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No support and account not secure
By -

I would recommend caution in dealing with this company. I had/have no problem with the product but I do with the company and the security of accounts. I initially contacted them after the product subscription was renewed and it was apparent that I had not paid for it. I received a lot of emails from different customer support people who obviously could not read nor understand that I wanted to know how my subscription could be renewed if I hadn't done it. Never got an answer but I have received an email this morning saying they have cancelled my subscription and refunded my money although its too early to say if I have actually got any money back. That would be highly ironic as I didn't pay anything. I'm sure that if someone else finds their subscription cancelled and funds returned without knowing what has transpired they will be pretty confused. Overall I would rate this companies support as absolute crap and it would probably help if their support people could actually read and understand simple English. Its also ironic that a company with such a high profile for PC security has some very obvious internal problems with their accounts and subscription renewals.

NO support
By -

I downloaded and paid for it.

It interfered with a number of other programs.

I contacted support. They asked me to download and run some diagnostic software and send them the resulting log, whichI did 6 days agao.

I haven't heard from them since.

I called again today and the woman said she WAS escalating the problem to Level 3.

I spoke with a "supervisor" who turned out to be someone I ahd spoken with when I reported the problwmand he said that he had ALREADY escalated it days ago. I asked why, if it was already escalated

  1. the woman had told me just minutes earolier that she had JUST escalated it, and
  2. if it was no longer a problem within his domain why, when they escalated it they did not so notify me, given that they were the ones I had been communicating with.

His answres: she was "not allowed" to tell me it had already been escalated.

  1. FIrt three times he told me that I didn't get such an e-mail "BECAUSE" they escalated it! Finally he said that if they had sent me an e-mail that would have DE-escalated the problem!!??

I searched online for a number for Corporate, hoping to find an ombudsman there, but there are no numbers available except for level 1 support.


No one to contact - no registration
By -

Purchased & downloaded on line version about 10:00 pm 11-22-2009. Receipt with registration code appeared on screen about 15 seconds and then shut down and rebooted system. My problem is you can't have a direct contact without registration code. I now have 12 hours tied up trying to remove 5 threats and 120 alerts. When I click on resend code they state being sent to registration email. Never happens although funds have cleared my bank account. I never received confirmation email. NEED HELP AND CAN'T GET.

PC Tools Rip Off
By -

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA -- PCTOOLS has so far charged me 3 times to renew a license that I didn't want. There are free tools that do a better job. They refunded my once but still have charged me twice more. This is another scam that a lot of disreputable companies are using to rob you.

I paid for this
By -

I paid 39.95 For Spyware Doctor. Subscription is go tell 10/11
Now it has stoped working and it is telling me that my Free trial is over.
How can we stop them from ripping off others?

Spyware Doctor And PCTools
By -

They overcharged me for the product. They guarantee a refund in the first 30 days. I have to wait at least 10 to get it. Spyware Doctor, I found, is junk. It bogs down my computer. I don't know how they get the good reviews, most of their software is mediocre at best.

There are better software companies, and don't make the same mistake I did: Don't impulse buy. TRY it out for the trial period!!

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