around and have another call back to back until we can hear each other. I feel this is a scam. There is no other carriers so you have to pay or not be able to talk to your love one.

Company Response 04/17/2015:

We apologize for any frustration you experienced with our company concerning dropped calls. If you will email your name, address, phone number, and PIN to, we will investigate this issue to determine why the calls were dropped.

The following information is in our brochure and posted on our website concerning dropped calls. Calls may be disconnected if any of the following activities occur during a call:

• Stop talking without hanging up.
• Attempts to make a 3-way call.
• Attempt to answer Call Waiting.
• Attempt to put a call on hold.
• Attempt to transfer a call.
• Use of a cordless phone (static).
• Use of a wireless phone (dropped cell tower or static).

PAY-TEL does not accept responsibility for dropped wireless phone calls.

In the future, if we fail to meet your needs, you can email a manager at and your request will be addressed the same day.

Best regards,

Customer Service

No Business Should Be Allowed to Operate Like Paytel Does!
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Rating: 1/51

CORDELE, GEORGIA -- I just want to say it is very sad that a company that makes as much money as Paytel does won't even provide fair service to their customers. Service that we pay for in full and sometime we don't even get half of what we pay for. Almost every time I have had dropped calls, Paytel always says it's my cell phone that is dropping the calls yet I never have any problems with my calls being dropped unless I'm using Paytel. Also Paytel only considers giving you credit if it was due to their equipment being faulty which is ridiculous. Any company should at least review whatever your problem may be and resolve it if you have paid for that service and didn't get what you paid for.

For example, I paid for a 15 minute call and while I was talking I put the phone on speakerphone so I could comfort my newborn baby. Well I went to pick my phone back up and accidentally hit the end button after only 2 minutes of talking and Paytel won't even attempt to give me credit for that call just because it was my fault and because I accidentally hit end.

It's things like this that makes this company so awful. A company so rich yet so evil. If Paytel would change the way they handle their customers problems it would be a great company, but as I've seen all they want is every penny they can squeeze out of a person! Pure disgrace.

Company Response 03/23/2015:

We apologize for any frustration you experienced with our company concerning dropped calls. If you will email your name, address, phone number, and PIN to, we will investigate this issue to determine why the calls was dropped.

In the future, if we fail to meet your needs, you can email a manager at and your request will be addressed the same day.

Best regards,

Customer Relations

Dropped Call from Automated System
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Rating: 1/51

FORT DEFIANCE, ARIZONA -- This evening (December 8, 2014) I tried to answer two calls coming from the McKinley Adult Detention Center in Gallup, NM. The first call I received was at 8:00 PM - after hearing the name, the automated system disconnected the call even though I was saying hello multiple times. The seconded time tonight was at 10:00 PM. I answered the call, this time I heard the caller's name and the system asked me to press "1" to accept the call. Which I did... but the system just repeated itself and I again pressed "1", instead of connecting me to the caller, it again disconnected the call.

I am extremely disappointed and distress to be missing calls from a loved one. I request an immediate inquiry into this "glitch" in the system so it can be fixed. The phone number that was used was my home number which is a land line. I have dealt with other inmate phone companies in the past and they were never this difficult.

Company Response 12/12/2014:

Dear Elaine B:

From your information on My 3, we have determined your account numbers to be 505-488-XXXX and 928-729-XXXX.

However after reviewing your accounts, our records show you were successful in receiving the free call early the next morning from the inmate. As you may know now, you must press 3 to accept the calls, not 1. As our records also show, you have set up and prepaid on both accounts and are currently receiving the calls with no problem.

I hope this resolves your issue. In the future, if we fail to meet your needs, you can email a manager at and your request will be addressed the same day.

Best regards.

Customer Relations

By -

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- My brother is an inmate at a local jail, and we are required to use PayTel to keep in contact with him. Earlier today he attempted to call me several times, a couple of times the PayTel service would not accept when I hit "3" to accept the call, and a couple of times it did, but he was unable to hear me. I could hear him fine, but he could not hear me. I ended up having a 3 minute call and two 1 minute calls trying to get it straightened out, and never did get to talk to him. PayTel charged me for all three calls (a normal call-length is 15 minutes).

I called the customer service number, and after a 28 minute wait, I spoke with a lady I believe her name was **. At first she tried to tell me there were no calls for the day (even though the website already showed me being charged three times) and then she acknowledged there were some calls. She told me that she would forward my information to the technician to review the call and see if they could refund me, and to call back in a few hours.

