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NO support
By -

I downloaded and paid for it. It interfered with a number of other programs. I contacted support. They asked me to download and run some diagnostic software and send them the resulting log, which I did 6 days ago. I haven't heard from them since. I called again today and the woman said she WAS escalating the problem to Level 3.

I spoke with a "supervisor" who turned out to be someone I had spoken with when I reported the problem and he said that he had ALREADY escalated it days ago. I asked why, if it was already escalated. 1. The woman had told me just minutes earlier that she had JUST escalated it, and 2. if it was no longer a problem within his domain why, when they escalated it they did not so notify me, given that they were the ones I had been communicating with.

His answers: She was "not allowed" to tell me it had already been escalated. 2. For three times he told me that I didn't get such an e-mail "BECAUSE" they escalated it! Finally he said that if they had sent me an e-mail that would have DE-escalated the problem!? I searched online for a number for Corporate, hoping to find an ombudsman there, but there are no numbers available except for level 1 support. RIP OFF!

Failure to deliver product
By -

Beware. PC TOOLS products. I needed to update the Anti Virus program, and decided to search the internet on some of the more popular Anti Virus Programs on the market. One of them PC TOOLS, offered what I believed I could trust, and from a company I had used their products, even before WINDOWS became a company, back in the days of DOS when all computer operations, had to be done on mostly a command line, with a black and white monitor. Their products were helpful, so I decided to purchase their version of an Anti Virus program.

I purchased two products, online and opted to use the 2 day shipment, along with the shipping of the actual CD€™s, for their products. This was in July, 2007. After three days, with no product, I sent an inquiry, which was replied with "€œPlease allow 5 to 10 business days€." Unexcitable; after all I had paid for a 2 day delivery. Sent another inquiry, with a copy of the invoice, with no reply for several days.

When a reply came, I was informed that it could take up to two weeks, to get to the shipping department, then it would ship in the two days delivery which I paid for. By the end of July, I still had not received any CDs, and sent another query. So I don'€™t bore the reader with all the details, suffice to say that since then, I have sent several inquires to PC Tools.

The replies ranged from: 1. Please wait 5 to 10 business days€. 2. Please contact the SHIPPER about the problem. 3. Call the 800 number and talk to a tech support person. (Yeah, like I can understand that heavy foreign accent.)
4. Contact ELEMENT 5 for information. 5. Contact PC Tools "€œMy account"€ for information. 6. Contact DIGITAL RIVER.

What am I an errand boy for PC Tools? If I'm to do THEIR legwork, then I need to be paid for their failure to provide what they advertise. It is now the second week of SEPTEMBER, and still NO CDs, only BS. Why PC Tools expect their customers to do their work, I'€™ll never know. Nor why they investigate people they hire to do what they should be doing themselves.

DIGITAL RIVER has had multiple complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau, and has resolved them, according to the BBB report for that company. ELEMENT 5 has continually refused to contact the BBB, or reply to the BBB'€™s request to provide information about complaints.

Why does it take a company based in Minnesota, another based in Ireland, yet another out of Germany, to get things done, is also very strange. Not to mention these companies are a LLC type company. (Limited Liability Company). Shows just how creditable they feel about themselves, as a company.

The long and the short of it, is all you can expect from PC Tools, is a bunch of run around bull crap. You can certainly download their programs, from the internet, but pray that your computer doesn'€™t crash, and you need to re-install the program, without the CD(s).

FALSE advertising is a crime, but then if your not a high priced attorney, just what can the little guy do? They know this, and the Better Business Bureau, has NO TEETH. All they will do, is contact the company, and hope they respond. Just what good are they. My hope is that if I can do two things. One is to advise others of what they may well be up against, the other is to get enough notice, that PC Tools will finally do something about THEIR screw ups and practices.

No one to contact - no registration
By -

Purchased & downloaded online version about 10:00 pm 11-22-2009. Receipt with registration code appeared on screen about 15 seconds and then shut down and rebooted system. My problem is you can't have a direct contact without registration code. I now have 12 hours tied up trying to remove 5 threats and 120 alerts. When I click on resend code they state being sent to registration email. Never happens although funds have cleared my bank account. I never received confirmation email. NEED HELP AND CAN'T GET.

PC Tools Rip Off
By -

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA -- PC TOOLS has so far charged me 3 times to renew a license that I didn't want. There are free tools that do a better job. They refunded me once but still have charged me twice more. This is another scam that a lot of disreputable companies are using to rob you.

I paid for this
By -

I paid 39.95 For Spyware Doctor. Subscription is go tell 10/11 Now it has stopped working and it is telling me that my free trial is over. How can we stop them from ripping off others?

Spyware Doctor And PC Tools
By -

They overcharged me for the product. They guarantee a refund in the first 30 days. I have to wait at least 10 to get it. Spyware Doctor, I found, is junk. It bogs down my computer. I don't know how they get the good reviews, most of their software is mediocre at best. There are better software companies, and don't make the same mistake I did: Don't impulse buy. TRY it out for the trial period!!

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