I called back a few hours later, and after another long wait, the phone was answered by **. She checked her records, and it showed that the technician determined that the calls will billable due to being able to hear the inmate (even though he could not hear me!). I asked to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to another lady whom I did not catch a name for. She said they were unable to refund me for the calls because the technician deemed them to be billable. Three calls for a total of 5-6 minutes, when one call is supposed to give you 15 minutes, and he admitted that I could not be heard in the calls.

I was told that the problem was with my cell phone. Which is ridiculous, because after having the issues with PayTel, I called my mom (who has dealt with PayTel before and knew what to expect from customer service) and she told me to call PayTel and go through certain options to speak with them, which I did. So my cell phone was working for those two calls (to my mom, and to PayTel customer service) but the call from the inmate was not working. That seems strangely like there could be a problem with the PayTel system.

After the supervisor was "unable" to help me, I asked to speak with their manager, whom I was informed had gone for the day (it being a few minutes after 5:00 pm due to the extremely long wait times). So I was transferred to the manager's (**) voicemail, and am currently await a return phone call to resolve this issue. What I don't understand is how they can determine a call is billable (let alone three of them!) if only one side can be heard. Any honest, decent company would refund the charges and not risk alienating their clients over something so wrong.

Resolution Update 12/06/2011:

I spoke with Ms. Debbie Jones this morning, and she did a little bit of digging and thought that it was odd enough to have three very short phone calls one right after the other that it should cause a red flag about there being some trouble since she noted that my usual call length was the full 15 minutes. Ms. Jones was very courteous and informed me that they would make it right, by refunding the three calls as well as putting in a service order to check the phones at the jail. Ms. Jones made sure that I did not get off the phone without having my issue resolved to my satisfaction, and I appreciate her help in the matter.

Paytel Non Customer Service
By -

I wrote an email to PayTel hoping they would have a real person contact me. I am starting to believe that there are no real live people at PayTel and that may be it is only a program running on a computer. Here is the email I sent: I will be filing complaints with any place that I can including the Federal Telephone Commission and the Better Business Bureau and numerous online websites. I will be contacting the jail facilities that use your services and let them know of your services that you are not providing. I may also let them know of the other providers that are available for them to use and much easier to contact and that provide better customer service.

If PayTel provided any customer service at all it would at least be better than none! I want to set up an account! I need to have an account set up today. I have previously got online and tried to set up the account online numerous times and your website is not working to set up new accounts. Every time I attempt to set up a new account I get a error message from your website. Yesterday was not the first time I have tried this.

But I reached my breaking point yesterday when I got extremely frustrated with your website giving me error messages and I tried to contact customer service (two words that paytel does not seem to know the definition of). And I could not speak to a real person no matter which prompts I followed, and I tried them all! I found this email address on a website where someone else has posted a complaint and I hope it works to reach someone. I've tried to contact you via telephone prior to yesterday also and numerous times.

However, yesterday I went through all prompts in an effort to speak to a real person and I have exhausted every method of communication you have listed on your website. Your company seems to be a hoax. I need to set up an account today so that I can receive calls from the Coweta County Jail facility. My phone number is **. Contact me asap, or I will be contacting the federal telephone commission to make sure another company takes over the services that PayTel is failing to provide.

Their response via email: Their e-mail states it is only intended for the party that it is addressed to and that I'm not allowed to copy or show it to anyone!!! Wow! So, I will simply tell you what it said, they respond simply to tell me that their website is currently down (apparently it is always down) and to contact them at the phone number (the same number that I've already tried numerous times and cannot reach a person no matter which prompts you select!)

I then received another email telling me to use my pin # to make a payment on my account!!! They apparently didn't understand the problem, I never had set up an account, I needed to set up a new account! I provided them with various numbers that I pressed when their automated phone system asked for my pin # (the system asked for my pin# when I never had an account with them and never was given one so I just entered a pin thinking maybe they want me to choose a pin #, but that's not what the system said). So, in my email to them I provided them with various #s that could have been my pin # including "000000" as I was trying to "0" out for an operator.

So, apparently when their system tells you to enter your pin #, it actually is meaning for you to choose a pin #. However, after you do enter a # it doesn't help you to get any further in setting up your new account. Until you eventually search for other complaints online and find the email address they have listed on here. Because their contact form on their website doesn't work either. And also, this was not a two day problem as paytell stated. The problems I've been having with trying to set up an account with them have been going on for weeks now.

I hope this post assists anyone else that have encountered the same problems as I have with this hoax company named PayTel.

Company Response 5/27/2010:

Sorry for any problems you have experienced with our company. Our phone lines have been extremely busy due to the problems we were having with our website Wednesday and this morning. The customer service representatives have been answering as many calls as possible to assist everyone.

Regrettably, the PIN situation you experienced is a Federal requirement. We are unable to assist a customer if they cannot give the PIN that had already been established. Our policy when someone forgets their PIN; the responsible party will need to fax or mail a copy of their driver's license and copy of their most recent telephone bill showing they are the responsible party. When doing so, they will need to include the new 6 digit PIN that they wish to have as their PIN.

Once you provided the PIN in your email, the representative was able to guide you through setting up your account on our website which then allowed you to make your payment.
Again, we apologize for the problems you encountered with our company. If we can assist you further please let us know at and your request will be addressed the same day.

Best Regards,
Customer Relations

Very frustrating!
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Rating: 3/51

GREENSBORO, NC, NORTH CAROLINA -- My husband tried calling me 5 times today. Every time he called, the call would disconnect during the automated message. Now when I try to call Paytel, it says "all circuits are busy". It's not my phone, because I have been able to make, and receive other calls, and I have $ on my account. I just want this resolved.

Company Response 05/12/2015:

We apologize for any problems you experienced with our company.

To investigate your concerns please e-mail us your phone number and PIN and we will review your account and get back with you. You can send this information to We wish to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Best regards.

Customer Relations

Push 3 Will No Accept Call
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Rating: 1/51

GREENSBORO NC -- I have the Paytel call come into my phone but when I have to push 3, I push it and it does not connect my call. Have been dealing with this for 3 days, now tech called me said it was my phone company... well it's not my phone company. Said call comes into my phone Paytel is one not letting the call be accepted... I have 5 kiddos and this is only means of us talking to their daddy..

Company Response 12/12/2014:

We apologize for any problems you experienced with our company and sorry for the delay in responding. If you are still experiencing this issue, please e-mail us your phone number and PIN and we will review your account and get back with you.

You can send this information to We wish to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Best regards.

Customer Relations

Racket That Is Beyond Stressful With No Help Available - They Hang Up if You Ask for Any Assistance
By -

PAGE COUNTY, VIRGINIA -- This company is taking advantage of many people that do not know how to do anything about the abuse they deliver and hand cuffs they try to put on people to drive them to think they have to use their services and pre-pay. If you forget your pin number you have to fax a copy of your driver's license and a copy of your last phone bill before they will allow you to receive any phone calls. This is while you have no debt or owe them anything even if you have excellent credit and pay all your bills on time.

They treat all customers as though they are not going to pay phone bills. As though you are a criminal when it is so crucial to be in touch with family members that are inmates without having your phone number blocked. This is totally unnecessary and abusive. There are many other ways that are much easier and friendlier way to provide customer service especially if you have email or they can ask a security question and have it implemented for pre-payers that do due diligence so they can have the convenience of saving a few dollars by pre-paying.

Who is able to fax and who wants to send a copy of a driver's license to a company and who has a copy handy of their last phone bill to get a block off their phone - after you pre-paid and don't have to pre-pay in the first place. To pre-pay I thought was a way to save a few dollars - not get harassed and treated like a person that does not pay my bills. To get the calls to come on my regular phone bill also becomes almost impossible - as they try to get you to think you have to pre-pay them. I just wanted to be able to accept calls and pay on my regular phone bill.

When I called to get assistance to have all my phones not to be blocked - I got put on hold to hear nothing but music with no warning or explanation that I was being put on hold. I just want my privacy and be able to receive the collect calls without any interference from Paytel.

Company Response 4/15/2008:

We apologize for your frustration when you lost your PIN. We just starting monitoring this website and received your complaint. In the future we will be monitoring these complaints daily.

Regrettably, the PIN requirement is a recent federal mandate. We can not discuss any account information with someone unless they have previously on their own established a PIN for security purposes so that when we speak with them we have the ability to ask them what their PIN is and thereby verifying we are talking to the person who has set up that account or owns that phone number.

When someone forgets their PIN, for security reasons we cannot give out the PIN that was created when the account was set up. To change a PIN, a person will need to fax or mail a copy of their drivers license and copy of their most recent telephone bill showing they are the responsible party. Also please include with the fax or mailed copy, a new 6 digit PIN that you wish to have as your PIN. The PIN can not begin with a zero. Fax Number 1-800-776-8423.

In the future, if you have concerns, you can email a CSR supervisor at and you will get a response the same day.

Thank you.

Don't Know What to Do Next... No Help Being Given
By -

I have been on the phone for the last 3 hours trying to figure out how to proceed with this company. First of all I don't understand why I have to have a PayTel account. I receive collect calls from another incarcerated relative twice monthly through Global TelLink. The calls are billed directly to my AT&T bill, which is always paid on time. If I can receive calls from one facility, why not the other?

Second of all, I went onto the website to open an account. After entering my phone number I was told this number already has an account set up. I don't remember ever opening an account with Paytel. But I know if I HAD opened an account I would use one of three passwords. I tried all three passwords and none worked. So I clicked on "Forgot Password?" and was asked for my first pet's name (Security Question). I entered the answer and it was incorrect. So I know I did not set up this account. At this point I can only assume that the previous owner of this number opened an account.

So I tried to call the 800 number to tell them I am the new owner of the phone number. Guess what? I have to enter the PIN number in order to reach a CSR! I don't have the PIN number because I didn't open the account... because I only recently got this number. So I can't open an account because someone who used to have this number had an account and I don't know their PIN number. ARRRGGHHH. I just want to speak to my son and know that he is alright. I pay my bills on time. Why does it have to be so difficult? And why can't I just bill it to my AT&T bill like the other facility does.

The families of inmates are being subjected to more heartache than they are already experiencing. NOTE: My sister had a PayTel account. Prepaid $50, inmate was released over a year ago. She still has never received her refund. She finally just gave up.

Company Response 1/20/2011:

Dear Vivian F:

We sincerely apologize for any frustration you experienced with our company. After reviewing your phone number 912-427-XXXX, looks like a previous customer had this number prior to you and unfortunately we are not notified when a new customer receives the same number. We have cancelled the previous account and you are fine to receive the calls and they will be billed through your local carrier.

In regards to the PIN, you can assign the PIN of your choice at any time but no need unless you choose to prepay and deal directly with our company other than your local telephone company. But our system will not allow you to access an account without the correct PIN and because the previous customer had an account with a PIN, this created a problem for you.

We hope this will resolve your issues. If you have any other questions in the future or if we fail to meet your needs, you can email a manager at and your request will be addressed the same day as we handled your previous email that you sent to this address.

Best regards.

Worst Service Ever
By -

I have been making payments to receive phone calls with the same card for the past couple of weeks. Last week I made a payment and it was decline when money was in my account and the money was authorized by Paytel. My account was then blocked and I sent customer service an email. The logo for the me to pay with my card came up but each time I tried it stated they were no longer able to accept credit card payments from me. Why is that I don't know may it's because their site sucks! I contacted Customer Service the next day and was hung up on. I called back and stayed on hold for over 30 minutes waiting..

FINALLY a representative came to the phone I explain to her what happen, she tells me that there was no block on my account which was false and that as a COURTESY she would take my payment. I mean really you are doing me a favor UMM please. I have paid Paytel good money to receive phone calls and all of my debit card are in my name so what is the problem. After this I went on using the same credit card for each transaction. Now again tonight on December 23 I can not receive calls and my account is blocked. I have sent numerous emails regarding the issue and only got one response that the block is gone but it is not.

So I made a payment using Western Union and I have comfirmation from them that the money was received by PayTel. Has any money posted to my account UMMMM NOOOOOOO! Has anyone responded to me and said why it hasn't posted UMM NO! It is almost Christmas and I was looking forward to speaking with my husband and letting him talk to our son. Again we are WAITING on Paytel unprofessional, inconsistent, non functional customer service. I want to know where is my money that I paid to Western Union and why hasn't it posted to my account. Why after using the same card FOR DAYS on the SAME ACCOUNT that now it is not working?

The site takes forever to come up and it is the slowest ever.. I want my money on my account ASAP or it needs to be refunded ASAP and I want my account fixed.. I am tired of every other week this is happening. I have contacted your company to many times and I have given you too much of my money to be dealt with like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Company Response 12/29/2009:

Dear T. Smith:

We apologize for the frustration you have experienced with our company concerning your account with your credit card and the Western Union payment. We have determined your account number is 919-XXX-XXXX. However as you will see from the explanation that follows the problems you experienced were due to multiple credit card declines and your failure to enter your correct account number on the Western Union Quick Collect form.

Your account was blocked from making payments with a credit card due to multiple declines that you received when you attempted to make a payment using your credit card. We received an email from you on December 23rd asking us to reset the account and we did. Then we show you made two successful payments using your credit card on December 24th.

Apparently, when you made your Western Union payment using Quick Collect, you applied “1111” in front of your phone number. The “1111” is only added to the account number when you make a payment using Prepaid Services through Western Union. We negotiated a cheaper rate for our customers when using Western Union by sending a Prepaid Service payment with a fee of $5.95 versus the fee for Quick Collect of $9.95.

We received an email from you on December 24th questioning why the payment did not post. We investigated the Money Transfer Control Number you gave us and determined the funds were not applied to your account number. The account number was listed as “[snip]”.

Again we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. Our employees work very hard to resolve any problems and communicate with our customers during this time.

In the future, if we fail to meet your needs, you can email a manager at and your request will be addressed the same day.

Best regards,
Customer Relations

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